Pokemon Yellow Ash% FAQ

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  1. Pokemon Yellow Ash% FAQ
  3. Q: What are you trying to do?
  4. A: Beat Pokemon Yellow just like Ash from the anime! Here are the rules for this meme category:
  6. Q: What are you playing on?
  7. A: A GameCube using a GameBoy Player.
  9. Q: What is the world record?
  10. A: 7:13:37 by me. Video here:
  12. Q: Why aren't you using RNG manipulation?
  13. A: It would make the category much less interesting and fun. Imagine doing the same Tauros manip 29 times in a row.
  15. Q: Didn't Ash catch 30 Tauros instead of 29?
  16. A: This is debatable. It doesn't really matter.
  18. Q: But Ash didn't beat the Elite Four! This isn't real Ash%!
  19. A: OK.
  21. Q: What's the general strategy for this run?
  22. A: Use Butterfree until Charmander, then use the Charmander evolution line to beat the game. You can't evolve Charmander until after you've gotten 6 badges (as that unlocks the Primeape catching area), so it's quite challenging. See my notes for more details:
  24. Q: Why not use something better than Charmander?
  25. A: Your options are limited. And you have to get Charizard anyway, and there's no fast way to do this without using it as the main battler.
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