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  1. ocamlmklib -o mlguestfs guestfs_c.o guestfs_c_actions.o guestfs.cmx -L../src/.libs -lguestfs
  2. mkdir -p html
  3. ocamldoc -d html -html guestfs.mli guestfs.ml
  4. /root/libguestfs-1.11.19/ocaml/guestfs.mli : Syntax error in text:
  5. {2 Object-oriented API}
  7.     This is an alternate way of calling the API using an object-oriented
  8.     style, so you can use
  9.     [g#]{{!guestfs.add_drive_opts}add_drive_opts} [filename]
  10.     instead of [Guestfs.add_drive_opts g filename].
  11.     Apart from the different style, it offers exactly the same functionality.
  13.     Calling [new guestfs ()] creates both the object and the handle.
  14.     The object and handle are closed either implicitly when the
  15.     object is garbage collected, or explicitly by calling the
  16.     [g#]{{!guestfs.close}close} [()] method.
  18.     You can get the {!t} handle by calling
  19.     [g#]{{!guestfs.ocaml_handle}ocaml_handle}.
  21.     Note that methods that take no parameters (except the implicit handle)
  22.     get an extra unit [()] parameter.  This is so you can create a
  23.     closure from the method easily.  For example
  24.     [g#]{{!guestfs.get_verbose}get_verbose} [()]
  25.     calls the method, whereas [g#get_verbose] is a function.
  26. line 4, character 9:
  27.     [g#]{{!guestfs.add_drive_opts}add_drive_opts} [filename]
  28.          ^
  29. Warning: Element Unix.error not found
  30. 1 error(s) encountered
  31. make[3]: [html/index.html] Error 1 (ignored)
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