Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. You almost laugh at the dumb creatures before your attentions shifts onto Mordred, and you notice that Caliburn Camlann is shining with far more magical energy than a weapon should be capable of handling! Is she trying to destroy her own weapon or something?!
  3. "Disappear into the light of the Holy Sword of Paradoxes! Caliburn Camlann: Overload!" Mordred brings her sword of red light down, and a great curtain of red light shoots forth from it, the red light consumes the beasts that it touches, and at that moment you understand that through the power of being a sword forged of paradoxes, it really does have a destructive power equal to Excalibur itself. Mordred angles her shot so as to avoid hitting you or Arcueid, so the curtain of light only strikes four of the beasts, though they are immediately disintegrated upon being touched by the red curtain of death that approaches them at speed even a Servant would be incapable of reacting to.
  5. Status Updated!
  7. At the same time as the red light of Camlann engulfs the beasts, you notice that tens of thousands of cuts begin to appear all over the bodies of the four false Orochi closest to Arcueid, deep cuts separating not just the heads from the bodies, but as the atmosphere around the beasts has turned into a storm of millions of cutting blades of wind, the entire forms of the four beasts are quickly diced into tiny chunks, then even those chunks are further destroyed by the power of Arcueid's Marble Phantasm, and soon all that remains of the four beasts closest to her are four large puddles of blood.
  9. The light from Mordred's attack soon disappears, and you disable the shield you had erected around you and your other allies for a moment to inspect the damage. On Mordred's side, all that is left of the beasts are scattered ashes, and on Arcueid's side, the aforementioned puddles of blood. You... really weren't expecting the mighty looking magical beasts summoned by Orochi's power to be taken out with such little difficulty by the two women, but you certainly aren't going to complain, now the only question left to ask is where exactly has Orochi gone? You can feel his presence all around you as a result of his overwhelmingly powerful spirit, but as a result you can't quite pinpoint him.
  11. Part 21
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