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August 10th 2018 Dream

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  1. Ok last night's dream was.... crazy lmao... but it's was the most in-depth dream I've had in awhile so... let's see how much I can remember.
  3. Firstly, it involved me, my brother, some unknown lady, and finally... um... my defense or my guardian as I call her. Her name is Sara, I think this is the first time I'm bringing her up with you.... I figured it would come up eventually. Anyways, I can't even remember the lady's name, but she was older. Think she had blonde hair... that's all I can remember.
  5. Anyways.... there's gonna be a lot of gaps here but let's see what I can remember. So I was at this place, it.. actually was the old skating rink that used to be around here, but now it's like... idk some office or something who knows. Anyways, I went there for a specific reason, there was a hypnotist. I wanted to experience it first hand, and was really excited to try sessions with them.
  7. Then she enters, again I don't remember her name it was just some older blonde lady. She laid me down and told me to just relax... she was whispering softly in my ear (this.. triggers me real good), and I felt really calm and relaxed, and I remember just feeling my body being so heavy and so relaxed and my mind was just sort of empty and focused on her words. She basically just kept relaxing me, counting down, bringing me further, and just making me feel really good before bringing me back up.
  9. "This was to see how susceptible you'd be, and you performed very well. Next time you come in, we can try making you go even deeper and also try some... different techniques." Naturally I got pretty excited.
  11. A day passes, and I remember telling my brother about this place too, and he was instantly interested in trying it out. So we both went at different times, but we both had an appointment at roughly the same time and figured we would go together.
  15. For WHATEVER reason, there was a shower at this place. ~~yes, really~~ and I remember going there to do just that. Problem is, I forgot a change of clothes and a towel. (oops) My brother went and was all ready to go, meanwhile I still basically smelled like crap lol.
  17. Anyways, so the session starts and it's me and my brother sitting in a room with this lady. She introduces herself to my brother and tells him that she's going to again, see how suscepitable he is just relax him, all that stuff. Then she also pulls out... idk basically this cube thing with like a ball going around in circles on this track... so basically it looked like a spiral.
  19. "It looks... hypnotic..." I kind of whispered and she started going like "Oh? So relaxing to just watch it go.. watch it spin... watching it's slow and rhythmic movement... going around.. and around... hmm... well maybe we can see if you guys can go under to this? Sounds like fun. Ok, I'm going to take your brother first, wait here ok? We'll be back :)"
  21. So I sit there and wait, also noticing that I felt like crap... then I saw there was... um, another shower? (what the fuck lol) So I ended up trying to sneak in there and take one before she came back. I was still in there when she got back and was like "WHERE DID HE GO??!?" sort of thing.. yeah this was random, whatever.
  23. "Now this part is where the fun begins :)"
  25. So I end up coming out and then pretty much INSTANTLY, she breathes into my ear... I instantly had shivers going down my spine, and I closed my eyes and dropped, really fast. She then just whispered in my left ear very softly "Shh... I got you.... it's ok..." and then laid me down on a couch.
  27. My body felt so heavy, as she continued to breathe in my ear, every time sending a shiver through my whole body as she whispered so softly and gently. "You're so vulnerable... but so safe... it's ok... I got you... just relax... and let your mind go completely empty...." she breathes in my ear again.
  29. My whole body feels so heavy right now, my arms, which were resting on my chest, fall to my side. I feel myself falling, really deep, as I just hear her gently breathing and whispering in my ear...
  31. Then.... this happens.
  33. "Now... just listen closely to me... focus on me... and I want you to accept the truth that... you obey me. You belong to me. You are being programmed by me. Programmed to obey me and only me. Feeling so good to obey, so good to follow your programming... just like a good little robot..." I started to get turned on at this point... felt really good and obviously I wanted this... but again I had this sort of weird feeling in the back of my mind... I didn't know her, I didn't trust her... as she whispered in my ear again.
  35. "Just a good programmed robot for me... that's it... just like your brother... he loved it, he gave in so easily... and I know you love this as well... so why not just relax and... loose yourself... loose your mind.... and just... obey?" I was really fucking turned on right now... and was about to really fall down even deeper and then... Sara awoke me.
  37. I stared at her intensively. "Excuse me!?" She looked confused, shocked almost, that I woke back up so quickly and seemed to have a different tone of voice. "What the hell do you think you're doing??? Not only are you trying to program him when he's in such a vulnerable state, hell, I don't even know you!! BUT you ALSO got [my brother] programmed to obey you? What the hell is your problem??"
  39. She continued to look sort of confused, "I... how... what..."
  41. I lunged at her, pinged her up against the wall. I guess sort of my elbow up against her throat sort of thing.
  43. "Listen here and listen well. I don't know who the fuck you are, but you're doing some scummy shit. How about this: You leave us the fuck alone. If I every catch you doing this again, I won't hesitate to act. Got it!?"
  45. She nods, still confused on what the fuck is going on. I back down. "Good. Now get the hell out of here."
  47. She exists the room and I stand there for a minute. "Hey... are you ok?"
  49. I sort of shake my head and regain my bearings, "Yeah.. yeah I'm ok." I was a bit disappointed it didn't get to continue, but I knew it was for the best, then I wake up from the dream not too long after.
  51. and.. that was it.
  53. The way I've been seeing this is sort of  a... I guess reminder to myself of what's more important to me than indulging in my desires.
  55. My friends, my family, my safety and trust, that sort of thing. I woke up because I didn't trust her, as much as I wanted it, because she put my brother under and seemed to push him really far and that was an instant red flag to me, I instantly felt uncomfortable with that, so Sara acted and lashed out at her, protecting me.
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