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  1. Here is a summary of what the game dead by daylight really is in case people are wondering what I am talking about and that they have a good picture in mind of what I am saying.
  2. The Game Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 scenario where there are 4 survivors and 1 killer.
  3. The survivors aim is to fix generators which are located across the map and they need to fix 5 generators in order to open the exit.
  4. The killers aim is to stop them and kill them by hanging them on lynches located around the map.
  5. -----------------------------------------------------------------------*****----------------------------------------------------
  7. Generators:
  8. These are the machines which survivors need to be able to fix in oder to successfully unlock the exit and escape their way out of the map!
  11. How to fix a generator:
  12. They way you fix one is by holding right click on the generator there will be a bar underneath on your screen to show the progress of the generator being fixed. In the middle of fixing these gens you have to perform skill checks this is where another bar pops up with an arrow above it. You need to press space to get the arrow onto the green section of the bar. if you do not then the generator will fuse producing tiny sparks (IT WONT BLOW UP DONT WORRY) this is not good as the killer will be able to see where the sparks come from. So pay attention! Once again missing the green part when you have to perform skill checking on a generator will just highlight to the killer where the generator is so you don't want that!!
  13. These skill checks will happen at least 2 times while fixing a generator. The more generators that have been fixed the faster the skill checks are making it harder for the player to get the arrow in the green section in the middle of the line as the arrow will move much more faster.
  15. Additional information on fixing Generators:
  16. Only up to 3 players can fix the same generator all at once
  17. If there are 3 players fixing the generator only of them will get a skill check not all 3
  18. Once you fixed a generator there all the generators will be highlighted on the screen for 10 seconds.
  19. If there are 3 people fixing a generator it will be much more quicker than one!
  20. -----------------------------------------------------------------------*****----------------------------------------------------
  22. Survivors Abilities:
  23. Survivors remember are the 4 players. They are slower than the killer however there are some objects which they can use to obstruct the killer. You have to do space and they are highlighted in an aura so you can use them. The Obstacles will be dark oak blocks which are pushed in place by sticky pistons the killer has to break them with his axe. BUT BE WARNED YOU CAN ONLY USE OBSTACLES ONCE so be careful if you think that you can run the killer out then don't use it.
  24. Survivors can also heal each other and they can self heal however it takes time to do that once again skill checks are also involved in this so you have to be careful.
  25. -----------------------------------------------------------------------*****----------------------------------------------------
  27. Killer:
  29. This is a very interesting role that only 1 person can take up. The killer is faster by 5% sprint speed.
  31. If a killer finds a person he will have to strike 2 times on that player so that he can pick up that player and take him to a nearby hook to hang the survivor.
  32. When the killer hits the player the first time round the player will no longer able to sprint but just walk. When hit the second time the player will be moving at the speed of crouching (when pressing L Shift and moving). At that phase the killer will be able to pick up the survivor using a saddle and carry him to the nearest hook.
  33. DON'T WORRY the killer will have a fatigue for it to swing so it wont be instant hits. That way it will give a chance for the survivor to escape HOWEVER they need to be efficient enough to escape from the survivor for sometime as they can only move at walking speed.
  34. When the killer grabs you with saddle and takes you to the hook you will lose hearts. At a rate of 1 heart lost every 10 seconds. HOWEVER you can be saved by other survivors! When you're hooked you will be highlighted on the map for the other survivors to let you know your positions.
  35. If you do get set free you will only be able to move at walking pace (second phase) so you need to find a safe place and self heal or get healed by another member.
  36. -----------------------------------------------------------------------*****----------------------------------------------------
  37. Once you have done all the 5 Generators then there will be yellow/white firework.
  38. Only 1 person can open this escape gate by holding right click down on the lever it will take 15 seconds to do.
  40. P.S instead of highlighting the generators or the hooks (depends which role you are) fireworks could be launched instead.
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