MGE Side III Cave Live Halls

May 2nd, 2020
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  1. This area is a cave district with a “box”.
  2. There is no cave? Yeah, as you can see here, it looks like there’s a building growing out of the mountain slope. It’s an old story of Saida, but it seems in olden days, people used to live in caves on the mountain slopes, instead of buildings like this.
  3. You don’t know about “boxes”? Ah, my bad.
  4. We call the shops and establishments used for live performances “boxes”. To be honest, I don’t really know the origin, but there are a lot of square buildings, and doesn’t it look like a box is growing from the wall?
  6. For us, these shops are places to sing and perform. We also go around to see other bands performing.
  7. If you come as a customer, they’re also places where you can enjoy drinks or a meal while watching a performance.
  8. Many of these shops are managed by retired divas, or distinguished song maidens that have drawn the line.
  9. It’s alright to use any shop, but we generally have our favorite places, and the managers there love us and teach us various things.
  10. Since they’re great retired seniors, we ask them about tips for playing and live performances, and how to get guests pumped up.
  11. The people that run the shops are usually married, so there’s also a lot of girls that ask them how to handle a man, or how to feel good.
  12. Also, when we song maidens are rookies, naturally we have no name recognition, so we have no choice but to perform in the streets, but because the box has what the manager cultivated during their career, the shop has name recognition.
  13. The managers also organize live concerts and then advertise them, or even bring us outside work.
  14. If you’re going to be playing music in this city, it’s best to have one of these boxes as a favorite.
  16. Also, when you do it outside, strangers will stop walking to listen, but when you do it in a box like this, there are lots of people that came to listen to music, or that came because they like our music, so it gets really exciting.
  17. Moreover, unlike when singing outside, when you sing in a box, your singing voice echoes inside the box, so your singing voice and power of lightning become even more amazing.
  18. Whoever hears it will have the song stuck in their ears for a while, and their lower body will feel very different and tingly.
  19. If you meet the eyes of a girl that has become excited like that, or if you bump shoulders with them, you may be taken in like that, so be careful.
  20. Although, I think you’ll probably be okay if you’re with me.
  21. If you’re worried, it’s okay to hold on to me. Yes, like that.
  22. Yeah… just like that❤
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