something something rapey waifu short

May 24th, 2018
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  1. >>She doesn't fucking love you mate. She's displaying her dominance over you
  2. >>But she still chose me, Anon
  3. >>She didn't pick anyone else, it wasn't just me at random, it was me she wanted
  4. >>Or why would she have picked the human? You know, that weird tall alien that's certainly twice as big and as strong as any stallion she knows
  5. >>The one she doesn't even know if her medication would work on
  8. >she wanted to take you down
  9. >she's been watching you for so long
  10. >even talking to you every now and then
  11. >you might have even called her your friend if someone asked you
  12. >but there was always something special about that mare
  13. >ponies were always happy and smiling wherever you looked, but she was different
  14. >of course you'd grown used to ponies staring at you by now, but the way she stared was different
  15. >there was something in there, some sort of intensity radiating off her pupils whenever your eyes would meet
  16. >and they would meet, a lot, even more so as of late
  17. >and each and every time, you would wave your hand at her, and she'd grin
  18. >maybe you were the one different after all
  19. >maybe it was just you
  20. >or maybe it was because it's you
  21. >maybe she's interested in you?
  22. >could she?
  23. >what if?
  24. >you know you're not the same species and it'd be kind of weird and all that, but still
  25. >she still laughs at your jokes and you kind of find yourself searching for her gaze every now and then
  26. >but you couldn't possibly tell her, what if you're reading her wrong? what if she then tells the other ponies about the weird hairless ape asking her out?
  27. >those are the things that would keep you up on those lonely nights
  28. >until now
  29. >the plan was to have yet another lonely night, but things turned out differently, Penka made sure of it, all but abducting you to attend to yet another party of hers
  30. >and it was a good party, and maybe you drank a little too much, but that's not really the important part
  31. >the important part is that she was there
  32. >and she was already looking your way before you even entered the building
  33. >and your eyes had met again, and your heart may have fluttered
  34. >and maybe the cider might've made you tell her some things, things you didn't really plan on telling her
  35. >but it still felt good to tell her, to tell her how cute she is or how glad you were that she was there so you wouldn't spend the night all alone
  37. >and she might've teased your drunk ass on your poor choice of words
  38. >"The whole night, hmm?~"
  39. >you were smashed, but not nearly enough to not realize what had just happened
  40. "N-no, I mean, the evening, the party, you know?"
  41. >she didn't respond, she simply smirked and offered you yet another cup
  42. >maybe you should've declined it
  44. >because before you even realized what had happened, you were thrown off onto something soft
  45. >you blink several times, trying to rid your eyes from your daze and letting them fleet left and right to try and assess your current situation
  46. >but movements from the shadows catch your attention
  47. "Who--WHuUu?!"
  48. >you yelped as the form leapt unto you, its momentum more than enough to pin you back down on what you think is a sofa
  49. >"Shut up!"
  50. >you obeyed, still unsure of what's happening, and simply watched as it, she, found her place on top of you, sitting down and pushing what little air you had left out of you
  51. >and the both of you stayed still for a moment
  52. >your mind was racing, maybe even faster than your heart, you felt everything from confusion to fear, you could even feel the sweat starting to build up on the back of your neck
  53. >up until the point you realized it was her
  54. >her heart was beating a mile a minute too, you could deduct as much from the way her chest was heaving and how hard and heavy her breaths were
  55. >and your eyes met
  56. >your breath caught in your throat as you tried to croak out her name, but you found her hoof blocking your lips from trying a second time
  57. >"I told you to shut up!"
  58. >the fear that had left when you realized it was her came back just as fast
  59. >what's happening?
  60. >what is she doing?
  61. >why?
  62. >"Y-you shouldn't be awake! Something went wrong... yes! That's it! It's a dream! This is all a dream!"
  63. >that doesn't make any sense
  64. "What are you talking about--"
  65. >"Shut up! It's your fault!"
  66. "What did I do--"
  67. >"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"
  68. >what happened to her?
  69. >"I don't care, I'm not stopping now, you're mine, whether you want it or not!"
  71. >'mine'?
  72. "Wait, can't we talk--"
  73. >"NO! Enough talking! We talk all the time! Always telling me how cute you think I am and p-petting my mane and scratching my ears! That's enough!"
  74. "But I--"
  75. >"Do you have any idea how I feel?! You're always teasing me! And then you go and tease other mares! Don't you realize how much it hurts me?!"
  76. >the first tear crashed down onto your cheek
  77. >what have you done?
  78. >did you really fuck up?
  79. >but even if you don't, you can't just let her cry like that
  80. >so your hands unconsciously reach up to try and help
  81. "I didn't know--"
  82. >only for her hooves to shoot faster than lightning and stopping your limbs in their tracks, before pushing them back up and pinning them onto the sofa's armrests
  83. >you try and resist, but find it impossible
  84. >no matter how much you try, you feel this paralyzing numbness still throughout your body, something that doesn't come from apple cider
  85. >it doesn't take her long to realize what's happening, and the smirk you saw a million times before appears on her face
  86. >"You think you can do whatever the hell you want because you're so big and so strong, huh?! Well, tough luck! I'm the strong one now, and I'll be the one doing all the teasing!"
  87. >even through the numbness, you feel her tail whipping down and finding its place against your crotch
  88. >"Oh yeah, I'm going to tease you plenty, so much you'll never ever think of teasing another mare ever again,"
  89. "W-wait, we really should--Mmph?!"
  90. >your eyes fly wide open as her lips crash onto yours
  91. >you're so surprised you barely have the time to appreciate the softness of her lips
  92. >she's so close
  93. >so soft
  94. >so warm
  95. >her heart is beating even faster than yours, you can feel it
  96. >maybe getting raped isn't so bad after all
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