AoE2HD Cheat Codes

HimekoTachibana Apr 8th, 2013 67 Never
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  1. 1000 food= Cheese Steak jimmy's
  2. 1000 gold= Robin Hood
  3. 1000 Wood= Lumberjack
  4. 1000 stone= Rock on
  5. Cobra Car= How do you turn this on
  6. Commit Suicide= Wimpywimpywimpy
  7. Control nature= natural wonders
  8. Destroy all oppenents= Black death
  9. Fast Buiilding= Aegis
  10. Flying Dogs= Woof Woof
  11. Full Map= Marco
  12. Instant Loss= Resign
  13. Instant Victory= i r winner
  14. Kill oppenent # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8= Torpedo#
  15. Little Monkey= Furious the monkey boy
  16. No Fog of War= Polo
  17. Saboteur units= to smithereens
  18. Tall, fast moving, usless villager= i love the monkey head
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