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May 26th, 2019
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  1. age: identifies as 14 years old
  2. starsign: scorpio
  3. religion: militant atheist
  4. race: elin/korean mix
  5. spirit creature: kitsune
  7. hi and welcome
  8. do u like japanamation?? are you a quirky nerd like me?? look at all this stuff on here its amazing what technology can do to bring us togather. if u dont have anything nice to say then rememeber, this is the internet but in real life i could destroy you. think about it. cum on me bro (:
  10. Before you think i hack, please ask me if you think i do.. Side note - I stole mw2 when it came out. i was 14 years old.. Get over it. ;D
  12. I'm a lead singer of an idol group, i'm a hardcore redditor and libertarion (woot ron paul ftw!). I'm also a brony to the core (applejack is best pony). My favorite memes are slender and nyancat. I'm a philosophy major at my local community college and like to debate people about the evils of organized religion.
  14. i have an extensive anime collection complete with dvds and statuettes of my favorite anime babes and my friends find this very impressive. they always experinces so much awe the moment they walks into my room (also known as Chinami-chan-sama’s Sacred Spirit Shrine , it says so on a sign on my door) that they never knows what to say. maybe they wants some magazine posters of eechi girls too’? heh
  16. my kinks include, but are not limited to: futa penile fencing, dalmatians, crotchs, asians, ferdoras, garfield, vidoeo game arguments, schoolgirls, concrete ( NOT a combination of the two, notice the comma, i am not a weirdo like that) elfen lied, large insertion, gianteses, socialjustice, fecals, used socks, epic memes, liking different foods on facebook, gamer girls, gay swimmers, coffee, throat bulges, belly button prolapse, tennis, imitation crab and gettin hydrated.
  18. im a cis female and im straight! use female pronouns and dont misgender me uwu!! i really hate all the injustice thats happening on this website - i really want it to stop!! i wish for alll of steam to be one big happy family!! so that way cisgenders and transgenders and people of all races can be friends !!
  20. pls dont be cisphobic or heterophobic to me!!!
  21. its not my fault i was born in the right body and i like boys!
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