Trapped Activity Check [5]

J15UNG5PLU5H13 Nov 26th, 2018 79 Never
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  1. ↳ what do you think your character will steal? and why that?
  2. Plushies and Fancy Clothes because I love them and I can.
  4. ↳ do you trust jungkook, jimin and taehyung? why? Yeah, because why the hell would they want to do somethings bad to some students who could possibly be the only ones alive besides them in Seoul.
  6. ↳ should you bring them (jk, jm & v) along with the class? why?
  7.  Yeah, because in the situation they're in at the moment, they deserve to live.
  9. ↳ hi is this book getting boring please answer with 10000000000000000% honesty and why hhHHHH THANKS
  10. No because it's one of the only moving afs I'm in and it's a really interesting plot tbh even though I'm about to die because I didn't do my shit OML
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