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  1. [color=#ffffff][b][size=small]Beats Solo Pro[/size][/b][/color]
  3. Apple has just announced the Beats Solo Pro, these are Apple's first on-ear noise-cancelling headphones. They feature up to 22 hours of wireless power (40 hours off),
  4. that's a lot. On top of that, they come in several eye popping colors as well as three of the designs are created by Pharrell Williams which is a nice touch. They have a transparency function which basically activates the external mic so you can hear the outside world, this is particularly useful when travelling. They have now refined the drivers and lower harmonic distortion which means clearly quality with no jaggedness. The price of these are around $350 so they are definitely not cheap, but maybe for music lovers who enjoy a better battery life, it could be for you.
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  8. [color=#ffffff][b][size=small]The failure of RED's Hydrogen One[/size][/b][/color]
  10. The phone created by popular camera/video company RED was originally $1,295 at launch. It was at first hyped for it's camera is created by the pioneers at the RED company. The phone was robust, well built to protect it from the environment but the design was clunky and the camera was huge. Well, the Hydrogen One has now been reduced to $645 which is approximately 50% price drop, reviewers and testers are still wondering if the price is still worth it. The reason why it was considered a failed product is the fact the camera despite being made by RED was extremely lackluster and failed to deliver on any of its promises.
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  14. [color=#ffffff][b][size=small]US launches cyber attack against Iran[/size][/b][/color]
  16. Two top officials have informed the Reuters news agency that a secret cyber operation took place in late September. The motive of this operation was to stop Tehran from spreading fake news. Tehran is the capital of Iran and is currently in suspicion of carrying out an attack on oil tankers in the Gulf during May. Tehran has denied involvement, but it is claimed that an Iran-aligned militant group carried out the attack and claimed responsibility.
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