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  1. (3:13:53 PM) AC[GM]: == Session #15 ==
  2. (3:14:21 PM) AC[GM]: Green, Arcadia, Nessa, and Shimmer have found themselves in the plainly furnished office of the City's Administrator. There are three couches facing a central, low desk with a cushion on the floor behind it. Two are L shaped in the corners and one central section directly in front of the desk.
  3. (3:14:55 PM) AC[GM]: Green doesn't remember walking here. The last thing she remembers is an inredible headache, then blacking out. Yet here she is propped up on a couch.
  4. (3:16:03 PM) ***Green stirrs and rubs her forehead. "Now that wasn't a very nice de-decontamination."
  5. (3:16:04 PM) AC[GM]: Everyone else was getting ready to choose a seat as the large mustachioed stallion reclined behind his desk.
  6. (3:17:08 PM) ***Shimmer takes the middle chair always the middle chairs
  7. (3:17:31 PM) AC[GM]: "It isn't intended to be nice, Miss Green, it's intended to cleanse you of radiation," the stallion rumbles, lifting the top off a small candy dish on his desktop. He pushes it towards the quartet of mares.
  8. (3:18:29 PM) ***Nessa looks in.
  9. (3:19:23 PM) Green: "It's not gonna hurt to make it nicer. You'd think if you had all this free time in a fishbowl town you'd invent nice things."
  10. (3:19:27 PM) ***Shimmer takes offered candy...what? She had a sweet tooth...and was nervous.
  11. (3:20:30 PM) Nessa: "Don't be rude," Nessa says, taking a piece for herself. Whatever it is.
  12. (3:22:10 PM) ***Green grabs a hoof full of candy and stuffs her mouth. "Shorry. Ish musht be the leftover radiation." She says while chewing on the candy.
  13. (3:23:32 PM) ***Nessa looks annoyed, but also doesn't look surprised.
  14. (3:25:17 PM) ***Arcadia flicks an ear, a slight frown appearing upon her face. "Cleanse us of radiation? I guess I shouldn't be surprised..." She mutters grumpily.
  15. (3:26:12 PM) AC[GM]: They're raspberry flavored hard candies with gooey fruit centers.
  16. (3:26:13 PM) ***Green glances from Nessa to the stallio behind his desk. "Sho. How's life in Fishbowl town?"
  17. (3:26:19 PM) Nessa: "Anyway, I'm glad I rang the doorbell," Nessa says.
  18. (3:27:31 PM) AC[GM]: "It's pleasant enough," he responds to Green, "Most of our residents haven't had prolonged exposure to radiation. If it effected you that severely, your brain has probably undergone at least limited mutation as a result of your mother's exposure to environmental toxins."
  19. (3:27:39 PM) AC[GM]: "I'd see the doctor before you left," he advises.
  20. (3:29:44 PM) ***Arcadia mumbles to herself a little, before fixing her gaze to the stallion. "I need radiation to survive, myself. I /thrive/ in the hostile, magical fallout of the old world."
  21. (3:29:48 PM) AC[GM]: His doleful gaze shifts to Nessa, "We are as well. Our last guests weren't nearly as courteous."
  22. (3:30:14 PM) Nessa: "Others have come knocking?" Nessa asks.
  23. (3:30:34 PM) AC[GM]: "So the good doctor has informed me, Miss Arcadia," he says levelly, "However, we were not /aware/ of your unique physiology two hours ago."
  24. (3:31:11 PM) ***Green nods seriously at the notion of seeking out a doctor. "What? She got to see the doctor before me? Aw shucks. I wanted to compare skeletons."
  25. (3:32:15 PM) Shimmer: "I can...also metabolize radiation...but not to the extend that Arcadia can..."
  26. (3:32:58 PM) ***Nessa unwraps the candy and pops it in her mouth, the action amounting to a twiddling of the hooves as her companions clamor...
  27. (3:33:33 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator seems to take the barely controlled chaos of four mares talking over each other in stride. Dr. Cloudburst jammed two candies in her mouth and looks content curled up in one of the elbow sections of the couch with Corporal Saddle Cinch standing by the door awkwardly.
  28. (3:34:28 PM) ***Arcadia blinks at Green, then shakes her head with a sigh. "I apologize if I seem moody. My head hurts and I feel uncharacteristically weak right now..."
  29. (3:34:49 PM) AC[GM]: "Your companions triggered our security systems. For whatever brain damage you might have, Miss Green, you /are/ a normal earth pony. The same cannot be said of your friends," he settles for giving Shimmer a very serious look rather then making a comment.
  30. (3:35:19 PM) AC[GM]: "And yes, Miss Force, we do ocassionally receive visitors that our friends fail to dissuade."
  31. (3:36:33 PM) Nessa: "Your friends?" Nessa asks.
  32. (3:36:39 PM) ***Green shrugs. "I had high hopes about actually being the supermare, but being a normal earth pony sounds great too."
  33. (3:37:08 PM) Arcadia: 'I assume he means the Herds, Nessa.'
  34. (3:37:13 PM) ***Shimmer withers a bit. "Yes...." She tenses. "I am...a changeling...but I swear I have done no harm..."
  35. (3:37:37 PM) ***Green gets goggley eyed at Shimmer. "Whaaaat."
  36. (3:38:18 PM) AC[GM]: The stallion leans back and waits. Their policestallion friend taps a hoof on his baton.
  37. (3:41:23 PM) ***Shimmer backs a bit away from Green and shifts her form into an identical copy of first her and then her other two friends before settling on her natural changeling black and soft ruby red changeling form.
  38. (3:42:36 PM) ***Nessa finds that display fairly unsettling.
  39. (3:42:47 PM) Nessa: ... but she has bigger problems to worry about.
  40. (3:42:54 PM) ***Green looks at Shimmer with her jaw sort of half dropped, and drool leaks from her muzzle for a moment before she sucks it back in alongside the remaining chunks of candy.
  41. (3:44:24 PM) ***Arcadia blinks again, at Shimmer. "So that's why I can't really feel your mind..."
  42. (3:45:10 PM) Green: "She's alright in my book, and I mean. You guys haven't killed her yet so she's obviously alright in your books too."
  43. (3:45:44 PM) Shimmer: "ye...yeah..." She smiles a bit. "Yeah...I did wake up...cuffed to a bed...but I a least woke up..." she says taking another of the raspberry candies.
  44. (3:46:34 PM) AC[GM]: "We can't read minds, you know," Dr. Cloudburst interjects, sounding hurt, "You were let go as soon as we could be reasonably sure your intentions were peaceful."
  45. (3:49:58 PM) ***Green nods vigorously. "Nopony I ever talked to mentioned a fishbowl up north with ponies innit, so what's up?"
  46. (3:50:31 PM) ***Shimmer nods. "I was simply did give me a scare..." she admits. "but you...handled that really well..."
  47. (3:50:59 PM) AC[GM]: "We value our privacy," the stallion says simply, "And are gratified that our security proceedures have worked so well over the years."
  48. (3:51:31 PM) Green: "Privacy sounds a lot like squatting in Whinnysotan territory without paying the taxes as proper equestrian citizenry."
  49. (3:53:56 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator folds his forelegs, "This city was built at the behest of the Equestrian government more then two hundred years ago, Miss Green, and has outlasted any power of taxation or formalized property rights."
  50. (3:54:02 PM) ***Nessa just covers her eyes with a hoof as Green says whatever he wants.
  51. (3:54:07 PM) Nessa: she*
  52. (3:54:23 PM) AC[GM]: "Now that we've had our little question and answer session," he says firmly, "Now let us get to the meat of the matter; what do you four /want/."
  53. (3:55:12 PM) ***Green takes another bite of candy before leaning back with an expectant look in Nessa's direction.
  54. (3:56:07 PM) Nessa: "The southerly portion of the area that was once the Whinnysota Equestrian administrative region has become quite settled, as you may or may not be aware," Nessa says to the stallion.
  55. (3:57:24 PM) Nessa: "We were hired be an entrepreneur to come here and determine if the WXC was still inhabited, and if not, to ascertain if it was ripe for salvage operations."
  56. (3:57:25 PM) Shimmer: "Maybe...we should..." She started to say. "Yes that...well we were hired to see about opening trade relations with your settlement." She opens her pack looking for their copies of the contracts that they were given.
  57. (3:57:49 PM) Shimmer: "...actually the salvage was if the trade wasn't on the table." She reminds Nessa
  58. (3:58:26 PM) Nessa: "Thank you for interrupting me," Nessa says, giving Shimmer a pointed and positively withering glare.
  59. (3:59:47 PM) AC[GM]: "I wouldn't call it settled, but we are aware of our southern neighbors," the Administrator's stony expression shows no sign of fading, nor of addressing either Shimmer or Nessa as the former fishes around in her pack.
  60. (4:00:21 PM) Shimmer: "If you wish to handle negotiations I will gladly leave it to you." she says curtly. She goes silent at that point taking another candy as Nessa decided she was qualified to handle her speciality.
  61. (4:01:09 PM) Nessa: "Tch..."
  62. (4:02:05 PM) ***Green takes some more candy from the bowl and embraces Shimmer in a hug. "I'm sure you can bail her out when she asks for it."
  63. (4:03:18 PM) Nessa: "Not negotiating," Nessa says. "I'm expositing."
  64. (4:03:18 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer only has copies of the team's employment conditions, adding little to what she's already said.
  65. (4:04:24 PM) Nessa: "We're hirelings for that stallion, and I believe our contracts conclude as soon as we report our findings," Nessa says.
  66. (4:05:00 PM) Nessa: "If you want to play Merchant Princess, be my guest."
  67. (4:05:05 PM) AC[GM]: His mustache flutters from what seems like annoyance.
  68. (4:05:32 PM) Arcadia: "I thought I was the one everypony keeps calling Princess?"
  69. (4:09:00 PM) ***Shimmer nods politely to Green squeaking a bit in surprise at the hug. Bughorse definitely not used to affection in her natural state. "Don't worry about it arcadia. Nessa was just exressing her...annoyance.
  70. (4:10:07 PM) ***Arcadia puts on a thoughtful expression. "We're a very disfunctional group." She says flatly.
  71. (4:13:08 PM) Nessa: "I'm sure there are more dysfunctional ones, but we're quite ragtag."
  72. (4:14:18 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator waits for the gang to get their shit together. Dr. Cloudburst is starting to look bored, or at least distracted.
  73. (4:14:39 PM) ***Shimmer turns her attenton back to the stallion in charge." As you can we are actually empowered to negotatie on behalf of Two Gears."
  74. (4:15:19 PM) ***Green frowns. "I'm not even in your group. Kinda. Sorta. The remnants of her majesty's Royal Infantry Brigade have been dealing with the herds in this wasteland for centuries now, and our supply of essentials have run low. I was kinda hoping to find a Maxim gun here, or an ironshod 140 mm battlemare howitzer."
  75. (4:16:19 PM) ***Arcadia hums. "A howitzer? That actually sounds like something fun to fire..."
  76. (4:17:21 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator doesn't really look at the paper, but straight at Shimmer, "And what does this gentlecolt, or mare, want?"
  77. (4:19:50 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her gaze back to the be-stached stallion. "He was male. I liked him more than most of the other stallions in that town... He at least was polite and didn't stare at me like some kind of monster."
  78. (4:20:31 PM) Shimmer: "Mostly technology but I am quite sure our client being the profit oriented stallion he is could find other opportunities for mutual profit." She smiles.
  79. (4:22:26 PM) Nessa: "Unless you'd rather tell him to buzz off, in which case we'd be happy to go do that for you," Nessa says.
  80. (4:23:52 PM) AC[GM]: "That says something for the openness of his mind, but little about his financial ambitions," the stallions says levelly. He gestures very generally at Shimmer, and the rest of the crew, "We have little need for caps or bits, here. The city has its own economy, and we get by quite well on that."
  81. (4:24:59 PM) AC[GM]: "Our home was founded as a place where equines could live together in what was then a non-traditional setting. No schools, no armored police on the streets, no over-regularized oversight of research and development. The last gasp of a free Equestrian society," he rumbles.
  82. (4:26:18 PM) AC[GM]: "Of consequence, even as the world fell into chaos, we have continued our mission, exploring the limits of science and magic to some day provide the world with a better way to live."
  83. (4:27:08 PM) ***Shimmer listens. Honestly she was already considering seeing about settling. She considered what to say .
  84. (4:28:43 PM) ***Green whistlens. "That's a sound mission statement, but it seems like if that was your goal you'd want to reach out beyond the fishbowl. What's the ETA on that?"
  85. (4:31:15 PM) AC[GM]: "The world has recovered quite well on its own, spawning hordes of ponies with varying intents and almost universally hostile desires. I don't know when we'll be ready to reach out to the world at large, or when the world will be sufficiently ready to receive us," he says, polite but pointed, to Green, "There are fewer and fewer of us every year, so that time may never come."
  86. (4:31:58 PM) ***Arcadia perks up with a quick query flashing to the forefront of her mind, something that had been pestering her for a long time... "If you're pushing the boundaries of science and thaumaturgy, could you possibly... No, no..."
  87. (4:32:19 PM) AC[GM]: "My job is to balance the needs of our ponies and the needs of Equestria," he says carefully, "Simply releasing powerful technology into a world of stongmares and feudal tribes would be grossly irresponsible."
  88. (4:32:51 PM) Nessa: "Right," Nessa says.
  89. (4:33:07 PM) AC[GM]: He holds up a hoof, "Specific personal questions at the end, Miss Arcadia, since we're addressing the business aspect of your visit at the moment."
  90. (4:33:31 PM) Green: "Nonsense. The royal infantry brigade would finally be able to combat the herds and take back equestria."
  91. (4:34:07 PM) ***Arcadia cants her head to the left. "Of course. Forgive me for that, my mind tends to wander to... Odd places, given free time."
  92. (4:34:19 PM) Nessa: "Luna preserve us..." Nessa mutters as Green exclaims.
  93. (4:36:09 PM) AC[GM]: "I'm sure it wasn't your intent, but you've perfectly illustrated my point, Miss Green," the Administrator sits up and leans towards them, "We cannot accurately model the impact new technology would have on the Wasteland, nor are we secure enough in our moral superiority to choose one of the many factions in today's world to back."
  94. (4:36:20 PM) Arcadia: "I'm almost certain that Luna has left this sad husk of a world, Nessa. Why else would things be as they are, if a goddess truly walked among us?" She says in a low voice within Nessa's head.
  95. (4:36:46 PM) Nessa: "That was an idiom, Arcadia," Nessa mutters back.
  96. (4:37:11 PM) Green: "Then what? You sit here and wait for everyone else outside your fishbowl to die?"
  97. (4:38:07 PM) Nessa: "Your situation reminds me of a novel I read once," Nessa says to the Administrator. "Like a generation ship flung away from a dying world, save here you are, still on terra firma."
  98. (4:39:28 PM) Nessa: "You may want to keep whatever.. intelligence-gathering capability you have trained on the region surrounding the old capital. I hear events are proceeding apace there."
  99. (4:40:00 PM) Shimmer: "If...I may make a suggestion,?" Shimmer asks quietly.
  100. (4:41:55 PM) ***Green pats Shimmer on the back in a supportive gesture.
  101. (4:43:55 PM) Shimmer: "you say that you are worried about the right time to reach out and that your own population slowly dwindles. Perhaps you might allow for controlled immigration. This would give you more information about the state of ponies outside that might better provide you the ability to make the decision of when to open. While also allowing you to do some good for the
  102. (4:43:56 PM) Shimmer: world."
  103. (4:44:12 PM) ***Arcadia shudders at the mention of old Canterlot, and the feelings that she'd shared among her sisters as those fated few entered that Cloud-infested ruin, going silent despite the power of Unity.
  104. (4:46:09 PM) AC[GM]: "Six months ago, I would have fully supported any measure that would have kept our mission going as long as it took for the world to be ready," he seems to be speaking to them all as a group, including the Doctor and the Policestallion, "The situation has changed, however."
  105. (4:46:45 PM) AC[GM]: "Remnants of the old government's hardliners survive," he grunts, "Given how hard it is to kill roaches we shouldn't be surprised."
  106. (4:47:31 PM) Nessa: "Are you speaking of the Grand Pegasus Enclave?" Nessa asks.
  107. (4:49:02 PM) Green: "What sort of old government? It's not like Celestia can be put back on the throne.."
  108. (4:51:32 PM) AC[GM]: "That was never their intent, either," he snaps
  109. (4:51:42 PM) ***Green giggles. "You have someone proclaiming themselves for the dukedom of Whinnyappolis?"
  110. (4:53:03 PM) AC[GM]: "The pegasai have always pursued their own interests above the nation's harmony, and even now, with the world slowly dying, they pursue dreams of power and avarice," he glares at Green, "When you return, you may tell your employer whatever you like, so long as you add this; we will not sell anything to outsiders nor will visitors be welcome in the future."
  111. (4:54:25 PM) Shimmer: "Is there any way that we can disuade you?" She asks softly. "There is much that we can do for each other..."
  112. (4:55:18 PM) Nessa: "Despite my companion's poor choice of phrasing, we may actually be of some use," Nessa says levelly.
  113. (4:57:31 PM) ***Arcadia frowns. "So you'll doom your installation to sterility via inbreeding... Or create a place that, should a new virus come inside, one you haven't encountered before and can't neutralize... Would likely spell extinction within here. Or you could all turn to cybernetic enhancement, possibly changing every living pony here into some form of robotic brain in a jar..." She says slowly, eyes flicking back and forth as she works through
  114. (4:57:31 PM) ***Arcadia every outcome that she could think of. "Without either opening up for trade or visitation, there isn't any good end to this colony."
  115. (4:58:30 PM) ***Green shrugs and eyes the doctor. "I'd take that offered physical now."
  116. (5:01:11 PM) AC[GM]: The doctor shifts uncomfortably as Arcadia lists doomsday scenarios. The Administrator glares at all of them, "We're already dying. It's a matter of how we die."
  117. (5:01:47 PM) Nessa: "Well that's a rather grim view of things," Nessa says.
  118. (5:02:01 PM) ***Shimmer blinks and then chuckles a bit as Nessa points out how her words might have been taken. "If you allow controlled emigration you'd be capable of surviving while maintaining the control you desire."
  119. (5:02:07 PM) Green: "Fishbowl mausoleum. Here rests a stallion of principles."
  120. (5:02:33 PM) Nessa: "More like, 'here lies a dream with a knife at its throat'," Nessa says to Green.
  121. (5:02:50 PM) Nessa: "What exactly is wrong?"
  122. (5:04:38 PM) ***Arcadia stares level at the Administrator. "Or you could survive. You have options, most are grim... But it's possible to survive, to do good things. Yes, there will be pains as the world works through the changes that you will bring, and they may bring ruin to some... But the world needs this as much as you do. Out there? It's a husk. A dead world with most ponies living with dead hearts... But there's always hope, a light within the
  123. (5:04:38 PM) ***Arcadia darkness that currently covers our land. But the question is... Are you capable of being the light for this part of the land?"
  124. (5:05:06 PM) ***Green eyes Nessa. "I dunno. Did you come here to be lectured? He's obviously made up his mind long before we got invited."
  125. (5:06:00 PM) Nessa: "Have you gals not been listening?" Nessa says. "Up until now, he was ready to take whatever measures would've been necessary to ensure the survival of the WXC and its mission."
  126. (5:06:22 PM) AC[GM]: "What's wrong is the Enclave has no intention of allowing this much old world technology to stay outside their sphere of influence," he says, "It's well and good to speak of light and difficulty, but you haven't seen any of the labs, or the vaults. If the Enclave secures this city for their own use the world will no doubt be a much brighter, fertile place, under the omniprescent wings of the Grand Pegasus Enclave."
  127. (5:07:10 PM) Nessa: "See? There. He said they were under threat, and of course it's the usual suspect!" Nessa scoffs.
  128. (5:08:25 PM) Nessa: "Enclave's been scouting this place for months, searching for vulnerabilities and obtaining materiel from the nearby military installations," Nessa says
  129. (5:08:51 PM) Nessa: "We saw the evidence ourselves, after all," Nessa says to them.
  130. (5:09:05 PM) ***Shimmer blinks and realizes Nessa had a point!
  131. (5:10:02 PM) Green: "I did hear him Nessa. Boasting about how his fishbowl was untainted by government and no schools to teach their kids about our shared history as Equestrians. All that's left is to say theres no hearts warming eve here either."
  132. (5:10:42 PM) Nessa: "Oh my god, mare, how dense is that troglodytic skull of yours?" Nessa snaps at Green.
  133. (5:11:30 PM) ***Green flinches back at Nessa's remark and hides behind Shimmer.
  134. (5:11:43 PM) Nessa: "He's saying the WXC is a vision of what Equestria was before the threat of military annihilation made it contort itself into the military machine whose carcass we all feed off of," Nessa hisses.
  135. (5:12:40 PM) Shimmer: "You know..." Shimmer says quietly. "Perhaps there is something that can be done with that. Two Gears has many mercenary contracts that might be called upon to come to the defense of your town...if you would prefer to not side with the Enclave." She says quiely. "Many of which would be willing to work without questioning just what is inside the dome that they
  136. (5:12:45 PM) Nessa: "I will say this: I believe you," Nessa addresses the Administrator. "Or, I'd like to. And I'd like to help, because I'll be damned -- thrust in the earth or stabbed in the back -- before I let the Enclave kill one more mare or stallion who doesn't deserve it."
  137. (5:12:45 PM) Shimmer: are protecting"
  138. (5:13:44 PM) Arcadia: "Do you have much information of the wasteland near Canterlot's old ruins? From the lands around Appleloosa and Maripony? Do you know the fate of the slaver legions?" She says, standing up to her full height. "I have doubts that whatever Enclave presence you're currently under is truly as large as it seems. I've personally seen a single Vertibuck and a few soldiers, all of them dead." She grows a little louder, a little more bold. "I'm not
  139. (5:13:44 PM) Arcadia: going to negotiate with a group who supposedly has grand amounts of technology from the old world, yet is afraid of what's basically amounted to a raiding and scouting party from an overextended military presence in the throws of a civil war." She snorts, ruffling her wings. "I can see that our time is likely a waste here. Unless, of course, you're willing to fight from the freedom to be what your vision was meant to."
  140. (5:17:23 PM) ***Green whispers to Shimmer. "Those mercs would have to pass the herds, and they won't give another golden ticket to let such huge numbers of mercs through."
  141. (5:19:25 PM) Nessa: "The Enclave is still a very real threat," Nessa says. "They are not invincible, but they are still formidable."
  142. (5:21:03 PM) Shimmer: "A fair point." sshimmer frowns. "Perhaps...we could negotiate with those herds..."
  143. (5:24:23 PM) Green: "You saw how they operate. It's not like we can send out a smoke signal somewhere and have a big meeting with all the herds. If only these fishbowl ponies would hand out their science and weapons. Then everyone would be happy."
  144. (5:28:14 PM) ***Shimmer frowns a bit. "If...I may suggest. Arcadia would you be so kind as to escort Green to the doctor's office...I realize it might be the best for her to get her checkup before we make ourselves unwelcome." She smiles politely
  145. (5:29:29 PM) Shimmer: "and I am sure the administrator would appreciate a slightly more smaller presentation from our camp."
  146. (5:29:48 PM) AC[GM]: "You all have had your say," the stallion says; his voice thunders despite the lack of volume or intonation, it seems as if he's had plenty of practice being heard over large groups of constantly talking ponies.
  147. (5:30:42 PM) ***Arcadia frowns a little. "I feel like you're just wanting me and her out of the way, but you have a point... I've made my arguments, so I shall escort our friend."
  148. (5:31:48 PM) AC[GM]: "You have said much and offered very little of value to us," he says icily, "My directions stand; leave. Tell your employer we have nothing to sell or trade with him, or anypony else. You are, of course, free to rest and use our medical facilities, and depart tomorrow morning."
  149. (5:32:01 PM) ***Green straigtens up as if a soldier on parade as the commanding voice of the administrator reaches her ears.
  150. (5:34:49 PM) ***Shimmer remains seated...she was a queen...if one without a hive. She wasn't really easily cowed into obedience. "I am actually sadly afraid I have said really quite little." She says sadly. "If you will allow us a little bit longer perhaps we can work building a bridge to a better future before we risk burning the few we have remaining."
  151. (5:36:47 PM) ***Arcadia gives the administrator no more of her attention, instead glancing towards the doctor momentarily before closing her eyes and letting her mind stretch and spread out, with only the glimmer of magic on her horn a sign of her intentions
  152. (5:37:57 PM) Nessa: "Tch. How about information on the strongholds of this enemy of yours," Nessa says, reaching to unbuckle her saddlebag.
  153. (5:38:33 PM) Nessa: "Or at least on their recent movements..."
  154. (5:43:28 PM) AC[GM]: "You're welcome to it. The Enclave is all of our enemies," he says, "Have the Corporal take you to see Major Candle for a copy of our inteligence reports."
  155. (5:44:21 PM) AC[GM]: "The rest of you are free to go."
  156. (5:45:21 PM) Arcadia: "If I could, I'd like to ask my question first."
  157. (5:45:40 PM) ***Green relaxes and blushes faintly as she breaks from her military posture.
  158. (5:46:14 PM) Nessa: "Mm," Nessa says, looking to the good Corporal.
  159. (5:46:15 PM) Shimmer: "Free to go." She nods. "I would chose to stay." She admits. "I too have questions...namely. We've suggested many things you mght want...but you haven't offered us anything you mght want." She points out politely.
  160. (5:49:21 PM) Nessa: "Corporal Cinch," Nessa addresses him as she gets up and walks over.
  161. (5:50:09 PM) ***Green pats Shimmer on the back before purposefully striding towards the doctor in the room.
  162. (5:50:26 PM) AC[GM]: Dr. Cloudburst waves at Green!
  163. (5:50:43 PM) AC[GM]: "Miss," he replies, gesturing to the door, "If you'll follow me."
  164. (5:50:47 PM) ***Shimmer smiles a bit. She was relievde that Green was taking her true form in stride well.
  165. (5:51:21 PM) ***Green gets a childlike grin on her face as she enthusiastically waves back at Dr. Cloudburst and bounces through the door.
  166. (5:51:27 PM) Nessa: "Gladly," Nessa says neutrally.
  167. (5:52:03 PM) ***Arcadia sends a small tendril of thought after Green. 'Keep me in the loop, please? You just need to think your words to me, I'll hear them.'
  168. (5:53:10 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator seems to be waiting for whatever it is Arcadia has to say.
  169. (5:53:52 PM) ***Green thinks back an affermative at Arcadia and then she thinks that theres no way to know that Arcadia heard her.
  170. (5:54:42 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa is lead back towards the elevator that brought her up to this level.
  171. (5:54:59 PM) ***Arcadia shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I wandered again. I just... I was wondering if, with all your supposedly amazing old-world technology, you could help my kind. You see, we're in a similar situation as your complex here... We're dying out. So far, no created alicorn is male."
  172. (5:55:30 PM) ***Nessa walks along.
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