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  1. ,/town - command help
  2. ,/town help - command help
  3. ,/Town info <name> - brings up information about the town: leader, assistants, members, and town home coordinates for staff
  4. ,/Town create <name> - creates a town under the given name
  5. ,/Town deposit <amount> - deposits money into the town bank
  6. /town withdraw <amount>- ran by leader only, withdraws money from town bank
  7. ,/Town plot claim- claims the chunk player is standing in as part of their town for money amount in config
  8. ,/Town plot unclaim - unclaim the chunk the player is standing in- can only be ran by assistant and leader
  9. ,/Town disband <town>- brings up a confirmation message asking player to run confirm command to delete the town and unclaim all blocks- can only be ran by leader. Admins can run the <town> option
  10. /Town claim forsale <amount>- makes the chunk plot they are standing in for sale, only ran by assistants and leaders
  11. /Town claim notforsale - makes the chunk not sellable anymore, only ran by assistants and leaders
  12. /Town claim - buys a plot for sale so the player can build on it
  13. /Town unclaim - removes player permission from that plot of land and makes it for sale again at original price
  14. /town unclaim remove - unclaims the plot from the town, ran by town leaders and assistants
  15. (When a player walks over a plot of land for sale it will show a message in chat saying price)
  16. /Town addusable <blockID> - adds permission to all town members to interact with the specific block ID in all chunks unclaimed by town members (allow players to access chests for a public town donation chest, town Pokemon healer, etc), Only ran by assistants and leaders. addusable could also be ran without a blockID and just prompt the player to right click the block to add it
  17. /Town adminclaim SafeZone- claims chunk as safezone only admins can build
  18. /Town addusable SafeZone <blockID> - allows a block to be interactable by all players in a safezone (healers, chests, etc)
  19. ,/Town adminunclaim - unclaims any chunk
  20. ,/Town adminbypass - allows an admin to build and such inside any town
  21. /Town rank <name> add/remove assistant - adds the player to become an assistant and allows the player to bypass chunk claims (only ran by town leader)
  22. ,/Town setleader <name> [town] - only ran by leader, transfers leadership to a different player. Admins can run this command to set different leaders of towns if the leader quits, gets banned, etc
  23. /town list - lists all towns
  24. /town sethome - sets the spawn zone for the town, ran by assistants and leaders
  25. /town home - teleports the player to the town spawn
  26. /town map- shows a map in chat for the player of all the towns nearby and the claims
  27. /town rename <newname> - renames the town, ran by leaders
  28. /town invite <name> - invites player to town, ran by leaders and assistants
  29. /town accept <name>- accept invite from town to join the town
  30. /town join <name> - request to join a town
  31. /town accept <playername> - ran by town leaders and assistants to accept a request to join a town by a player
  32. /town autoclaim - ran by assistants and leader to toggle autoclaiming of chunks by walking around
  33. /town adminautoclaim- ran by admins to autoclaim safezone land by walking around
  34. /town chat- toggles town only chat mode
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