Doumi - 51

Aug 16th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues

Characters in this chapter:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Employee Single
Seo Joo-yeon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader of MC Single

Chapter - 51

(TLN: A bit shitty, rushed and not that accurate on some part..)

Norae Bang Management team x Director's Wife x Seo x Joe

Seo is shocked watching Joe fucking Director's Wife thinking how not a while ago she wanted to ride him too but gave up because she wanted to keep their friendship and how she was interested in Joe's dick. But she never dreamed to see it in those circumstance.


Norae Bang Management team x Director's Wife x Seo x Joe

Director's wife is riding Joe's dick, meanwhile the other director starts to fondle the breasts of an hostess / wife, Joe looks towards Boss and notices her glaring at him coldly, he apologizes to her and return his attention on Wife. Seo is narrating how Joe is someone crafty and tells to MC how even gave her apologize while fucking the Director's wife, she tells him how after seeing this she left the room.

She stands up and says how she'll take her leave now to the Director and her Boss and adds how she doesn't want to be involved in their little game / fetish. The Director tells her to take a taxi and to let her car here, she agrees with him and her Boss says how she worked pretty well recently and how she'll soon becomes a Boss too so she must not mess up what they gave her.. She leaves the room after hearing their hidden treat and this how they're just a bunch of old fuckers..

After leaving the room she almost falls on the floor too shocked by what she just saw and says how they're disgusting and a group of old dirty bastard and asks herself if the Management team is a den of pervert..

Boss is saying while fucking the black haired woman how it's a good thing that Seo left the room because they can be at ease now, Director and the Boss are talking about Seo great body and says it's pity she isn't that open like Joe. Director looks at his wife getting plowed by Joe and touches his dick saying how Seo's figure made him too excited and he wants to fuck because he's hard.. He asks Joe to not force himself to please him and asks him if he wasn't close to Seo, Joe looks at him and says how he doesn't care about her and will offer her to him if he really wants him, and adds how it's normal because he lent him his wife, so he'll repay his kindness with Seo..

Director asks him if he'll really do what he wants, Joe nods saying how he's loyal to him, Director is happy about that and says how he's looking forward to it..

Taxi Seo x Chauffeur

The chauffeur asks her if she's okay with him deposing her in front of her residence, she gives him her accord and narrates to MC how when she was returning home she kept thinking about she just saw, and instead of calming herself she was much more shocked and stressed after some times passed.

Hotel Room Seo x MC

MC is still shocked after hearing Seo's story and asks her if it's all true, Seo asks him if he believes she made up all this story and to believe it or not it's not her problem. He corrects himself saying how of course he believes her but he wanted to check it. He tells her how he was surprised after hearing this but he's much more amazed by her mentality.

She tells him to not praise this much and warns him about the management team and wishes he'll adapt well in this company because she likes having him near her and wants an ally. She says how this company is one of the best in the whole country but it's a bunch of fucking perverts and he needs to adapt well at this universe.

MC bows in front of Seo telling her how he'll be a huge pervert who works well and thanks her for her guidance, she finds him funny and laughs.

Workplace MC x Seo

MC narrates how after this day and his talk with Seo he tried hard to be a pervert who works well.. FMC's lookalike looks at MC thinking how since he was nearly fired he's working very well..
MC is the only one left in the open space and thinks about leaving.. Seo is taking a glass of water and bends over her body.. MC's passing by and see Seo in this alluring posture and walks toward her, he bumps against her ass with his hard on.. She's surprised to feels something like that and turns her head noticing MC, and tells him how he surprised her.

MC puts one of his hand on her hips hugging her, Seo asks him what he'll do if someone see them like that, MC tells her how Dahee (FMC's lookalike) was the last one in the office and she just left and says how right now there is only the two of them in the company..

To be continued..
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