Dadonequus Discord Part 178

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  1. "I...don't know..I...ergh"
  2. >Your mind was mostly a blank
  3. "I....don't remember anything after Chrysalis helped me. She....she...err..."
  4. >Discord shaped himself like an L, sitting in mid air as he gazes at you "Take your time Anon, though I could give you a knock on the head if you need some help remembering"
  5. >..yeah no, that probably meant him taking a hammer to your fucking skull..
  6. "...I remember...that she helped me with my feelings for Diamond's weird actually. I remember being very happy with what she told me..."
  7. >"Now that is unbelievable"
  8. "huh?'s because she's a villain right?"
  9. >Discord shook his head "No, it's because you're too much of a wimp when it comes to girls. I'd have expected you to reject all of her advice. Whether it be good or not."
  10. >....ugh...but that's how you remembered it....then...blank.
  11. "Yeah well, apparently she's really good at relationships. I should have known though. She's manipulated ponies for who knows how long...but the problem is I don't remember anything between that and you showing up...maybe I'm just tired...I did have a rough day.."
  12. >Discord nodded, then slowly shifted his eyes towards your pillow "Well, I wouldn't know how your day has been, but as for what happened between then and now. I'd think your pillow would remember it very well though....poor thing..."
  13. >Wut?
  14. >You look over at your pillow, and then your eyes go wide...holy crap. It looked stained,milky, and beaten.
  16. "W-what did I do?! That's not......oh god...."
  17. >Discord snickered as he moved in for a closer look "It is....Anon, I swear to all things chaotic, if that thing bears me grandchildren I'm going to kick you out of the house. I already have to feed two million mouths, I can't possibly feed one more."
  18. >You scootch away from your pillow. oh lordie...what the hell have you been doing? And to what? for why?
  19. "...I couldn't have done that. I-I don't even remember humping my pillow.."
  20. >"Well you were, but that's fine. We can burn it later. So...are you ready for my review now?" Discord dons a tophat and monocle "I promise every word that comes out of my mouth will be of the highest of class, something to be appreciated and adored."
  21. >you were still bugging out that you actually jizzed all over your pillow. And the amount of jizz itself was startling, you didn't know...or even felt you could produce so much.
  22. "Wait! shouldn't we figure out what happened? Or do ponies just suddenly black out and fuck the first thing they see. I'm serious, I don't remember doing this!"
  23. >"Oh relax Anon, sheesh. You act like I'm going to punish you or something. I don't even care..." Discord pulls out a bundle of sheets of paper and puts them together like a transcript "Now...are you ready or not?"
  24. "Discord...isn't it late to be telling me your review for four hours? Also....I'd kind of like an explanation for know..."
  25. >Discord removed his monocle, and looked at you, annoyed "Anon...when a colt likes his pillow very much. Two things can happen...either you fall asleep on it, or...that. There used to be only one thing but you set a new standard in degeneracy" He claps slowly, still looking annoyed, and speaks in an unamused fashion "hurrah....yippee.....and review."
  26. >...goddammit!
  27. "Screw the review! This is serious! I don't remember doing this to my pillow. Now do you have an actual explanation or not. This could be really important!"
  29. >Discord sighed at you. But as he released his breath, a fun and sinister idea went into his head. And then he looked at you with a slick smile. "...are you sure you want the real answer?"
  30. >You nod, wanting to know over anything else
  31. "Yes, I do"
  32. >"Aaaaarree you suuuureee?"
  33. "Yes already, come on Discord...please."
  34. >You look at him with desperate eyes, wanting to know. It scared you even. You never thought you'd do something overly sexual and then forget about it. What if the pillow was Diamond Tiara? Oh god....was your repressed mind blacking you out and turning you into a sex fiend?
  35. >"Alright...." Discord reaches over and taps your head, causing your mind to warp. Discord didn't worry too much about the resistance to chaos you did have. As long as he maintained the chaos surrounding the change in your mind. You be locked into being...Discord'd.
  36. "..Oh my....this place looks very nice.."
  37. >You get up, and look around, your mind was now changed by the power of chaos. Discord could warp it in two ways. Either make you into a brave super asshole who takes no shit from anyone. or a super wimp, who does whatever someone says without question...he chose the latter.
  38. >You smile happily as you look at your pillow
  39. "Joy! a dirty pillow for me to clean, though. I'll have to go to Ponyville to get the cleaning materials I are you my adoptive father of mine? Isn't it a nice evening to clean a pillow?"
  40. >Discord groaned....this was a little too much. But he did have a reason to do this to you. He held up a cute blue dress that he poofed out of thin air. "Anon, how do you feel about this dress?"
  41. >You look at it, it looked really pretty. So pretty that you wanted to wear it.
  42. "I absolutely love it! Can I try it on?"
  43. >Discord nodded as he grinned, and passed you the dress as you slipped it on "Of course, only the best dresses for my son. How does it feel?"
  44. "It makes me feel like the prettiest colt in Equestria"
  46. >Discord put his paw and talons together and put them near his head as he found the entire thing adorable "Simply adorable, I've never seen such a cuter colt such as you. You are the cutest and most sissiest colt of them all. How could anypony not fall in love with you"
  47. >You hop about daintily and happily on your bed
  48. "Yay! I love being the cutest and most sissy! No other pony could compare to me! wooooo!"
  49. >Discord reaches over to you again and taps your head as you hop towards him "Well...that's enough that. One could only take so much before it becomes creepy..."
  50. >And then Discord waits a few moments as your mind reverts and returns to you. You groan as you grab your head, your memory once again fragmented and foggy.
  51. "U-ugh...w-what happened now..."
  52. >"Oh...not much. I warped your mind for a little bit. It was...interesting. I didn't expect to peel your mind back that far, but I hope that answered your question on how you traumatized your pillow"
  53. >..what?..what did he mean that answered your, you couldn't have.
  54. "..Are you saying she hypnotized me?...That's impossible, I can easily resist that no problem...Heck, I think with my natural resistance to chaos I got, that you couldn't even warp my mind for too long was I out anyway?"
  55. >"Enough...about a whole two minutes"
  56. "See? Told you. You couldn't even maintain it for two freaking minutes, so theres no way I could be hypnotized by her, I resisted it before"
  57. >" think so?" Discord put on a pair of scientific glasses and a lab coat as he pulled down a screen, then produced a pointing stick as a picture of himself and Chrysalis appeared on the screen.
  59. >"Let me explain this scientifically...yes..I sounds like something Twilight would do but I feel you need this lesson. First, there's chaos magic" He points to himself "Yes, you have a resistance...but not an immunity. I can keep you in any state I please as long as you are in my proximity. So don't get too cocky about that....anyway. We then have changeling magic" He points to Chrysalis "There's various stages of changeling magic, the highest tier being held by our very own Chryssie. This includes the ability to twist a pony's love using her powers of hypnotism. The moment you focus your actual love on her, you become hers to do with what she pleases. It's very difficult to escape once she has a firm grasp on you. Which brings me to my third point..."
  60. >He slaps the screen, turning it into a mirror. But you're looking at him, confused as to what the third thing is while also being a little doubtful on his other points. There's just no way you'd be so easily'd think you'd know when your mind was getting away from you.
  61. "Which is?"
  62. >"Well..just take a look in the mirror Anon, and the rest will be explained"
  63. >hmm...fine then. You shift your focus to the mirror, and saw yourself....happily waving at you...and wait..why was he in a dress..or you in a dress...or....eghh..
  64. "What's going on here? Is that really me? Why am I waving to myself?"
  65. >"I'm waving because it's the polite thing to do. Howdy Anon! I'm Anon, it's very nice to meet you"
  66. >you cringe
  67. "The hell is this?..a joke? I..Don't get it..."
  68. >This didn't seem to have any sort of punchline...was Discord slipping?
  69. >"There's not much to get. I'm your positive side. I exist in the happiest parts of your mind. Isn't that great?"
  70. "...errr...yeah..but why are you in a dress?"
  71. >Your mirror self giggles "Oh that's easy to answer silly, that's because I put it on when Discord brought me out. Doesn't it make us look adorable?"
  72. >wut?
  74. >You take the time to look down at yourself. You were a dress
  75. "What?! no way?! h-how?!"
  76. >As you quickly take off the dress, Discord laughs as he poofs away the mirror,glasses, and lab coat. "Haha! Now that was worth it. I can see it in your eyes Anon, you now know you aren't MINDFUL as you think you are, Nahahahahahaha!"
  77. >, goddammit. You were sure with a strong mind and steel like fortitude that you'd not only be able to resist but also completely notice if you were being mind raped.....guess not.
  78. >You manage to get the dress off as you look down at it, then at your pillow again. You didn't like the situation at all.
  79. "...Discord this isn't funny. How many times have you done this to me? Or her...I can't even remember when it actually happened. This could have been my fiftieth time for all I know...n-ngh"
  80. >"Oh relax Anon" Discord chuckles "This would be the first time both her and I have done this to you"
  81. > needed his absolute word. You felt terrified that it was more than that. That had to be how Chrysalis did it. You remembered that you agreed with her, you must have been so agreeable that she was able to take your mind. Not once did you fight her on anything. And if you don't realized you must have left yourself vulnerable.
  82. "No, I won't relax! Tell me the truth. How many times has this happened?"
  83. >Discord sighed "Such a killjoy...I promise you this is the first time, the same for our insect mare as well. There isn't much point for me to warp your mind anyway.There's only so many times "I don't remember doing this" can be so funny. Now, anything else you're worried about?"
  84. >.......Hopefully you could believe him. You thought you probably could. Discord, for all things considered. Could be nice and truthful when it mattered. For you to be suspicious of him at every turn was overdoing it at this point.You'd just have to try to get over it, and be VERY wary of Chrysalis.
  86. >Although, even if you were to be wary. You couldn't outright distrust her either. With her help, you actually felt more confident that you could handle DT better. Hell, you were actually a little anxious to see her again. You felt that if you gave things a better might actually be completely happy with her company. As for her hypnotizing you. She either did it to feed, or as a joke. You'd have to let that slide and be of good humor. You still had a mission to do.
  87. >And as for anything else bothering you...there was one thing.
  88. " see, I kind of ran into Twilight today and..."
  90. "...She kinda wants me to stay at her castle for an entire week.."
  91. >Discord acted in a way you didn't expect. He didn't complain, he didn't smirk, he didn't scheme. He went silent, his could tell...had genuine concern.
  92. >"....why?" Discord said, with no bells and whistles attached.
  93. "...well, it's actually a little bit of a story."
  94. >Discord magically pulled up a chair and sat down, tapping his paws and talons together patiently. "I have the time....go on"
  95. > wondered what he was thinking. Was he worried about something? About you?
  96. " kinda started.."
  97. >You explain to him the details, from the start of your day with Fluttershy to right before visiting the riches.
  98. >Discord sat there, pondering, scratching his claws along the arm of the chair. "....And Fluttershy would want this to happen I hearing that right?"
  99. >You nod
  100. "Yeah...Discord, what's up? You don't usually act so serious."
  101. >"I don't like it. I don't care what our dear Celestia says, and I don't even care that Twilight is my friend...I don't like this idea"
  102. >.Was he afraid she'd try to seal you again? At this point, even you felt that you knew there was no chance for that to happen.
  103. "Discord, I highly doubt she's going to send me to Tartarus. She was pretty subdued when I spoke to her. And....I kind of agree with Fluttershy, I think this needs to happen. Twilight is probably going to be in our lives for awhile. Might aswell get in good with her, right?"
  105. >Discord leans back, resting his head on his paw as he lifts and spins his talons at the wrist. "It's not that Anon, it's the fact you'll be stuck with her for a week. Besides it being a maddening experience, you' yourself would find yourself in a bubble of friendship. One that, given Twilight and her friend's track record. Could turn you into a complete goody two shoes. Or even worse, she'll snoop her nose where it doesn't belong and uncover the truth about everything. Then who knows what could happen..." Discord lifts his head up and looks right into your eyes, then sighs. putting his paw on your shoulder. "I could end up losing you"
  106. >Woah...He was really worried about this.
  107. :Discord, it'll be ok. Come on, we're partners remember? That means we're in this together, right? I'm not going to change just because I'm stuck with her. But I really would like to get along with her better, We'll all be better for it, I promise. It should even make her less of a snoop if that's what you're worried about"
  108. >".....You underestimate her."
  109. "..No..I know. I remember when she followed Pinkie due to her Pinkie Sense. Snooping on her to the point of heavy injury. I know how she can be, that's why you shouldn't be too worried. I got a leg up on her."
  110. >Discord looks over to your dresser, he pulled over the family photo and looked over it as he answered "I suppose...I still don't know..Even if Fluttershy like the idea, I simply don't see the point. I'm only looking out for our best interest you know."
  111. >You nod
  112. "I know...hmmmm"
  113. >As you think, you do remember something he really wanted to do...maybe that'd cheer him up?
  114. " about this then. Why don't we go wake up Twilight right now and drop me off? While also bringing up the fact we solved a friendship problem. I bet you her mind will have a meltdown considering how tired she must be, Sound like fun?"
  116. >Discord slowly lowers the picture frame as he eyes you, a small grin growing on his face "Anon....that's a beautiful idea, but..." The hope in his eyes slowly dims. "You'd still be stuck with her for a week after,,,:
  117. >Wow...he didn't want to be apart from you. That had to be it. He didn't even want the chance that you yourself could be "reformed" or found out. You don't know what it was, but you felt a determination build up within you.
  118. >You give Discord a snarky grin
  119. "Hey, don't worry about it. I have my cutie mark in chaos, that means I'm not changing anytime soon. It's destiny. Besides, I know you reaaaaallllyyy wanna get at Twilight with this. Come on, what's a better time than now? We even have an excuse to just barge in on her sleeping. Not a good one, but a great chaotic one. Come on Discord, whaddya say?"
  120. >Discord thinks deeply. He looked into your eyes and saw for himself that determination you felt. He thought back to when he realized Chrysalis hypnotized you. He thought that perhaps you did remember things. But you remembered things differently than how they actually happened. The determination and willingness you had seemed a little out of place...and he liked it. He wouldn't actually thank Chrysalis for it though. Discord always admired your moments of confidence, no matter what caused it. "I say..."
  121. >Discord snaps his talons, immediately transferring you and himself to the front of the castle "Let's make sure a certain princess doesn't get her beauty sleep"
  122. >Woah...that was disorienting. You had to shake your head a little to straighten your sight. It was also fairly dark. The entirety of the town and beyond being lit up by the millions stars in the sky. It was quite beautiful. "Woah..geez, you could have warned me first."
  123. >"Oh come on Anon..." Discord hovers over to the door "You should be ready for everything by now. Speaking of being ready. How should we approach this?"
  125. "How about we just trade off between the story? Twilight might not believe it if you tell it all yourself."
  126. >"Ahhh...very good. I like that..Ahh, my dear sweet little Princess" Discord taps the door very gently with his paw "It's time for a very rude awakening....Discord's grin grew evil as he put slight pressure on the door "Anon, you may want to stand back"
  127. >....uh oh...
  128. >You step back as you can see a ripple go through the door, like distorted reality. After a few moments, the entire castle rings out like a bomb. Followed by the screams of both Twilight and Spike. Geez, you could feel the force from here.
  129. >"And now we wait..."
  130. >Oh man...she was gonna be pissed as fuck. You actually wanted to see this go down. This was probably the last time you could get any sort of backsies on her. So you had to make it count. And Discord started things off quite well.
  131. "You think her mind might blow from this?"
  132. >Discord snickers "I think her entire head will blow up from this. Twilight absolutely hates conundrums, she'd never be able to theorize why I'd ever stick my neck out for a random pony. It's absolutely perfect."
  133. >Oh man, this was gonna be pretty sweet.
  134. >Finally, the front doors of the castle open up. Revealing a frazzle maned Twilight, her eyes red. She looked pretty pissy.
  135. >She looked up at Discord, not even noticing you and huffed. "Discord......this better be good" she growled.
  136. >"Oh my, did I wake you? Terribly sorry Princess Twilight. But I'm here to drop off Anon to your care." He points to you, and you look over to Twilight and wave with a big grin on your face.
  137. >Twilight's gaze never leaves Discord "...And you waited until this time of night....why?"
  138. >"Oh? no, I didn't wait. I came here as soon as I found out. I thought you might appreciate a quick and steadfast response."
  139. >Twilight raised an eyebrow at him "Steadfast?"
  140. "Yeah, he erm...agreed pretty quick to this. Like, immediately after I told him"
  142. >Twilight could feel her suspicious nature begin to flare up already. And at this point. She didn't care..she was too tired to think properly. "He did?....." Twilight then looks upon you "And why are you up so late anyway? Shouldn't you be asleep?"
  143. >You shrug...yikes
  144. "I was worried about Dad, he hadn't come home yet...."
  145. >You make a frowny face at her. a cute little frowny face.
  146. >Twilight makes a noticable tinge of regret on her face. And immediatly backs off. "O-oh..I....I didn't realize you....never mind. Hmmm...sorry..I...just....well..." She thought of her words as carefully as she could. She could berate Discord for the way he woke her up couldn't. Not at this moment. "I'll....take him in. I already had a bed set up for him...Just in case" She yawns, she looked dead tired.
  147. >"Oh thank you Twilight.." Discord gently encircles himself around her and rubs his paw under her chin before rubbing up her cheek with a single digit. "From my understanding, this is for the good of the relationship between you and Anon. That's sooooo good. In fact, I'd like to tell you something that might do your sweet little heart some good."
  148. >Twilight leaned her head away before teleporting a few feet away to get away from his inappropriate touching. She started to wobble after teleporting.She was super tired. ".......Discord...Can't it wait til tomorrow?.....please?"
  149. >"Ahh but Twilight, this is a very special "Something"...for you see" Discord's grin became toothy and twisted. "I, with the help of my son, have solved a friendship problem"
  150. >Twilight stops, and has all her focus on Discord. All of it. "...What do you mean "You solved a friendship problem" ?" She feared the worse.
  151. "Just as Dad said. We saved an entire family from being destroyed . We did it with the magic of friendship."
  152. >"What?..." Twilight looks at you, then back at Discord "Is..this a joke? It's a joke right?" Twilight looked around "There's a water bucket somewhere right?"
  154. >"Oh Twilight, if you're think we're lying. Then you'd be wrong, even moreso to disbelieve my son." Discord glides over to you and gives you a gentle headscratch on the head, then a few pats. "I don't think he's ever lied to you, only withheld some information that he swore to withhold."
  155. >"He....hasn't...B-but. Which pony? Do I know them? What exactly happened?"
  156. >You and Discord go into detail of EXACTLY what happened. Describing Spoiled Rich and her mannerisms. Twilight seemed to have known her reputation, and she looked more astonished and puzzled with every word. The only thing changed in the story was that it was now all of Discord's idea due to the fact that he wanted to help you and Diamond as it was his civil duty to try to make Equestria a better place for all.
  157. >"And so, with that. I saved the Rich family, Anon, and the friendship and love between them all. and...oh my.." Discord slapped the side of his face with paw as he looked blankly with surprise "That is quite a feat! ohhhh, I...I can't think of a moment where even you..Twilight...has managed to save an entire family's friendship...through natural means of course. My my..oh on this scale...I don't know what to think..." Discord looks over to her with a grin "What do you think?"
  158. >But oddly enough. Twilight didn't have a meltdown. She didn't explode. She didn't go trying to figure things out. You move in for support.
  159. "Isn't that wild ,Twilight?...right?"
  160. >Twilight shakes her head, and smiles "Not at all, I almost thought this was impossible....But I had a lot of time to think things through thanks to Princess Celestia's advice. And I actually understand exactly why you did this Discord."
  161. >Discord looked confused, and disarmed. "W-what? What do you mean you understand?"
  162. >yeah what the fuck? There's no fucking way...
  164. >Twilight smiled a happy, near ignorant smile. "Yeah. I didn't realize it at first, but I see now that my seven hour seminar actually did sink in. You adopt a colt to give him a new and happy life and now you went off on your own to show that you could in fact change and do good...Discord..." Twilight nearly tears up, and gives Discord the biggest smile she could. She saw hope and good in Discord. "I'm proud of you...I knew you could do it"
  165. >The moment she said that,Discord shriveled up like a prune, stiffened, and fell over "i....can't...breath...."
  166. >Oh shit!
  167. >You rush up to him, and worry. He got the complete opposite reaction out of Twilight.
  168. "D-dad, you alright?"
  169. >Twilight also steps up to him, utterly confused. "Discord? I hope I didn't make you nervous or anything, I know you like your reputation but I really do think you did a good job by taking my advice to heart."
  170. >With those words. Discord shriveled up so hard he lost color, turned to dust, and blew away in the cool breeze.
  171. >...oh good lord, Twilight was taking the fucking credit for what you and Discord did. You completely fucking forgot that before you were adopted that he had to sit through a seminar of some sort. His old explanation was out of mind at this point. Well, what a disgusting reminder. Nobody could have seen this coming.
  172. >Twilight looked to you with worry. "A-anon, I didn't hurt his pride did I? ohhhh Discord.." Twilight sighed "I know you enjoy your chaos, but you really did do a good job. I'm glad I was able to help you truly accept the magic of Friendship..."
  173. > wanted to your hope for the week dropped.
  174. >...poor Discord. You now felt really sorry for him, wherever he blew off to.
  175. >Twilight then turned to you as she rubbed one of her tired eyes, yawning again. "Anon..are you alright? You know he'll be ok right?"
  177. >You force a nod, you knew he'd be ok. If anything, Fluttershy would be there for him. But fucking still...he looked so forward to sending Twilight up the wall with that one. You didn't think that seminar would ever be was clear he never did.
  178. >You sigh, and nod.
  179. "Yeah...he just isn't used to that kind of praise.."
  180. >You mumble to yourself...dammit Twilight.
  181. >"I know, but you'll see. He''ll get better at it for sure. I never thought I'd see it so soon though. I'm just glad he's finally learning and understanding the harmony of friendship and love. Good for him." Twilight lets out yet another tired yawn. "Come on.." Twilight gives you a gentle headrub "Let's go inside and get you ready for bed, huh?"
  182. >....Dammit, she didn't even take the fact that he turned to dust too seriously. Well, maybe she didn't because Discord doing anything was something she was getting more and more used to. And with the belief that he's bettering himself. She clearly thought that he somehow wanted to retain his rep despite his increase in good deeds. Twilight thought eventually he'd get over it.
  183. >But what were you going to do? You knew he'd be ok. You knew, if anything, that Fluttershy would help him. You also didn't have the capability to tell Twilight anything to get her to react. Well, unless you told her your secrets...something you didn't plan on doing.
  184. >"Anon? don't need to worry. He's probably just cooling off somewhere" Twilight had a giggle "It's actually kind of cute he reacted like that. But, he's just going to have to get used to it. Anyway...he'll be all right"
  185. >Right....
  186. "Yeah...I know..ok..."
  187. >You resign yourself from the ruse. There was no point now. You nod to Twilight, and follow her back into the castle. Discord has been surprised by ponies before and he's done ok. He'll do it again....still..poor..poor Discord.
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