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Evidence of deliberate exclusion of voters from 2016 EU refe

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  1. Evidence of deliberate exclusion of voters from 2016 EU referendum
  3. There is evidence in Hansard of a deliberate strategy to prevent groups that were thought to be likely to vote Remain being allowed to vote.
  4. It is now clear that the people organizing the referendum were very calculating to exclude any groups that they thought would support Remain. Including the 3 groups totaling some 6 million:
  5. 1) 16-17 year olds,
  6. 2) EU citizens in the UK (who are allowed to vote in local elections but were blocked out from voting in the 2016 referendum)
  7. 3) UK citizens living in EU countries (outside the UK).
  8. The evidence for this is right there in official Hansard documentation. I find it quite shocking that this was attempted as it reveals the lack of integrity, the dishonesty, and the corruption of those involved.
  9. Here is an example someone found after hours of searching through Hansard
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. "Lord Hamilton of Epsom (Lords debate 18.11.2015 - indicates the hostile attitude of a pro-leaver to the concept that we might allow British citizens to vote for their best interests)
  12. All the time, we seem to be trying to change the existing electoral register in favour of those who are more likely to vote to stay in than they are to leave. This is quite clearly changing the whole thing in favour of those who want to stay in the EU. I do not know why the noble Lord actually denies this. Does he really think that people living in the EU for more than 15 years will vote to come out? It is extremely unlikely. He knows that as well as anybody else. We have established that there is an electoral register and now we are starting to mess about with it. Once it includes the 16 and 17 year-olds, ​a whole host of other people can be put in. That moves totally away from the original register on which we were having this referendum.
  13. If everybody wants to hold a referendum in this country which is narrowly won by those who say we should stay in the EU when there is all the gerrymandering that has been going on, do noble Lords really think that that decision will be accepted by the country when it is obvious that the whole thing has been slewed in favour of those who want to stay in the EU?" - Earlier in the debate there's referral to 'Committee' - I think this is may be a commons debate but I can't find it at present
  14. Link: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Lords/2015-11-18/debates/15111858000643/EuropeanUnionReferendumBill?fbclid=IwAR0Zn4EqkJkyMU6EJDZoWsaV1OP5eZic903BG0jfxZzqe2Rmq2glriKLjv0#contribution-15111860000008
  16. These two Commons debates are the only ones that I've found that mention the expat vote. The relevant amendment is number 52. It isn't debated much in the first Hansard as a huge amount of time is spent on the questions of 16/17 year olds voting and the European residents inability to vote. The expat question wasn't voted on here. In the second debate, Mike Gapes who was championing it seems to have just given up...
  17. Link: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2015-06-18/debates/15061885000001/EuropeanUnionReferendumBill?highlight=15%20years&fbclid=IwAR2kQv5Zueh1nx6v31lwSwSaKSLTbtdLZU76ou0g7WH28tP_azG9PlSuKao#contribution-15061885000644
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