Red Glitchless guide update suggestions

Nov 13th, 2019
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  1. *obsolete, SudoTrainer made an exceptional guide*
  2. Red Glitchless guide update
  4. these are my suggestions listed from most important
  6. 1. Major route changes
  7. In the past months there were many route changes:
  8. we could use the race route with revives marked as beginner/safe strategies, and the 3pokeballs/6repels/ether marked as
  9. advanced/optional (or just mention a pastebin link with them in)
  10. Then update menu and fights accordingly to the route
  12. Remove old moon manip, since R3 manip is faster and easier
  13. as a consequence of this, explain badge boost a little better. currently the guide says to use tackle when it will kill, then to take the center. This is not really clear and could lead to unnecessary waste of horn attacks.
  14. If we can add an explanation of badge boost i think beginners should save more HA then before, so then they can skip center.
  15. Also correct mt. moon fight according to r3 manip
  17. 2. Minor route changes
  18. Current guide has a obsolete paras backup, there is a new better one
  19. Probably many other think will come into my mind
  21. 3. Related to 1, i like the idea of marking
  22. safe/beginner strats in green ex. healing +28hp on surge -> HA/BB, x3Trash / revives route
  23. risky/advanced one as red ex. not healing on surge -> x4Trash / 3pokeballs/6repels/ether route
  25. As mentioned in 1. risky/advanced plays could also be moved to different pastebins but still mentioned in the guide since they are so many that could end up clogging the guide.
  26. Currently the guide has a pastebins with defensive ranges but there is no real explanation behind them.
  27. In any case i would still keep the idea of marking safe plays in green, since right now the guide makes no difference from saving on r3 short guy (ubersafe play) from healing 129+ before lance (almost mandatory)
  29. 4. Remove igt rates from manip, add them as pastebins.
  30. I think they just clog up space as they are written in the guide
  32. 5. Expanding on some situational strategy
  33. some situational strategy are never mentioned, and could lead to unnecessary safe plays/time loss.
  34. Example: Right now the guide reccomend to always save before brock.
  35. I would add to check squirtle special on weedle fight, then save if it has bad special and you didnt get the early pidgey.
  36. This is really short to explain and i think it could easily fit, while some more complex strategy could be mentioned as pastebin links. (ex. early drill, gentleman ecc.)
  38. 6. Add palette cans as optional, since a beginner could have some problems with rock tunnel
  40. 7. add pokeguy menu/inputs guide
  42. 8. Currently raccomended nido manip is the slower one with 1A press, then there is the fastest one marked as Optional.
  43. Just my opinion but I think they should be swapped, Faster one as raccomended and easier one as optional if you cant execute it
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