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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 203: All Roads Lead... (Part 5)

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  1. [2016-11-23 13:26:14] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-11-23 13:26:21] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8
  3. [2016-11-23 13:26:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebF6Fqhq1P4
  4. [2016-11-23 13:26:32] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_7RYu5WJSk
  5. [2016-11-23 13:26:38] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI
  6. [2016-11-23 13:26:43] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  7. [2016-11-23 13:26:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LETrhOP90p4
  8. [2016-11-23 13:26:55] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW5n3k2VgZE&feature=youtu.be&t=55s
  9. [2016-11-23 13:27:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SSUQxGjZZ4
  10. [2016-11-23 13:27:05] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BigolJfoANw
  11. [2016-11-23 13:27:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2aHcANs4GE
  12. [2016-11-23 13:27:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzLT6_TQmq8
  13. [2016-11-23 13:27:21] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02q8kPJn_e4
  14. [2016-11-23 13:27:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fus5O8SxUoo
  15. [2016-11-23 13:27:30] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  16. [2016-11-23 13:27:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The shaman steps through.  "Step forward," he calls to CopyCat in Jadi.  "We shall see if the shadows hide in you."
  17. [2016-11-23 13:27:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat pulls off her helmet, letting her aquamarine mane cascade down her shoulders and neck. "Ahh, that did it!" She aims a Winning™ smile at the guards... then at the shaman. "Oh-kay!" She steps forward.
  18. [2016-11-23 13:28:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The zebra shaman opens a bag and dips a hoof in it.  When it withdraws it, his hoof is covered in a thick yellow oil.  He reaches up and smears the oil across CopyCat's face.
  19. [2016-11-23 13:28:07] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat begins to glow.  The other zebras gasp.  The shaman steps back, looking grim.  "They are like the others," he says.  "They are not of the Empress, nor of Her Shadow Pony ally.  They are... displaced."
  20. [2016-11-23 13:28:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  21. [2016-11-23 13:28:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed speaks to someone off-mic, then says, "We do have something I can offer, if you have a way of making use of it."
  22. [2016-11-23 13:28:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat pipes up, "Some members of our crew may have alchemy knowledge."
  23. [2016-11-23 13:28:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed explains, "There is an old zebra recipe for a magical body paint.  When painted on a person, the oil will reveal if they are a changeling in disguise."  He adds, "It is how we caught the changeling who intended to replace Fluttershy."
  24. [2016-11-23 13:28:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"We could try to fly some samples to you, but that would take several days.  And the flight through Shattered Hoof Ridge is a hazardous one.  We wouldn't want to lose griffins in the attempt.  It would be easier if we could just send you the recipe and you had someone who could make it on-site."
  25. [2016-11-23 13:28:50] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart lets out a quiet 'hrm'. "We will see what can be arranged. We have had contact with some of the Zebras beyond the border. WIth luck we may be able to get their help producing some. Thank you."
  26. [2016-11-23 13:28:52] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  27. [2016-11-23 13:29:07] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat sends another mental pulse, this time to her friends. [Golden_Dream has discovered a Pegasi turned to ash, seeming in an instant! Whatever did this may still be around, but we haven't seen the cause.] She also sends a mental picture of the body as it crumbles into a pile.
  28. [2016-11-23 13:29:24] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  29. [2016-11-23 13:29:59] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Ripple moves back, allowing Get_Lost a look.  "Well, you know, ash is what's left when everything that can be consumed is consumed in a fire, right?  Well, this is... what's left when everything that can be consumed has been consumed.  Just... not in a fire."
  30. [2016-11-23 13:30:06] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  31. [2016-11-23 13:30:47] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost offers to the scientist "alright, maybe we can work on the only oddity that i found about it, but maybe you already noticed it: the dust seems mostly grey on the magical field scale.... that is, under the average level of the environment... it looks drained."
  32. [2016-11-23 13:31:00] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost continues "you know, a little like... the victim was drained somehow of any vital essence and crumbled to dust after that, or... it was some sort of simulacra that ran out of energy and collapsed..."
  33. [2016-11-23 13:31:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  34. [2016-11-23 13:31:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright's hurry takes him to the door that a moment ago two familiar soldiers were knocking on.  Now those soldiers are inside.
  35. [2016-11-23 13:31:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright has Pew-Pew drawn, but lowered. "Hey, what's going on?"
  36. [2016-11-23 13:31:47] <Mare-Do-Well> 3On one of the beds is most of the form of the pegasus mare who they have been looking for.  But the sculpted ash of her form is rapidly collapsing, much having already spilled onto the floor at the shocked soldiers' hooves.
  37. [2016-11-23 13:32:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  38. [2016-11-23 13:32:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The sky-tanks maneuver to provide escort.  The new vehicle appears to be a heavily armed and armored Equestrian passenger bus.  It is painted in yellow and black stripes, and is adorned with the NCR flag.  The bus is pulled through the air by a pair of griffins.
  39. [2016-11-23 13:32:51] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden_Dream watches the Enclave surround the bus as it lands.  And watches as several ponies step out while the griffins release themselves from the pull harness.  
  40. [2016-11-23 13:32:58] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden_Dream recognizes Cottonseed on sight.
  41. [2016-11-23 13:33:00] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  42. [2016-11-23 13:33:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara and Jugeote race up to the Green Level barracks.  Like the room they just left, most of the barracks are divided into rooms shared by military units or other enlisted assignments.  There are only a few rooms that are private, and they are quite small, albeit spacious in comparison.  They find the one they are looking for at the far back.
  43. [2016-11-23 13:33:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster has his door open.  Primarily because there isn't enough room to field strip and clean his battle saddle's plasma gatlings with the door closed.
  44. [2016-11-23 13:33:22] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  45. [2016-11-23 13:34:05] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Three: All Roads Lead... (Part 5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE0iBDl3NHw
  46. [2016-11-23 13:34:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- Session Begins ---
  47. [2016-11-23 13:39:12] * Golden_Dream does not feel rage. This is something one feels in the same way that the apocalypse was a prime grass removal system. While it technically was rage, the word simply cannot fully explain the sheer deep-seated hatred burning in her heart. This wasn't rage. This was a whole different level.
  48. [2016-11-23 13:44:38] * Golden_Dream hated the slight tinge of comfortable living she's assembled for herself. The ghoul looked clean, pressed. Every errant tuft of hair had been shaved or plucked so that she resembled normal-looking at a distance and a living anachronism up close. She hated that just by the way she walked,
  49. [2016-11-23 13:47:16] <Golden_Dream> stern, no-nonsense, she could tell that this wasn't her idea. She hated that she looked wary and almost bored. She hated the stupid shade of off-white she was. The tufts of graying yellow of her mane reminded her of unhealthy piss. She hated that she looked fed and taken care of.
  50. [2016-11-23 13:48:19] * Golden_Dream hated ever little piece of Cottonseed, from her looks to what she imagined she was like, and everything she represented.
  51. [2016-11-23 13:52:58] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Flanked and lead by Enclave, Cottonseed and her griffin companions are walked into the relocated city of Lunar Rising.
  52. [2016-11-23 13:54:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3[Barracks] The armsmaster looks up at Shatara's and Jugeote's sudden arrival.  "May I help you?" he asks, eyebrows raised.  Clearly, a griffin and a zebra are not the company he would have guessed, much less expected.  "Who are you?"
  53. [2016-11-23 13:56:26] * CopyCat , in the dangerous creatures lab with Get_Lost and Mitzi, huddles on the floor trying to hide under her own hooves from Golden_Dream's emanations of rage.
  54. [2016-11-23 13:56:40] * Golden_Dream immediately slung her shotgun over her side, and began to stomp her way in front of the Enclave escort. And just sits there, her eyes mismatched, wide, unblinking. Trembling a little, because she could not be still.
  55. [2016-11-23 13:58:25] * Noble_Heart watched Golden Dream quietly. She frowned, concerned about what was about to happen, but did nothing to stop the confrontation. At least not just yet.
  56. [2016-11-23 14:01:13] * CopyCat , having run with her friends to the civilian barracks where the pegasus mare's body had been found, huddles on the floor beside the bunks trying to hide under her own hooves from Golden_Dream's emanations of rage.*
  57. [2016-11-23 14:02:06] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The group walk towards Golden_Dream.  Seeing her standing in the path, they shift slightly to divert around the small earth pony.  One of the griffins even gives her a wave.
  58. [2016-11-23 14:04:21] * Get_Lost is staring at the guard that touched the pulverized pone, her visor is changing color every few minutes
  59. [2016-11-23 14:04:50] * Shatara finds himself trying his best not to drool over the exposed fiddlybits of the Armsmaster's weapons. "Hmm? Oh, uhm...She's Jugeote, from the pirate ship Cutlass. I'm err...Shatara. From the super-awesome sky-couriership Rainbo-err, Shadowbolt. He pauses to give his best totally normal social catburd grin. "We, uh...are helping your investigators with a...er...investigation...that
  60. [2016-11-23 14:04:50] * Shatara they wanted an energy weapon expert's opinion on..."
  61. [2016-11-23 14:08:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster raises an eyebrow.  "What investigation?"  Then, "If they want my expertise, why isn't this coming through official channels?"  Then, after a pause, "This is related to the armory lockdown, isn't it?"
  62. [2016-11-23 14:10:06] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost'
  63. [2016-11-23 14:10:17] * Golden_Dream steps a little over to obstruct them yet again. "Friends, I recommend you go find somethin' else to do. Me and Cottonseed need a chat." Her throat had never held this much malice in it before. It poured out in ever word she said.
  64. [2016-11-23 14:10:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost's scans aren't revealing anything unusual.  The guard's heartrate is quickened, but that's understandable in this situation.
  65. [2016-11-23 14:12:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Enclave soldiers turn their gazes on Golden_Dream.  "No can do," one says.  "We have orders to bring the new visitors directly to Major Fog Bank."
  66. [2016-11-23 14:13:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"You might be friends with Tripwire, but you're still a civilian," another reminds her.  "And an outsider at that.  Not even a citizen.  You don't give the orders here."
  67. [2016-11-23 14:15:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed, meanwhile, is looking at Golden_Dream curiously.  With a business-like pleasantness, she says, "I'm sure there will be time to address your business, whatever it may be, after I make my delivery."
  68. [2016-11-23 14:15:07] * Shatara nods. "It is, and er...I don't think Official Channels have gotten past 'get a headcount to deduce the identity of the victim'...We're trying to move faster than the speed of beurocracy here, since we're already up to two mysterious ash piles, and may be working on a third..."
  69. [2016-11-23 14:17:14] * Noble_Heart moves up towards the guards and Golden Dream regarding them seriously. "Then may We at least make a request to be present at this meeting with the Major? Our friend has some important business with the new arrival, and it would be best to ensure it is taken care of with the utmost haste once she is available." She glances towards Cottonseed briefly. It was certainly possible
  70. [2016-11-23 14:17:15] * Noble_Heart that those in the NCR had done this by accident. But right now, this seemed far too convenient. Or at least coincidental.
  71. [2016-11-23 14:17:46] * Golden_Dream grits her teeth. "Do you know th' name 'White Lightnin'?"
  72. [2016-11-23 14:19:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed is quick to answer, "Not off the top of my head.  But I've been around a long time.  I've forgotten more names than I remember."
  73. [2016-11-23 14:19:56] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Enclave next to Cottonseed nudges the ghoul.  "Keep moving.  You two can have your reunion or whatever after you meet with the Major."
  74. [2016-11-23 14:21:10] *nickserv* Sedgewick!Scorch_Mech@Pony-cph.auh.56.172.IP has just authenticated as you (Scorch_Mechanic)
  75. [2016-11-23 14:21:17] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Enclave soldier in the lead looks up at Noble_Heart.  "If it will keep you two from holding things up, be my guest.  The Major can decide whether to kick you out or let you stay when we get there."
  76. [2016-11-23 14:21:46] * Noble_Heart nods her head, gently lowering a wing to help shepherd Golden Dream in the direction of following this group.
  77. [2016-11-23 14:22:41] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster grumbles with a chuckle.  "That I can believe.  Military moves with military efficiency, but bureaucracy moves at the pace of a glacier."
  78. [2016-11-23 14:23:31] * Golden_Dream snaps at Noble's wings. "DON'T TOUCH ME." She wasn't thinking with her head. Every pulse of adrenaline she could muster out of her body was pulsing through at once. Hers was loathing that could radiate through walls.
  79. [2016-11-23 14:23:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster stands up, reassembling his battle saddle deftly.  Then motions to Shatara with a PipBuck-ed foreleg.  "Lead the way."
  80. [2016-11-23 14:26:28] * Shatara nods and makes his way back to the dormatory-of-interest.
  81. [2016-11-23 14:27:11] * Noble_Heart recoiled in mild surprise, followed shortly by irritation. "If you wish to throw away whatever chance there is at a peaceful resolution out of some desire for satisfaction that is unlikely to be worthwhile, We will stand in your way as much as necessary." She snorted in annoyance. "If you wish to not be touched, then you can be carried instead. But We will not stand here
  82. [2016-11-23 14:27:11] * Noble_Heart and watch one of Our closest friends throw away their standing and livelihood over a grudge. No matter how well justified." She reached out with her magic to, gently, attempt to lift Golden Dream from the floor. If the earth pony wasn't going to come willingly, then things might get a little more hostile than one would like.
  83. [2016-11-23 14:32:55] * CopyCat winces and trembles where she lies, Golden_Dream's lash of hostility, especially towards Noble_Heart, making her even more nervous.
  84. [2016-11-23 14:34:36] * Get_Lost keeps up with her monitoring until possible
  85. [2016-11-23 14:35:21] * Golden_Dream just about pulls off a snarl that would do Mitzi proud. She immediately levels out her shotgun... And her hoof can't even get anywhere near the trigger. Not even when she's this bad off would she ever intentionally hurt Noble. "... Fine. But if you ruin my chance of gettin' back at Cottonseed,
  86. [2016-11-23 14:35:58] <Golden_Dream> I will never forgive you. This friendship is over, and I'll figure out m' own way of gettin' at her. You read me?"
  87. [2016-11-23 14:38:20] * Noble_Heart looks, very seriously, at Golden_Dream, not even so much as flinching at the prospect of the gun pointed in her direction. "We understand that that is how you feel. We also understand that living a lifetime with regrets and sorrow over something you did is a terrible way to be. We would wish you spared of such a thing, if it is possible." She carefully lifts Golden Dream
  88. [2016-11-23 14:38:21] * Noble_Heart out of the path of the Enclave soldiers. "I will not stand idly by and watch someone so close to my heart destroy herself out of some desire for revenge. It is not worth it. Especially not like -this-."
  89. [2016-11-23 14:38:26] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed stares at Golden_Dream with an expression of restrained wonder.
  90. [2016-11-23 14:39:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3She is more surprised at Noble_Heart's words.  "I assure you, alicorn, it is."
  91. [2016-11-23 14:39:29] * Mitzi stands outside where Get_Lost is, keeping an eye, and nose, out for anything suspicious.
  92. [2016-11-23 14:40:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed looks at Noble_Heart, studying the alicorn.  "Sparing yourself, I mean."
  93. [2016-11-23 14:43:02] * Noble_Heart gives Cottonseed an equally stoic, though perhaps more than a touch angry compared to the concerned look Golden Dream had gotten, stare. "We are certain there is a means to resolve things in which there are no regrets to be had. Or at least no regrets of consequence." She nodded affirmative as she made space for Cottonseed to proceed down the hall.
  94. [2016-11-23 14:45:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3As the Enclave lead the group into Lunar Rising, Cottonseed comments, "I do mean that.  If you are living with something you regret, or memories that bring you pain, you don't have to.  I could arrange it.  Once this mission is over of course."
  95. [2016-11-23 14:47:16] * Noble_Heart bristles in irritation at that prospect. "We regret many things. There are many pains We have endured which We would wish never visited upon this world again. But that are what make Us who We are. Thus they are valuable, whatever pain they might bring." She follows after the enclave. "To cut them out would be the death of self. An experience We do not wish to repeat."
  96. [2016-11-23 14:51:42] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed shakes her head.  "It's not as bad as you make it sound.  Trust me.  I've gutted my memories at least five times now.  As a ghoul, I've lived several lifetimes.  It would be insane, and self-destructive, for them to all be the same one.  Sometimes, a fresh start is good for the soul."
  97. [2016-11-23 14:54:06] <Mare-Do-Well> 3[Barracks] Shatara returns with Jugeote and the armsmaster in tow.  Mitzi, Get_Lost and CopyCat are there with Bookwright and one of the guards, the other remaining outside.  Together, the room is filled to capacity, not leaving room to maneuver.  This room was barracks for eight, and none had the size of an alicorn, much less a hellhound.
  98. [2016-11-23 14:55:12] * Noble_Heart frowned, following along after Cottonseed without further comment. Though this was a concerning prospect. To say the least.
  99. [2016-11-23 14:56:40] * Get_Lost has enugh data for now, goes checking the pulverized mare. mostly, checks for non-dusty stuf
  100. [2016-11-23 14:58:34] * Shatara eeps as he approaches the crowded cabin. "We, uh, found the pew-pew-pone...make a hole?"
  101. [2016-11-23 15:01:59] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost finds the mare's earring.  She wasn't wearing anything else.  But the earring is intact and unchanged, buried in the "ash" that was her body.
  102. [2016-11-23 15:04:54] * Get_Lost frowns "good news is: this was probably the original mare, not some sort of copy, or a simulacra... bad news? bad news are that this is actually her." sighs and shakes her head a bit "poor soul..."
  103. [2016-11-23 15:06:06] * Get_Lost "moreover, if this thing moves like a contagion, or a parasite.... bad news are that it probably moved on somepony else before the guard touched it. my theory, at least. anypony could be the nextr"
  104. [2016-11-23 15:06:36] * CopyCat attempts to make herself as small as possible to help make room. She does not succeed very well.
  105. [2016-11-23 15:08:26] <Mare-Do-Well> 6>> Attention!  Unknown contact!  <<
  106. [2016-11-23 15:08:49] * Get_Lost sighs deeply "what now!"
  107. [2016-11-23 15:10:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart, Golden_Dream, Cottonseed and the group they are with have just entered Lunar Rising, the door sliding closed behind them, when a brilliant flash illuminates the hallway and throws long shadows down it, the light coming through the portal window on the door.  
  108. [2016-11-23 15:10:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Outside a grouping of shipping containers erupts in flame and partially melts.
  109. [2016-11-23 15:13:31] * Noble_Heart shields her eyes with a wing, peering back in the direction of the door. "That cannot be a good sign."
  110. [2016-11-23 15:15:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 6>> Alert!  Hostile contact!  All enlisted personnel to your stations.  All civilians to safe rooms.  All elderly to the Memorium. <<
  111. [2016-11-23 15:16:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 6>> Alert!  Unknown enemy.  <<
  112. [2016-11-23 15:16:17] * Bookwright "It's been a while since I saw a good... sun... rise. Um"
  113. [2016-11-23 15:16:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Flashing lights and warning klazons ring through Lunar Rising.
  114. [2016-11-23 15:18:25] * Bookwright "What in blazes?!" He sends to Noble_Heart, (what's going on? That was like a sunrise in miniature!)
  115. [2016-11-23 15:20:43] * Get_Lost "oh wonderful, sure, ruin my perfectly controlled observation of the pationt! look if i care!" then to the soldier "if you feel weird, please call immediately, or go to the labs. it could be important"
  116. [2016-11-23 15:24:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The guard, Snowhare, gets a look of utter panic in her eyes, her expression changing.  "No!"  She reaches out, touching Get_Lost.  Get_Lost's scan of Snowhare registers abrupt and catastrophic changes, a nearly instant depletion of ambient magical energy, and a shut down of every vital organ.  
  117. [2016-11-23 15:24:04] * Shatara hovers with his shotgun in his talons. "What's going on? Where should we go?"
  118. [2016-11-23 15:24:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Her body temperature evaporates, Snowhare's corpse instantly becoming room temperature.
  119. [2016-11-23 15:25:58] * Get_Lost gasps for a moment, then stops, thinking for a while "alright. don't touch me."
  120. [2016-11-23 15:26:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3An instant later, Get_Lost's cybernetics suddenly shut down.  She feels an intense weariness overwhelm her.  She feels herself get cold.  She feels sleep overwhelm her... or perhaps unconsciousness.
  121. [2016-11-23 15:26:48] * Get_Lost falls to the ground, blind and unable to move "argh..."
  122. [2016-11-23 15:27:27] * Shatara blinkblinks at the sudden disintegration, turning slowly to the armsmaster. "Soooo, yeah. That's been happening. Any ideas?"
  123. [2016-11-23 15:27:41] * CopyCat jumps to her hooves, the impeding peril of warning klaxons and an unknown enemy alert much less traumatic and worrying for her than feeling her friend's intense anger... and then Snowhare suddenly dies.
  124. [2016-11-23 15:28:04] * Noble_Heart continued to shield her eyes until she was confident she could look at the window without being blinded. <Worse than that. Something outside exploded. Destroyed some containers. Whatever it was, it was extremely bright. And fast.>
  125. [2016-11-23 15:29:06] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mitzi sees a shift, a trick of light and shadow, as Snowhare touches Get_Lost;  Then she sees Snowhare's corpse collapse, drained of life and color, looking withered.  Packed in the room so tightly, Mitzi herself is brushing Get_Lost's tail.  There is another odd flicker of darkness, like Get_Lost's shadow is moving independently of the cybermare...
  126. [2016-11-23 15:30:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Then Mitzi feels an unusual weakness, her body seeming to age several years in an instant, her own consciousness fading rapidly...
  127. [2016-11-23 15:30:46] * CopyCat gasps, leaping over bunks to join Get_Lost beside the corpse with surprising agility... only to find Get_Lost already collapsing. "Get!" Copy yells as she lands (probably half-on a bunk)
  128. [2016-11-23 15:30:48] * Mitzi grunts and stumbles forward. She dgs in her claws to prop herself up. She growls angrily. "Sh-shadows!"
  129. [2016-11-23 15:30:56] <Mitzi> digs*
  130. [2016-11-23 15:32:37] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara and Jugeote had come in last.  Shatara sees Mitzi's shadow shift against the light, overlapping with Jugeote's, the zebra having been brushing against Mitzi when the klazons went off.  Now she steps back, stunned, as the hellhound falls to the floor and cannot get up.
  131. [2016-11-23 15:36:17] * Get_Lost "don't. touch. me"
  132. [2016-11-23 15:36:45] * Get_Lost the mare coughs
  133. [2016-11-23 15:37:45] * Mitzi growls. "Stay away frum shadows." She glances at her own, then attempts to raise her claws towards it. She frowns, suspecting that she would need the 'gift' she had left back on the transport that brought her here for this sort of thing
  134. [2016-11-23 15:39:31] * Get_Lost her breath is weak "call parlay. i need her to reboot my cybernetics.... is everypony okay? did the thing get just me?... i hate not being able to see"
  135. [2016-11-23 15:40:07] * CopyCat hasn't noticed anything about the shadows, her attention is focused on her fallen friend and on the enclave mare's corpse. Mitzi collapsing now behind her in the room leaves her with no more time to worry, all she can try to do is react. Get_Lost's coughed warning gives her a moment's pause, so instead she focuses on the ex-pegasus. As... as she should have been from the start. There wasn't even the possibility of hope for
  136. [2016-11-23 15:40:07] * CopyCat the mare if CopyCat delays.
  137. [2016-11-23 15:40:21] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster clicks the lode in his battle saddle.  "What just happened?!"
  138. [2016-11-23 15:41:37] * Shatara stares wide-eyed, pupils darting between the peculiar shadows, talons trembling against the slide of his shotgun. His eyes lock with Jugeote's for an eternal heartbeat. Suddenly, out of either inspiration or desperation, he raises Blood, aims down at the overlapping shadows, and fires off a shot.
  139. [2016-11-23 15:45:40] * CopyCat closes her eyes and tries to shut out everything else so she can concentrate. Her horn lights up, the tasty mint-green of her magic racing up her horn's spirals in a double helix of light. She channels her will and desire to help through her magic, shaping the spell with her emotion, before bathing the corpse that was Snowhare just moments ago in soothing, sparkling light.
  140. [2016-11-23 15:47:21] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Blood roars, the bullets punching into the floor.  The shadows flick back to their proper positions.
  141. [2016-11-23 15:48:11] * CopyCat doesn't even falter when a shotgun is fired nearby in the small cramped room!
  142. [2016-11-23 15:48:44] * Shatara pumps the slide, spent shell clop-clopping to the ground. Presuming anyone can still hear. "Well, that was interesting..."
  143. [2016-11-23 15:50:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat's magic pours into Snowhare.  The mare's body accepts the spell more easily than CopyCat would have expected.  Almost too much so, the corpse seeming like a black hole, drawing in the life energy that CopyCat is providing.  It is almost too much for her...
  144. [2016-11-23 15:53:30] <Mare-Do-Well> 3... but while the spell is exceptionally exhausting, it is successful.  Snowhare's color returns.  Her breathing normalizes.  Her body repairs, going from a withered husk to a weathered and malnurished but very alive pegasus.
  145. [2016-11-23 15:54:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Snowhare moans in her unconsciousness.
  146. [2016-11-23 15:55:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3[Elsewhere]
  147. [2016-11-23 15:55:16] * Get_Lost groans "i can't see a thing!"
  148. [2016-11-23 15:56:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3A soft buzz is the only noise that alerts Noble_Heart and Golden_Dream that something is coming towards them from deeper in the city.
  149. [2016-11-23 15:57:59] * Golden_Dream glares at Cottonseed, that old fury flared up. "You coward." She stepped up, eyes flickering and twitching. "You /fucking coward/! You hypocrite! You kill my father who tried to make a new start for himself, and now yer' sayin' that you wiped yer' memory for your own? Fuck you!"
  150. [2016-11-23 15:58:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3A moment later, several pegasi swoop silently into the room, navigating the halls and rooms of the Thunderhead with impressive agility.  Noble_Heart and Golden_Dream recognize Major Fog Bank and the lab pony Wind Weaver amongst them.  Also with them is Effigy, the source of the buzz.
  151. [2016-11-23 15:58:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Cottonseed turns to Golden_Dream and is about to respond when the new group arrives.  
  152. [2016-11-23 15:59:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Major Fog Bank lands.  "Considering the circumstances, I thought it best to come to you," he says to Cottonseed and the griffins.  Then, turning to the Enclave, "Report."
  153. [2016-11-23 16:00:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The solders don't have to, however.  Effigy stares out the window at the wreckage and announces, "Now *that* is what wiped out the changeling patrol that was chasing me."
  154. [2016-11-23 16:00:57] <CopyCat> [in the previous scene] CopyCat falls to her knees, the mare's body seeming to drain her magic far more quickly and more intensely than she'd prepared for. Regardless, CopyCat grits her teeth and pours more of her energy into Snowhare. More of her will, more of her hope, more of herself. The ordeal leaves her weak and panting, but her heart soars when it seems like it works. [now back to the action!]
  155. [2016-11-23 16:01:57] * Get_Lost [also, copy'Os! so nommy they bring back dead horses!]
  156. [2016-11-23 16:16:03] * Mitzi looks at CopyCat with a fair amount of awe in spite of her weakness. The abiliti
  157. [2016-11-23 16:16:28] * Get_Lost looks at nothing at all
  158. [2016-11-23 16:16:33] <Mitzi> -ability to save lives like that was one of the things she admired most about ponies, as it was the reason she and her siblings were still alive.
  159. [2016-11-23 16:24:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
  160. [2016-11-23 16:24:38] * Golden_Dream sharply curses. "And if this weren't enough." She cocks her shotgun, then thinking better,
  161. [2016-11-23 16:24:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3+2000 XP
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