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Jul 27th, 2018
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  1. Interviewer: and it was under Rafael Correa’s mandate when Julián Assange was granted asylum and we analyzed
  2. Precisely with the former president of Ecuador this issue.
  3. Good afternoon Rafael Correa, we wanted to ask your assessment on the statements of President Lenin Moreno on the future of Julian Assange and what are the legal options to solve this ruling.
  4. Rafael Correa: Well, thank you very much for this interview. The whole world must know that we are speaking in front of a fraud, look how it has its lapses, allegedly inherited a problem of the previous government, that is, giving a humanitarian asylum is a problem, what is the message? That there is no need to give asylum. Its reasoning is so simplistic that he says, "as long as the death penalty is avoided", no!, “Due process must be guaranteed”. The last time he called "hacker" to Assange, so simplistically. Now he says he does not share that mails from people get compromised, he did not understand anything! He has not even read what the problem is, what Assange did with Sergeant Manning, was to obtain vital information about what had happened, about human rights, it is something that I do not share either, because it was an illegal activity, the states have the right to keep secrets, but has not been given asylum for disturbing those attitudes, but because there were no guarantees of due process. Now look!, now he says that everything must be resolved by the dialogue, Ecuadorians know very well what that means, it is a total hypocrisy. He disguises it as a dialogue with a prior agreement, just as he did in the campaign, acted with the right, etc., and then disguised everything in dialogue with the distribution that was previously agreed upon. Rest assured that this gentleman is a hypocrite and that he has already agreed with the United States, what is going to happen with Julian Assange, and he is only lasting the pill, saying that he is going to talk, but I fear, I fear and I have said for several months, that the days of Julian Assange in our embassy are numbered.
  6. Interviewer: Mr. Correa, President Lenin Moreno stressed that he wants guarantees that the life of Julian Assange is not in danger, believes that the United Kingdom is able to guarantee this condition?
  8. Rafael Correa: Look, if he leaves the embassy without a safe passage, he will go to the United States because he is being accused of laws that include the death penalty, but even if that were not the case, they are totally disproportionate laws Assange supposedly did, because nobody says that the crime is divulging confidential information. Assange or Sergeant Manning were the ones who obtained that information, but they divulged the great media of the planet and nobody says anything about it, Why?, because they are very big powers, because they are part of the system. They want to make a demonstration effect with which they stole information but to those who divulged the information, the big media, nothing is said, you can see here the double standards and hypocrisy worldwide.
  10. Interviewer: There is a fourth agent involved because Sweden withdrew the charges against Julian Assange. The UN resolved in favor of his freedom. Why then UK is insisting on his arrest, what is behind this issue?
  12. Rafael Correa: with all due respect for the UK, because there are countries that believe above good and evil. For one moment just Imagine that it was the opposite situation, that in my government there was an Australian who has asked for asylum in the UK Embassy in Quito, assuming it, and that he is not allowed to be deported after 6 years and despite the resolution of the UN , despite human rights, let's ignore all that, they would have invaded us!. Then, unfortunately, the world order is not an order of justice, it is not an order of law, but only the imposition of the strongest.
  14. Interviewer: So, in the argument that you are using right now, do you think the United States is rubbing its hands?
  16. Rafael Correa: I think it's a matter of time, this is already agreed, it's the current form of Lenin Moreno's government. We already know Ecuadorians, we did the same thing, in the name of the dialogue what they did was to disguise previous pacts and tried to justify the distribution of the country through dialogue. Here is the same, talk about dialogue but everything is already agreed with the US government especially after the visit of Vice President Pence to Ecuador a week ago.
  18. Interviewer: As a last question, you had granted political asylum to Julian Assange and then Lenin Moreno granted him citizenship, why that change?
  20. Rafael Correa: Because it was not Lenin Moreno, he said it. It is so incompetent this gentleman, who said that he did not agree with what his foreign minister had done who at that moment was María Fernanda Espinoza, current president of UN. He said "I do not agree with what the chancellor has done", that is, everything was done behind his back (Lenin Moreno). Look, Mr. Moreno has a complete surrender, this is already negotiated, all this is a disguise to pass as a humanist, but he does not even know the case of Julian Assange, he does not even understand what the issue is about, that "only we must avoid the death penalty "and" due process ", for the love of God and double standards. That is, if the problem is to disclose, those who divulged the confidential information are also the great means of communication worldwide. He does not understand any of that, what is happening is the pill to say that through the dialogue he decided to deliver Julian Assange but there are already previous agreements in this regard.
  22. Interviewer: Well, we are going to be very vigilant if Julian Assange's hours are counted or not in the embassy, thank you very much Rafael Correa.
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