RiotRick Interview

May 29th, 2018
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  2. Curt - Today at 12:19
  3. Briefly, what is your role within GOTG currently, and what does it involve?
  4. (opsec stuff obv not obliged to talk about)
  5. RiotRick - Today at 12:29
  6. I prefer to call us Dead Coalition, as a couple months ago we've been told we're dead by now.
  7. I had the remindme bot send notifications already that it's past due.
  8. But I'm an AU FC for Dead Coalition, and also lead one of the alliances - SLYCE.
  9. Curt - Today at 12:34
  10. and how do you feel your coalition is doing right now?
  11. In terms of winning/losing, and territorial losses/expansion
  12. RiotRick - Today at 12:36
  13. Can you re-phrase the question?
  14. How do I feel about our core space of Branch, Dek, Tenal, and Fade?
  15. Curt - Today at 12:38
  16. Sorry. Are you able to give some insight on the current war against the Goon SiGs, and Init? how successful/unsuccessful do you think you guys have been so far?
  17. RiotRick - Today at 12:38
  18. I feel anything pass 4 regions is a stretch, and with Horde leaving, we invited many orgs to kinda fight for space in PB.
  19. Goons have pinged for support from Delve in a few fights now, and we see INIT and TNT attempting to fully deploy to help.
  20. I think it speaks well of their challenges.
  21. You can always separate the propaganda with reality, we can just open dotlan to see if there's been any ihub destroyed in Dek, Branch, Tenal, or heck even Fade.
  22. Or even zkb, if there's been any core structures destroyed in Dead Coalition's space.
  23. Curt - Today at 12:41
  24. What about your coalition itself, though? As opposed to the hostile forces.
  25. RiotRick - Today at 12:42
  26. The coalition's success against the largest coalition in EvE was that -- let's see if they can take down one ihub or even a Fort in Branch, Dek, Tenal, etc.
  27. Curt - Today at 12:42
  28. I see
  29. RiotRick - Today at 12:42
  30. They've been deployed since October 2017. :smiley:
  31. Curt - Today at 12:43
  32. Who have?
  33. RiotRick - Today at 12:43
  34. The sigs.
  35. Curt - Today at 12:43
  36. ah gotcha
  37. RiotRick - Today at 12:43
  38. If we're completely honest, ratters/miners get killed on both sides all the time. Heck, we kill trillions from Delve consistently:
  39. Google Docs
  40. Bee Control bounties
  41. April 2018
  43. Bounty( millions), XLS Processed, Name, Org, Ship type, Value, Zkb reference, Region, Bounties, 56980. 0, ISK Destroyed in Millions, 589934. 0, 589bn
  44. 500, 4/ 6/ 2018, Olmeca Gold, Solo, Excavators, 5, 669, https:// zkillboard. com/ related/ 30004761/ 20180405000...
  46. But we're not going to post reddit threads about it all the time when we kill trillions. :joy:
  47. ("We" being the larger north forces.)
  48. As we speak right now, PlexedLive ping for an Ishtar fleet and just one of our alliances is camping them in their NPC station in PF-.
  49. They're not allowed to undock unless we say so. :wink:
  50. Curt - Today at 12:46
  51. trillions?
  52. RiotRick - Today at 12:47
  53. Yeah we North forces, from PL to NC to Dead Co have squads deployed as well in Delve.
  54. 1.18T in January, about the same in Dec
  55. Curt - Today at 12:47
  56. Oh right
  57. RiotRick - Today at 12:48
  58. It tallies about the same every month. :joy:
  59. Curt - Today at 12:52
  60. So, for that month you killed the equivalent of 4%-5% of their total isk earned/ore mined that month?
  61. just looking at the mer rn
  63. EVE Online
  64. EVE Online - Monthly Economic Report - April 2018
  65. Check out the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for April 2018 in this Devblog, for more information on how the economy and markets of EVE Online are evolving at the start of Q2!
  67. RiotRick - Today at 12:53
  68. I don't think anyone is going to dispute that the Imperium has the largest population of those that love to carebear.
  69. If the argument is, they don't care because our major producers and major Rorq fleets are making isk, that's ok. We know we can't kill all the cows in the field, as long as we are eating as we please, feel free to have more cows at the pasture.
  70. Curt - Today at 12:57
  71. You guys recently deployed to Venal, right?
  72. RiotRick - Today at 12:59
  73. Yes. We have a KeepStar there for deployment in case an enemy force tries to go to Venal. We saw UStz and AUtz Goons sigs go there. We just counter deployed. After one major battle, UStz moved back to Pure Blind.
  74. And AUtz Goon sig is currently locked out from undocking atm.
  75. Curt - Today at 12:59
  76. They are?
  77. Curt - Today at 13:00
  78. He's locked out?
  79. What do you mean?
  80. RiotRick - Today at 13:00
  81. At the moment one of Dead Co's alliances, just have him surrounded. :smiley:
  82. Curt - Today at 13:00
  83. in what way?
  84. RiotRick - Today at 13:01
  85. Problem with NPC stations, you just get bubbled camp everytime someone has a whiff you have an op.
  88. / Related Kills | PF-QHK | 2018-05-29 12:00
  89. A battle took place in PF-QHK (Venal) involving 33 pilots who lost a total of 1,880,175,266.81 isk
  91. Still on-going.
  92. Curt - Today at 13:02
  93. You guys bubble the NPC stations everytime an alliance wants to undock?
  94. *hostile alliance
  95. RiotRick - Today at 13:02
  96. We aren't as tenacious as some of the Delve super fleets that use 90 supers to bubble camp 3 bombers in NPC Delve, but it's similar tactics. Just bubble camp if and when you know there's an op.
  97. USTz Goon sigs moved back to ROIR, so moved back as well.
  98. This AUtz one, I think is trying to do something in Venal. Just unsure what aside from being camped in.
  99. (Gotta head out in a bit, let me know if you have any specific questions.)
  100. Curt - Today at 13:07
  101. Are you able to comment on MOA's departure?
  102. RiotRick - Today at 13:07
  103. Yeah absolutely.
  104. They're great bros, Gen Eve, their alliance leader can't commit to the game right now so they're putting the corps out and they're joining the rest of Dead Co and Co2. They'll be back when he's ready.
  105. Curt - Today at 13:11
  106. Earlier you said that TNT and Init deploying to assist Goon SiGs was indicative of the challenge that they were facing fighting you guys. Do you feel that CO2 doing the same for your coalition shows the same thing?
  107. RiotRick - Today at 13:12
  108. Good question, Horde leaving Fade and Pure Blind is certainly a big vacuum.
  109. We have a lot of smaller alliances take up space in Pure Blind, and the chaos being driven there for the most part is good content for the region.
  110. For Fade, I think Co2's going to do well in Horde's previous area.
  111. Anyone not being honest that Horde left a large vacuum in areas that they controlled is lying to ya.
  112. Curt - Today at 13:16
  113. Really? How reliant on Horde were you?
  114. RiotRick - Today at 13:19
  115. Dead Co without renter numbers, is a relatively small size coalition. There is no way in the world we'd be able to control what 15k Hordelings managed. Even Goons with such a large number, won't dare to take up all the sov in Querious. It makes better sense to consolidate in 1-2 regions.
  116. Curt - Today at 13:23
  117. You're consolidating?
  118. RiotRick - Today at 13:24
  119. Yep, Dead Co started with Branch, Dek, Tenal sov, and a little bit of Fade, but we're not going to maintain any holdings in former PH space.
  120. Curt - Today at 13:25
  121. Will you be giving the two regions you're not using up, then?
  122. RiotRick - Today at 13:26
  123. PB? If you look at the map there's a few alliances like French Connection and Banderlogs that have taken root.
  124. Curt - Today at 13:27
  125. Sorry. Let me rephrase. In what way does it make sense to consolidate to 1-2 regions? Is that at an alliance or coalition level?
  126. RiotRick - Today at 13:28
  127. In the same way Goons consolidate in Delve, Fountain, and bits of Querious, our position -- old, not new --- is to maintain Branch, Dek, Tenal, and a little Fade.
  128. We definitely invite smaller alliances to work with us to have content space in Pure Blind. Old PH space in Fade, as you already know, is being given to Co2.
  129. The idea to maintain a smaller footprint and grow, like Goons have initially after losing Deklein, they setup and consolidated in 1-2 regions.
  130. It's a sound strategy.
  131. ___
  132. anything else? gotta go
  133. Curt - Today at 13:34
  134. Are you able to give some insight on SLYCE's role in the coalition?
  135. RiotRick - Today at 13:35
  136. Goon sigs attacked our home in Wicked Creek and Scalding Pass.
  137. We came to fight them in Deklein.
  138. Iron Wulf, who was one of the leaders of the coalition at the time, recruited us.
  139. We just celebrated our 3rd year in null a few weeks back -- we haven't really changed "our role". We're here to have fun and fight.
  140. Curt - Today at 13:40
  141. Just on that earlier point, is the coalition going to consolidate further?
  142. I'm still somewhat confused
  143. RiotRick - Today at 13:40
  144. In space? No, we're giving Fade.
  145. To Co2. That's the "consolidation" for us.(edited)
  146. In size? Ranger Regiment is coming in.
  147. Curt - Today at 13:41
  148. ah right
  149. Just needed the clarification there
  150. RiotRick - Today at 13:42
  151. Yeah sorry for the confusion, we consider giving PH's old ratting space in Fade as part of our "consolidation" strategy. There was no one legit to hold it but with Co2 coming in, they're definitely strong enough to defend it.
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