Adrian of Chum

Jun 17th, 2014
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  1. Name: Adrian
  2. Alignment: Neutral Good
  3. Race: Half-Elf
  4. Class: Mage
  5. Gender: Male
  6. Hair: Black
  7. Eyes: Green
  8. Size: Medium
  9. Age: 16
  10. Height: 5'0''
  11. Weight: 170 lbs.
  12. Experience: 0
  13. Level: 2
  15. Hit Points: 14
  16. Hit Dice: 2d6
  17. Initiative: +1
  18. Speed: 30 feet
  19. Languages: Human, Elf, Dwarvish
  20. Vision: Low-light vision
  21. AC: 11
  22. Coinage: 8 copper, 32 silver, 20 Electrum, 10 gold
  24. COMMUNITY Coinage: 193 GP, 5 SP, 8 Pearls (40GP)
  26. Attributes: (+1)
  27. STR: 15 (+2)
  28. DEX: 12 (+1)
  29. CON: 14 (+2)
  30. INT: 8 (-1)
  31. WIS: 11 (+0)
  32. CHA: 16 (+3)
  34. Class Features:
  35. Wizardry
  37. Racial Traits:
  38. Keen Senses (advantage on Perception rolls)
  39. Fey Ancestry (advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic cannot put me to sleep)
  41. Weapon Attacks:
  42. Iron Pot 1d8+2 Bludgeoning
  43. Darts 1d4+2 Piercing
  45. Spell Attacks:
  46. Magic Missile 3 x 1d4+1
  48. Spells:
  49. -Cantrips: Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Firebolt
  50. -Level 1: Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield, Burning Hands
  52. School of Enchantment:
  53. -Enemies have disadvantage to melee within 10 feet
  55. Proficiencies (+2)
  56. -Armor:
  57. -Weapons: Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
  58. -Tools: Navigator's Tools, Musical Instrument (lute), Gaming Set
  59. -Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
  61. Skills: Arcana, Persuasion, Performance, Athletics
  63. Equipment:
  64. Clothes, Common (3 lbs.)
  65. 30 Darts (30 lbs.)
  66. Pot, Iron (10 lbs.)
  67. Abadar, the Goblin-Knife (magic shortsword)
  68. Magic Staff
  71. Backpack (2 lbs.)
  72. -Blanket (3 lbs.)
  73. -Clothes, Common (3 lbs.)
  74. -Gaming set (.5 lbs.)
  75. -Healer's Kit (1 lbs.)
  76. -Hempen Rope 50 ft.(10 lbs.)
  77. -Mess Kit (1 lb)
  78. -Navigator Tools (2 lb)
  79. -Rations x10 (10 lbs.)
  80. -Spellbook (3 lb)
  81. Bedroll (5 lbs.)
  82. Component Pouch (2 lbs.)
  83. Lute (3 lbs)
  84. Waterskin (4 lb)
  86. 25 potions (all unknown, 11 of them red)
  88. Treasure:
  90. Feats:
  92. Appearance: Short, rotund young man with curly black hair of medium length, with pointed ears and green eyes. Carries around a backpack with all of his supplies plus a component pouch he adorns around his waste, a small lute attached to the backpack, and his trusty iron pot for cooking. Somewhat baby faced and a little chubbier than most. Clothes are of human make, sturdy red cloth tunic covered by a leather vest (tears off pieces of this leather to use for his Mage Armor spell) and blue pants covering most of his boots.
  94. Backstory: Once upon a time, an elven sorceress by the name of Lia found herself lost at sea, rescued by a chance fishing boat passing through the area. Taken aboard, the human crew's bumbling oaf of a chef, Samwise, mixed her up a delicious clam chowder stew... which he promptly spilled over the lady, ruining both her hair and dress. Not a glorious first meeting, but Adrian's parents insist that it was the start of a glorious, and frankly hilarious, courtship that brought the two together.
  96. Adrian was born in a human port town known as Chum, where his mother moved to raise him due to the stigma of human-elven relations back home. It turned out to be a good decision, as not only was Adrian's elven blood would be accepted: it was celebrated! Lia found herself a celebrity in a land where elves were cherished by the human populace, and Adrian found making friends to be an easy feat, leading him to have a very outgoing, personable nature.
  98. As Adrian grew, his mother began to notice him displaying feats of magical talent, a trait she was overwhelmed at seeing him inherit and tried to pursue his potential as a mage. The lad wasn't very skilled: he had managed to gain his father's girth and strength, but also seemed to pick up no small amount of his incompetence in, well, just about everything. Thankfully, he had drive to match, and so tried to live up to his mother's expectations as a mage.
  100. Sadly, it was a reality poor Lia would not live to see. She unfortunately fell ill to a human disease that she had picked up in her time in Chum, and far away from her people's healing magics, passed away one faithful evening. Without his mother to see him through, Adrian's magic stagnated. He never lost his cheery demeanor (his mother called it the greatest kind of magic he had), but he had lost a fair bit of confidence in his abilities as a magic user.
  102. When he came of age (15), his father brought him into the family business, and he learned how to navigate and cook as he spent a few character-building months at sea. But as Adrian felt the winds of the elf lands blowing on a passage through their waters, something inside made him remember his mother and father's swelling pride at his magical abilities. It was time to return to his mother's lands and seek out a new tutor.
  104. He packed up his most precious belongings (a lute, his father's favorite iron pot, a gaming set, a compass, and of course his journal he had kept since his mother's passing, detailing every adventure and lesson he had learned from her so he might never forget it), hugged his daddy and friends goodbye, and set off for Elven lands to find a master to teach him the art of magic. This was a difficult task, as the elves' perception of humans had not increased even slightly over the years. Slammed doors and up-turned noses were all the half-breed was able to get from who knows how many elves he had asked to teach him, and being run out of cities started to become commonplace.
  106. Hope was starting to fade before he finally happened upon his lucky break: he's recently discovered that his mother has a younger sister, across the seas to the western lands where the High Elves originated. Hopeful that family will take him in as a student where other elves have refused, Adrian now boards a boat set for the western world so that he may realize his dream of become the mage his mother was...
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