The Sims 3: Rule Set v 1.1

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  1. =================
  2. | The Sims 3    |
  3. | Rule set      |
  4. | Version 1.1   |
  5. =================
  7. There are 4 Main Categories:
  8. 1. Maxed Job
  9. 2. Get Married/Have A Baby
  10. 3. Max All Skills
  11. 4. 500,000 in the bank
  12. There are also Skill Specific Misc. Categories for those that want to run individual skills.
  14. Rules Across All Categories:
  16. - Timer starts whenever the camera zooms into the lot
  17. - No Cheating (Yes, this includes Splicing Runs)
  18. - No Glitching (unless otherwise specified in the Category Specific Rules)
  19. - Premade Sims (i.e. Those that come with the town) are banned. Your sim must be freshly made.
  20. - All expansions are allowed to be installed. Some Categories will make use of this content, however each category will be based on Base Game Content
  21. - Custom Content is not allowed for use
  22. - Official content from The Sims 3 Store ONLY is allowed to be used in all runs. However, when submitting your run, please include a link to the item in your description
  23. - You can either, start from a house that comes with the town, or build a house yourself
  24. - Seeding of the Neighborhood for Family Friends is allowed
  27. TA Runs are allowed. That means you can submit your run if it is done on multiple parts. It must however be done on the same game file and no actions are queued if the timer is stopped. If the game window is active, the timer must be always running.
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