Biblical scientist icequeen81 explains pre-flood biology

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  1. 09:22:43 <+Ins_ne> atheists say all of this is evolution, you and i know better than attribute all this complexity to chance
  2. 09:23:31 <+icequeen81> According to the bible... no-one ate any-one until after the flood.
  3. 09:23:42 <+icequeen81> Sin in the world brought about death and meat eating.
  4. 09:24:15 <+icequeen81> What snakes ate before that, is anyone's guess... but there was probably plans and vegetables that we have no idea of.. and maybe the earth was slightly diffeerent. We don't know how it was.
  5. 09:25:35 <+icequeen81> But there has even been a known case of a lion... who is typically known as only a meat eater.. there was a lion once who refused to eat meat. Their handlers tried to sneak some blood in his food for nutrition, but he quite literally refused to eat meat. So even what we think of as a meat eater, wasn't necessarily always a meat eater. It is sin that has brought about pain and repercussions.
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