(MLO) Learning by the Books Pt 1

Dec 29th, 2013
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  1. >Today was the day you always woke up extra early
  2. >Even before Spike got up, you were awake
  3. >Because today was your mommys birthday
  4. >But what made it so special, was that you two shared that same date of birth
  5. >So it was yours too, but you never really felt that you deserved the special treatment on that day
  6. >After all, your mommy was not only a bearer of an Element of Harmony, but a princess too!
  7. >That's right, you're the child of Princess Celestia's favoured student, now heir, Twilight Sparkle
  8. >Your mommy worked every day, all day, researching magic in the royal libraries of Canterlot and trying to find solutions to Equestria's problems
  9. >It was the duty of a princess, after all
  10. >So you got up early to make the day extra special for her, since it was the one day that Celestia forced her to take off
  11. >Even with orders directly from her former teacher, Twilight still read books almost all day
  12. >To be fair, you had taken after your mother far more than your father, whomever that was
  13. >When Twilight had retired from adventuring with her friends, she had settled down in the Ponyville library
  14. >Discord had been converted to their side, Chrysalis hadn't been seen in over a decade, and Sombra was well gone
  15. >So your mother had decided to try the one thing she had denied to herself until now
  16. >Love
  17. >Unfortunately, every stallion she had tried to date had only gone out with her one or two times
  18. >Twilight didn't exactly know when to stop talking, so when one stallion had asked her if she knew about Princess Luna's guards, she had talked non-stop for an hour on the subject
  19. >Well, until the stallion had walked out on her at the fanciest restaurant in the town, of course
  20. >The owner of the restaurant, whom had seen the boorish display had given her the meal for free, banned the stallion from the premises and spread the word of his actions around
  21. >Now it was the issue of males fearing to go out on a date with her, lest they too become laughingstocks
  22. >So your mother took things into her own hooves
  23. >On a trip to Canterlot, while she was in heat, she visited an insemination clinic where she had them impregnate her
  24. >Nine months later, much to the surprise of Twilight (the normal foal gestation period was ten months after all!) you were born
  25. >She had been at her birthday celebration in Canterlot, a festivity held by the princesses of day and night themselves in her honour
  26. >She had gone into labour at the beginning of the party and had given birth just as the moon was ousting the sun in the sky
  27. >A beautiful, unicorn foal
  28. >Under the influence of the medicine they had given her to stem excess bleeding and for pain, she had named you "Anonymous"
  29. >As she had remarked to the doctors in her delirious state "After his father"
  30. >She'd always had a dry humour, that young princess
  31. >Twilight had stayed in Canterlot, living with her parents in their home on 481 Nebula Avenue
  32. >It was just above one of her only friends from before she had moved to Ponyville, a headstrong filly named Moondancer
  33. >Of course, she had moved away years ago, and no new tennants had taken up residence
  34. >But she had moved in with her parents again because, for all of her preparation and reading on the subject, motherhood was very different than she had thought it would be
  35. >Her parents were ecstatic to be spending more time with their daughter, though not quite as ecstatic about the sleeping schedule a newborn foal brought with it
  36. >Twilight raised you in the house she had grown up in and, when she was finally ready, moved to a set of chambers in the castle
  37. >The Celestial sisters had welcomed her with open arms back to their home and had promised her whatever she needed
  38. >As it turned out, all she needed was food, water, and access to books
  39. >Of course, she had got all that in abundance
  40. >You were a sheltered colt
  41. >Twilight had always worried about your safety, or where you were, or what you were doing
  42. >You always blew her off about it, saying it was getting in your way
  43. >But deep down, you felt warmly towards the fact that she loved you enough that it distracted her from working on her numerous projects
  44. >But sometimes she went a little overboard on the parenting thing
  45. >Like one time, she had caught you in the "adult only" section of the library
  46. >You had been curious what there was down here, so when your mother was distracted you had trotted into it and started taking books off the shelves
  47. >You had become engrossed in one of the texts, and though you didn't understand vast quantities of it, the illustrations were enough to show numerous ponies in lots of different positions
  48. >But they all had one thing in common, their private parts were always coupled
  49. >Your mother had come looking for you, and when she saw the book you were reading, she sent you to your room
  50. >She had said she'd come up with a punishment later, she didn't know what to do with you yet
  51. >To stave off her anger, you had started cleaning the house
  52. >Unfortunately, when you had tried to use your underdeveloped magical potential to lift some plates into the sink, they had fallen and broke
  53. >Twilight came home within two minutes of the incident, saying something about a parenting text dating back before the Lunar Rebellion
  54. >Said book had dropped to the floor when she saw you in the middle of a pile of broken, good plate
  55. >She had taken you into the living room with magic, bent you over her knee and had spanked your flank until her arm got tired
  56. >It wasn't much, given her lack of physical fitness, but you still hadn't been able to sit down for the rest of the day
  57. >And she had sent you to bed without dinner
  58. >But that was a long time ago, and you had grown up since then
  59. >Today you made her breakfast, along with Spike's, and your own
  60. >Your magic had come a long way, so you were able to make near perfect pancakes
  61. >Spike came down the stairs, he was an early riser too, though for different reasons
  62. >As his body had changed and grown, his sleep cycle had become erratic
  63. >So often, he was up with the dawn
  64. >He was surprised by your early rise, but he soon realized why
  65. >And the gem encrusted pancakes he certainly hadn't questioned
  66. >Soon he had to leave the house for, as he said, a date with a certain seamstress that had recently made it big in Canterlot
  67. >So it was just going to be you and your mommy alone all day
  68. >It sounded just perfect to you
  69. >So with a plate of piping hot pancakes and warmed syrup in your mystic grasp, you made your way to your mothers bedroom
  70. >You had taken the liberty of unplugging her alarm clock so she didn't wake up before you had
  71. >Placing the plate down on the bedside table, you climbed into bed and nuzzled her neck in an attempt to gently wake her
  72. >Slowly, she opened her eyes to find out what was going on
  73. >She saw your smiling face looking up at you and gave you a tired grin back
  74. >"Goodmorning, son. What are you doing up before your mommy?"
  75. >You levitate the pancakes over to her along with the syrup
  76. "Happy birthday, mommy!"
  77. >She embraces you and giggles
  78. >"I can't believe you remembered it, Anonymous. But that means...Ohmigosh I forgot about your birthday!"
  79. >Her hug nearly crushes you as she tenses in sudden stress
  80. >You hug her back and talk loudly, but calmly, over her neurotic ranting
  81. "Mommy, it's okay. I remembered for both of us, see how many pancakes I made? Can't you relax even for one day?"
  82. >She strokes your mane and her grip relaxes a but
  83. >"You're too kind, Anonymous. A mommy should never forget her childs birthday though. That means I'm a bad mother!"
  84. >She starts hyperventilating again, in fear of failing as a mother
  85. "Mommy, the only thing you do is work too much. Can't you please take a day off, so we can spend time together like we did when I was little? That'd be the best birthday gift!"
  86. >Your mother sighs and looks at the pile of books beside her bed
  87. >Your lower lip starts to quiver, she's going to choose the books over you
  88. >Then she does something that is completely apart from her usually neurotic self
  89. >She shoves the stack of books over so that it collapses into a big heap beside the bed, then hugs you tighter than before
  90. >"Of course we'll spend the day together, Anonymous! What kind of mother would I be to deny that to you?"
  91. >Your eyes grow wide and you cheer into the soft coat of her chest
  92. >"But first, let's finish off these pancakes, alright?"
  93. >You nod and dig into them with the energy of youth, while your mother takes a more methodic pace
  94. >But soon enough, you're both done and lay cuddling in the bed
  95. >"So, Anonymous, what do you want to do for our big day together?"
  96. >You ponder for a moment, then suddenly it dawns on you exactly what you want to do
  97. "Can we go to the park?"
  98. >She smiles that motherly smile of hers, the kind that lets you know that she'll do anything to make this day special for you
  99. >"Of course. Go and get on your coat and we'll head down, alright?"
  100. >It was the late fall, and your mother didn't want you to catch a chill in the cool, damp air of the stone city
  101. >So you two, appropriately clothed, made your way down to the park near the main square of Canterlot
  102. >You loved it because there was a playground with lots of foals to play with
  103. >Your mommy liked it as a place to relax, a place where she could come and forget about all the worries of being a princess and just focus on being your mother
  104. >It was both of your favourite place in the whole city
  105. >But when you scampered about on the playground with the other colts and fillies, you looked over and saw a sad look on Twilight's face
  106. >You shrugged it off and went back to playing a game that one of the colts had called "grounders"
  107. >It was fun, but soon the sun was beginning to set and the other foals went home, and you trotted back over to your mommy
  108. >She was staring at the ground, looking as though she were a thousand miles from the bench she sat on
  109. >You didn't know what to do, so you crawled into her lap and nuzzled her neck
  110. >Eventually, she snapped out of it and nuzzled you back, though she didn't speak of it
  111. >So you two made your way home through the lamp lit streets of the capital of Equestria, you nuzzling at her hooves the whole way, and her trudging along tiredly
  112. >But it wasn't just normal tiredness from a long day
  113. >It was deeper than that, it was the weariness that came from working every single day, sleeping for hardly six hours a night
  114. >So, your little colt mind devised a devilish scheme
  115. >It was all for the best though
  116. >After all, you did love your mommy
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