Enslavement RP Guide - By Muncorn

May 8th, 2015
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  1. In Unbound Travels, there are only three types of enslavement, those being: Enslavement Implant (Traitor and other syndicate operatives); Enthral (Vampire); Cortical Borer.
  3. These all work in slightly different ways, each with their own unique touches and ways of working to them, and many people seem not to know these, and thus, a guide was needed.
  6. Enslavement Implant:
  8. These implants were created by the Syndicate organisation, and work by being slid under the skin and into the skull, connecting to the targets brain and controlling their nervous network. The target is still fully aware of their surroundings, and has the ability to act outwith the implants controls, unless one of the laws given, or an order, contradicts. As such, you cannot harm, nor expose, the implanter, but you can certainly show that you are scared, or hurt, but if ordered to loom happy, you will. The bond here is completely unnatural, and as such throughout the enslavement process, you can hate your 'master' for the entire time, with no penalties to such.
  9. On a side note, if the implant is taken out, you immediately lose all knowledge and memory of what happened under it, so act as such.
  12. Enthralment:
  14. Vampires, once accumulated enough blood, can 'enthrall' a target. This involves biting the target, and releasing a small portion of the vampire's own blood and creating a 'blood bond' between them and the target. This is done through the use of the vampire's inner 'magic', and as such has no strict laws. However, you are still bound to the vampire, and as such, cannot expose they are a vampire in any way. However, blood bonds are stronger than any mechnical device, and as such, you and the vampire are connected in a deeper way. This means the bond strengthens over time, allowing the vampire to command tasks with less resistance from the target. Enthralled people cannot become unenthralled in my memory, but if you somehow do, the memories would remain.
  17. Cortical Borers:
  19. Cortical Borers are small wormlike creatures that burrow into the skull of it's target, connecting itself to the brain and assuming control. Whilst the borer does has some control over the target, and full control in parts (But this takes up a lot of energy, so they often don't), the target still retains a lot of free will, and the only thing truly stopping them from revealing they have the borer is that it will eat their brain if they do. As such, acting very scared whilst borer'd is somewhat expected, and it can't do too much about it. The only thing Borer's can control whilst in partial control is basic movement, and even then limited. But, if you are controlled by it from round start, you don't know you have a borer, just that there is a voice in your head threatening to kill you if you don't do what it says, so this can make the impact and control factor more powerful. An accurate description of Borer anatomy can be found here:
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