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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 57: Northern Blues (Part 40)

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  1. [2013-10-16 13:19:54] <Kkat> 3"Incoming!"
  2. [2013-10-16 13:22:09] <Kkat> 3It is a shout only Kid can hear.  Mare-Do-Well calls out the warning, adding "Eastern Avenue, from the civic center rubble!"
  3. [2013-10-16 13:23:22] * Kid is hyperventilating. "We got incomin' from th' east! Right by the civic whatever!" She parroted. Fuck if she knew what a civic center was.
  4. [2013-10-16 13:23:41] <Kkat> 3The translucent purple ghost cuts across the crisp blue morning sky, spotting for Kid, Shatara and CopyCat as the three spread out across the cracked battlements.
  5. [2013-10-16 13:25:17] * Noble_heart was moving as quick as she could down to the dias at the bottom of the tower. One of the great weapons pulled from her pack to sit against the stand where the heart would be held. A moment of concentration and she was encased in the impenetrable shield that was Twilight Sparkle's first gift to her children. Soon the Heartless would come, and she would be ready.
  6. [2013-10-16 13:25:19] * Get_Lost mutters to herself for a bit, then smiles "hey! if we attach the firetruck to the main water line we can use the fire hose to keep the heartless at bay!"
  7. [2013-10-16 13:25:50] * CopyCat readies her rifle and peers over the battlements. "East? East! Oh dear..."
  8. [2013-10-16 13:26:11] * Get_Lost stares at bookwright "is there a way to bring that big guy down here?"
  9. [2013-10-16 13:26:26] * Shatara readies his rifle, searching the rubble through his scope.
  10. [2013-10-16 13:26:50] * Bookwright is confused. "Which big guy? I don't understand."
  11. [2013-10-16 13:26:54] <Kkat> 3Below, near the Eastern Avenue, the lone figure of a Heartless can be spotted crawling out of the rubble towards the helpless throng of Crystal Ponies that crowd around the base of the Crystal Tower, trapped in wait for the spell that is /finally/ about to come.
  12. [2013-10-16 13:27:09] <Kkat> 3Bookwright and Noble_Heart protect the Crystal Heart, ready to put it into place the moment they get the signal from Doctor Amore that the spell's retargeting is complete.  
  13. [2013-10-16 13:27:24] * Get_Lost "the fire truck! it's on the roof, if we bring it down here we could use it to make some crowd control with its firefighting equipement"
  14. [2013-10-16 13:27:30] <Kkat> 3But they are not alone.  
  15. [2013-10-16 13:27:37] * Get_Lost "high pressure water is a great non lethal resort, you know"
  16. [2013-10-16 13:27:42] <Kkat> 3"Don't be afraid!  We just want to play with you!"
  17. [2013-10-16 13:28:26] * Bookwright "Uh, yeah, just have one of the Princesses bring it down. And I can animate the hose so we won't have to man it separately."
  18. [2013-10-16 13:28:55] * Get_Lost turns towards Noble_heart "can you fetch the firetruck please?"
  19. [2013-10-16 13:28:58] * Bookwright looks to Noble_heart. "Can you fly up there real quick and bring the firewagon down? I think Miss Lost is on to something good here!"
  20. [2013-10-16 13:29:00] <Kkat> 3crazed robots, non-descriminate defenders of the Crystal Ponies, move above the crowd, an equal threat to the Heartless and to the would-be saviors of the Crystal Empire.
  21. [2013-10-16 13:29:48] <Kkat> 3Centuries of torment and decay... centuries of wait... the fate of the Empire and all within it...
  22. [2013-10-16 13:29:55] <Kkat> 3It all comes down to this.
  23. [2013-10-16 13:29:57] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Fifty-Seven: Northern Blues (Part Forty) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  24. [2013-10-16 13:30:13] * Bookwright groans. He dumps the stun grenades at his feet for easy access and unslings his MASER, charging the capacitors and taking aim at the nearest crazed robot.
  25. [2013-10-16 13:32:07] * Noble_heart looks up to the ceiling, then frowns. "We will bring it as quick as We can!" She spreads her wings and takes flight, circling the tower towards the roof to get the fire wagon. This should not take long. Hopefully.
  26. [2013-10-16 13:33:34] * Shatara spots the closing bots. "Ohdear." Looks like weapon juggling will be in order...
  27. [2013-10-16 13:37:27] * CopyCat calls out to Shatara. "I'll focus on the heartless. You are much more capable than I against the robots."
  28. [2013-10-16 13:37:28] * Get_Lost "i have an idea for the bots! dose somepony have a stealthbuck?"
  29. [2013-10-16 13:39:17] * Bookwright shakes his head. "Sorry!"
  30. [2013-10-16 13:40:08] * Get_Lost "okay, cover me while i try to get in hoof range of one of them... distract it if possible, yes?"
  31. [2013-10-16 13:40:41] * Kid swiftly went back behind the walls to make damn sure that Louie was safe and inside and not in her saddlebags when she brought up her shotgun's sights. Shitshitshitshit. She tried to acquire her targets. It didn't work. She couldn't get a clear sight picture in the forest of crystal statues. So, she thought really, really hard. [Try to not speak! It'll fuck with 'em!]
  32. [2013-10-16 13:41:44] * Get_Lost starts moving towards the nearest brainbot
  33. [2013-10-16 13:42:13] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well calls out again, "Got another one!  Lower north-western street, coming from one of the ER buildings!"
  34. [2013-10-16 13:42:37] <Kkat> 3The first Heartless clears the rubble, swiftly moving on the Crystal Ponies.
  35. [2013-10-16 13:51:39] * CopyCat takes aim at the nearest approaching Heartless and fires two darts, waiting to see if they connect. "Fuck with who?" she asks Kid, unsure of her friend's plan.
  36. [2013-10-16 13:52:35] * Kid frowns. [Can you relay stuff around with your head magic?]
  37. [2013-10-16 13:58:04] * Shatara blinks as he prepares to sight in. "I don't think it's a good time for fucking..."
  38. [2013-10-16 14:03:16] * CopyCat coughs quietly. "That isn't exactly what I meant..." Then she aims her thinking at Kid. [Yes, we can head-magic talk. Would you like me to tell something to the ponies below?]
  39. [2013-10-16 14:05:12] * Kid just scowls. [Fuck with them, fuck with their heads by not-] Oh forget it. [Just tell them, please, that we have another incoming from the lower north-western street by a hospital building.] She'd feel pride that she knew about what an ER building was if she weren't scared out of her wits at the moment.
  40. [2013-10-16 14:10:02] * CopyCat relays Kid's warning to the ponies below. [Bookwright, Noble_heart, Get_Lost, heartless are incoming from the lower north-western street by a hospital building].
  41. [2013-10-16 14:10:48] * Bookwright mentally thanks CopyCat, but keeps his MASER trained on the nearest incoming crazy-bot.
  42. [2013-10-16 14:11:46] * Get_Lost tries the mind thing while approaching the nearest crazy-bot [okay, i'll try gainig some more guns on our side, it's a bit of a wild guess so don't get mad at me if i get killed 'mkay?]
  43. [2013-10-16 14:15:43] * Kid chucks a grenade far into the distance... And manages to clear the crowd! Hopefully, it even hit!
  44. [2013-10-16 14:17:57] * CopyCat goes wide-eyed at Get_Lost's message. [Please be careful!]
  45. [2013-10-16 14:22:10] <Kkat> 3The Stun grenade lands expertly on-mark, the blast causing the Heartless to miss several steps and collapse... but she gets up on wobbly legs and lets out a howl of rage and pain, pressing on.
  46. [2013-10-16 14:31:13] * Kid smirked. [One down!] Then they got back up. [... One /almost/ down!]
  47. [2013-10-16 14:33:45] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well swoops about.  "Crap! North!  We got three more... no, wait, those are just those crazy manti-puppy things.  North is clear!  (for now)."
  48. [2013-10-16 14:39:08] * Get_Lost approaches the crazy-bot... she's very close and needs it to turn the otrher side. here it goes, all or nothing "tourist protocol! please i'm lost, can you point east?"
  49. [2013-10-16 14:59:23] * Shatara slips into SATS and fires a dart into the staggering heartless's head.
  50. [2013-10-16 15:02:07] <Kkat> 3Shatara's first shot bounces harmlessly off the Heartless's head, failing to pierce her crystal hide.
  51. [2013-10-16 15:02:52] <Shatara> "Really!?" He fires a followup shot.
  52. [2013-10-16 15:07:54] <Kkat> 3The second dart sinks in.
  53. [2013-10-16 15:12:44] <Kkat> 3As Get_Lost flails with her attempt to get the brainbot to look away, only managing to focus it's ("Hello!  Let me hug you!") attention on her, suddenly the air fills with a battle hymn... of sorts... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA7H7t5C-rU&feature=youtu.be
  54. [2013-10-16 15:13:51] * Shatara shifts his aim to the second approaching heartless, firing two more shots
  55. [2013-10-16 15:14:09] <Kkat> 3...as Pink-E swoops in, taking little laser pot-shots at the robot.  Sweet-E is right behind.  There is a loud CRACK as she lashes out at the robot with the RD-E lightning blast.  "Stop being a meanie!"
  56. [2013-10-16 15:15:08] <Kkat> 3The brainbot turns away from Get_Lost, it's full attention now on Sweet-E and Pink-E (although much moreso on the former).
  57. [2013-10-16 15:16:18] * Get_Lost jumps on the robot as soon as it is distracted, cracks open the control panel and starts working on it "sweet-e! get ready to broadcast!"
  58. [2013-10-16 15:18:45] <Kkat> 3Pink-E  oohs!  "Ooh!  Ooh!  Let me!  I'm best broadcasting not-pony!"
  59. [2013-10-16 15:19:31] * Get_Lost "Transmit on channel 57, broadband! use encoding language protectron!" the mare thinks for a moment, then starts "critical priority. set weapon selection to crowd control. set weapon parameter lethal false. delete target list. create new target list. Set list Crystal ponies true. set parameter moving true. set parameter armed true. execute."
  60. [2013-10-16 15:19:48] <Kkat> 3Both Shatara's shots against the second Heartless hit home.
  61. [2013-10-16 15:20:53] <Kkat> 3Pink-E proudly beams the new targeting instructions to the other brainbots!
  62. [2013-10-16 15:21:45] <Kkat> 3Within a couple seconds, each of the brainbots turns and begins moving towards the parameter, calling out in happy, filly voices.  "Come play with us!  We just want to hurt you!"
  63. [2013-10-16 15:23:03] * CopyCat thinks out loud to all her friends, [Brilliant idea Get_Lost!]
  64. [2013-10-16 15:23:51] * Bookwright has never mentally heard an underscore before. Huh. Interesting.
  65. [2013-10-16 15:24:46] * Bookwright can see that the brainbots are no longer a threat. He sets down his maser and picks up a stun grenade.
  66. [2013-10-16 15:25:19] * Get_Lost "thanks, pink-e!" [alright i think this will buy us time, i'll stay behind and heal the wounded from now]
  67. [2013-10-16 15:33:34] <Kkat> 3The Heartless to the northwest moves forward, sprinting down blocks of rubble, heading towards the Crystal Tower.
  68. [2013-10-16 15:34:58] * Bookwright puffs. "Screwit. No time like the present, I always say." He closes his eyes. When they open again, his eyes are shining liquid gold. Swirling honey mist surrounds him, and then tattered fading streamers blast away, revealing a delicate set of orange-and-black monarch wings.
  69. [2013-10-16 15:35:50] * Bookwright grabs every stun grenade he has off the ground and stuffs them in his pack, then he takes off. Unsteadily.
  70. [2013-10-16 15:40:17] * Bookwright only succeeds in grabbing three of them. Whatever!
  71. [2013-10-16 15:44:45] <Kkat> 3The Heartless to the east reaches the Crystal Ponies, lashing out with a supercharged Solaris Hoof!  The blow against the helpless Crystal Pony is devastating, shattering her.  The Heartless turns to strike at another, but wobbles, the poison stealing her coordination.  It's all she can do to keep from falling over.
  72. [2013-10-16 15:48:43] * Noble_heart beat her wings, moving as quick as she could towards the top of the tower. She didn't have long now, the firewagon was needed for Get Lost's plan. She spared a glance back down at the battlefield, before redoubling her efforts towards the highest point on the crystaline structure.
  73. [2013-10-16 15:53:38] * CopyCat cries out as the crystal pony shatters and takes off, flying down closer to the ground as she fires another dart at the heartless, this time aiming for it's head.
  74. [2013-10-16 15:55:41] <Kkat> 3Noble_heart: is able to reach the top of the Crystal Tower and strap herself to the Firewagon.
  75. [2013-10-16 15:56:19] <Kkat> 3CopyCat's shot hits true!
  76. [2013-10-16 15:56:51] <Kkat> 3The Heartless wobbles, flails weakly, and collapses.
  77. [2013-10-16 15:58:19] * Kid frowns gravely. She had hoped that their target was just to get to the crystal heart. She realized, too late, that this was a falsehood. This, of course, did not put her in the best presence of mind. She realized after two more grenades, she's not going to be any help at all, regardless of equipment. And if it took five hits for them to tranquilize that one pony... [Copycat! We need to start...
  78. [2013-10-16 15:58:20] * Kid ...doing strafing runs! You're almost out of ammo, and I can't grenade them more than two more times!]
  79. [2013-10-16 16:01:40] * CopyCat responds, her thoughts in panic. [She died, Kid! She died because I didn't stop the heartless!]
  80. [2013-10-16 16:03:39] * Kid snaps back, near instantaneously. [She died because that heartless killed her, now get your winged flank over here so I can start shooting off of it!]
  81. [2013-10-16 16:06:01] <Kkat> 3Mysterious Mare-Do-Well is swooping about.  "Crap!  Bad news!  We've got a band of three coming in from the upper northeast!  They're a ways off, but... wait, some good news!  There's a hydrant on that street!  We need your firewagon down there!"
  82. [2013-10-16 16:08:55] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well the lets out a slightly panicked, "South!  One directly south!  I didn't see her in time!  She's almost at the ponies!"
  83. [2013-10-16 16:10:08] * CopyCat lands next to the shattered pony and the collapsed heartless, biting her lip as she saw all the broken bits of crystal. She tries collecting it all in a pile.
  84. [2013-10-16 16:10:16] * Kid winces as she hears the masked pony come along. Her mane was somehow more frazzled. She had a kind of angry, jaded shine in her eye that no filly her age should ever really have. [Three incoming from the upper north east! Hydrant along the way! Copycat, everyone else, get eyes to the south right this fucking instant!]
  85. [2013-10-16 16:10:55] <Kid> (retcon, north /west/.)
  86. [2013-10-16 16:11:21] <Kid> (no, right the first time)
  87. [2013-10-16 16:12:31] * CopyCat cries to herself. [One very close to the south. 3 farther away to the South East. Be careful everypony!]
  88. [2013-10-16 16:13:30] * Kid corrects her. [Northeast! Copycat, now's the time to act like a princess!]
  89. [2013-10-16 16:18:04] * CopyCat shakes her head to clear it. [The 3 are to the Northeast, sorry everyone. It's hard to... to think straight.]
  90. [2013-10-16 16:18:26] * Kid stands at the edge of the battlement. "Mare-Do-Well, be right back!" [Shatara, get me to the south!]
  91. [2013-10-16 16:20:50] * CopyCat contacts Shatara hurriedly. [Kid wants you to take her southways. I mean, to the South.]
  92. [2013-10-16 16:26:33] * Bookwright is flying! It's a whole 'nother bowl of cherries to be the one /actually flying,/ instead of some poor upchucking passenger! He wings his way towards the group coming in from the northeast, preparing a stun grenade.
  93. [2013-10-16 16:33:03] * Shatara starts to shift to engage the heartless with his rapidly dwindling dart supply, when he get's Kid's message. [uuuh...kay?] He moves towards kid, taking two shots at the southern heartless as she situates herself, and takes off to deliver some angry filly.
  94. [2013-10-16 16:38:36] * Bookwright flies. Flies hard. Flies fast. The wind in his mane and the bugs in his teeth but who cares!? He's /flying!/
  95. [2013-10-16 16:38:51] * Kid goes ahead and jumps on Shatara as he swoops by. This is a bad idea. She ties a rope around his back underneath his wings and swings down the little-less-than-15 foot rope. She then attempts to jump off his back and swings down. This is a suicidal idea. She then steadies herself, using the lasso loop on the bottom to hook her hind leg onto and hanging onto the rope for dear life, underlegs...
  96. [2013-10-16 16:38:52] * Kid ...gripping the Riot shotgun and forelegs tangling herself around the and the trigger to keep her upright and prepared. And as she descended, she swoops in real close to the stupid heartless, gets right on top of him almost, and lets loose beanbaggy hell.
  97. [2013-10-16 16:39:06] * Bookwright slows to a hover above the Heartless and grins downward....
  98. [2013-10-16 16:41:04] <Kkat> 3Shatara takes one shot only to hear the dreaded sound of the rifle jamming.  However her flight and Kid's heroic (suicidal) actions put Kid in the small mare virtually in the face of the Heartless.  Bookwright, meanwhile, makes himself a very pretty target to the incoming northern trio.
  99. [2013-10-16 16:44:33] <Kkat> 3Two of the trio look at the beautifully-winged flutterpone and wave their Solaris hoofweapons hatefully.  The third hatefully raises his trail carbine and takes aim...
  100. [2013-10-16 16:48:27] <Kkat> 3Kid delivers a face full of bean bags care of riot shotgun.  The Heartless is thrown, and collapses, very unconscious.
  101. [2013-10-16 16:52:43] <Kkat> 3The Heartless with the trail carbine fires twice.  The first shot hits Bookwright square in the stomach.  The second just barely misses his right foreleg... close enough he could feel it's passing parting his fur.
  102. [2013-10-16 16:53:30] * Kid gasps and hyperventilates as she realized how absolutely stupid she just was. [Fucker's takin' a nap! Now take us back up so Mare-do-Well can keep us informed, Shatara!]
  103. [2013-10-16 16:55:46] * Noble_heart spread her wings wide and takes to the air. The chaos of the battle was no doubt a problem. But right now she had a specific goal. To get this fire wagon back to the ground and hooked up as quickly as possible. Also not to miss her queue with the crystal heart. That would be embarassing. And probably catastrophic.
  104. [2013-10-16 17:02:10] * Shatara grunts and nods, climbing back towards the tower while looking around for additional threats.
  105. [2013-10-16 17:10:56] <Kkat> 3The voice of Doctor Amore booms over the air.  "Ready the Crystal Heart!  Targeting will be resolved in less than half a minute!"
  106. [2013-10-16 17:12:05] * Noble_heart swoops down and lands beside a hydrant, quickly pulling herself loose. "Bookwright! Get Lost! We have brought the wagon! But We must take Our position!" She gallops as quick as she can manage towards the pedistal at the center of the open area.
  107. [2013-10-16 17:16:01] * CopyCat tries to concentrate as tears stream down her face. "Please work please work please work please work!" Her horn glows and her magic flows, surrounding the shattered shards of the former crystal pony.
  108. [2013-10-16 17:22:50] <Kkat> 3Swirling motes of glowing golden energy pool around the shattered remains of the Crystal Pony.  The brilliant light fills the shards of crystal, causing them to glow as a soft wind spirals about the destroyed mare.  The crystals lift, rejoining in a cascade of flashes.  Suddenly, the mare is whole again.  
  109. [2013-10-16 17:23:15] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Pony lets out a gasp, her hooves touching back to the ground.  She blinks, looking around.  "Where... what?"
  110. [2013-10-16 17:23:59] * Kid feels her heart pounding, as if it were a disgruntled prisoner in her rib cage. "Shatara!" She seemed to sound weaker, but resolute. "You just saved a life."
  111. [2013-10-16 17:28:38] * CopyCat hugs the mare. "It worked! Oh, thank you! Now head towards the centre. My friends and I can keep you safe there." She takes off again, heading towards the crystal heart clearing herself. She was ready to face the next heartless at last.
  112. [2013-10-16 17:29:45] * Shatara grumbles as he cycles his rifle and checks the pneumatics before searching out approaching threats.
  113. [2013-10-16 17:29:49] * CopyCat actually heads towards Bookwright-fly, after remembering he was hurt.
  114. [2013-10-16 17:31:52] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Pony mare follows CopyCat, trembling.  "That... that pony tried to kill me!"  She adds, unsure, "I... think..."  Looking up, "Th-thank you!... Who are you?  You don't look like the Princess.  Are you Luna?"
  115. [2013-10-16 17:35:17] <Kkat> 3The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well swoops about.  "The one from the northeast has fallen over!  I think the darts got him!  Good job, griffin!"  She quickly adds, "Two more, coming from the west!  Well armed!"   Then, "Crud!  One from the upper southwest too!  And that one's getting close!"
  116. [2013-10-16 17:37:21] * Kid nods. [Upper southwest! Two to the west, heavily armed! Noble, get your purple flank in the damn podium!
  117. [2013-10-16 17:37:31] * CopyCat falters slightly, then calls back. "Yes I-- err, We are! Princess Cadence asked for Our help. She is preparing a spell to take away the sickness that is making those ponies angry. She should not be long, please stay safe!""
  118. [2013-10-16 17:46:02] * Kid looks up at Shatara. "Upper southwest, then to the west!" She slung the shotgun by wriggling her body a little, then does a little contortion to draw her sawed-off shotgun.
  119. [2013-10-16 17:48:47] * Shatara nods, banking towards the nearest to bring it in range of Kid's riotguns, doing his best to keep a stable glide as he lines up the others for his dart rifle.
  120. [2013-10-16 17:51:58] * Kid does let some beanbags loose when she gets very close and blasted the pony with beanbags when getting very close.
  121. [2013-10-16 17:58:34] <Kkat> 3Shatara's shots strike true, the first just barely piercing his crystaline hide... to nick a major artery, sending the poison straight to his heart.  The pony staggers.
  122. [2013-10-16 18:00:25] <Kkat> 3Kid, meanwhile, introduces the closer Heartless to the crystal street.
  123. [2013-10-16 18:05:51] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well hovers a moment, whispering "ohcrudohcrudohcrud..." as she sees Shatara face off against two heavily-armed Heartless.  Shatara's tranq darts seem to be doing a number on the first, but the second is already turning towards her, leveling a heavy automatic rifle in the griffin's direction...
  124. [2013-10-16 18:06:58] <Kkat> 3... "oh horseapples" she says and zooms towards the Heartless in a purple blur, striking the Heartless and disappearing inside her.
  125. [2013-10-16 18:07:00] * Shatara catches the movement and looses his last dart at aiming mare.
  126. [2013-10-16 18:07:17] <Shatara> (or not)
  127. [2013-10-16 18:13:07] <Kkat> 3Shatara's final shot hits the other Heartless the same moment that an unseen Mare-Do-Well attempts to possess her.
  128. [2013-10-16 18:16:33] <Kkat> 3Meanwhile, to the East, a Heartless that Mare-Do-Well failed to spot reaches the Crystal Ponies.  And is greeted by twin blasts of stunning electricity to a chorus of "Play with us!!"  One of the spells refracts through the Heartless, but the other wrecks havok on the mare's nervous system.
  129. [2013-10-16 18:20:41] * Bookwright positively cackles as he drops a stun grenade on top of the Heartless with the carbine.
  130. [2013-10-16 18:21:25] <Bookwright> He follows up with the other two in his clutches.
  131. [2013-10-16 18:28:25] <Kkat> 3The three Heartless go down in a cavalcade of stunning booms!
  132. [2013-10-16 18:30:58] * Noble_heart spends a few moments levitating the hoses free of the fire wagon and connecting them to the city water manes. Hopefully there was still something pumping water through the underside of the Crystal Empire if this was going to work! "We have activated the hoses, Bookwright! Whatever you are intending, now is the time!" She turns to make a break back towards the podium once
  133. [2013-10-16 18:30:59] * Noble_heart she was finished.
  134. [2013-10-16 18:31:01] <Kkat> 3The Heartless facing Shatara aims her gun.... but then struggles to pull the trigger.  Then lifts the gun, firing wildly into the air, a look of horror fighting across her face.
  135. [2013-10-16 18:32:07] <Kkat> 3Doctor Amore's voice calls out: "PREPARE THE HEART!  TARGETING WILL BE COMPLETE IN UNDER FIFTEEN SECONDS!"
  136. [2013-10-16 18:39:08] * CopyCat calls out: "Noble_heart, quickly!" as if her friend could of possibly not managed to hear Doctor Amore's announcment.
  137. [2013-10-16 18:41:13] * CopyCat looks around quickly, suddenly concious of how close they were and of how inopportune an up till now unseen heartless could be.
  138. [2013-10-16 18:41:24] * Noble_heart was already moving as quickly as she could be, but that didn't stop her from trying to move faster!
  139. [2013-10-16 18:44:05] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well shoots up out of the Heartless, looking weakened.  She casts about.  "ooooooh..... ponyfeathers...."  Calling to Kid, "That did it!  They're coming outta the woodwork now!  There are... dozens... coming from the West alone!  A whole HERD of them!"  She then spins.  "Kid!  Sniper! Spa ruins, lower southwest street!"
  140. [2013-10-16 18:48:01] * CopyCat senses Shatara's panic and flies higher until she has a shot, then she fires several darts at the groggy heartless.
  141. [2013-10-16 18:50:08] * Kid gasps, then prepared two grenades, and sprinted out to the lower southwest street. She looked for the sniper, and then, if she found one... Well. They were going to see some stars very soon.
  142. [2013-10-16 18:53:34] * Kid [Sniper! Lower southwest street! The rest are coming from the west!]
  143. [2013-10-16 18:55:44] * CopyCat only lands one piercing dart, the other bouncing off harmlessly. [Kid's after a sniper on the lower southwest street. Herds of Heartless coming from the West!]
  144. [2013-10-16 18:58:37] <Kkat> 3Kid's grenades stagger the sniper hiding in the ruins of the Crystal Empire Spa, but she doesn't go down!
  145. [2013-10-16 19:01:12] * Shatara trades his rifle for a cattle prod, diving down on the darted and disoriented heartless.
  146. [2013-10-16 19:03:23] * Bookwright flies as fast as fast can for the firewagon.
  147. [2013-10-16 19:03:48] <Kkat> 3Again, a Heartless nearly makes it to the Crystal Ponies, this one from the lower northwest, only to be intercepted by Get_Lost's reprogrammed brainbots.
  148. [2013-10-16 19:05:44] <Kkat> 3This time, one brainbot's lightning blast misses while the other's refracts harmlessly through the Heartless.  However, the brainbots do succeed it turning the Heartless from his targets, successfully coaxing him to "play" with them.
  149. [2013-10-16 19:09:54] <Kkat> 3The sniper takes aim...
  150. [2013-10-16 19:10:36] <Kkat> 3The horde from the west draws closer, a stampede of thunder!
  151. [2013-10-16 19:11:41] * Bookwright flies as fast as fast can for the firewagon. As soon as he gets there, he hooks up to the firewagon and hauls it westward, to the limit of its connection to the hydrant.
  152. [2013-10-16 19:13:29] <Kkat> 3Doctor Amore's voice once again booms: "TARGETING READY!  PLEASE PLACE THE HEART!  NOW!"
  153. [2013-10-16 19:13:43] <Kkat> 3http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtHJ8lFUrWI
  154. [2013-10-16 19:15:29] * Noble_heart rushes to the pedestal, quickly pulling the large crystaline heart from her pack and carefully floating it out into the center of the receptical with her magic. "We hope this works. And is fast!" Looking back towards the ensuing chaos.
  155. [2013-10-16 19:16:38] <Kkat> 3The sniper adjusts her shot, aiming for the Crystal Heart.
  156. [2013-10-16 19:17:36] <Kkat> 3>>BLAM<<
  157. [2013-10-16 19:19:44] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Heart settles into place, the sniper's bullet whizzing by, reflected briefly in its surface before the heart glows...
  158. [2013-10-16 19:20:13] <Kkat> 3The crystal ponies begin to light up, one-by-one, and then in twos, threes, scores!
  159. [2013-10-16 19:21:06] <Kkat> 3The cracked crystal streets are enveloped in a brilliant glow that shifts from cerulean to pink.
  160. [2013-10-16 19:23:02] <Kkat> 3Before the sniper can fire again, blare of horns goes off as Pink-E shouts "SURPRISE ATTACK PARY!"  The two sprite-bot friends zip up above the sniper, Sweet-E unleashing a blast of magical lightning that finishes what Kid's stun-grenades started.
  161. [2013-10-16 19:25:31] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Heart bursts with brilliance, a dazzling light filling the Crystal Empire, a spiraling beam of prismatic energy shooting upwards, only to rain back down, striking at the site of the Solaris factory and sweeping eastwards until the entire empire is bathed in the energy.
  162. [2013-10-16 19:26:15] <Kkat> 3As the energy fades, all the Crystal Ponies blink, shake themselves, wake up as if from a long slumber filled with unpleasant dreams.  
  163. [2013-10-16 19:26:46] <Kkat> 3The throng of Heartless breaks apart, stumbling about, looking dazed, confused, aghast.
  164. [2013-10-16 19:27:37] <Kkat> 3And the party... two crystal alicorns, a crystal unicorn, two crystal earth ponies and a crystal griffin... all look to each other.
  165. [2013-10-16 19:27:45] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  166. [2013-10-16 19:28:18] * Bookwright releases himself from the wagon and flies determinedly over the throng of ponies around the castle, searching for a certain young colt the description of which is burned into his memory...
  167. [2013-10-16 19:28:57] * Shatara is...crystal-y o.o
  168. [2013-10-16 19:35:12] * Kid breathes hard, and then feeling all the adrenaline in her muscles drain away into a dull ache, she collapses on the ground. She was around the bullet when it was sent along it's path. If it had been going where it was supposed to go, she would've been in front of it. She had never put much stock in prayer, at best to her, it just served to make you look foolish in front of folks. But when...
  169. [2013-10-16 19:35:14] * Kid ...the light finally went up, the magic finally cured the population, she felt as if a prayer she never had the courage to pray for became reality. And that between her friends is all that she could ask for.
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