Squiggums' 69-Step Oblivion Guide Extravaganza

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  1. Welcome to Squiggums' 69-Step Oblivion Guide Extravaganza!
  3. Created October 12th, 2015 - Last updated February 28th, 2019.
  5. I now have a Skyrim modding guide! See : for more information.
  7. I have begun the process of making an entirely new Oblivion guide, as well as moving to Wikidot to continue to host my guides. Please visit
  11. No frills, no nonsense, no bullshit.
  12. I originally made this for myself; however I've decided to share it with others who want to enjoy Oblivion, which is my personal favourite TES game. The main goals with all the mods here were to fix the commonly-addressed flaws in the base/vanilla game, to fix any outstanding bugs, to add seamless immersion and flawless graphics, and (more importantly) to add hours upon hours of new gameplay and extra content. Did I mention that all of this has been done while maintaining lore-friendliness and stability as much as possible, along with ensuring every mod on the list remains conflict-free?
  13. Because I originally made the guide for myself, there may or may not be a few mods you choose to omit or add on, depending on your tastes. That's fine, but make sure you know what you're doing if you choose to replace a mod with another that's not on the list or try to install a new one that's not on the list as well.
  15. This document will provide you with installation order instructions for each mod, as well as special specific notes and comments for mods that need them. It's mostly for modding beginners, and the steps are to easily guide you through it.
  16. ***** Yes, everything is in order for a reason. Install order especially matters in Oblivion compared to Skyrim - don't stray from the list unless you know what you're doing, and always overwrite files when installing in order unless otherwise mentioned. Be sure to read over the larger Notes section at the bottom as well. As a tip, when installing in order you are always meant to overwrite/merge files as you go. *****
  18. No extra alternatives or other recommendations from me other than the one or two that you'll see. I went through hundreds of Nexus pages and old outdated guides trying to find the best mods, and I settled on what you see here. If it's not on the list, I don't use it for obvious reasons.
  20. This guide is also hosted on and, thanks to both of them for more exposure to this! You can check out their Oblivion guide pages as well if you're looking for any alternative recommendations to my mods, just make sure you know what you're doing because this is the only guide I know of with more detailed installation instructions.
  22. To start off, I recommend to copy+paste all of this into a new text document and write 'DONE -' at the start of each step like a checklist so you don't get confused, like this : "DONE - 15. Install QZ Easy Menus".
  24. To be used with all the mods/utilities listed from my other pastebin link, download them all first before following the guide of course. They aren't just Nexus links either, read through this CAREFULLY :
  26. As a disclaimer, the fully modded setup at the end will require a decent mid-high range PC for the game. Many of the mods have options to tweak performance in case you fall under the recommended specs.
  27. My PC is 5 years old, and runs the fully modded setup quite well at usually a solid 50fps. The specs are: Win7 64-bit, i5 3570 @ 3.4GHz, 8GB RAM, and a single GTX 760. I also have the game and mods installed on an SSD instead of an HDD for better loading times, they're always lightning-fast and take about 5 seconds at the most. Speaking of storage devices, the fully modded game takes up ~25GB of space (not including essential backups) so make sure you have room.
  28. I also cannot vouch for the game's performance/how well mods will work on different operating systems other than Win7 64-bit, sorry.
  31. Let's get started, shall we?
  34. =====*****=====
  37. 0. Install Oblivion - Basically use the Steam version (it's rather cheap + infrequently goes on sale) or find a torrent of your choice (the one I found with all DLC was called Oblivion GOTY Deluxe Edition, uploaded by codelancelot on TPB), I cannot link one here for various reasons.
  38. Make sure your Oblivion comes with Shivering Isles and all the official plug-ins, but only use the Vile Lair/Deepscorn Hollow, Orrery, Knights of the Nine, Mehrune's Razor, and Spell Tomes, start the game to make sure it runs/generates an .ini file. Backup this entire unmodded installation (the Oblivion folder containing your Data/etc folders) just in case, along with the document files folder (the Oblivion folder found in My Documents/My Games/Oblivion).
  40. 1. Install OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender) - does what it says on the tin, required for many good mods.
  42. 2. Install BOSS (Better Oblivion Sorting Software) - If you somehow don't know, this tool automatically sorts your load order (which determines which mods the game loads in order when it's launched), and if there's a conflict then the game will always crash upon startup. So BOSS fixes that. Hurrah!
  44. 3. Install Wrye Bash - For BAIN installations, Bashed Patches, and almost every other mod unless noted otherwise. Simply drop an archived .zip/rar/etc into your Oblivion Mods/Bash Installers folder, click on the Installers tab within the Wrye Bash program, and right-click Install the archive.
  45. NOTE that if you already have WB installed for Skyrim, when launching its installer for Oblivion MAKE SURE to untick the box that says it'll install for Skyrim too or else you'll overwrite files that are already there. And of course navigate the installer to the directory where you installed Oblivion at.
  46. Some mods ask you questions through a Wizard installation, if a mod has the Wizard option when you right-click it, make sure to select that instead - this is known as a BAIN installation. BAIN installation options are fully up to you. ***** In any mod page's downloads section, ALWAYS go for the downloads labeled 'BAIN' in order to properly install them via Wizard. NEVER use the 'Download with Manager' button, always place the downloaded archives in the 'WhereveryouinstalledWB/Oblivion Mods/Bash Installers' folder manually. *****
  47. The thing that Bashed Patches do exactly is combine all your various mod edits that make changes to the game's leveled lists (lists that the game uses to determine what enemies spawn, what items are found in loot, and so on) to make sure everything works well together. By default, one mod that changes leveled lists will overwrite the other depending on your load order, and so you won't see changes from both mods unless you use a Bashed Patch. Many MANY mods change leveled lists, so for a tl;dr: just be grateful that Wrye Bash exists.
  48. To use a Bashed Patch: You'll notice a new mod called Bashed Patch at the bottom of your load order now within WB's Mods tab. Right-click on it and then select Rebuild Patch, and a new window will open. Make sure on the left-hand side of the window that "Leveled Lists" is checked off if it isn't already - do NOT touch anything else if you don't know what you're doing. Then select the Build Patch button and wait for it to finish. You've done it! Don't forget to enable the .esp of course.
  50. 4. Install OBMM (Oblivion Mod Manager) - For .OMOD installations. With OBMM, click on the 'Create' button, click 'Add archive' and select the .zip you'll be making into an .omod, select 'Yes' if it asks you to import omod conversion data, and click 'Create omod'. Activate the mod when it's finished decompressing and it will usually ask you further questions you may answer accordingly. OMOD installation options are fully up to you.
  51. ***** Unless a mod also has a BAIN installation option, go for downloads labeled 'OMOD'. NEVER use the 'Download with Manager' button, always place the downloaded archives manually. *****
  53. 5. Install TES4Edit - For cleaning dirty mods, we'll do this at the end. Can also be used to tweak your game/mods extensively if you're into that, but this is not recommended for most people. Dirty edits are named as such because they are unnecessary changes accidentally made by modders and can clutter up or even catastrophically damage the game if they aren't taken care of. You'll be made aware of which mods are dirty and which ones are clean whenever you run BOSS. See the end for more info. NOTE that you are to NEVER clean a mod if the mod author says not to on their mod page, even if there are dirty edits discovered by BOSS. The reason being is that some mods intentionally make dirty edits in order to function properly, so be careful what you clean.
  55. 6. Download the 4GB Patch - apply it to the OBSE_Loader.exe, Oblivion.exe, and OblivionLauncher.exe (The 4GB Patcher allows the game to allocate more than the default amount of RAM, and will improve performance+prevent crashing.)
  57. 7. Let's recap: Use the obse_loader.exe to launch the game from now on. Start the game to make sure that it runs.
  59. Yes, I know it seems tedious to run the programs and launch the game each time you install a mod, but this is ESSENTIAL for figuring out any issues and you can get to the root of the problem immediately this way. Imagine installing everything at once without checking if the game works fine, one mod broke your setup but you don't know which one did it, then you have to start all over again. For mods with a lot of installation parts per each step of the guide (for example, step 49 or step 11), it's acceptable to wait until that entire step is complete to see if the game runs then.
  61. 8. Install the Unofficial Oblivion Patch - remember, use Wrye Bash if there's no specific note on what to install a mod with
  63. 9. Install the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
  65. 10. Install the Unofficial Official DLCs Patches (Vile Lair, Orrery, KotN, Mehrune's Razor, Spell Tomes) - delete the patch .esps for DLCs that aren't installed or you'll CTD when you launch the game
  67. 11. Install the following OBSE Plugins (manual, move them to the Data/obse/plugins folder):
  68. - Oblivion Stutter Remover - open its .ini and change bReplaceHeap to 1
  69. - Trifle
  70. - MenuQue
  71. - ConScribe
  72. - Elys Universal Silent Voice
  73. - Elys Skill Uncapper
  74. - Pluggy
  75. - ShadeMe+Starter ini's
  76. - Enhanced Music & Control
  77. - SoundCommands
  79. 12. Install DarkUI'd DarN (via OBMM)
  81. 13. Install DarNifiedUI Config Addon
  83. 14. Install Atmospheric DarkUI Loading Screens (via OBMM)
  85. 15. Install QZ Easy Menus
  87. 16. Install Coloured Enemy Health, then Expanded Greetings (both manual)
  89. 17. Install Dialog TweaksFixesAndRestorations
  91. 18. Install Really Textured Normal Maps (all three parts)
  93. 19. Install Qarl's Texture Pack 3, then the fix from the Unofficial Oblivion Patch modpage
  95. 22. Install Bomret's Shivering Isles Texture Pack
  97. 21. Install Unique Landscapes Compilation
  99. 22. Install Open Cities Reborn - OCR may be a hit or miss for most people but i will never recommend Better Cities. if you don't like OCR, simply use the normal Open Cities instead and find the correct patches for OC rather than OCR. not recommended if you're a beginner, stick with OCR if you're unsure
  101. 23. Install Let The People Drink
  103. 24. Install Kvatch Rebuilt
  105. 25. Install Patches for current mods:
  106. - Open Cities for KotN
  107. - Open Cities for Kvatch Rebuilt
  108. - Open Cities for Unique Landscapes
  109. - Unique Landscapes for Kvatch Rebuilt
  111. 26. Install Detailed Terrain (via OBMM), Beta2 first, then SI pack, then UL pack, then ShaderPatch. Overwrite all files as you install
  113. 27. Install Enhanced Vegetation (via OBMM), then Plugins (110% size), then Darker Trunks (Wrye for Darker Trunks)
  115. 28. Instally LowPoly Grass (manual)
  117. 29. Install Dark Green Glass Armour
  119. 30. Install Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer (manual) - this can be rather inconsequential for most people but i hate the default oblivion ebony weapons - skip this if you're fine with them
  121. 31. Install AwesomeSauce Reflection Maps (manual)
  123. 32. Install Main Menu Video Replacement Scenery (manual) - again another rather inconsequential mod but i quite enjoy it, skip it if you wish
  125. 33. Install Oblivion Reloaded, then install the Custom Shader Settings + OR ini (manual, let files overwrite)
  127. 34. Install Night Eye Shader Replacement (Edge Detection, via OBMM)
  129. 35. Install Weather-All Natural
  131. 36. Install Immersive Interiors + ii4Bravil&Leyawiin - there has now been an Immersive Interiors release for the Imperial City, see the Notes section for more info
  133. 37. Install HGEyeCandy Body (via OBMM), then HiRes HGEC Textures (via its InstallTool.exe), then HGEC NudeBeastFix Textures (manual) - the NudeBeastFix textures are pretty optional but they may be useful if you're a sick fuck who uses nude HGEC options and want the beast races to have realistic nudity as well, it's up to you. make sure whichever options you pick (cup size, underwear, etc) get matched up with the other HGEC mods down below as well
  135. 38. Install EVE HGEC Conversions
  137. 39. Install Robert's Male Body
  139. 40. Install Oblivion Character Overhaul v1, then HGEC OCO textures / Robert's OCO textures (manual for Robert's OCO textures)
  141. 41. Install Oblivion Stereo Sound Overhaul (manual)
  143. 42. Install Better Music System, then the Shivering Isles version, then the hotfix (hotfix is manual), then install the Custom Music folder + tweaked BMS ini (manual, let files overwrite) - if you want to add some tracks yourself, just remember that they have to be .mp3 files and that you need to remove any album art, artist tags, etc from the file or else it may screw up some things when it plays in-game
  145. 43. Install Put It In Its Place-Enhanced Grabbing (via OBMM) - all you need are the default Enhanced Grabbing features, the rest are unnecessary so disable them in the .ini
  147. 44. Install Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary - another bit of an inconsequential mod, but i really like it. feel free to drop it if you like
  149. 45. Install Better Dungeons (manual)
  151. 46. Install Chorrol Arborwatch Basement Addon (manual) - this is my house mod of choice, you may use whatever else you like as long as there are patches for it if need be and it's well-rated on the nexus. this is also the only other time i'd recommend finding an alternative on this guide as preferable house mods are different for everybody. a good recommendation from me would be the same author's overhaul to Skingrad's Rosethorn Hall home if you prefer it over Arborwatch. it's also possible to entirely forgo needing a specific house mod at all, as many of the other mods of the guide already come with their own player homes (for example, Knights of the Nine Revelation)
  153. 47. Install Alternate Start Arrive By Ship (manual)
  155. 48. Install Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul v136 (manual)
  157. 49. Install the OOO Equipment Addon, then Patch 1.11, then Patch 1.21, then EVE HGEC for OOO (manual for EVE HGEC, let EVE overwrite files)
  159. 50. Install Patches for OOO:
  160. - Unique Landscapes OOO Patches (manual)
  161. - Open Cities Reborn OOO Patch (manual)
  162. - EVE HGEC Conversions for OOO
  164. 51. Install Supreme Magicka (via OBMM)
  166. 52. Install Vanilla Combat Enhanced + Archery Rebalance (manual)
  168. 53. Install More Effective Enchantments (via OBMM) and Useful Orrery Buffs (manual)
  170. 54. Install Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul (via OBMM)
  172. 55. Install A Brotherhood Renewed
  174. 56. Install Mannimarco Revisited (manual), then the OOO esp (manual) then overwrite the main esp with the update esp (manual) - a BOSS oversight places both esps in the wrong spot in the load order, breaking Mannimarco's appearance, stats and behavior once you face him. see the notes section for more information along with a solution
  176. 57. Install Medieval Oblivion Balance System-MOBS AKA OMOBS, with DLC tweaks too
  178. 58. Install Fighter's Guild Quests, then Mage's Guild Quests, then Guild Advancement, then xULsnowdale Fighter's Guild Quests Patch (manual for the patch)
  180. 59. Install MOBSification of MODS (for Fighter's Guild Quests, Mage's Guild Quests, and Kvatch Rebuilt. via Bashed Patch merge)
  182. 60. Install Realistic Leveling (via OBMM)
  184. 61. Install TES4LL, run tes4ll_midres_bat, then tes4ll_normalmaps.bat, then tes4ll_qlod.bat
  186. 62. Install TES4LODGEN/run tes4lodgen.exe, then install RAEVWD + QTP3/Bomret texture pack versions for it, rerun tes4lodgen.exe - VERY IMPORTANT to not enable every RAEVWD setting as it will explode your computer, be modest. go lower in setting detail if you're unsure
  188. 63. Install Animated Window Lighting System-AWLS
  190. 64. Install Dynamic Map (via OBMM)
  192. 65. Install Map Marker Overhaul (via OBMM) - i enjoy making up rules to restrict fast travel during gameplay, inns/camps/player homes are the only areas i'm allowed to fast travel to. using the mod, by right-clicking any map icon then you can add and create a custom [Fast Travel] tag to these locations like i have
  194. 66. Install OOO Shivering Isles (manual, use the Map Marker Overhaul and Sheogorath Regalia Unreplacer subpackages alongside the main esp)
  196. 67. Install Knights of the Nine Revelation, then KotNR Ayleid Armor HGEC Replacer Package (both manual) - i use HGEC C-cups, use the corresponding options for whichever HGEC cups you picked earlier
  198. 68. Use TES4Edit to clean every Dirty mod that BOSS points out (for me it was just 4 of the DLCs)
  200. 69. Tweak the Bashed Patch and Oblivion.ini (gameplay edits, no startup movies, no border regions, slightly zoomed out chat camera, etc). Tweak all the .inis for mods that have extensive ones (MOO, Supreme Magicka, etc) as you see fit, unless they're my personal ones you get on the download page for this guide as those are probably needed to make things function properly.
  203. =====*****=====
  206. Enjoy Oblivion! Make another backup separate from the first one if you'd like to add or remove anything and/or tweak things in the future, just in case. Remember that you can pack your backups into .zip/rar files to compress the filesizes down.
  208. A list of my full load order for comparison may be found here :
  210. CONTACT:
  211. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/want to report a dead link/run into a bug/etc, you may find my Nexus account here : - feel free to shoot me a PM if you'd like to talk about anything at all, even just to discuss the game itself. I've played a lot with all these mods so if you're ever stuck on a modded (or even vanilla) quest, want to know where a cool item is, and so on, don't be shy.
  213. TO DO:
  214. - Nothing else at the moment! I'm always open to any suggestions though.
  216. REQUESTS:
  217. - I am looking for a mod that lets me delete spells easily and with no extra fluff that'll corrupt my save. I know a lot of spell deletion mods exist on the nexus but I don't really have time to try all of them. I can always delete spells from my saves via Wrye Bash in the meantime.
  218. - I am looking for a mod that expands my available hotkeys easily. I know a lot of hotkey expansion mods exist on the nexus but I don't really have time to try all of them. No extra fluff that'll corrupt my game either please.
  220. NOTES: (Sorry for the walls of text but it's essential that you read this)
  221. - It's come to my attention that you may have to make/use different Oblivion Reloaded .inis from my own, as I'm still using an older version and they do not work with the newer versions. You may either simply edit the .inis yourself or find some highly-rated presets for the more current versions of Oblivion Reloaded on the Nexus. Otherwise, simply download the older 3.0 version of Oblivion Reloaded and my .inis will work, you aren't missing out on much from the newer versions considering I've been playing like this for 17+ months now with not much trouble.
  223. - Two minor known Oblivion Reloaded bugs (at least with my OR version) are: 1) Water effects will get choppy/laggy the longer your computer has been on and the more junk your VRAM gets filled with, this is fixed by rebooting your computer every so often (and you should be doing that anyway). 2) Grass will occasionally become gigantic and cloud up the screen for whatever reason, this is fixed by using the 'tg' console command to toggle the grass off, then use it again to toggle it back on. If the command doesn't work, simply try it after entering an interior cell instead and/or just save+quit within an interior cell to fix it for sure. It sucks that these bugs exist and I've learned to live with them, no game or mod is perfect, but if you're that annoyed by them you could get the newest version of OR to try and fix the bugs - at the expense of having to get different .inis from my own or making them yourself, be cautious.
  225. - I ran into a troubling bug with Shivering Isles music, but I fixed it by using the Power of Music spell added by BetterMusicSystem and setting the music for "Realm of Sheogorath" to the default Explore playlist, otherwise every other cell in the Isles bugs out and will only play what you selected for the entire Realm instead of normal Dungeon/Public/etc music in those respective locations. Using the spell anywhere in the Shivering Isles should work and give you the right prompt if you've ran into this yourself. Also related to BetterMusicSystem, it may be just me but my custom playlist for Oblivion Realms was not working by default. Easily fixed by the Power of Music but I figured I'd mention it here.
  227. - Oblivion is still a Bethesda game. Save very often, at least every 10 minutes, to avoid too much progress lost when unpredictable crashes occur. Make 5 manual hardsaves (do NOT ever use the autosave or quicksave functions, disable the autosave on waiting/loading/traveling too - they WILL break your saves eventually) and simply overwrite them as you go in ~10 minute intervals and just about every time you're about to go through a loading door to ensure the most efficiency and stability. It may seem tedious but TRUST ME it's worth it, don't be like me and get too lazy to save or else Crash-Karma(tm) will strike you JUST before you were going to save after 2 hours of decorating your house, instead you can load back one of your rotated hardsaves and only lose about 5 minutes of progress should a crash ever occur.
  229. - Also, whenever you die DO NOT immediately load back into your last saved game. You must either quit the game or quit to the main menu and then load from there. Your saves will eventually corrupt otherwise and crash when loaded after death, near-guaranteed. Thanks Bethesda.
  231. - Always always ALWAYS fully read over the mod readmes, inis, etc! You may miss special steps that may need to be taken during the installation process just in case I missed any!
  233. - Before you ask, no, I will not make a modpack out of what's listed in the guide and I do not endorse anybody that does. Modpacks are garbage for several reasons, mostly because they become outdated almost instantly after they're made and because they don't work for everybody that uses them. Again, I must stress that it's worth it to learn how to mod on your own. And don't give me any attitude for this either, if you're too lazy to mod things yourself then you don't deserve to enjoy Oblivion.
  235. - There has now been an Immersive Interiors release for the Imperial City in an early beta stage. I haven't tested it, however it should work fine considering that none of the other mods touch the IC much. Install it just after the other II modules if you'd like to try it out.
  237. - Personally, I play on the medium/50% difficulty setting and have tweaked most of all possible .inis (Maskar's, Vanilla Combat Enhanced, Supreme Magicka, etc) on the side of major difficulty and challenge, but that's up to you. Just don't complain that enemies are all damage sponges when you haven't done anything to change that. You can find a MEGA link to these .inis on the Downloads page.
  239. - Remember that your OR screenshot button is F11, by default. Your screenshots will be saved in a folder aptly labeled Screenshots in your Oblivion directory. Don't worry about filesizes either, they're stored as very small (~300KB) lossless .jpg files, so go nuts with in-game photography to your heart's content! Also note that the OR screenshot function does NOT allow any HUD elements to appear in the picture for maximum aesthetics. If you ever want to take a screenshot of a character's dialogue or of an item in your inventory and so on, use the vanilla screenshot function instead, which is the Print Screen button by default.
  241. - Don't panic if this happens, but around ~150-200 hours into a savegame you are guaranteed to encounter the infamous "ABomb" bug: wherein nearly every single object animation in the game, from doors opening to the sprite of a fireball fading away after hitting something, will be slowed down significantly and take a rather long time (up to five minutes!) to complete. For doors in particular, this obviously messes up the game more than just visually. Thankfully, this formerly save-ending bug has a built-in fix in Wrye Bash - simply go to the Saves tab within the program, right-click on your most recent save from when you last quit the game, and choose the Repair Abomb option. Ta-da! You'll probably have to do this again if you play for another ~175 hours on top of that, like I have. Bravo Gamebryo!
  243. - My custom music folder includes many new music tracks, including ones from popular video games, anime, etc. They're all very immersive and fit in the game perfectly (in my opinion), but you're free to go through and further customize the tracks yourself - that's the glory of BetterMusicSystem. And don't worry, the vanilla game tracks are still there AND they've been copy+pasted many times over to ensure they play slightly more frequently than the new tracks. Examples of where the new music is from are Morrowind, Daggerfall, Skyrim, Berserk, Susumu Hirasawa, Dark Souls 3, Skyrim's Fantasy Music Overhaul mod, the Celestial Aeon Project, and many, MANY more. Full credit to all the amazing artists! Don't sue pls. If you want to add some tracks yourself, just remember that they have to be .mp3 files and that you need to remove any album art, artist tags, etc from the file or else it may screw up some things when it plays in-game.
  245. - I ran into a spell effect bug from an amulet named "Spider Web" from the OOO Equipment Addon (I picked it up in Wendelbek). It has a bugged script attached to it that applied a permanent -54 debuff to my Speed stat even when it was out of my inventory; however after some TES4edit tinkering I found out I could easily fix this by using the console command 'player.removespell 2800cd07'. The '28' may or may not be different for you depending on how closely you followed the guide, open up Wrye Bash and check the load order number for the OOO Equipment Addon .esp to see if the number is different from 28 before you try the command. Wearing the amulet and having its effect applied to enemies breaks them as well, since draining their Speed breaks their combat AI and they'll stop fighting back. Just sell it or get rid of it rather than using it if you come across it.
  247. - From the initial release of the guide, I have since added OOO Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine - Revelation. They're both absolutely fantastic and add just enough to the game that they aren't overbearing, yet still very fun. I highly encourage those who followed the guide early without those mods to add them to their games as soon as possible. I ran into no issues installing KotNR during an existing savegame (aside from its new music not playing along nicely with BetterMusicSystem, but there are only like 3 new tracks and you can move them to the default playlist folders to ensure you don't miss out on them anyway), but I installed OOOSI before entering the Shivering Isles at all, so I am not 100% confident that it'll install smoothly and I am NOT responsible if things screw up if you've already entered the Shivering Isles before installing the mod - always have backups on hand for these types of situations. You also may be wondering why the guide still has only 69 steps even after adding two mods without removing any. You should not ask so many questions.
  249. - A BOSS oversight had incorrectly placed both Mannimarco Revisited .esps in the wrong place in my load order (way before Oblivion Character Overhaul instead of after it), causing lots of errors with Mannimarco's encounter. The mod adds a scripted paralysis spell that he casts on you to disable your controls and then speak to you, but he was getting hit by his own spell which caused a softlock without using console commands. Even attempting some console jiggery pokery to put him out of the spell's radius doesn't progress with his intended script, and if you fight him anyway he doesn't have his updated stats, face, voice, etc and is quite easy and lame like in the vanilla game. The fix for this issue was to manually place both the 'MannimarcoRevisted.esp' and 'MannimarcoRevisitedOOO.esp' after 'Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp', and then to rebuild the Bashed Patch to make everything work as normal. You can manually change around your load order in Wrye Bash by clicking and dragging what you want to where you want it. Note that you should do this manual fix AFTER you've completed the entire guide, as repeated launches of BOSS will undo any manual load order changes you've made.
  251. - I chose the Vile Lair/Deepscorn Hollow over the other official DLC player homes because it adds the most meaningful amount of content, in my opinion: Rowley Eardwulf has the most convenient location of the other DLC merchants (the Wawnet Inn) and the most available gold out of anyone (3,500 at max Speechcraft) the last time I checked. Deepscorn Hollow itself, aside from a few unique items, also allows you to conveniently cure yourself of vampirism, has an altar dedicated to players with a high Infamy stat that grants useful blessings, and includes a Cattle prisoner who is incredibly useful for leveling up your skills on since he's immortal. I don't even use the Lair as a player home because of its very remote location, there are just many very useful benefits to this DLC as I've mentioned. No matter what you prefer, don't ever install EVERY bit of the official minor DLCs - especially that useless horse armor junk, it's a waste of .esp slots.
  253. - Remember to not EVER use Nexus Mod Manager, it's horrible. I would also not recommend Mod Organizer with Oblivion if you're unfamiliar with it, just stick with WB and OBMM as your mod managers.
  255. Have fun!
  258. /v/scape is a free 2007-based Runescape private server that's fun. If you like Runescape, see more info here: and I'm Randy Marsh ingame if you wanna talk to me there, I also run the wiki for it.
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