MGE Side III Perrine Melno

Nov 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Luxury Liner Perrine Melno
  2. Thank you for waiting so long. We are arriving at the depths of the sea... Queen Diana.
  3. I know you were feeling cramped due to my body, I’m terribly sorry.
  4. Well then, I would like to once again give you my heartfelt welcome...
  6. The city of Queen Diana is made up of a series of ships forming a ring around the Queen Diana, expanding outwards.
  7. This area is the outermost section, a residential district for the city’s residents.
  8. The city is quieter than usual... While we were on Diana Island, perhaps something put my lord in a good mood, and she was lively singing the song of serenity.
  9. In each of the houses and rooms we can see from here, there are likely many couples in the middle of making love right now...
  11. As you can see, the architecture of the city is made entirely of ships. Smaller ships are used as houses, and medium-sized ships are also used as shops or restaurants.
  12. As with the other 6 islands of Court Alf, our Queen Diana gladly accepts prospective residents, and we especially welcome the immigration of men who wish to become husbands to us monsters.
  13. You may, of course, choose your favorite place from the empty ships or rooms, but if you choose your favorite ship from the area where sunken ships are gathered, called the “Graveyard of Ships”, then our city’s craftsmen will offer to renovate it as a comfortable residence.
  15. The most popular of these dwellings is the huge luxury liner adjacent the Queen Diana, the “Perrine Melno”.
  16. The property was sunk by my lord in a sea to the west and carried here, its beautiful hull made from the wealth of the nobility it carried is gorgeous.
  17. It seems my lord noticed this ship while on a stroll, and thought “what a pretty ship~” as she got closer to look at it, but from inside the ship, she could hear the suffering and cries for help of the slave men serving the ship, and it appears my lord, pitying them, just sunk it.
  18. When that happened, the monsters that were gathered around the area deliciously devoured all of the aristocrats and slaves on board... Or rather, many of the nobles were on board with ladies, so their wives became monsters, and the monsters that had gathered around continued to deliciously devour the slaves that had become their husbands, so the now vacant ship was brought here.
  20. Like the hull, the interior of the ship, made for nobility, is very luxurious.
  21. All of its rooms are suites designed for couples, so unlike other ships, this one can only be chosen by those that have obtained a partner.
  22. If you, dear guest, wish to live on this ship...
  23. Fufufu... If it’s alright with you, I’ll offer my unworthy body and heart to you...
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