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Gen Prime V Pretty Boy (Unedited)

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  1. (4:24:04 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Back at the Gen Prime HQ. Cannon, the cyborg heroine, and member of Gen Prime, had called the available units to the computer to bring a situation to thier attention. She sits at the large machine.
  2. (4:24:08 PM) CapsLockRAGE: waiting for the on duty members to show up. Upon arrival, She turns to the group and gives them all a nod of greeting, waiting for everyone to get settled before she began the briefing.
  3. (4:24:19 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom enters with her eyes glued to her phone. And keeps them there as she takes a seat. "This isn't going to be something boring, is it? I hope it's worth our attention this time."
  4. (4:24:43 PM) Keioseth: Cobalt walks in and leans against a nearby wall, "Hope this is good. Was on patrol."
  5. (4:25:02 PM) silverswede: slumps down in a chair, tossing his duffle bag on the floor next to the table before he kicks his feet up. "Work, I guess." He half-mumbles
  6. (4:29:44 PM) Swixer: *Erich Zerstoiten enters the room with a swagger in his walk, fixing the cuffs of his jacket as he goes along.* "I was hoping that my introduction to the group would be more ceremonious than this.
  7. (4:30:30 PM) silverswede: looks at Erich as he enters, then over to Bom-Pom. "New guy?" He asks without much enthusiasm behind his question, pointing crudely in the other blonde's direction.
  8. (4:30:48 PM) Swixer: But I suppose duty comes before all." *He takes a spot along the others, nodding his greetings to Tyrfling and Cobalt Crush with a tight smile.* "Gentlemen. I believe I've met one of you."
  9. (4:31:07 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} I assure you, it isn't a waste of time.  I barely speak to any of you. Why woudl I call you here for something that wasn't at least within our frame of activities."
  10. (4:32:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Oh, yes. This is Erich. Erich Zerstoiten," Bom-Pom says, gesturing towards Erich. "The name may be familiar, at the very least, for those that haven't met  him yet."
  11. (4:32:19 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} looks at Citizen Z. She gives a slow, sarcastic, metallic clap. "Now, if you all are done. I'd like to begin this briefing."
  12. (4:33:00 PM) Swixer: "Please. Don't let me stop you."
  13. (4:33:05 PM) silverswede: nods to Cannon. "Point, let's get to it then." He does raise a brow at the mention of "Zerstoiten" however, brow furrowing slightly but otherwise giving no hint of emotion. He merely raises a hand in
  14. (4:33:13 PM) silverswede: in greeting.
  15. (4:33:22 PM) Keioseth: "That is an unfortunate name."
  16. (4:34:19 PM) Swixer: "Perhaps. I carry it with esteem, however."
  17. (4:34:19 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Names are unimportant, they hint at the past sins of the family, not the person. They are irrelivant." She looks over the group, The image of a few banks starts to flash on the screen. "Over the last
  18. (4:35:34 PM) CapsLockRAGE: few weeks. several banks have been robbed. The culprits caught on camera have all been young women, between the ages of 16 to 19 years old. It's well orginized and each crime has been completed within
  19. (4:37:24 PM) CapsLockRAGE: a ten minute time frame. Of the ones we've idenified, none of them seem capable of such a feet. No training, no experience, which suggests at a proverbial puppet master. I've been following the string
  20. (4:38:03 PM) CapsLockRAGE: of robberies from our computer, and compiling information from my MCPD contact, and believe that I have discovered the location of the next hiest.
  21. (4:38:47 PM) silverswede: "And where's that?"
  22. (4:39:19 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom glances up from her phone. "Ten minutes, huh? If only my squad was that organized," she tsks. "I've heard the stories and I agree there's someone pulling the strings. Has to be a mentalist of>
  23. (4:39:24 PM) Reldin left the room.
  24. (4:39:28 PM) GeneralFreedom: some kind to get that kind of coordination out of untrained nobodies."
  25. (4:39:39 PM) Swixer: "Bank robberies." *He gives a slight chuckle.* "How...quaint."
  26. (4:40:42 PM) Swixer: "A manipulator of nobodies is not, necessarily, a somebody, Rebecca. Whoever this supposed puppetmaster is, I'm sure he'll be easily handled by the four of us."
  27. (4:40:52 PM) Keioseth: "So you sent the information to MCPD and we can be on our way then?"
  28. (4:41:02 PM) Keioseth: "While they handle this?"
  29. (4:41:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Negative. We are still reletive nobodies. According to our PR department. Small crimes like this should be a priority for us until our name is more wildly recognized."
  30. (4:42:38 PM) Keioseth: "We have a PR department?"
  31. (4:42:45 PM) Swixer: "I bleed the blood of a Zerstoiten. A nobody, I am not. Still, I see your point."
  32. (4:43:12 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom wrinkles her nose. "Of course we do... Ugh, fine."
  33. (4:43:22 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I guess this is our 'level' for now."
  34. (4:43:41 PM) silverswede: "Let's just go there and take care of it. I was itching for a fight anyway."
  35. (4:44:47 PM) Swixer: "I agree with the spiky haired one. Let's deal with these people summarily so we can handle actual threats."
  36. (4:45:51 PM) Keioseth: "Hi ho..."
  37. (4:46:06 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "The address has been uploaded to our vehicles. The crime should begin in aproximately three hours. Most likely enemy agents will begin to show within the next two hours."
  38. (4:46:30 PM) CapsLockRAGE: " Get there, Become situated, i recomend a stealthy aproach.
  39. (4:46:37 PM) Swixer: "So it's a stakeout. Charming."
  40. (4:46:46 PM) CapsLockRAGE: I will stay here and act as a cordinator.
  41. (4:46:49 PM) silverswede: leans down to grab his sword from within the dufflebag, resting it over his shoulder. "Stealthy..."
  42. (4:47:42 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Stakeouts are so dull... But I guess it's for the best," she sighs and hops up. "Remember to keep a low profile until it's necessary to jump in."
  43. (4:47:53 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Do remember, that these teenage girls may be being manipulated. So do your best not to bring any to harm.
  44. (4:48:04 PM) Keioseth: "Just do the opposite of everything you think you should do Rageman." He pats Tyr on the shoulder.
  45. (4:48:43 PM) silverswede: "Not to harm..." is slowly being convinced he should stay home for this one, but curiosity and boredom has already got him beat even if his blasé attitude won't let it show. He gets into the vehicle.
  46. (4:48:54 PM) Swixer: "Yes, yes: lest the world's supply of Starbucks drinking serial texting zombies."
  47. (4:49:05 PM) Swixer: ((*zombies be depleted))
  48. (4:49:07 PM) GeneralFreedom: She gives Tyrfing a pointed look on the way out. "Tutor will take us close enough to the location without getting us too much attention."
  49. (4:49:27 PM) silverswede: "I'll not draw Tyrfing until I have to, don't worry."
  50. (4:49:46 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Good luck."
  51. (4:49:46 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Hope everyone brought something to occupy their time," she grins and goes back to her phone.
  52. (4:51:48 PM) silverswede: brings his phone up, popping the earplugs in and hitting the play button on his spotify list. The wonders of modern technology.
  53. (4:52:35 PM) Swixer: *Erich casts a glance at Tyrfling and Bom Pom.* "Will the wonders of our generation never cease?"
  54. (4:52:58 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I sometimes wonder that myself, Mr. Zerstoiten."
  56. (4:53:38 PM) Swixer: "Please, call me Erich." *He turns to leave.* "Mr. Zerstoiten was my father."
  57. (4:53:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "noted"
  58. (4:54:06 PM) Keioseth: Changes into something a bit more normal before joining the team at the bank. He takes up position on a near by bench and pulls out a notepad and recipe book.
  60. (4:56:02 PM) Swixer: *Zerstoiten stands pointedly atop a roof, his arms folded as he watches the bank.* "This is pointless. Surely the MCPD could handle something so menial. It's beneath us."
  62. (4:57:09 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I feel that way too," Becky mutters over the comms. She's leaning against a wall across from the bank, seemingly absorbed in her phone. Still. "I'll take it up with Tutor, who's likely behind us>
  63. (4:57:20 PM) GeneralFreedom: getting these small fry cases."
  64. (4:57:53 PM) Swixer: "I wouldn't be against reprogramming your robot. He seems somewhat unruly."
  65. (4:58:12 PM) silverswede: is not very good at stakeouts, and lacks patience. He ends up on the street across from the bank, ordering a hot dog from a nearby stand. It doesn't have mashed potatoes as a topping option -
  66. (4:58:21 PM) silverswede: - and that seems to annoy him somewhat.
  67. (4:58:51 PM) GeneralFreedom: "He represents the interests of my father," Becky grumbles. "Still, I guess we might as well help out where we can. Try to build up the brand."
  68. (4:58:58 PM) Keioseth: "I'm kinda surprized to be agreeing with dark lord jr. but this does just seem like a pass the itel to the cops moment."
  69. (4:59:07 PM) Keioseth: *intel
  70. (4:59:16 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "The group occupies themself, be it by playing with thier phone like damn kids, or being a snoody holier then though guy, or whatever teens do on roofs when they're alone. Before they even know whats>
  71. (4:59:30 PM) Swixer: "That's Mr. Darklord Jr. to you."
  72. (4:59:40 PM) CapsLockRAGE: happening, alarms start to go off inside the bank. They didn't even see the group go in.
  73. (4:59:40 PM) Swixer: "...A joke."
  74. (5:00:33 PM) GeneralFreedom: "If it IS a mentalist, the police could really have some trouble with that. I..." she cuts off as the alarms start ringing and purses her lips. "I know they didn't sneak by us..." She puts her phone>
  75. (5:00:39 PM) silverswede: looks over with a sudden jerk of his neck as the alarm goes off and quickly stuffs the rest of the hot dog into his mouth, wiping some sauce off with his cuffs.
  76. (5:01:07 PM) Swixer: *He looks down as the alarms go off.* "Finally." *Drawing a holographic interface up seemingly out of his hands, he taps at it briefly to summon his armour before stepping casually off the roof. As he
  77. (5:01:15 PM) Keioseth: "Should get to work on that Doctorate. You could be Dr. Dark Lord Jr." He chuckles.
  78. (5:01:18 PM) GeneralFreedom: away and starts towards the bank. "Watch the entrances and exits, remember to be aware of civilians. Both as potential attackers and endangered targets."
  79. (5:01:41 PM) Swixer: falls and strips off his jacket, the pieces of his armour come flying in and form around him, quickly transforming him from Erich
  80. (5:02:33 PM) Swixer: Zerstoiten to Citizen Z.* "Please, Nicholas. I hold several doctorates." *With that, he flies through the doors of the bank, seemingly going for the direct approach.*
  81. (5:03:02 PM) silverswede: "I'll go around." He says, running into a nearby alleyway taking him to the other side of the bank.
  82. (5:04:03 PM) Keioseth: Activates the scanner in his shades, "You know, I don't know you dude. But good guy or not, you use my name without my permission again and it will not end well." He starts scanning the people outside
  83. (5:04:19 PM) Keioseth: "Some of us have secret IDs for a reason."
  85. (5:05:07 PM) Swixer: "Oh, yes. I forgot how vulnerable you heroes can get. My apologies."
  87. (5:07:22 PM) Keioseth: "Whatever helps you remember Betsy."
  88. (5:07:55 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Can the bickering. You're supposed to be a hero too, Erich. Don't forget."
  89. (5:08:24 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "As the group enters, they're met with a group of people against the wall, hands on the head. and a group of 6 young women, getting bags filled with money, all armed with pretty advanced looking>
  90. (5:09:39 PM) CapsLockRAGE: weaponry. They notice Z right away and begin to fire hot pulse munitions at him. These are deffinatly military grade hardware, whoever is robbing this bank has connections.
  91. (5:11:43 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom darts right towards the girls, seemingly unconcerned by the weapons. "Those bags don't match your outfits at all," she smirks and aims to snag a weapon and disarm one of the girls with an arm>
  92. (5:11:44 PM) GeneralFreedom: lock!
  93. (5:12:07 PM) silverswede: probably ended up behind the bank with the route he took. He looks around for any entrance there, such as a service or backdoor entrance.
  94. (5:12:11 PM) Swixer: "Such narrow definitions of morality and purpose aren't particularly suited to me, I think. Though I digress." *Citizen Z lands before the women and advances, raising an arm and erecting a shield for
  96. (5:13:20 PM) Swixer: the blasts to rain down on. His scanners quickly pick up on how advanced their weapons are.* "Military grade weaponry. Adorable." *With that, he fires a blast from his gauntlet at one of the girls.
  97. (5:14:09 PM) Swixer: It's non-lethal, but it'd hurt.*
  99. (5:15:27 PM) Keioseth: Cobalt dashes over to the hostages a bright green barrier made up of hexagons appears brom one of his arms. He attempts to safely get the hostages away from the fight.
  100. (5:16:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} They have a small group exiting from what apears to be some kind of teleporter in the main vault. Someone get there." Cannon calls over the coms, having managed to hack into the security>
  101. (5:17:37 PM) CapsLockRAGE: of the bank. "Tyrfing is closest." she states. The hostages are well protected by Cobalts shield. but in the chaos, the bank teller pressed the emergency lockdown button, and the bank is sealed tight
  102. (5:18:41 PM) CapsLockRAGE: with no seeming exit. Z's blast hits one of the girls, causing her to go down without much fuss, she's not armored or anything. However, Bom poms rush is met with no small amount of resistance. The>
  103. (5:19:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: girl fights back, and, although she doesn't have the training of bom pom, she gets help from another girl, who starts firing at the two, seemingly no caring if she hits her partner with the shots
  105. (5:20:44 PM) Swixer: "A teleporter? That might be moderately interesting." *Activating the electromagnet in his gauntlet, Citizen Z attempts to disarm the shooter by pulling the gun towards his grip, at which point he
  106. (5:21:11 PM) Swixer: would fire a length of tanglecoil from his other gauntlet to subdue her.*
  107. (5:21:34 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom grimaces and reacts to the shots by turning into them, letting them hit her instead of the girl! The shots are deflected from her body while she moves to hook the other's leg and slam her to>
  108. (5:22:05 PM) GeneralFreedom: the ground. "High grade weaponry and tech... This is a much bigger deal than we thought!" She seems rather pleased!
  109. (5:22:59 PM) silverswede: upon hearing of the teleporter, Tyrfing makes a break for the device as he assumes that the others' got their share under control. "I'm checking on the teleporter." He lets the others know.
  110. (5:25:01 PM) Keioseth: "Everyone stay low." Cobalt begins looking for a safer area to move the people within the bank away from the fight.
  112. (5:29:27 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The electromagnet works it's charm and so does the tanglecoil, subduing the girl. Bom pom is successful as well with a *SLAM* on the ground. Cobalt succeeds in getting the group of hostages somewhere>
  113. (5:30:15 PM) CapsLockRAGE: safe, A back office, it's not secure, but it's away from the action. Tyrfing sees the teleporter,and two women loading money into it. They see him, start shooting, and quickly begin to jump into the>
  114. (5:31:09 PM) CapsLockRAGE: teleporter to make an escape with the money. The remaining girls in the front area...disarm suddenly. dropping thier weapons to the floor and getting on thier knees.
  115. (5:31:33 PM) Swixer: "Please, Rebecca. Anyone could buy this overpriced garbage on the black market with enough persistence." *He dismissively crushes the gun in his grip to emphasise his point.* "The teleporter, on the
  116. (5:32:22 PM) silverswede: only has his instincts and reflexes to thank for not getting shot dead by the two girls as they pulled guns on him, dodging back behind a corner quickly. "They're loading the money into the teleporter
  117. (5:32:25 PM) Swixer: other hand might be worth a--" *He stops as the girls drop their weapons and get on the floor.* "Look..."
  118. (5:33:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Hmph. It usually doesn't find its way into the hands of teenage girls though," Bom-Pom snorts. She glances around at the other would be robbers and frowns. "I can't help but feel this isn't a good>
  119. (5:33:03 PM) GeneralFreedom: sign..."
  120. (5:33:38 PM) silverswede: "- and are shooting at me. I'm going to pursue before it closes." He says, drawing his blade and transforming in a burst of flames, rushing towards the teleporter with a quick leap.
  121. (5:33:38 PM) GeneralFreedom: She shakes her head and responds to Tyrfing. "Can you stop them without maiming them?"
  122. (5:34:36 PM) silverswede: responds with the clearly transformed, raspy and sinister chuckle. "Hehe, I won't break them -too- much, depends on how much they piss me off."
  123. (5:34:37 PM) Swixer: "I'll go and give our friendly imbecile a hand." *With that, he flies off towards the teleporter.*
  124. (5:35:04 PM) Keioseth: As soon as they people are relatively safe he'd drop the shield and eject the spent core. The super heated core would hit the floor and smolder a bit before cooling off, "Anyone hurt?"
  125. (5:35:40 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Might not be a bad idea," she mutters. Bom-Pom goes to look over the robbers before answering Cobalt. "Doesn't look like it."
  126. (5:36:15 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} The portal is closing. I'm trying to get a readout on the location but our hardware isn't sufficient. I'm recalibrating it."
  127. (5:36:18 PM) GeneralFreedom: She bends down to look one in the eyes. "Why are you giving up now, huh? Can you answer any questions?"
  128. (5:36:42 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Tyrfings leap is met with the girls bailing into the teleporter, and then it shutting down.
  129. (5:37:57 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "We can't say anything." the girls say in unison, kinda creepy.
  130. (5:38:16 PM) silverswede: "Shit! Piece of junk shut off!" He growls angrily, looking like he's ready to smash something closeby.
  131. (5:38:26 PM) Keioseth: He looks at the hostages then taps his comm, "That's nice and all but I was talking to the civs not you Bom."
  132. (5:38:38 PM) CapsLockRAGE: (lol )
  133. (5:39:08 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The civies just give a nod, one or two of the ladyfolk crying, and at least one wimpy dude. They all look unharmed.
  134. (5:39:33 PM) Swixer: *Citizen Z lands behind Tyrfling with an imperious stance, looking around the vault before advancing to the teleporter.* "You let them escape."
  135. (5:40:40 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I was talking about the rest of the people in the bank. My own safety was never in doubt," Bom-Pom huffs. "They're all zombied too. They're not going to be any use in figuring anything out."
  136. (5:40:56 PM) silverswede: "Piss off, shitstain. Took you long enough to get that slow ass here, should cut down on the metal." He responds with a growl, seemingly a lot more talkative now.
  137. (5:41:45 PM) Swixer: *He draws up a holographic interface as he approaches it.* "You let them escape with the money, no less." *He seems to ignore his insult as he attempts to perform a scan of the teleporter.* "Go and
  138. (5:42:01 PM) Swixer: aid the others. Make yourself useful."
  139. (5:42:19 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Now is not the time for machismo. If you can get me a readout on that teleporter, I can probably get it's destination."
  140. (5:42:21 PM) Swixer: "As challenging as that may be for you."
  141. (5:42:27 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon^>
  142. (5:42:36 PM) silverswede: turns towards Citizen Z. "Huuh? You trying to order me around, tincan?" He grabs around his sword, tightening his grip.
  143. (5:43:03 PM) Keioseth: "Everything's gonna be okay. They may look like a bunch of comic convention geeks but they're good at what they do." He peeks out of the office, "So just stay calm."
  144. (5:43:27 PM) Swixer: *Citizen Z doesn't look at him, focusing on his scan.* "No, I was merely hoping that you would have the mental wherewithal to act within our best interests. Clearly, that's not the case."
  145. (5:44:00 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Both of you cut it out," Bom-Pom says over the comms. "Tyrfing, take a step back, Erich, stop poking the bear."
  146. (5:44:31 PM) GeneralFreedom: She goes to check the lockdown protocols. "Are police on their way? We need someone to take care of our former robbers."
  147. (5:44:51 PM) Swixer: *He gives a soft chuckle from beneath his armour.* "As you say, Rebecca."
  148. (5:44:59 PM) silverswede: growls angrily, stepping away from the armored guy at Bom-Pom's call, stomping out of the vault to the others.
  149. (5:45:31 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> The police are on thier way. I'll get you a location as soon as someone sends me a scan of the hardware. Time is of the essence when tracking teleportation."
  150. (5:47:54 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom lets out a sigh and takes a seat on counter. "I'll babysit the girls for now. Let's put a rush on that teleporter thing, hm?"
  151. (5:48:59 PM) Swixer: "Nevermind that. I can do it just as well."
  152. (5:49:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> I don't care. Just as long as it gets done.
  153. (5:50:10 PM) Swixer: "I've been running the scan during my enlightening discussion with the Tyrfing."
  154. (5:50:27 PM) silverswede: "All this standing around... grr." Stomps about furiously, shooting the odd, angry glare at the girls to make sure they stay in place.
  155. (5:51:26 PM) Swixer: "I shouldn't have too much difficulty tracking the location. After all, I am a Zerstoiten." *His holographic interface pings.* "There we are. I'll upload it to you now."
  156. (5:53:27 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> Noted. Location recieved. We have two options. I can either reactivate the teleporter remotely, or we can take the slow way. The latter is safer, as we don't know whats waiting for us. But>
  157. (5:53:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: may give them time to prepare
  158. (5:54:06 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Either way, there's a timer on this teleporter, It will fry itself in a few minutes, I've manged to slow it down from here.
  159. (5:54:09 PM) Keioseth: "Okay cops are on the way, just stay in here until then okay." He gives the civilians a thumbs up and walks back out to join his teammates.
  160. (5:55:06 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Oh you know what I'm going to suggest. Let's get there and wrap up this little adventure." She hops up and does a few stretches as she walks towards the teleporter.
  161. (5:55:09 PM) Swixer: "We should use the teleporter. It's faster, it's more efficient and it gives us the element of surprise. Besides, we should capitalise on Tyrfing's sudden rush of hormones whilst we can."
  162. (5:55:24 PM) silverswede: "Isn't it obvious? Get the teleporter online so we can get there before they haul ass and run off!"
  163. (5:55:39 PM) Swixer: *With that, he moves towards the teleporter.*
  164. (5:56:17 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {The teleporter fires back up with a flash of blue and white lights. "It's active. I can't keep it up long, make it quick."
  165. (5:56:56 PM) Swixer: *Citizen Z wordlessly goes through the teleporter first, considering himself to be the most heavily protected.*
  166. (5:57:07 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Bank security can handle the situation until the authorities arrive, I would hope," she snorts. Bom-Pom heads right for the portal! "I'm sure I don't have to say this, but be ready for anything."
  167. (5:57:47 PM) silverswede: doesn't hesitate a moment as he moves into the portal, somewhat angry not to be the first to get through.
  168. (5:59:02 PM) Keioseth: Walks up to the teleporter, "Wee." Jumps in.
  169. (6:00:50 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {As soon as Z enters the portal, he's met with several bags of money, and about three girls loading it into a pallet to be moved elsewhere, they are completly unprepared for the apearence of the metal
  170. (6:01:59 PM) CapsLockRAGE: clad jerk. However, they don't attack, just give a superised look for a moment, then go back to loading the money up. "Our leader wishes to speak to your leader. you can meet with him in the penthouse
  171. (6:03:21 PM) GeneralFreedom: "That does save us the trouble of finding him. Drop the money and we'll talk," Bom-Pom says and crosses her arms.
  172. (6:03:24 PM) Swixer: "We'll be taking that money off your hands first."
  173. (6:03:46 PM) silverswede: "Please don't, I need to punch someone in the face real bad, and you're prime candidates."
  174. (6:04:14 PM) silverswede: said that to the girls, in response to Bom-Pom's request.
  175. (6:04:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The girls pause for a moment. Then put the money bags down. "Our leader is in the penthouse." they point off to an elevater.
  176. (6:04:40 PM) CapsLockRAGE: elevator ^ )
  177. (6:05:09 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Aim your anger in the right direction," Bom-Pom tsks and heads towards the elevator. "Shall we?"
  178. (6:05:38 PM) Swixer: "A moment." *Citizen Z fires off a few rounds of tanglecoil in an attempt to bind the girls.*
  179. (6:06:06 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {The girls are bound.} This is completely unecessary, we're not going anywhere."?
  180. (6:06:55 PM) Swixer: "You'll understand if I don't take your word for it." *With that, he progresses to the elevator.*
  181. (6:07:02 PM) silverswede: "This smells like a trap, and you're just gonna walk straight into it? Lemme throw that truck into his window, that'll teach him to underestimate us." He growls at Bom-Pom.
  182. (6:07:26 PM) Swixer: "Did anyone bring a leash for him?"
  183. (6:07:38 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Remember the property damage talk? Do you want to talk to Tutor again? Knowing how annoying he is?"
  184. (6:08:38 PM) silverswede: grumbles angrily, but Bom-Pom manages to reel his rage in with that.
  185. (6:09:14 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Besides, we're prepared for traps. We have more than enough firepower if it comes down to it," she shrugs.
  186. (6:10:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon would proabably say something, but it seems as though there is some kind of communications block here. They go into an elevator and go up. The doors open and there's a good looking blonde guy>
  187. (6:11:42 PM) CapsLockRAGE: without a shirt on, being...fanned by girls in very little clothing, and tended to by several others, there's at least 15 girls that they see in this room. "You..you people are suprising. I've been>
  188. (6:12:14 PM) CapsLockRAGE: getting away with this for months, the MCPD and UNTIL had no idea what was going on... but you guys found me. how did you do it?"
  189. (6:13:09 PM) Swixer: *Citizen Z looks around as he enters, raising a glowing hand at the shirtless douche.* "Your incompetence betrayed you almost as much as your taste in fashion."
  190. (6:13:24 PM) silverswede: "... Oh, it's only that Erich guy." He says, sounding disappointed, apparently having forgotten than Erich is next to him. And that Erich doesn't have a tan.
  191. (6:13:39 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Says the man wearing tacky gold armor."
  192. (6:13:41 PM) Keioseth: "We have a computer geek with a lot of time on her hands."
  193. (6:14:01 PM) Swixer: *He looks over to Tyrfing.* "For that case of mistaken identity alone, I should vaporise you. Give me a reason not to."
  194. (6:14:17 PM) Swixer: ((*Tyrfing than back to the man))
  195. (6:14:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Well, my hats off to your geek then. Maybe I'll have to drop in and say hello to her. I always did aprecieate smart women." He looks to Bom Pom. " And I hear you are the leader of these group of>
  196. (6:14:56 PM) silverswede: "You can't"
  197. (6:15:19 PM) CapsLockRAGE: misfits. Why don't you come over here and have a seat so I can get better aquainted with you."
  198. (6:15:22 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom wrinkles her nose in disgust at their surroundings. "Maybe you should focus on more important things. Like how long you're going to be put away for this crap. Don't do anything stupid and we>
  199. (6:15:27 PM) GeneralFreedom: can all put this behind us."
  200. (6:15:37 PM) Swixer: ((he was talking to the man, not to tyrfing)
  201. (6:15:44 PM) silverswede: ((Oh, my bad))
  202. (6:16:17 PM) GeneralFreedom: Despite her words, she slowly starts making her way towards him.
  203. (6:16:56 PM) Swixer: "I'll stand, thank you. And remain poised to disintegrate you at a moment's notice."
  204. (6:16:57 PM) Keioseth: "Bom?"
  205. (6:17:16 PM) GeneralFreedom: "...what would you like to know," she asks curiously.
  206. (6:18:05 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Well, for starters." the man sits up, seemingly ignoring the males in the room for now, He allows her a seat next to him and reaches up and plays with her hair." You seem powerful, Could you show me?
  207. (6:18:13 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Perhaps make your friends here leave."
  208. (6:18:20 PM) silverswede: raises a brow at Bom-pom, noticing her movements. "What're you playing at..."
  209. (6:18:23 PM) Keioseth: "Oh god dammit."
  210. (6:18:57 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I'm very powerful," she smirks and settles into her seat. She waves to the others, shooing them away. "You heard the man, why don't you take a break?"
  211. (6:19:20 PM) Swixer: "You must have me mistaken for your lesser, Rebecca."
  212. (6:20:14 PM) Swixer: "There's no reason for us to be negotiating with this man."
  213. (6:20:29 PM) silverswede: "Alright, I've had it." Starts approaching the man, swinging his blade in his hand before his stride turns into a lunge, swinging the blade indiscriminately downwards.
  214. (6:20:57 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Oooh, Strong women are my favorite, Just above smart women, maybe you should make your computer expert come here as well, I'd like to get to know her too. But there's time for that later.>
  215. (6:21:24 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Take care that your friend aproaching with the sword doesn't harm me, you wouldn't want me hurt, would you?"
  216. (6:21:27 PM) Keioseth: "Ew... just... can we beat him up already?"
  217. (6:21:35 PM) Swixer: "She's being controlled."
  218. (6:21:54 PM) silverswede: "I'm planning on it!" He shouts back at CC
  219. (6:22:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I'm the boss, last I checked," Bom-Pom tsks and stands to intercept the blade with her forearm! It meets the forcefield around her body... and sets off a controlled explosion! "I SAID GO AWAY!"
  220. (6:22:34 PM) Swixer: *He directs his hand towards Bom-Pom and fires a destroyer blast at her, attempting to send her flying into the wall.*
  221. (6:22:50 PM) Swixer: "He must be capable of manipulating females with his voice."
  222. (6:22:50 PM) silverswede: is blown back by the explosion, flying in between the two other guys and landing on his back with an oomph. "Alright. If that's how you wanna play it..."
  223. (6:23:22 PM) Swixer: "Cobalt Crush, see to the women."
  224. (6:23:38 PM) Keioseth: "I...wait what?"
  225. (6:23:52 PM) Keioseth: "Okay."
  226. (6:24:16 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom gasps and goes crashing back. The normally dormant field around her body flashes the same color as the beam a moment, then goes back to being transparent as she pushes away from the wall. Her>
  227. (6:24:33 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Ladies, if you would please escort these young men out of the room." he says with a clap. The women in the room all turn towards them. They quickly step infront of the blond man, protecting him. "Tsk
  228. (6:24:42 PM) GeneralFreedom: energy pom-poms flare around her fists. "You're supposed. To leave!"
  229. (6:24:56 PM) Swixer: "Enough, Rebecca. You're being manipulated. I have nothing to gain by harming you, but I will if I must."
  230. (6:25:00 PM) CapsLockRAGE: he says with a smirk. " you'd hurt your own." he looks to bom pom." I'd never do that to you, my dear."
  231. (6:26:09 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Never," Bom-Pom nods in agreement as she starts heading towards the others. "If I have to turn this place into a crater to get you out I will!"
  232. (6:26:48 PM) Swixer: *Citizen Z heaves a sigh before flying straight at Bom-Pom, going to tackle her clean through the window of the penthouse and out into the open sky.*
  233. (6:27:16 PM) Keioseth: "If I had known I was going to be the center of attention for all these girls, I wouldn't have eaten that cheap burrito." He chomps on a rebreather and scatters little black orbs at the feet of the >
  234. (6:27:18 PM) Swixer: "I need to get her away from his influence. Try not to get yoursselves killed."
  235. (6:27:27 PM) Keioseth: girls which then release knock out gas.
  236. (6:27:28 PM) Swixer: ((*yourselves))
  237. (6:27:46 PM) silverswede: rises back up again, however his angry snarl turns into a wide grin. "Kehehe, that supposed to stop me? I've been wanting to square off against- Oh, come on!" He seems to get pretty mad at Z tackling
  238. (6:27:58 PM) silverswede: - Bom away, wether he succeeds or not.
  239. (6:29:16 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom grunts as she's smashed through the wall. "How dare you! You can't take me away from him! I'M IN CHARGE! HE TOLD ME TO STOP YOU!" Equal parts demanding and whining, impressive! She slams both>
  240. (6:29:29 PM) GeneralFreedom: fists down on Z, setting off a massive explosion!
  241. (6:30:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I wont let you hurt him!" one of the girls shouts, and rushes in at cobalt, another at Tyrfing, The gas takes out the majority, but these two seem completely unnefected by it. One slams into Tyrfing
  242. (6:31:02 PM) Swixer: *As he flies Bom-Pom away from the battle, Z is caught off guard by her sudden explosion, dropping her into the lake of a nearby park as he's sent flying, he skids along the ground and slams into a
  243. (6:31:10 PM) CapsLockRAGE: with suprising strength, the other rushes cobalt with speed thats well beyond human, they get to dance with a couple metahumans.
  244. (6:32:46 PM) Swixer: parked car, his armor scuffed and his cape shredded. He grunts as he slowly pushes himself back up, scanning the area for her.*
  245. (6:33:05 PM) silverswede: is slammed into, expecting to be able to toss the girl away like nothing. Much to his surprise, and also seemingly enjoyment, it's not that easy. "Hah, now this has become interesting!" He cheers, -
  246. (6:33:36 PM) Swixer: "Ugh...no range on his influence, it would seem..."
  247. (6:33:41 PM) silverswede: aiming an overhead slam into the girl's back as she tackles into him, stomping down to cut her charge short.
  248. (6:34:58 PM) Keioseth: Not much he can really do against a surprise speedster, he's hit and knocked back.
  249. (6:35:04 PM) Swixer: "Esarhaddon -- pull up my files on Rebecca Neven."
  250. (6:35:23 PM) GeneralFreedom: There's a furious scream as a powerful blasts sends a majority of the lake's water splashing the area! Bom-Pom, propelled by the blast, hurtles down towards Citizen Z! "I need to stop you! He told>
  251. (6:35:25 PM) GeneralFreedom: me to!"
  252. (6:37:44 PM) Swixer: *Z blasts up to meet her, attempting to tackle her into the air again and throw her through a billboard.* "Energy absorption and projection. Destroyer blasts are out of the equation..."
  253. (6:39:17 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Tyrfing is able to get his strike off, Slamming the girl into the ground, She starts to climb back up, starting by grabbing at his feet in an attempt to knock him to the ground.  The speedster cracks
  254. (6:39:43 PM) CapsLockRAGE: her knuckles, giving Cobalt a chance to ready himself before she gets after him again. " He told you to leave."
  255. (6:41:04 PM) machinegunblues left the room.
  256. (6:41:31 PM) silverswede: may lack the skill and training that CC has, but he seems to possess a certain affinity for battle. Having struck the girl to the ground, he wasted no moment to aim a kick at her where she laid, not -
  257. (6:42:03 PM) silverswede: coming to a halt as she grabs at his other leg. Where she to dodge or resist the kick, he'd get pulled down as a result, standing on one leg after all.
  258. (6:42:09 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom's smashes into the billboard and tears a hole in it! She does manage to grab onto it though before flying too far and manages to leap down. A small explosion cushions her fall... and sends her
  259. (6:42:22 PM) GeneralFreedom: flying towards Z once again for an energy charged punch!
  260. (6:43:05 PM) Keioseth: He gets up, dusts himself off, then stares her down, "Yo no hablo inglés, mi amiga." He quickly flings several sonic shuriken at the speedster.
  261. (6:43:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: ( What exactly does a sonic shuriken do? )
  262. (6:43:45 PM) Swixer: *Bom-Pom's punch connects, sending Z spiralling through a building and out the other end. He falls into the path of a passing truck, which clips him and sends him crashing into a fire hydrant.*
  263. (6:44:04 PM) silverswede: ( It's like a shuriken, just shaped like sonic's hair and coloured blue )
  264. (6:44:17 PM) CapsLockRAGE: (gotta go fast )
  265. (6:44:23 PM) Swixer: "Enough...of this..."
  266. (6:44:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "
  267. (6:45:19 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Whats going on? I lost communications." Cannon suddenly calls over Z's coms. The others still blocked. "Do you need backup?"
  268. (6:45:44 PM) Keioseth: [OOC] makes ear piercingly loud screeches.
  269. (6:46:00 PM) Swixer: "I'm almost insulted that you'd need to ask."
  270. (6:46:32 PM) Swixer: "I have her where I want her. But you should send support to the following coordinates." *He rattles off the location of the penthouse.*
  271. (6:46:47 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Ah. He's gone," Bom-Pom smiles, then glances back, trying to find her way back to the penthouse!
  272. (6:47:49 PM) Swixer: *As Bom-Pom begins to make her way back to the penthouse, she would hear a voice from on high.* "Did you think you could eliminate me so easily, Rebecca.* "Flying with his jet boots, Citizen Z rounds
  273. (6:47:49 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {The speedster clasps her hands over her ears, and drops to her knees. "STOP IT! JUST LEAVE US ALONE!" she shouts over the noise. The girl tyrfing is fighting crawls over top of him, the kick hurt,
  274. (6:48:06 PM) Swixer: the corner and hovers above her.* "Come. Let's end this charade."
  275. (6:48:14 PM) CapsLockRAGE: and she was going to make him regret it, She raises up her fist to start slamming him with them.
  276. (6:48:36 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Meanwhile, Prettyboy goes to his refridgerator and starts mixing a fresh drink.
  277. (6:49:47 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I made you go away. Now I need to make the others go away," Bom-Pom says stubbornly and starts trudging towards the penthouse. "It's what he wants. I have to do it"
  278. (6:50:28 PM) silverswede: is tripped and ends up below the girl, which then proceeds to start pummeling him. He doesn't seem to even try and defend himself, the girl's metahuman strength actually giving him bruises and drawing
  279. (6:51:44 PM) silverswede: - blood. He lies there, letting her punch either until she's tired, or hesitates for a moment, at which point he'd shoot up to grab her wrist and grin back up. "You got a good punch... my turn!"
  280. (6:51:48 PM) Keioseth: Cobalt reaches into his jacket and pulls out his sticks before walking over to the girl and attempting to use the stungun function to knock her out.
  281. (6:51:54 PM) Swixer: "Then I'm afraid I have to do this." *Flying up behind her, Citizen Z removes his helmet and attempts to slam it down on Bom-Pom's head backwards, hopefully blinding her as it latches on.*
  282. (6:52:23 PM) silverswede: launches a hook towards the girl's side, aiming to knock the air out of her and proceed to return the pummeling, with interest.
  283. (6:53:21 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cobalt succeeds in knocking one of the two girls out, Tyrfing still struggles with the other. His hook lands, but she takes it like a champ and lunges one of her own. Both of them seem to match blow
  284. (6:53:23 PM) CapsLockRAGE: for blow.
  285. (6:54:16 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Wh..." Bom-Pom gasps, reaching up and clawing at the helmet! Another ragefilled shriek sounds as she starts trying to forcefully blast the helmet off, slamming it with her fists and causing the>
  286. (6:55:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: energy field around her head to erupt! "You can't stop me! I need to do what he says! I NEED TO!" Her muffled voice echoes from inside the helmet.
  287. (6:56:37 PM) Swixer: *Drawing up his holographic interface, Z begins tapping away.* "Esarhaddon, emit a full force sensory overload ray through my helmet's speakers. Now!" *With that, an ear-splitting, disorienting
  288. (6:56:43 PM) silverswede: seems to enjoy fighting against an enemy that can take his blows, if his laughs are anything to judge by. The more damage he takes, the harder he seems to hit as his punches start coming out faster -
  289. (6:57:14 PM) Swixer: screech would resound through the speakers in Z's helmet with enough power to completely incapacitate her and, eventually, render her unconscious.*
  290. (6:57:19 PM) silverswede: and more unhinged with each delivery. "Hah! This is a fight! Pity you're just a puppet, or I could've truly enjoyed myself!"
  291. (6:58:04 PM) Keioseth: "Please don't enjoy yourself over the mind controlled girl. Punches are not consent Rageman."
  292. (6:58:48 PM) silverswede: "Oh shut up and get rid of that prissy little shit over there instead!"
  293. (6:58:57 PM) silverswede: points to the blonde guy.
  294. (6:59:07 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The police suddenly come busting through the door. Several officers, guns drawn, Aparently, Cannon called the cops for backup. It's a full MARS brigade. They don't get to do much though, as the girl
  295. (6:59:55 PM) CapsLockRAGE: tyrfing is striking finally succumbs and falls over, bruised and unconcious, leaving just pretty boy, who seems unfazed by his girls losing. "Well, this is unfortunate. Seems like I should have picked
  296. (7:00:00 PM) CapsLockRAGE: better body guards.
  297. (7:00:22 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom eventually staggers, still clutching at the helmet. "Stop... Have to make them leave..." she groans as she drops to the groud. It looks like the place has been through an orbital bombardment>
  298. (7:00:33 PM) GeneralFreedom: in the wake of her flailing explosive attacks.
  299. (7:00:37 PM) GeneralFreedom: *ground
  300. (7:01:42 PM) Swixer: *Z exhales and walks over to Bom-Pom, removing his helmet and donning it again. Taking a moment to look at Bom-Pom as if clarifying her unconsciousness, he stoops down, scoops her into a fireman carry
  301. (7:01:43 PM) silverswede: stands back up from the brawl, beaten and bruised just as much as the girl he faced off against. However, his grin is that of a victor, and he slams his fist on his chest.
  302. (7:01:49 PM) Swixer: and flies towards the penthouse.*
  303. (7:02:38 PM) silverswede: "Good fight, girl, but you're no match for me." He grins down at the girl, before turning to the villain in question. "And now, you."
  304. (7:03:43 PM) Keioseth: Turning to the Officers as they burst in, "Okay, so, Officers if you could just turn your backs and give me like 5 minutes to cause this guy great bodily harm I would appreciate it."
  305. (7:04:42 PM) silverswede: "Make that 20, I want my go too."
  306. (7:04:51 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Unfortunately for Tyrfing and cobalt, the cops have a job to do, and arent going to let the teen heroes exact revenge. Two go over to arrest pretty boy, who's not giving much resistance to it. "Sorry
  307. (7:05:06 PM) CapsLockRAGE: boys, we got a job to do too."
  308. (7:05:45 PM) silverswede: "Nothing pisses me off like cowardly little twats who hide behind proper fighters." His grin slowly vanishes as the MARS soldiers apprehend the criminal, and he growls lowly.
  309. (7:05:49 PM) Swixer: *At that moment, Citizen Z comes smashing through the window with Bom-Pom over his shoulder. He lays her down on the sofa and advances to the captured pretty boy, drawing a device from his belt.*
  310. (7:06:39 PM) Swixer: "Hear no evil..." *He presses the device over the pretty boy's mouth, causing it to expand into a kind of hi-tech muzzle.* "Speak no evil."
  311. (7:06:43 PM) Keioseth: "I'm just asking for 5 minutes!"
  312. (7:07:55 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The young man looks at citizen z with a scowel as the device muzzles him. The cops start to take him away, a full medical team is on the scene too, taking care of the wounded. Seems like Gen primes
  313. (7:08:01 PM) Swixer: "This one controls females through his voice. Try not to leave him in a room alone with one."
  314. (7:08:12 PM) CapsLockRAGE: job is over, and successful....except for the unconcious teamate.
  315. (7:09:15 PM) silverswede: "Tsch, this job left a bad taste in my mouth..." He growls angrily, stomping his foot in frustration.
  316. (7:09:31 PM) Swixer: "Congratulations, boys. You proved yourselves to be more competent than I first assumed."
  317. (7:09:44 PM) Swixer: *He says this turning to Tyrfing and Cobalt Crush.*
  318. (7:10:01 PM) Swixer: "...That is a compliment."
  319. (7:10:12 PM) Keioseth: "And you are not Hitler, Betsy."
  320. (7:10:33 PM) Keioseth: "Not sure what you are but at least you aren't that."
  321. (7:10:39 PM) Swixer: "I fail to understand this nickname you've carved out for me."
  322. (7:10:53 PM) Swixer: *He looks over to Bom-Pom.* "She should regain consciousness soon."
  323. (7:11:07 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} Sitrep?
  324. (7:11:15 PM) silverswede: "Hmph." is all he snarls in return, before he sheathes his sword again and promptly returns to his other, dispassionate self. "Well, uh. Good job, I guess."
  325. (7:12:13 PM) Swixer: "Our culprit was a manipulator, capable of commanding females with his voice. He's been apprehended with minimal injuries to his victims."
  326. (7:12:35 PM) Swixer: *He looks over to Tyrfing.* "For the most part. Rebecca is unconscious, but should easily recover."
  327. (7:12:38 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom groans and starts to sit up. Her eyes widen a moment and she looks frightened and upset, but she quickly forces her expression to be more neutral. "...he's gone?"
  328. (7:12:49 PM) Keioseth: "I dunno, it's just happened. I thought about maybe Betty but Betsy seemed to work better at the time."
  329. (7:12:52 PM) Swixer: "However, she probably won't be best pleased with the collateral damage she caused."
  330. (7:13:23 PM) Swixer: *He looks down at her, imperiously.* "No thanks to you."
  331. (7:13:35 PM) Swixer: "He had you in the palm of his hand."
  332. (7:13:49 PM) silverswede: "Oh, that's bad... I hope that girl will be alright, I kinda went overboard..." He says, looking towards the paramedics as he speaks.
  333. (7:15:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: She sneers at Z as she stands. "I know what happened. It was something that couldn't be prepared for." She trembles a little as she calls for Tutor over the comms for a pick up.
  334. (7:16:07 PM) Swixer: "Perhaps. If our culprit truly wanted to win the day, however, he would have found a way to manipulate the deadlier of the species."
  335. (7:16:13 PM) Keioseth: "You gonna be okay Boomie?"
  336. (7:17:06 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} With the situation under wraps, i suggest you leave before the media gets to you. The property damage is a little over the top.
  337. (7:17:37 PM) GeneralFreedom: "A misogynist and you idealize your Nazi 'father'? Aren't you charming," Bom-Pom spits. She gets a hold of herself and nods to Cobalt. "...of course. I just need time to... I'm fine." Tutor arrives at
  338. (7:18:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: the ruined building with a small hovercraft and extends a walkway for Becky.
  339. (7:18:19 PM) Swixer: "And I'm not certain I'm willing to address the whole 'Zerstoiten' thing." *He looks over to Bom-Pom.* "My father is a fool. My only wish is to destroy him before he destroys us."
  340. (7:18:23 PM) silverswede: "Oh yeah, we probably should... get out of here, yeah." He says, looking around for their escape vehicle
  341. (7:19:46 PM) Keioseth: Tucks away his weapons and walks off, "Catch ya later then." He gives a wave before vanishing into the shadows.
  342. (7:19:51 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Good. Maybe you can focus on that and keep your opinions to yourself." She sinks into the seat of the hovercraft and Tutor looks from her to the others. "I will send you a second craft on autopilot."
  343. (7:20:31 PM) Swixer: "I see mind control makes you testy." *He walks towards the hole in the window.* "I'll find my own way back in due course."
  344. (7:20:45 PM) Swixer: *With that, he leaps out of the window and flies away.*
  345. (7:20:48 PM) GeneralFreedom: The small craft putters off as another rises up for Tyrfing to get into!
  346. (7:21:38 PM) silverswede: takes it, he can't really fly or swing.
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