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  1. General
  2. Core/Units: Partial implementation of SMSG_MOVE_SET_COLLISION_HGT - send proper character collision height on dismount.
  3. Core/Commands: Allow "$home" to be second parameter of .tele name, to teleport players to homebind
  4. Core/LFG: Fix being unable to enter an instance to retrieve body when you have 5 or more instances in the database.
  5. DB/Faction change: Add some missing items (Velen <-> Zabra)
  6. Don't send StartTravel with MoveJump. Fixes client display of jumping effects.
  8. Classes
  9. Core/Mechanic: Resurrection - fixed the issue with players ressing in place then being ported to the person who revived them.
  10. Core/Spells: Fix Item - Hunter T9 4P Bonus
  11. Core/Movement:- Lower movement radius and speed when confused/disoriented. Force attackstop when confused or feared. Should fix issue with creatures "teleporting" after fear. Fixes Scattershot, among other things.
  12. Core/Spells: Dragon's Breath no longer shares diminishing returns with Polymorph.
  13. Core/Spells: Fixed resist calculations for spells with multiple schools (like Frostfire Bolt).
  14. Core/Spells: Fix wrong check that breaks Judgements of the Just talent.
  15. Core/Spells: Evocation can be interrupted
  17. Professions
  18. Core/Spells: Fix Runic Healing/Mana Injector bonus for engineers
  19. DB/Pools: Northrend Ore Revamp (major thanks to Malcrom from TrinityCore)
  20. DB/Misc First Aid - Netherweave Bandage fixes
  22. Instaces
  23. Scripts/Naxxramas: Patchwerk's Hateful Strike's timer should be 1s.
  24. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Corrected an overlooked frenzy spam by Shambling Horrors on heroic mode (does not change anything in the fight)
  25. Scripts/Ulduar/Freya: Fix chest spawning when completing the encounter properly
  26. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Prevent possible respawns of Sindragosa by despawning her fully after corpse disappers
  27. DB/NPCs: Remove save to instance flag from Hellfire Channeler
  28. Scripts/Naxx: Fix a logic fail in KT adds summon
  29. DB:Areatrigger teleport: Fix orientation of triggers from AQ40
  30. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Fix a possible crash in Sindragosa's Fury code
  31. DB/Misc: Naz'anak:- Add teleport position to Surface Portal, template updates, and loot for npc 31691 (fixes quest 13275/13391)
  32. Scripts/Ulduar/Assembly of Iron: Fix Immumities for Stormcaller Brundir; Fix Brundir's Lightning Tendrils
  33. DB/Templates: Correct 25 man loot IDs for Freya's chest
  34. Scripts/Ulduar/Freya: Remove unneeded TimeCheck function that would lead to over-spawning of waves.
  35. DB/Templates: Add missing templates for variations of Freya's Chest. This will allow them to actually spawn on death.
  37. Quests
  38. Cleansing of the Orb of Orahil, Mana Surges, Elixir of Pain, Rivenwood Captives, A Carver and a Croaker, The Kettis Offensive, Maintaining Discipline, Ring of Blood, Dire Brew, Jack Likes His Drink, The Might of the Horde, Hard to Swallow, Fel Spirits, Laying Waste to the Unwanted, Tempering The Blade, Reforging The Sword, Field Test, Still At It, Adding Injury to Insult, horde version of Of Keys and Cages
  40. Quest Loot
  41. Heavy Scorpid Vest should only drop from Shadowsworn Thug at roughly 0.5%
  42. Orders of Kael'thas only drop from 3 creatures, at 80% chance if on quest
  43. Drakkari Offerings should also drop while not on a quest
  44. Update Narain's Scrying Goggles dropchance to 100%
  45. Add Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Arcane Resistance to Frostbrood Spawn & Cult Researcher
  46. Add Jormungar Egg Sac to Deep Jormungar
  47. Bloodfen Feathers should also drop from other Bloodfen Raptors
  49. Achievements
  50. DB/Realm Faction Change/Achievements: Fixed a lot of World Event achievements
  52. Battlegrounds
  53. BG/Isle of Conquest:- Fix seaforium bombs, add flag pole for Refinery, some cleanup
  54. BG/Isle of Conquest: Fix bug with immediate respawn of Glaive Thrower
  55. Core/Creature: Prevent Spirit Guides (bg spirit healers) to be seen by alive players.
  56. Core/Vehicles: Fix some movable turrets
  58. Items
  59. Core/Items: Added case for Darkmoon Card: Madness trinket
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