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  1. Changed up the RTS sheet. Kralas now have a more balanced offensive style. If it doesn't look like it, Kyle, change what you need. Otherwise, fuck shit stack Kralas smoke weed and do crack.
  3. -Race name: Kralas Emperorship - KAoV
  5. -Faction: Warlords
  7. -Playstyle: Kralas forces excel mid-game around Tier 2 tech units. Playing the Kralas employs the use of supportive/offensive strategies where land units are the most dominant factor. Kralas have unique communication technology that can boost radar ranges for defensive/offensive reasons. In short, the Kralas are a semi-offensive race. Their Experimental is an excellent choice when you need to break through lines by aerial means. Black Dust is extremely helpful in certain situations.
  9. -Faction Role: Balanced Offensive
  11. -Benefits-
  13. Black Dust - Due to the power of Black Dust catalysts, all vehicles and infantry using Black Dust weapons have increased range and damage.
  15. Communication is key - The advanced communications technology the Kralas employ ensure an easily organized operation. Allied and Kralas (Or just Kralas) radars have extended range and can identify enemies faster. In addition, Kralas ACU's grant both a shield and radar field.
  17. -Weaknesses-
  18. Overseer Reliance - Because the need for well-trained, disciplined, and overall not stupid Overseers are required, the Kihhan has a long build-time and large resource cost although the weapon damage and armour rating is increased.
  20. Ocean Sickness - Due to not fighting in the sea often, all Kralas seacraft have slower speeds and weakened hulls but make up for it in higher damage.
  23. Vehicles
  25. Unit Name: MBT-Javelin
  26. Description: The most common form of hover tank in the Kralas arsenal. The Javelin is the backbone of most armor columns.
  27. Type:  Main Battle Tank that functions as the KAoV workhorse. Group them up for maximum efficiency.
  28. Role: General-use MBT
  29. Tier: Tier 1
  30. Weapons: Fusion Cannon
  32. Unit Name: Yensyh AA
  33. Description: A Spearman LAV converted to fire Anti-Air Black Dust missiles. It's hella fast.
  34. Type: Anti-Air Buggy
  35. Role: Anti-Air
  36. Tier: Tier 1
  37. Weapons: Anti-Air Black Dust Internal Explosion Missiles.
  39. Unit Name: Gatekeeper Tank-Hunter
  40. Description: An exceptionally powerful caterpillar-tread with a 250mm Black Dust HEAT SPG. The heavy armor serves as a great defense against other tanks of all kinds.
  41. Type: Anti-Tank/Tank-Hunter/Artillery piece
  42. Role: Offense, Anti-Tank Support
  43. Tier: Tier 2
  44. Weapons: 350mm Black Dust HEAT Gun
  46. Unit Name: SkySword Gunship
  47. Description: A VTOL designed to rain death onto tanks at 32,000 rounds per minute. Has Black Dust infused engines, allowing high speed movement and take-off.
  48. Type: Offensive Anti-Tank/Anti-Gunship
  49. Role: Gunship
  50. Tier: Tier 2
  51. Weapons: Black Dust HEAT Slug Minigun
  53. Unit Name: 5B57 Observer
  54. Description: Heavy Long-range Artillery Platform used for very-long range bombardment when a Sorid Tower is unavailable.
  55. Type: Offensive artillery tank
  56. Role: Offensive/Supportive very long-range artillery piece.
  57. Tier: Tier 2
  58. Weapons: Black Dust 400mm HEAT Slug Cannon
  59. Abilities: Propagating Fire - Fires 4 rounds in a progressing line.
  61. Unit Name: Panzer Thor
  62. Description: A heavy Bi-pedal Assault Mech designed to break through lines. The Panzer Thor has a built-in SFJP (Short Flight Jetpack), allowing it to cross gaps with ease. Moves quite fast for a T3 mech. Use the Jetpack to jump into enemy shields and dismantle it from the inside.
  63. Type: Linebreaking Assault Mech
  64. Role: Late-game Linebreaker, game-ender
  65. Tier: Tier 3
  66. Weapons: Dual, triple-barreled Black Dust Heavy Slug Cannons.
  67. Abilities: Boost Thrusters - Allows the PT to fly short distances. This is helpful if you want to cross riverbeds/gaps/hills.
  69. Unit Name: Kihhan OBT
  70. Description: OverWatch Battle Tank. An OverSeer's best friend and personal vehicle. The Kihhan is a long-range anti-ground vehicle that is always piloted by Kralas OverSeer's and their hand-picked crew. When grouped together, OBTs are a real bitch to take down. Use with Panzer Thors to compensate their range. Be warned, OBT's may have big guns and really thick armour, but the build time is rather long.
  71. Type: Heavy Offensive Hover Tank
  72. Role: Late-game Anti-ground tank, offensive roles, Game-ender
  73. Tier: Tier 3
  74. Weapons: 300mm Black Dust HEAT Cannon, 20-count HEAT Micro Missile pod
  76. Buildings
  78. Builder - Builder Drone
  80. Land Factory - Requisition Pad (Note: Open in editor as the image is borked.)
  82. T1, T2 power generator - Fusion Generator
  84. T3 power generator - Fusion Generator with catalysts
  86. Geo-thermal - Thermal Thumper
  88. Energy bank - Power Bank
  90. Metal Extractor - Mineral Digger
  92. Metal Bank - Metal Bank
  94. Radar Tower - Radar Station
  96. Shield Generator - Ray Field
  98. Metal Maker - Mineral Condenser (Pardon the shitty building.)
  100. Tier 1 Anti-Tank - Longbow (Uses HEAT missiles.)
  102. Tier 1 Anti-Air - Arbalester (Uses ballistic rotary cannons. Very high RoF.)
  104. Tier 2 Anti-Tank - Guardian turret (Uses Heavy Fusion Blasters. Moderate RoF.)
  106. Tier 2 Anti-Air - Rotary Slug (THE BEST Anti-Air turret. Costly, but worth it.)
  108. Tier 3 Artillery Station - Sorid Laser Tower (Uses a variant of a massive Black Dust cannon that arches the shell. Using the power of Black Dust, this artillery station has the longest range of stationary artillery at the cost of having the lowest fire rate.)
  110. Transport - Kralas All-purpose dropship. (Created by Blue, thanks again.)
  111. ---
  112. Experimental
  114. Unit Name: Kralas Veralaca (Var-Uh-Lack-Ah) Mk.45-Y-4
  115. Description: A massive gunship that is slightly larger than the Zaret Citadel Walker and somewhat smaller than the IAE Airbase. The Veralaca Gunship is one of the most powerful vehicles in the Kralas arsenal. Capable of breaking lines like a hot knife through butter, the Veralaca gunship's speed is unmatched by any other airborne experimental. Using an on-board radar system and a crew population of 74, the Veralaca can prove to be a nightmare on the battlefield.
  116. Type: Experimental EXTREMELY FUCKING HUGE OMGWTF gunship. Aerial Linebreaker.
  117. Role: Flying over all your shitty PD's and blowing shit up. AKA Offensive Linebreaker
  118. Tier: Experimental
  119. Weapons:  Two, 200-count High Explosive Missile pods. Two, 250,000 RPM 200mm Autocannons. 6 (Non-visible) HE/AA Missile launchers for dealing with pesky fighters (Scale damage to whatever you want.)
  121. ----
  123. Naval
  125. T1 Unit - SeaFrigate
  127. Description: The standard Kralas frigate. It's unique cannon is capable of firing upon ships and aircraft.
  128. Type: Assault Frigate
  129. Role: General-use ship
  130. Tier: Tier 1
  131. Weapons: Black Dust Delayed Flak/Slug Cannon.
  132. Abilities: Delayed Explosives - HEAT shells have a fuse, allowing the shell to drive into an opposition's hull, giving the ship a MAJOR increase in damage for 5 seconds.
  134. T2 Unit - MHP-Slugger
  136. Description: A mobile hydro-platform equipped with an EXTREMELY fast firing Black Dust Rotary Flak. The gun is capable of also firing upon ships although with minimal damage.
  137. Type: Cruiser/Frigate
  138. Role: derps up dem planes and shit
  139. Tier: Tier 2
  140. Weapons: Black Dust Rotary Flak, very high RoF and high damage against aircraft but very low damage against ships.
  141. Abilities: Priorities - At the expense of firing upon aircraft, the Slugger will switch to firing upon torpedoes until disabled.
  142. Or...
  143. Overcharge - The Rotary Flak is overcharged by the gunner, increasing it's damage and stacking it's RoF at an insane speed for 5 seconds.
  145. T3 Unit - MHP-Screamer
  147. Description: Functions as the Kralas aquatic battleship. This MHP carries four triple-barreled Black Dust Slug Cannons. Has a very large range and is quite accurate. Can function as semi-artillery. It's fluted shells produces a unique "scream" as it flies through the air.
  148. Type: Battleship
  149. Role: Water-locked, accurate artillery
  150. Tier: Tier 3
  151. Weapons: Four, triple-barreled Black Dust Slug Cannons.
  152. Abilities: Focus Fire. Rounds hot. - Fires all four turrets towards a set area with near perfect accuracy. This has a whatever the derp cooldown time.
  154. T3 Unit - MHP-Ballista
  156. Description: A combination between battlecruiser and battleship, whereas Battlecruiser is the dominant side. Heavily armoured for fighting other ships with a weak sonar system although with no ways to combat sub. It can be helpful for allies with hunters or torpedoes. Armed with two Black Dust Slug Cannons and the massive Black Dust Superheavy HEAT Artillery Gun capable of blowing the derp out of ships.
  157. Type: Support/Battlecruiser/Battleship
  158. Role: Multi-role battlecruiser capable of blowing shit up on land and sea.
  159. Tier: Tier 3
  160. Weapons: Two, triple-barreled Black Dust Slug Cannons and Black Dust Superheavy Artillery Gun for firing upon opposing ships.
  161. Abilities: derp YOU! - Aims all weapons at a target for a piercing strike. Deals massive damage and heavily damages shields. Have a 5-10 minute cooldown.
  163. Builders are amphibious and can build water factories on shallow and deep water.
  165. Water Factory - Water Pad
  167. Sonar Station - Sonar Tower
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