[One-shot] "Redemption by a Filly" - Cloudy Spinel

Sep 7th, 2017
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  1. > Opening her eyes as she comes back to the world of the living, Cloudy Spinel narrows them as the soft rays of the morning sun come in through the window. So that is what woke the pony from her dream; it is a fortunate really – this dream involved her and her parents, where they were shopping for a gift for an aunt back in the Crystal Empire. The little pony sits up carefully, letting out a sigh as her gaze is fixed on the bedsheet beneath her. She misses her parents terribly, and having that dream did little to ease the aching emptiness in her heart. If only she had listened to them… If only she been more careful… If only she not pushed her way through the crowd to meet her friend…
  2. > Cloudy feels a familiar urge to cry as the feelings of regret and loss claws at her. Just like that, before she realised her mistake, she was separated from her parents in the crowd of ponies as they left the Crystal Empire. There was a “war”, according to her mother, and they had to leave their home because “bad two-legged creatures” are coming. The pony obeyed and listened to her mother exactly as she was brought up to, and made no objections other than insisting that she gets to bring along her stuffed elephant, Mr Patches, along for the journey. She is a good filly. Has been, and always will be… except for that instant when she saw Coral Shores in the crowd….
  3. > A soft grunt distracts the pink-coated pony from her memories and sorrow. Turning to her right, she is greeted to the sight of one of the “bad two-legged creatures” that her mother had warned her about. He is Master; that is what he told her to call him anyway, and he is still sleeping in the large bed that they share. Cloudy uses a hoof to brush her purple mane out of her eyes as she watches the “human” snooze gently; her face breaking into a small smile as she remembers the warmth of his body when he hugged her from behind last night. It was… nice.
  4. > Her mother was… wrong. Master is anything but “bad”, and he certainly did not “beat” her or “take away her toys” or “snatch her from her parents”; that last one was HER fault, actually. In fact, in the months since he rescued her from the dark and smelly place filled with ponies in cages, he has always been gentle and caring to her, and he brought her to many nice and fun places in the Human world. Restaurants, amusement parks, the beach, and even the theatre – a place for grown-ups! He even bought her Mr Stuffy, her-
  5. > The filly’s eyes widen as she realises that her new “teddy bear”, as he calls it, is missing. Her teal eyes dart around as Cloudy searches frantically for Mr Stuffy, and feeling increasingly panicky when she does not see him, she decides to lay down on her front to look at the floor by her side of the bed.
  6. > There he is! He must be so lonely; he was probably left on the floor by himself through the night, and the little pony feels guilty for making her friend feel bad. She must have kicked him off when she tossed and turned.
  7. > Cloudy grunts softly as she reaches her hooves forward to try and pick him up. She must stretch them to their limits, but even then, her limbs are simply too short. Not one to give up easily, the filly adjusts the position of her body as she tries again to pick up her plush toy.
  8. > “Mr Stuffy! You’ll be okay! I’m coming to save y-”
  9. > Her body shifts, and the filly is suddenly weightless. She is falling on her face, and the ground is-
  10. “Be careful, little one. Jesus!”
  11. > Cloudy blinks as her muzzle is mere centimetres from the carpet. Then, she feels more pressure on the hand holding one of her hind hooves before another moves below her chest. With a gentle heave, the human lifts her up and sets her on the bed, shaking his head lightly as he reaches down to retrieve Mr Stuffy from the floor. Moving the bear towards her, the human pauses just as the little pony reaches her hooves forward to receive the plushie. He pulls back and decides to hug the bear instead, earning himself a pout from the filly, which quickly turns into a scared look when she sees the frown on his face. His voice comes out firm.
  12. “You could have gotten badly hurt, y’know? Haven’t I told you before to get off the bed if you want to pick things up? Not the first time, right?”
  13. > Her response is quick.
  14. > “But Daddy, I know what I’m doing! I just-”
  15. “Cloudy…”
  16. > The filly shrinks back from the tone of his voice, and the not-so-subtle warning causes her to dip her head lightly as she realises her mistake. Sighing softly, Cloudy’s voice comes out softer this time.
  17. > “Yes, Master… No calling you “Daddy”…”
  18. “Good. I’m not your father, Cloudy. HE is out there somewhere, and I am your Master.”
  19. > “… Yes, Master…”
  20. > Reluctantly, the filly nods before she lets out a soft sigh and mutters her next words under her breath.
  21. > “… even though I see you as my daddy… Master…”
  22. > Frowning at the filly, Master lets out a pained breath and chooses to ignore that comment. Instead, he shakes the bear at her as he reprimands the pony.
  23. “As I was saying, you should be careful when you-”
  24. > “Okay, Master! I get it! I’m sorry, and I’ll won’t do it again, okay?!”
  25. > Her sudden burst of emotion makes the man’s frown deepen as the filly glares at him. Instead of being angry, however, he lets out a pained sigh and places the bear on the bed beside him. Reaching his hands over, he gathers the little pony and hugs her, using a hand to stroke her mane gently as he mutters to her.
  26. “You had one of those dreams again, huh Cloudy? About… Them?”
  27. > Almost as quick as it came, the filly’s rage disappears and is replaced by an immense sadness. Her lower lip is trembling as she nods, and already, tears are leaking from her eyes. Using his hand to guide her head such that she is resting it on his shoulder, he lets out another breath when she starts crying earnestly. He continues to pat the back of her mane gently as he hushes her.
  28. “It’s okay… It’s okay, Cloudy. Remember that none of it is your fault; things just happened, okay? I know you are hurting inside, and I’m here for you, little pony. Go ahead, cry it out. It’s okay, Cloudy… It’s okay… Let it out… You’ll feel better after…”
  29. > “I miss my Mommy, Master… I miss Daddy…. I want my Mommy and Daddy, Master…! I want to go home! I want to go see them again! I want Mommy and Daddy, Master… I want to see them again… I want to…”
  30. > Coughing lightly as his own tears pool in his eyes, Master just hushes Cloudy Spinel, even as he chokes on his words and his voice cracks.
  31. “It’s okay, Cloudy… Cry if you need to, little one. Master’s here… Master’s here for you…”
  32. > “Why can’t I go home, Master? Why can’t I get to see Mommy and Daddy again? I want to go home, Master… I want to see them again… Please, Master… I want to go home… I want Mommy and Daddy again… please…”
  33. > The man does not respond. She already knows his answers, and there is little point in reaffirming those since she is just asking these questions for the sake of it, so he just keeps hushing her and plants a gentle kiss on the top of her head. His cheeks feel ticklish when those tears in his eyes escape their confines.
  34. > Surprisingly, it is Cloudy who recovers first. After a few minutes of crying together, she moves her muzzle up and licks at his wet cheeks, causing Master to pause and blink at her. The filly gives him a boop on his nose with her hoof, giggling lightly as she does so.
  35. > “Boops are magical, Master. Daddy always said that, and he told me that they are a show of love and trust.”
  36. > Her words earn the filly a gentle, if teary, smile from the man. He reaches a hand up to hold her hoof, and leaning in, he plants a soft kiss on the frog, making the pony giggle more.
  37. > “Hehehe M-Master! That tickles! Hehehehe!”
  38. > Keeping his smile, the man waits for Cloudy’s laughter to subside before he speaks softly.
  39. “And kisses, little one, are how we humans show love and trust. I suppose they are magical too.”
  40. > “We ponies do it too, Master! I’ve seen Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor kissing at the Crystal Palace! Hehehe!”
  41. > The filly blushes a little and leans in to whisper.
  42. > “It was so sweet, Master. Mommy tried to cover my eyes, but I saw it.”
  43. > Chuckling lightly at her words, the man smiles at her.
  44. “I would suppose so. They sound like they are deeply in love.”
  45. > She pauses for a moment and frowns at him.
  46. > “M-Master, do you love me?”
  47. > He flinches and turns his eyes away from the filly, moving them to stare at a spot on the bedsheet.
  48. “W-What do you mean, little one?”
  49. > “Do. You. Love. Me?”
  50. > He frowns lightly at her persistence, but the filly is not swayed. She in turn, is frowning at him as she waits for him to answer her question.
  51. “I… I do. You are a special little girl, Cloudy, and I do.”
  52. > “So why can’t you be my Daddy now, Master? Why can’t you be my human Daddy? I don’t understand; Daddy always says that he loved me, so he is my daddy. You just said that you love me, so you should be my human Daddy.”
  53. “It isn’t so simpl-”
  54. > “I don’t care! You kissed my hoof, so you love and trust me, just as I booped your nose to show that I love and trust you! You are my Daddy, Master! My human Daddy!”
  55. > Her insistence causes the man’s frown to deepen. Clearly, Cloudy Spinel is projecting her loss of her parents by seeing him as a substitute for her father. Yet, he cannot BE her father. No fucking way. Not after… everything… that has happened between them.
  56. > …
  58. > Carrying the dirty filly into the bathroom, the man gently deposits her onto the tiled floor. Almost immediately, she shrinks back and cowers away from him, pinning her ears back as her teal eyes watches him in obvious terror.
  59. > “I’m s-sorry for making your shirt d-dirty, Mister Human! Pl-please don’t beat me! I… I didn’t mean… I’m sorry! Pl-please… I’m sorry!”
  60. > He grunts softly as he picks up the showerhead and turn it on, waving a hand in dismissal of her apologies.
  61. “I’m not going to beat you, little one. It’s just a shirt; I can always wash it after. You are safe now, and there is no need to be scared of me. I will not hurt you, and I will not beat you, because you have been a good girl so far.”
  62. > Testing the temperature of the water on his forearm, the man smiles gently at her as he kneels down before her and pats her mane.
  63. “You can call me Master, little one. You are staying with me from now on, in my house. No more cages, and no more… “bad” humans, as you call them. Now, I’m going to get you clean, then we have to go to bed. It’s late, and you need some rest.”
  64. > Cloudy Spinel swallows hard, but stays in place as she watches him fearfully. He sighs softly, but keeps his smile when he speaks again.
  65. “Easy, little one. Relax. I told you that you are safe now, didn’t I? I will take good care of you.”
  66. > “You promise, M-Master?”
  67. > He nods.
  68. “I promise.”
  69. > “O-okay…”
  70. > Allowing him to gently guide her into position, the filly stands still as the man starts to run the water through her mane, coat and tail. She turns her head towards Master and watches his movements, clearly still scared of him as he gives her a thorough rinsing down.
  71. > “The bad human said that I must be a good girl for you in bed, Mis- Master, or else you will be angry and beat me.”
  72. > Her fearful, but matter-of-fact tone when she said that makes Master pause, but he decides to ignore it and continue washing her. The pony’s ears pin back again, and her voice trembles when she speaks.
  73. > “Y-you… you won’t b-beat me…. Will you… M-Master?”
  74. “No, I won’t. I am not that kind of Master.”
  75. > It seems like her natural curiosity wins over her fear and suspicion. She frowns lightly and tilts her head at him.
  76. > “How many masters are there… Master?”
  77. > Snorting in mild amusement, the man gently cleans Cloudy’s body, working his way towards her hindquarters.
  78. “Two kinds, Cloudy. Good and bad. I like to think I am a good one.”
  79. > “You are a good master, Master. You are nice.”
  80. > He pauses again and stares at the filly as she smiles at him. She has barely known him for a few hours, and already, he can practically SEE her trusting him from the look that she has on her face.
  81. “Why am I nice, little one? I haven’t done anything yet.”
  82. > “Nuh-uh! You gave me tasty food just now, and you bought me an ice-cream, so you are nice.”
  83. “Heh, you are welcome. I’m happy that you enjoyed yourself.”
  84. > Carefully, the man lifts the filly’s tail and washes her privates, noting how she blushes at the contact and pulls away from him.
  85. “Stay still, Cloudy. You need to be washed.”
  86. > The filly blushes harder and stares at the hand which was on her backside.
  87. > “Mommy and Daddy also always said that this is my “private parts”, and that no pony other than me should touch me there.”
  88. > Master frowns lightly at her words, but shakes his head when he responds.
  89. “Did they say anything about Masters? Or humans?”
  90. > His question makes her frown in turn.
  91. > “I… No, Master. They said “no pony”.”
  92. > Now smiling gently, the man guides her back into position and resumes bathing the filly.
  93. “Then it should be okay for me, don’t you think? I am not a pony, little one."
  94. > She giggles softly at him as he finishes up by rinsing her tail from base to tip. Turning the water off, he stands to grab a towel. Gently and carefully, Master dries the filly, taking his time to make sure that he does not miss a spot.
  95. > “I’m happy that you are my friend, Master. Mommy said that nice ponies are friends, and even though you are not a pony, you are nice, so you are my friend.”
  96. > Master coughs as a look of guilt flashes across his face. He laughs nervously and switches on a smile, nodding at her when he speaks.
  97. “Y-yeah. You can say that I’m your friend. A special friend, that you listen to and obey.”
  98. > Done with drying the filly, the man hangs the damp towel on a spreader bar before he removes the soiled shirt and deposits it into the laundry basket. Keeping his inner shirt, he gently scoops Cloudy into his arms and carries her out of the bathroom and into his bedroom.
  99. > ““Listen to and obey”? Like a daddy or mommy?”
  100. “I suppose so, but more of a Master.”
  101. > Master lays the filly on the bed, who quickly sits up and tilt her head at him. Her ears are perked up, and her look is one of inquisitive innocence.
  102. > “What’s the difference?”
  103. > He chuckles as he proceeds to change out of his work clothes and into a more comfortable t-shirt, complete with a pair of shorts.
  104. “A Master is an authority figure, Cloudy Spinel. Something like a police officer or a teacher. They are not your parents, but you still listen to them and obey, right? Same thing then. I am your Master, so in the same way, you listen to me and obey me.”
  105. > The filly nods her head vigorously at the explanation, and flashes Master a wide smile.
  106. > “Okay. I will be a good filly and listen to you, because Master is a nice and good master. I promise. I will listen to you just as I listen to Mommy and Daddy.”
  107. “Good. Now, it’s time to sleep. It has been a long and tiring day, and you need some rest.”
  108. > Cloudy moves aside as the man turns off the lights and climbs into bed with her. Laying down on his side, his normal routine of browsing the Internet on his phone is disrupted by a soft sniffle from the pony. Almost immediately, he puts the phone down by the bedside table and sits up. Reaching his hands over, the man gently pulls the filly into a hug, and is mildly surprised when she wraps her hooves around his chest. Her grip is tight and strong.
  109. > Master carefully strokes the back of her mane as he speaks softly.
  110. “Hey, hey… What’s wrong, Cloudy? Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Tell me, little one.”
  111. > “I miss… Mommy… and Daddy… I miss them, Master… I miss them…”
  112. > Frowning deeply, the man hushes the filly as she cries.
  113. > Master lets out a pained breath as he narrows his eyes. Looking down at the filly sadly, he is reminded of his original intentions for her when he bought her form the slave traders, but now, seeing her like this? Knowing the innocence and naivety of the pony child and experiencing it first-hand, how could he even have thought of doing THAT?
  114. > He sighs deeply as he holds Cloudy Spinel to his chest, rocking her slowly back and forth as he whispers soft, comforting words to the crying filly. Swallowing hard, Master beats himself up mentally for having those plans, feeling an icy hatred for his perversion and depravity.
  115. > He was not sure how long he was hugging and rocking her, but it was some time later when he realised that the filly is already snoozing in his embrace, having cried herself to sleep.
  116. > Carefully, he lowers the filly to the bed and rests her head on a pillow. Moving her tail away gently with a hand, his eyes and fingers drift to her privates, but instead of feeling sexual arousal as he expected, the man grimaces as the urge to vomit takes over. Instead, he curses softly and drapes a thin blanket over her lower body, choosing to lay down beside her instead and holding her close to him with his arms. Looking over her sleeping form, the man carefully strokes her side as he presses her back to his chest, even leaning in to plant a shaky kiss on the top of her head as he mutters an apology to the unconscious pony.
  117. > It was a long time before he fell asleep that night, considering that he broke down utterly and shortly after giving her that kiss. The filly’s small body is so soft and warm, and she is very much vulnerable to anything that he wanted to do to her or with her. Her life is literally in his hands now; he gets to decide her fate. Happy, loved, and safe, or sad, alone and scared, that is his decision to make. This realisation, along with the memories of her innocent ways, simply tore at his heart and fills him with a crushing disgust for what he originally planned to do. He could not stop the tears streaming from his eyes as guilt; immense, heavy guilt, overcame him.
  118. > Cloudy Spinel is but a filly. A pony child.
  119. > And he is a monster.
  120. > …
  122. > Shaking his head lightly to clear his mind of the memory, the man looks into the filly’s teal eyes and speaks softly.
  123. “It’s silly of me, but I don’t want to replace who Daddy is in your heart. If you call me that, I don’t feel comfortable, little one. Your Daddy is out there somewhere, so is your Mommy.”
  124. > A bittersweet smile graces the little pony’s face as her earlier frown disappears quickly. She lowers her gaze and moves her hoof back as she sits still on his lap, allowing him to pet her mane gently when he chose to do so. Uncomfortable with the ensuring silence, he speaks to her softly.
  125. “There, there… You are a good little filly, and I feel sad when I see that you are sad. I want you to be a happy pony, Cloudy, not a sad one. We will find them one day, okay? Your Daddy and Mommy? We will find them.”
  126. > Shaking her head gently, Cloudy Spinel keeps that bittersweet smile. Then, she speaks quietly.
  127. > “I am not stupid, Master. I can tell that you know something bad happened to Mommy and Daddy, and you don’t think I can return home. You always have that look when you tell me that I can go back to them one day, and that I can go home. I have no more parents now, right Master?”
  128. > The man flinches, which makes the filly dip her head when her fears are confirmed. She looks as if she visibly deflated.
  129. > “... You see? I am not stupid, Master. You know something, but you are not telling me that.”
  130. “Cl-Cloudy…”
  131. > The pink-coated filly shakes her head again as her smile widens, causing her braided purple mane to drift through the air lazily. She is clearly attempting to be brave, as she had to wipe her eyes when tears start pooling in them.
  132. > “It’s… okay, Master. I’m sure you are not telling me because you have good reasons to keep it a secret. I have you now, and you are a nice master. A good Master. You are my human Daddy, Master, and I love you and trust you.”
  133. > Cloudy reaches a hoof up and presses the soft underside to the man’s nose again. She grins as tears rolls down her cheeks.
  134. > “S-see? Now you can kiss my hoof again to show that you love and trust me too, Master.”
  135. > Lowering her hoof, the man swallows hard as he leans in. He holds her head gently with his hands and plants a soft kiss between her eyes, giving her a warm smile as his bottom lip trembles. She closed her eyes and giggled softly when he did that.
  136. > The Master strokes the back of her mane and keeps silent. She knows it now… He has tried to keep the truth away from her, but… she knows it now. He has underestimated her levels of perception.
  137. > Then, the man smiles softly and clears his throat with a light cough. He has come to a decision.
  138. “... Cloudy?”
  139. > The pony’s eyes shoot open and she quickly looks up at him curiously.
  140. > “Y-yes? Master?”
  141. > Stroking her cheek with a thumb, the man shakes his head lightly as tears roll down his cheeks.
  142. “No more “Master”. You can call me “Daddy”, little one. I’ll be your human Daddy. That's what you want, isn't it?”
  143. > Instantly, she lunges forward and wraps her hooves around his neck, crying hard and rubbing her face into his cheek as she calls him by his new name.
  144. > “Yes, Daddy! Master is my Daddy! My human Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you! Thank you, Daddy… Thank you…”
  145. > Master, no, Daddy, hugs the little filly and kisses her on the neck, sniffing softly before he closes his eyes and mutters to her.
  146. “No… Thank you… And I love you too, little one.”
  147. > He picks up her teddy bear and presses it into her side. The filly turns to look at the toy, and sitting back on his knees, the pony wraps a hoof around the plush and mumbles her thanks.
  148. > Looking down at the bear, the man smiles at it before he moves his eyes to meet hers.
  149. “I think Mr Stuffy needs a friend. What do you think, Cloudy? Shall we head out for some food, then to the store? I think I saw a large cat plushie the other day, and he is really fluffy and cute.”
  150. > “R-really?! C-can we, Daddy? Please? Please, Daddy! Can we?”
  151. > He ruffles her mane and grins at her, nodding as he does so. The man knows he is probably already spoiling her, but he puts that thought aside.
  152. “Go use the bathroom first, little one, and get ready. We’ll leave in ten minutes, okay?”
  153. > Eagerly and with much enthusiasm, the filly nods her head quickly.
  154. > “Yes Daddy!”
  155. > Chuckling softly, Daddy moves both hands to under her chest and lifts her off the bed. He carefully deposits her on the ground, but calls out to the pony as she quickly moves to exit the room.
  156. “Wait, Cloudy.”
  157. > “Yes? Daddy?”
  158. > Walking over to the pony, he gently picks up Mr Stuffy and turns the bear over in his hands, taking a good look at it. Then he gives the plushie a small smile before depositing it on the bed, whispering to her when he moves back and kneels in front of Cloudy Spinel.
  159. “Let’s give Mr Stuffy a surprise. If you bring him along, he will know that he has a new friend to play with straight away now, won’t he? Much better if you bring his friend home quietly.”
  160. > Nodding quickly at his suggestion, the filly smiles warmly and whispers.
  161. > “Okay, Daddy!”
  162. > With that, Cloudy spins around and canters away as she makes her way to the bathroom. Watching her quietly as she takes her leave, Daddy lets out a soft sigh before smiling widely.
  163. “… Thank you for saving my soul, little one… I’ll be a good Daddy for you. I promise.”
  164. ---- Fin ----
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