/dsg/ Ringed City weapons/armor/rings list

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  3. Dreg Heap
  4. ----
  5. Splitleaf Greatsword: Buy it from the Stone-humped Hag for 11,000 souls. If she's dead, give her ashes to the Handmaid at Firelink to access it there.
  7. Harald Legion Set: Farm it off of Harald Knights.
  9. Aquamarine Dagger: After the first set of drop-downs, turn left at the Murkmen fork. It's at the top of the battlements where the Harald jumps off of.
  11. Murky Hand Scythe: Inside the Grand Archives ruin, after turning right and dropping down at the Murkmen fork. Find the set of steps that goes over the bookshelves on the left.
  13. Ring of Steel Protection +3: After dealing with the first Angel, go back to the open area before the Lothric Knights. Find the wooden platform that you can now traverse without getting shot at.
  15. Murky Long Staff: After the Lothric Knights, turn right towards the fountain. It's in the very last room with the massive crowd of constantly spawning Murkmen.
  17. Great Soul Dregs: Break the illusory wall in the room with the Murky Long Staff (left wall), run up, and deal with the Murkman who keeps summoning the others. There's a ladder nearby that can be kicked down to create a shortcut.
  19. Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3: On an elevated balcony area past the Lothric Knights. After Great Soul Dregs, look for a wooden platform next to a broken railing that goes to the right, walk to the end and fall down to the ring.
  21. Projected Heal: In a hidden area at the end of the path after meeting Lapp for the first time (after the tower falls down, double back into the Lothric Knight room). When you see the drop-down left towards the Harald, drop right into an ash pile. Kill the banner-wielding Lothric Knight and the Murkmen in the area, the spell is on a corpse guarded by a summoner Murkman.
  23. Lothric War Banner: Take the drop-down to the right after Projected Heal and kill the two Lothric Knights. The banner is on a dead Lothric Knight, near a broken railing that drops down to the Earthen Peak bonfire.
  26. Earthen Peak
  27. ----
  28. Siegbrau: If you get the Titanite Slab (see below) without Lapp's help, he will give this to you when you return. Otherwise, return to the bonfire after Lapp moves on to the next meeting place.
  30. Giant Door Shield: On a secluded cliff well below the second Angel. It's advised to come back and thoroughly explore the area after killing it.
  32. Desert Sorceress Set: The pieces are scattered all around Earthen Peak, it is highly recommended to kill both Angels in the area first. The bra is behind a house on the left side of the area that the second Angel is patrolling, with two Thralls hanging off the side. The gloves are in an elevated area on the right side upon entering the poison pool zone. The skirt is within the poison pool below the gloves, guarded by Poison Horn Beetles. The hood is at the very top, after killing Desert Pyromancer Zoey.
  34. Titanite Slab: Inside the cave in the middle of the swamp, guarded by two Haralds and numerous Poison Horn Beetles. Alternatively, after learning about it by talking to Lapp at his second meeting place, he will kill one of the Haralds and retrieve it for you if you reload the area a few times.
  36. Ring of Favor and Protection +3: On top of one of the roots in the middle of the swamp area, as above kill the third Angel first to make it safe to explore.
  38. Loincloth (part of Spears of the Church Set): Left side of the swamp area, on dry ground being guarded by Poison Horn Beetles.
  40. Harald Curved Greatsword: In the far end of the poison pool area guarded by the third Angel. Instead of climbing up the roots, stay on the ground and search around.
  42. Flame Fan: Kill Desert Pyromancer Zoey.
  45. Ringed City
  46. ----
  47. Ruin Sentinel Set: From the first bonfire, head down the stairs, but make a U-turn right and go under the stairs instead of running the gauntlet of archers. The set is on a corpse to the left.
  49. Siegbrau: Talk to Lapp in his third meeting place, he'll give it to you after a toast.
  51. Ringed Knight Set: Farm it off of Ringed Knights.
  53. Sacred Chime of Filianore: Once you make it to the main stair path that leads down to the swamp, go up to the top of the stairs. Talk to Shira through the door, tell her Gwyn is your god, then accept her request to kill Midir. Otherwise, dropped by Shira after killing her.
  55. Wolf Ring +3: Travel across the first overhang above the stair path (from Shira's door, hug the right and then walk on top of it to the left). Kill a Ringed Knight, and then Alva when he invades, Alva drops it.
  57. Black Witch Set: On the corpse behind Alva.
  59. Ringed Knight Spear: Near the bottom of the stair path, look for a small alley on the right filled with pygmies. It eventually leads to a spear-wielding Ringed Knight who guards it.
  61. Ledo's Great Hammer: Hug the left wall after getting into the swamp, and climb up the long ladder before the turtle priests. At the top, turn right and follow the path which leads to a solitary tower. Ledo invades here, kill him for the hammer.
  63. Havel's Ring +3: Take a series of drop-downs from Ledo's tower, it's on the fourth step down on the far left.
  65. Gold Covetous Serpent Ring +3: Instead of going right after the long ladder, go left. Kill the two Ringed Knights, meet Lapp at the end who's sitting near it.
  68. Ringed City Swamp
  69. ----
  70. White Preacher Head: Hug the right wall when entering the swamp from the Ringed City, it's in a secluded dead end.
  72. Ringed Knight Straight Sword: After exiting from the swamp bonfire, hug the right side. It eventually leads to an elevated area with a preacher locust, it's on the ground near him.
  74. Preacher's Right Arm: In the middle of the swamp, close to the right near the Adjudicator Giant. Look for the ruin before the sunken church guarded by Ringed Knights, it's surrounded by several submerged preacher locusts.
  76. White Birch Bow: When exploring the left side of the swamp, it's on top of a hill with a bunch of turtle priests.
  78. Church Guardian Shiv: On the far side of the swamp to the left, inside the submerged small building that the group of turtle priests are praying to.
  80. Iron Dragonslayer Set: At the very far end of the swamp, the Dragonslayer Armour will be in a clearing surrounded by dead Haralds. Kill it again for the set.
  82. Black Witch Veil: On the right side of the swamp, there is a sunken church guarded by four Ringed Knights. On the ground on the left side of the church (near the cliff), a spear-wielding Ringed Knight guards it.
  84. Dragonhead Shield: After solving the "Show your humanity" puzzle, climb up the long ladder and either kill the Judicator Giant and two Ringed Knights, or run past them. Descend the stairs and climb down the ladder, then turn right (left leads to the Purging Monument) and follow the narrow path that snakes above the Ringed Knight Spear and Gold Covetous Serpent Ring +3 area.
  86. Dragonhead Greatshield: Before going up Midir's bridge, explore the right. There's a path that leads under the bridge where a sword-wielding Ringed Knight guards it.
  89. Shared Grave
  90. ----
  91. Black Witch Domino Mask: Kill Eygon when he invades you in the catacomb stairwell, after the collapsed stair near the crystal lizard.
  93. Lapp's Set: After sending Lapp to the Purging Monument, find him in the catacombs to complete his quest. Return to this final meeting place to find the armor. Alternatively, kill Lapp at any point.
  95. Champion's Bones: Dropped by Lapp at any point if he is killed, or is found alongside his set at the end of his quest. It will only appear if Gravetender and Greatwolf have not been defeated at least once on your character.
  97. Ring of the Evil Eye +3: Inside a Mimic chest, in the drop-down area after Lapp's final meeting place.
  100. Church of Filianore
  101. ----
  102. Lightning Bow: After knocking Midir into the chasm, go into the tower beyond him, and attack the wall to the right of the stairs that lead to the Gwyn statue. There's a turtle priest here and a total of three illusory walls that need to be destroyed.
  104. Chloranthy Ring +3: When taking the elevator up near Gwyn's statue, turn right and jump into the secret door. Navigate the area for a drop-down that leads to the ring.
  106. Spears of the Church Set: The Loincloth is in the poison pool area of Earthen Peak. The other two are in front of the altar before the hole that leads to Midir's boss fight.
  108. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords: Kill the dual greatsword-wielding Ringed Knight that's guarding the door to the cathedral.
  110. Titanite Slab: Beat Spear of the Church (reviving Judicator Argo to fight the boss again does not allow you to farm Slabs).
  112. Spears of the Church covenant: Beat Midir for real.
  114. Titanite Slab: Talk to Shira at her door after beating Midir, or kill her in the final arena.
  117. Filianore's Rest
  118. ----
  119. Crucifix of the Mad King: After traveling to the final arena, hug the right side to find a ruined church, Shira will appear here and attack. Kill her and she drops it.
  121. Titanite Slab: Hug the left side to find a lone dual UGS-wielding Ringed Knight, kill it.
  123. Shira's Set: After killing Shira, go back to her door in the Ringed City and go inside. The set will be on a corpse.
  126. Boss Soul Weapons and Spells
  127. ----
  128. Demon Prince: Seething Chaos/Demon's Scar
  130. Darkeater Midir:Frayed Blade/Old Moonlight
  132. Slave Knight Gael:Gael's Greatsword/Repeating Crossbow
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