AOTW #22 - Christmas Short (kiss/hunnie#0327)

Dec 3rd, 2020
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  1. Holidate Season
  2. by Nie, kiss on Boon
  4. Tuning into the car's radio station, Last Christmas by Wham! was the current track playing. ‘Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away, this year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone --- “WHACK!” It was the 24th of December, a day before Christmas day, when a sudden loud bang came crashing in, a dashing red convertible hit my bumper. Unfortunate as it seems, I couldn’t help but stare. What do you know? A charming vehicle with a charmer of a driver, got out of his car and approached me with a smile. The type of smile where your heart seems to melt, like the hot cocoa your grandparents used to make. “Are you alright?” the unnamed man, delivering the sorrowful words in a warm tone. “Ambrose” as he reached a hand to meet mine, I’d gush a bit as I introduced myself. Ambrose and I engaged in small talk as we both headed to the nearest mechanics shop, he was kind enough to pay for the damages. I took a silly leap of faith and asked if he wanted to join me for Christmas Eve, granted, he took me up with my invitation.
  6. Ah, the joys of family festivities, Christmas cheers, and a whole lot of good food! Expected in an Asian household, the exaggeration of a gathering expecting 100 guests, my relatives prepared “Lechon”, “Lumpia”, and a tray of the sweetest desserts. It wouldn’t be a party without the aunties, equipped with nagging and meddling of your love life. “Do you have a girlfriend na iho?” (iho = young man) as I sat on the dinner table, awkwardly smiling. “No, but I brought someone with me auntie!” I introduce Ambrose to the group. With lots of shady looks and skeptical whispering, I hollered out “he’s just a friend!” The tension in the room let out a sigh of relief. “Joselito Crisostomo Miguel Rosario Jr. when are you gonna bring an actual lady friend? You know your aunties and I are expecting some grandkids!” as my uncle Vicsotto jokingly asked. The room was bright for a bit, while the people in the room let out a laugh. Time moved quickly, the gathering was starting to wrap-up. I said my goodbyes, and wiped-off the slobber from millions of tinted lipstick kisses.
  8. Ambrose and I sat on the cold pavement, waiting for our ride. Freezing, it was bluntly obvious that I felt cold. Ambrose offered his jacket, wrapping it around my shoulders. The scent of him was still strong, even after dinner, “thanks” as I wore his jacket on. “So --- you’ve got a lovely family.” Ambrose replied and kept the conversation going. I felt embarrassed, “geez, they can be overwhelming sometimes!” Ambrose laughed and said “mine’s not too far off the radar.” I continued loquaciously and apologized, “I’m sorry you had to hear all of that harshness earlier.” He shook his head and tilted my chin towards the direction of his face, I froze as he politely asked if he could kiss me. “I’m not stopping you?” delivering a cheesy line from every romance movie ever created. We shared an intimate moment, as our lips locked and tongues collided. Shortly, the lift arrived, so we bid our goodbyes and kept in touch. I’d wonder if the spark we felt would lead somewhere or was it just a holiday fling? “Besides, he was nothing but a holidate.”
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