GBO2 for Dummies V5.1

Dec 31st, 2020
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  1. PCK's Piloting for Dummies guide~
  3. Table of Contents (ctrl f to jump to section):
  4. [A] Environmental Strategy
  5. [A1] Base Bombing
  6. [B] Allies and Teamplay
  7. [C] Personal Play/Skill
  8. [D] Gamemodes
  9. [E] Etc/Misc.
  11. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. - WAYPOINTS ARE FUCKING IMPORTANT. Take Mountain for example:
  15. [Negative IQ players cluster around the side of the cliff, or flank the entrance to the middle ground depending on starting location (while also forgoing capture of the first waypoint). Intelligent players like myself on the other hand will attempt capture of C as soon as possible or stop others from doing so.
  16. This is because either of the 2 first options gives you a very limited amount of visibility, and really only the opportunity to take potshots at the enemy whenever you get a peek of their foot or head (or some idiot who walks into the open.) Taking point C grants you access to a great vantage point that basically covers the whole battlefield.]
  17. - Capturing waypoints works on TF2 rules. Meaning the more pilots ontop of the waypoint, the faster the capture. 3 people can pretty much cap in an instant.
  18. - Learning the environment will also help you out in combat, as you will know how and where to navigate whenever shit goes down. Especially if you're using a stealth or support MS. Take your time in practice mode to learn the ins and outs of every map.
  19. - NEVER let your support capture the first waypoint. You want supports to get into position as soon as they can.
  20. - If your team manages to wipe the enemy team and is moving into enemy territory, capture the waypoint unless you want them to spawn right on top of you. Use the "Capture waypoint!" command to communicate your intent.
  22. - Spawning alone in your MS to prevent enemies from capping your waypoint NEVER works unless your allies are soon to spawn or you have EXAM/are straight godly. Doing so otherwise is just free points for the enemy.
  23. - Learn which of your ms are best suited for each map (while also considering your playstyle). Just because you can take the Guntank into space, doesn't mean you should.
  24. ** That said, don't become obsessed with capturing waypoints that you become a detriment to your team by factor of not being there to support them. Even if you can capture the enemy waypoint, are you for sure it's necessary when the entire enemy team is rushing down yours?
  25. - Don't let enemy pilots alone unless you absolutely have to. They most definitely will attempt to capture your waypoint (or bomb your base), and none of your teammates will do anything about it until it's too late.
  26. ** If you have an MS with funnels, you can use them to locate and kill pilots easily. Even ones hiding between buildings.
  28. >>>Impact Site:
  29. - Impact Site Mountain is the worst map.
  30. - If you're on Impact Site and enemy infantry has captured your middle waypoint, you're better off capturing theirs instead of trying to fight the little bugger. Unless you're on the crashed ship side, then you can actually fire at them with a beam weapon while they're hiding between buildings. Just make sure you're zoomed in.
  31. - Definitely DO try and retake your waypoint if you can though. Otherwise you might just find your entire team being pushed back to base.
  32. - The tail thrusters of the crashed spaceship is a perfect spot for long range snipers, as its provides a wide view of the battleground and is far away enough to retreat to safety before enemies can find and kick your ass.
  33. - Always keep an eye on the debris that litters the map. It's incredibly easy to fire off a shot, only to find you hit a piece of metal sticking out of the ground rather than the enemy.
  34. - Impact Site seems like a small map, but it's actually quite large with regards to the width of the center battleground. Feel free to pick something like a Xamel and park it on the far end of the map, outside of the combat zone.
  36. >>>Port Base:
  37. - If the enemy team manages to capture waypoint D on Port Base, you can bet your ass someone will attempt a base bomb. Keep a constant eye on the map overview whenever you're waiting to respawn.
  38. - While it is optimal to take the center, absolutely take point D if the enemy takes center point first. Approaching from a single waypoint makes your team predictable and easier to deal with.
  39. - Do your best to never fall into the "pit" during battle, which is the low ground surrounding rockets at the center of the map. Being down there makes you fodder for explosives.
  40. ** The falling physics in this game are absolutely broken, so falling off of a pipe can lead you being stuck immobile in the air for ages, with anyone being able to fire at you.
  41. - If you have a camping support on your team near the first waypoint, do your best to lure enemies into their field of view. They'll appreciate the effort, and you'll appreciate their stun.
  42. - If you're a camping support and the fight is clearly taking on the other side of the map, move your ass up.
  43. - If the enemy is in the lead, and is camping near their first waypoint across the gap, don't waste time shooting them from afar. 90% chance you'll lose more people that way since you have to expose yourself to get a good shot. Go for the flank, and make sure to drag the rest of your team with you.
  44. - You'd think the map being so spacious would be perfect for stealth ms. Well you'd be right, so keep an eye on your environment, both near and far.
  46. >>>Port Base (Dawn):
  47. - Pretty much everything that applies to regular Port Base applies here too.
  48. - Once every rocket has launched, the entire map is basically within sight of a sniper. So either take advantage or put up your guard.
  50. >>>Port Base (Flooded):
  51. - Underwater ms are hella fast yo.
  52. - They also invisible to above-ground radar while underwater. (Well all ms are.)
  53. ** Even when you yourself are underwater, your radar's range and view distance is severely limited.
  55. >>>Abandoned City:
  56. - The verticality of this map makes it excellent for supports. If you don't have anyone on your team that can counter-snipe, I can guarantee that you're going to get fucked.
  57. - On the other hand due to the cramped nature of this map, teams with plenty of supports are most definitely going to get fucked as well. Never go all support on this map.
  58. - You see those side roads? If you love stealth ms, you're going to love this map. That said due to simplicity of the map's design, it makes your approach quite predictable. Don't rush to attack. Wait until you're certain they're distracted.
  59. - If someone captures the leftmost waypoint nearest to your base, you can bet your ass that they will try to base bomb, or at the very least flank you constantly. Do your team a favor and recapture that point. Bring someone along if you can.
  61. >>>Ruined City:
  62. - This map is interesting in that it splits up your team at the start of the match. Make it your priority to capture the nearest waypoint, and then regroup with the rest of your team. Abandon anyone who tries to go in solo.
  63. - Never stray too far from your allies! Especially if you're a support. It's very easy to get surrounded and beaten, with all the angles of approach that this map offers.
  64. - Have I said yet by this point in the guide that you should always pay attention to your radar? Well if not, you really want to pay attention to your radar in this map. This map is a flanker's dream when battling an enemy with their blinders on.
  65. - Given the verticality of this map, it's usually best to stay up high on the broken highways. Especially if you're a support. Fighting from the low ground is generally a losing battle.
  66. - This map is generally lousy with stealth ms due to how cluttered it is. Upon realizing that the enemy team has a stealth ms, you should keep in mind to always check your 6 from that point on.
  67. - In contrast to Abandoned City, here you want to stick to the sides of the map when moving as a group rather than traveling through the center. Enemies can only come at you from a few predictable directions, allowing you and your team to better defend yourself or push your attack. (Though you can also only approach them from a few directions as well.)
  69. >>>Tropical Desert:
  70. - Capture both 2 right-side waypoints if you don't manage to capture the center point on your first try. Everything else is a crapshoot.
  71. - Do your team a favor and avoid the temptation to pick a stealth ms. We can generally see you coming from a mile away.
  72. - Lots of supports seem to enjoy sitting on the hill in front of their base, doing nothing but picking off enemies from afar. Do yourself a favor and keep out of their line of sight by staying on the other side of the center hill when fighting the enemy. Your own support will appreciate this as well, as it brings the enemy into THEIR line of sight.
  73. - If the enemy team has captured the hill, you can try to push them off by calling artillery as much as you can, and ordering a charge whenever they back off to avoid the air strike.
  74. - Because supports like to park their ass on the aforementioned hill with their blinders on, they make easy targets for fast moving reds approaching from the side. Always keep an eye on your support to see if he's 10 seconds away from receiving a beating. Or don't. Sometimes I like to see them get their asses kicked, so they'll know not to get tunnel vision so bad in the future.
  75. - As with Port Base if you're playing support and the battle has clearly moved up, move your ass up as well.
  77. >>>Mountain:
  78. - Due to the presence of the tunnel & valley, like Abandoned city this map is a favourite of stealth ms users, as these routes allow them to flank enemies and take out supports while they're busy. Make sure to do a headcount when you first encounter the enemy to confirm they're all present. Otherwise you might just have a Pixie on the other team.
  79. - Make sure you have at least one red that can hit at range or has stealth. Supports on this map often like to sit on some hard to reach spot, and shit artillery allover the map. You're not going to be much help against that kind of setup with something like a Gyan.
  80. - As was stated earlier, capturing Point C is a must.
  82. >>>Jungle:
  83. - I hope you like stealth ms.
  84. - Seriously, watch you back and watch your waypoints.
  85. - Getting out of the water is a bit tricky here with several river walls being too steep to climb. Take your time when exploring the map in training.
  86. - The river's edge is especially steep near each base. Take advantage of that when retreating, and enemies have to cross the river to attack.
  87. - Because of how visually dense this map is, it's incredibly hard to keep track of enemies when your support is out of order. So take good care of them.
  88. - Pick the Eyezack for easymode.
  90. >>>Arctic Base:
  91. - Without fail, every time the match begins, ever player will begin to circle the shuttle like some kinda merry-go-round from hell. Don't fall behind unless you want to get smacked by the entire enemy team.
  92. - Yes, that means don't try to cap the point at the start of the match unless you want to die.
  93. - Your approach completely changes if you're using a stealth ms though. Because the enemy team will blindly race counter-clockwise around the shuttle, you can take advantage of their rush and hide beneath the bridge next to the base craft in order to analyze the enemy team as they come around. Even better if you manage to spot their support trailing behind.
  94. - Because of how small this map is, slow moving supports are essentially walking targets, and are not advised.
  95. - That said they aren't completely unusable in this map. There are several hard-to-reach vantage points that essentially act as sniper perches. Note their position and take advantage when you can. I've had friendly MP Guncannon's work absolute wonders on this map.
  97. >>>Deep Space:
  98. - Most people overlook capturing Point C as they usually go straight into combat mode once everyone meets at the middle. Park your ms in some corner and capture that shit.
  99. - This map is not only huge, but has a huge amount of cover as well. Try not to spend to much time in the open.
  100. - Try not to pick close range ms like the Rick Dom II GH on this map, as the sheer spaciousness of this map makes you an easy target in the open, even with all of the debris floating about. It's also very easy to escape your range again due to the size of this map.
  101. - Also because of how big this map is, you generally want to be piloting whatever ms you have that is both fast and has ambac. Preferably an ms with space affinity.
  102. - Unless you're some kind of super special Lockon-tier sniper, if you pick the Gunner Gundam here, you're a dumbass. Pre-nerf, the Gunner was fine for this map. But now after the nerf, Gunner Gundams are largely useless here.
  104. >>>Research Satellite:
  105. - There is only one waypoint. Make it your life purpose to capture it.
  106. - This shouldn't really need to be said, but remember that since you're in space, you can move in any direction you want. Use that to your advantage when approaching or escaping. Especially with this map in particular thanks to the size of the map's obstacles/asteroids
  107. - Each base has a beam platform that spawns near it in Basic battle. Not super important, but keep that in mind.
  109. >>>Space Fortress:
  110. - This is only map in which I would say supports are totally unnecessary. A team of only blue and reds is perfectly viable.
  111. - This map is pretty much 80% cover. Take advantage of it.
  112. - Get use to going up and down a lot on this map.
  113. - Because of how small this map is, it's very easy to accidentally bump into your allies. But on the other hand it's also very easy to catch a group of enemies all at once, with something like the HiMo Zaku II's Simple Missile Launcher.
  114. - At lower costs this map is Dra-C territory. Get with the program or get shanked.
  116. >Derilict Colony
  117. - I hope you like MOBA's because this is a 3 lane map. (Though with 2 floors.)
  118. - This map has an invisible wall for its floor. Learn to escape horizontally more than vertically on this map.
  119. - This map is the most claustrophobic of them all. Because it's so tight, it's very easy to play as either a stealth ms or one with a fake beacon.
  120. - Also because it's so tight, vertically launching missile weaponry will most likely hit the ceiling or any form of obstacle upon firing, so make sure you have enough clearance.
  121. - Slow supports not recommended.
  123. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  124. [A1] BASE-BOMBING:
  126. - If someone plants a bomb in your base before the 3 minute mark, ignore it. If your team is far enough in the lead to ignore it, ignore it. Otherwise get your ass back there while also spamming the "Back to base!" command to get an ally to help out.
  127. - If you plan on planting at the enemy base, besides checking if you have enough time, don't do things that make your intention obvious to the enemy like capturing waypoints near their base while on your way there.
  128. - If the enemy has their ms parked outside of the base while planting, ignore it. Let an ally take care of it while you attempt to kill the enemy pilot or defuse. If you're alone however, check if its an MS with explosive capabilities. Destroy it if is. Otherwise go straight for the bomb/enemy pilot. The reason for this is that the enemy pilot can easily fly back to their ms and blow you up with a rocket while you're defusing.
  129. - Also make sure the ms parked outside of your base isn't just crouching. You can see its eyes glowing if it's on, and is just pretending to be deactivated.
  130. - Never immediately rush to defuse unless you know the enemy pilot is dead or away.
  131. - It take approximately 2m20s to take the wappa from one base to the other in Impact Site, plant the bomb, and have the bomb successfully detonate.
  132. - It takes approximately 2m10s to take a tank from the rightmost waypoint nearest to base in Abandoned City to the enemy base, plant, and have the bomb explode.
  133. [I suggest any of you do your own experiments regarding how long it takes to plant on any map, or any other action you can think of.]
  134. - Overall I would say the most optimal time to plant is when you have [3 MINUTES] remaining.
  135. - When it comes to bombing in space, there's a spot right above the bomb plant location where you can hide. Most people check the thrusters, so they'll never find you. If you can't find it, well then that's your problem.
  138. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [B] ALLIES and TEAMPLAY:
  141. - ALWAYS pay attention to the commands given by your allies. (Unless the person is just spamming cuz they're assmad)
  143. ** [Supports are incredibly important not just because the squash blues and stun from afar, but because they provide necessary environmental data on opponents. If you've ever fought without a support in space, you'd know it's like fighting with your eyes closed.]
  144. - If an ally comes to help you with an enemy, don't be a dick and abandon them. Finish off the enemy before moving on.
  145. - If an ally is peeking around the corner, don't try to peek around the same corner as well. You're most likely going to get in their way, and get them shot. If you must, move back enough so they still have room to duck back behind the corner.
  146. - If an ally gets the stun on an enemy and is boosting in for the kd, don't be greedy and rush in too. Let them do their melee combo, and then get the baddie while they're laying on their ass. Clashing with your ally will just waste the opportunity made by their stun.
  147. - If both you and an ally are pursuing the same opponent, try not to get in their way and keep your distance. You don't want to shove them out of the way and be the reason why they missed their kill shot.
  148. - If your allied stealth ms is going for a plant or even a waypoint capture, don't fucking follow them. You're just giving them away.
  149. - If your team is cornered, the "sortie together" command becomes incredibly important. Here is also where you need to take the most advantage of your environment to survive. Don't forget you can use the ship as cover.
  150. - If there are multiple allies surrounding a downed enemy, let the closest one get the strike. No point in accidentally knocking down an ally just because you want the points.
  151. - ALSO if there are multiple allies surrounding a standing enemy, stunlock said enemy by hitting them with regular strikes and then boosting/moving away or just zooking them; allowing your ally to keep them stunned longer by coming in and continuing the combo. Repeat til dead.
  152. - PAY ATTENTION TO THE STATUS LOGS ON THE BOTTOM LEFT. Too many times have I been knocked out while defusing by a dumbass teammate with a rocket, because he failed to notice that the enemy pilot was already dead.
  153. - If you see an ally being attacked, either tackle or go for the downswing. Even if you knock your buddy down as a result of the latter, I'm sure they'll appreciate the fact that they're not dead.
  154. - 2 Supports are mandatory for 6v6 matches. Hell, I would say it's good for 5v5 as well.
  155. - There is literally nothing wrong with having more than 1 Raid on your team. An entire team of raids is actually quite terrifying when competent.
  156. - In rated matches, Team composition >>>>>>>> Playing the MS that you want. (Unless you're just really fucking good with that ms in any situation, but that's probably not happening since I assume you just started playing.)
  157. - If your allies are being moronic about team composition in the lobby, you can attempt to trick an ally to change to the desired ms by picking an MS from an undesired class, and then switching to the proper one at the last moment after an ally has changed their MS and before the timer hits 0. Otherwise just leave. Dumbasses ain't worth the hassle.
  158. - Last but not least, you should always stick close to your mates whenever possible. Don't know how many times I need to say this.
  160. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  163. >>>Game Mechanic specific:
  164. - First things first, always read the gameplay mechanic updates that usually are announced each week. Your fav MS can suddenly become your most loathed with a single nerf.
  165. - When it comes to customizing ms parts, you SHOULD build according to either your personal strengths or the strengths of the ms.
  166. ** Thats said strengthening its weaknesses to make a balanced ms is not bad either. Especially if the ms has strong stats as is. (EX: Increasing the turning speed on supports.)
  167. - This is explained in the tutorial, but given the amount of people who skip the tutorial, I'll mention it here in etc. You can repair your ms by parking it right next to the side or front of your base. You basically have to be touching its frame with your ms. You can increase the speed of repair by getting out of your ms and using your welding torch.
  168. - What most people don't know is that you can also REPAIR OTHER PEOPLE'S MS! (including your enemy's.) It also works the same way as waypoints, in which as more people repair a single ms, the faster it will get repaired. 3 pilots can fully repair an ms faster than standing next to the base with your welder out.
  169. - In the heat of battle, it's considered bad form to repair your ms beyond fixing your legs. Your MS works just as well on low health and your team needs you just as much as you need them. Leaving your mates down a man for any amount of time can really screw them over fast.
  170. - This is just me, but I've reassigned my buttons for easier use. For one thing I've made the weapon swap button my left trigger. I've also reassigned my commands, as the default selection is completely useless imo.
  171. - If you stay still for a short period of time, your radar marker will disappear from the enemy radar. It will only reappear once you begin moving again or attack. (I'm not sure, but I think going prone helps make this process go faster.)
  172. - If you have a shield, moving backwards, crouching, and going prone will position it in front of you.
  173. - Countering is performed by tackling an enemy right as they try to melee. A properly timed counter-tackle will leave your enemy on the floor with heavy damage, and your boost gauge full. If your timing is off, you'll stun the enemy for a second while still also doing some damage; however the mistimed tackle will leave you vulnerable as your boost gauge will have been depleted. Some ms have increased tackle damage and distance, so keep that in mind when fighting/piloting them.
  174. - Learn the effective range of your MS. This one is simple as well, but absolutely imperative.
  175. - Some MS have attack strings/combos you can perform for massive damage. While practicing your preferred ms, you should try to experiment as much as you can, so as to learn what it's capable of. Don't be afraid to experiment in the midst of battle either.
  176. - If your ms has beam weaponry, learn to be more conservative when firing, always keeping an eye on the heat meter.
  179. - If you're playing an ms with Maneuver armor, take advantage of it and bait enemies into tackling needlessly by going right passed them. Then turn around and whoop their arse.
  180. - If you're a support and you see an MS with maneuver armor charging at you, your best defense is to fake a tackle and just boost right past them (and toward your allies).
  181. ** Honestly if you're playing support, you should be constantly aware of the location of every enemy in the field.
  182. - When using a stationary beam charging support ms (or the G04), go prone when charging, only getting up to fire. That way no one can interrupt said charging. In general when playing support, use the stagger invulnerability while prone to your advantage. You can still tackle while crouched.
  183. ** Kind of related to the previous tip, but if you have a fully charged beam and let go of the trigger in the middle of an animation (i.e. landing after a boost or getting up from prone), your charge will completely dissipate without firing. So make sure you finish your animation, lest you get caught with your pants down.
  184. - Due to latency + infantry dodge roll, you're better off blowing up infantry with explosives than trying to walk on them.
  185. ** Or as mentioned previously, just kill them with funnels.
  186. - If you see an airstrike/laser bombardment warning, you have precisely 3 seconds before the bombs begin to drop. The timing never changes even for space. If you're out of your suit for whatever reason, but get in your ms at the right time, you can COMPLETELY avoid damage.
  187. - ALWAYS pay attention to the clock. Among other things, you don't want to go charging at the enemy if you're in a minor lead and there's about 30 seconds left. This also goes back to my tip about dealing with base bombs.
  188. - You can boost around after starting grenade animation (Can't start the animation while boosting though) Especially usefull for that titans raid with the flashbang.
  190. >>>Flying Specific:
  191. - Adding thruster parts will extend the length of time you can fly for.
  192. - You know how you can instantly turn in space by pressing both vertical thrust buttons and then turning? Well doing so while in flight mode makes you turn much faster than normal. This works in both ground and space.
  193. - Transforming resets your overheat on beam weapons. Charge shot, secondary shot and overheat, transform, guns back to 0 and capable of more follow up shots.
  194. - Boosting into flight mode suits knocks them out of the mode and onto their asses until they get back up.
  195. - Even if your legs are broken, you can still fly without penalty.
  196. - Flight suits usually have shit that let's you perform actions in the air as a suit. Use it when you're coming out of flight mode for opening moves.
  198. >>>Strategy Specific:
  199. - First thing's first, never turn your back on your enemy. No matter how tempting that cripple in the distance with 10hp is, unless you're certain you can get them, you're most likely to get a downswing in the back for your trouble.
  200. ** If you have to turn your back for whatever reason, at the very least PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR RADAR.
  201. - However in contrast to the previous bit of advice, don't become so obsessed with your little 1v1 that you forget the greater battle going around you. If you've made enough distance between yourself and your target, feel free to look around, maybe break off and do something else. Like backup and ally or even take cover! Sometimes you've got your blinders set on so hard that you forget where you are.
  202. - Always keep an eye on your radar. Doesn't matter what class you're in. Pay attention. Not just for yourself though, but also so you'll know when an ally needs help even if they haven't communicated it.
  203. - Never rush in/fight alone. I think this one is simple. (Unless you're playing hit-and-run with a stealth ms. But even then be careful.)
  204. - Actually if your team is being overly defensive, and refusing to budge. Rushing in on your own and breaking the enemy line might just provide the right amount of motivation for your team to stop being pussies and charge in.
  205. - Never chase after a retreating weakened ms if chasing them puts you within range of their allies. Even if you manage to kill them, you've just fucked yourself as well.
  206. ** UNLESS of course the ms you're trying to kill is tactically important, like an enemy support or the enemy ACE. Just make sure you can actually kill them, and won't just die trying.
  207. - Stealth ms are actually much better utilized in the thick of combat; waiting completely still just out of sight before coming in for the strike while the enemy is preoccupied. Players are often tempted to flank by going all the way around the map to wack some lone support, but you usually end up wasting a lot of time or get gangbanged by spawning blues. The only time I would do that is if you got an annoying camper that your allies can't help but keep walking in front of, or you're using an Acguy. Port Base is a map in which such an event happens frequently. Flank the fuck out of Port Base. (And Ruined City.)
  208. ** As a stealth ms, you might feel committed to taking out enemy supports upon first contact. Sometimes just crippling them is enough, as you can always come back to finish the job later. Overextending can get you murdered by any blues that notice your presence.
  209. - If you have the enemy team cornered and you're in the lead, don't pursue unless you know your team can handle it. Let them come to you. Use the "Drop Back!" command to emphasize this strategy.
  210. - Speaking of being in the lead, in general said advantage is not an excuse to play recklessly. The tide of the battle can turn very quickly against your expectations. Always play as if you're at a loss; or at the very least, play smart.
  211. - Once you get to a certain level of expertise with an ms, you might begin to notice other players lacking in the piloting department. So if you think you might play better as a support than the other guy, don't be afraid to play support. And if they refuse to change, well there ain't no harm in having multiple of a class type.
  214. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  215. [D] GAMEMODES:
  217. >>>ACE:
  218. - I think this goes without saying, but don't steal kills from your ACE.
  219. - If you're not murdering the enemy ACE, you're doing everything within your power to keep your ACE alive. (Including repairing.)
  221. - If you're the ACE, be aware that the enemy knows where you are at any given moment. Don't do anything dumb like charge the enemy solo.
  222. - If you aren't the ACE, are low on health, and are within range of the ACE, get the fuck out of there. And if you can't, do everything within your power to die at the hands of a non-ACE enemy.
  223. - For the love of god, don't bring a stealth MS into ACE. If you just so happen to become ACE, your sole advantage flies out the window.
  224. ** If you do pick a stealth ms, don't go all out until the ACEs are decided.
  225. - This is strictly for new players, but there is no base bombing or artillery strikes in ACE mode.
  227. >>>TARGET SWITCH:
  228. - The same advice for ACE mode applies, but the "ACE" of the match switches every minute; so always pay attention to who is currently being targeted. Especially because you'll be the target at least once in the match.
  230. >>>SIMPLE BATTLE:
  231. - Use the fact that you can spawn anywhere to your advantage.
  232. - Because enemies can spawn wherever they want, it's within your best interest not to camp. Stay with your team as much as you can.
  233. - Sortieing together is just important in Simple Battle as it is in Basic Battle. Because of how quickly fights go with such small teams, it's not unusual to find everyone on your side dead at some point.
  234. - Even though enemies can spawn at any waypoint, they still cannot spawn at your base. So retreating to base is even more of a valid tactic in this gamemode.
  235. - Since you can't get out of your mech in simple battle, the only way you can heal is by staying still. Doing so near your base will still increase the rate of repair, so if you have the time don't be afraid to retreat to base. You can speed up the process by crouching if you're on a ground map.
  237. >>>MIX UP:
  238. - Can pick MS from any cost level.
  239. - Each team has a collective health pool that depletes with ally destruction. The higher the cost of the ms, the more health that is depleted from the pool.
  240. - Genuinely the best gamemode. Not only because they're generally the fastest to finish, but there's nothing more satisfying than taking out an MLRS GP02A with an Agg.
  241. - Because more powerful/higher cost ms subtract more points from the team's life pool with their death, it's perfectly strategic to take low cost ms into battle. What matters is their utility.
  242. ** Take for example the Zaku I Sniper (w/ Magella Top Cannon). Heavy stun is effective at any cost, regardless of how big your shield is or what lvl of maneuver armor you have.
  244. >>>SERIES BATTLE:
  245. - This gamemode is for fun.
  246. - Seriously, just pick some ms you normally don't play and enjoy yourself.
  248. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  249. [E] ETC:
  251. - If you're having a bad run and you can't seem to stop losing matches, take a break. Doesn't matter if it's an hour or a month, take a break.
  252. - If you value your letter rating, don't play rated on weekends. That's when the kids are playing.
  253. - Don't spend money on this game. Ever. Take it from someone who has.
  254. - Blocking people highlights their name in red in lobbies, so you can avoid them before the teams get sorted.
  255. - Gold names are you clan members.
  256. - Whenever a new banner hits, expect to see a lot of players fucking around with the new ms in both rated and quick. So don't get too mad if they suck. They're just getting used to a new ms.
  258. One final thing, this is just advice for beginners. Even for the suggestions in which I say you should never do something, with enough experience you can probably make it work somehow regardless.
  259. Honestly if you play enough, you'll eventually start being able to predict enemy movement like a newtype! So don't stop practicing and keep up the good work!
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