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  1. Hello,
  3. So, Z was going to BR and we decided as CLO to go there in order to watch the action without taking part to it. Thereby, all of us had 0 star. We all were clearly visible to everyone with 0 star, and no offensive gestures (aiming at people, or such things that would make you think we would interfer at one point).
  5. (Here is a picture:
  7. Later on, Kain & Joe responded to the BR as FBI. Got killed, and came back as HLS; I've clearly said in the chat that CLO wasn't interfering or assisting Z so they shouldn't be there. I have been told in SAES chat at this point, our presence (eventhough completly not interfering with the actual BR) was enough to justify an intervention. From then, if I was told it was ok; I wouldn't write this wall of text.
  9. Z defence got crushed by Joe & Kain as HLS from that point, and when Z were trapped in the vault and about to completly lose it, I've decided to step up to somewhat attempt to save it. Players aren't supposed to pay the price of an allegedly broken rule. I've received this screenshot from tombaa as a responce to my first complaint:
  12. This one shows the last paragraph I've described above. My report concerns the initial intervention. Tut is the one who had me trapped with his spray on that picture. Ask him in person and he'll confirm you it. This aside, I beg you to show everyone the arrest logs if we got such thing, and eventually give out the full topbar logs as they clearly show out your arrests as HLS via kill arrest. (You might even be able to see it from kill logs if you do have some in the server.
  14. My logs are here:
  16. It sums up the whole situation from my chat, Tut has the same; and many people saw the whole thing go through ranging from RAMPAGE to Z themselves as they were made aware we wouldn't interfer with the concerned BR.
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