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  1. Cute Mute's Guide to Nice Miming.
  3. 1. Never Talk.
  4.  -Don't break your vow, it's the essence of everything you are. It's a sacred thing. My rule in general is to never break vow if Mime UI stuff remains present. This includes as an MMI or Borged unless explicitly ordered to speak, such as law stating. This should remain a terrible shame to be forced to break vow.
  6. 2. Do NOT ever talk.
  7.  -Seriously! This is a huge blow to crew morale, and probably will lead to a quick and brutal retribution at worst, and constant harassment at best.
  9. 3. Gear up appropriately.
  10.  -You will need your tools, as a mime communication is your primary obstacle a lot of the time. So in addition to honing your repetoire of conveying information through interaction and gesture, you'll likely want things like paper and pen or crayon. Folders being handy for all the paper you'll ever need.
  12. 4. Find a project.
  13.  -The station has many things to do. Since you don't have any responsibility besides being a mime, find something to do. Renovate an area. Play music in the halls. Write some jokes. Try and make a single person's round much better, anything you can plan for the round is good.
  15. 5. Help where you can.
  16.  -As a mime your job is just to keep the station happy. Help people who need assistance, even if it seems like a bad idea. Person seems kinda shady or possibly an antag but you have no proof? Might as well help them anyway. Don't be dense but rounds should be fun and interesting.
  18. 6. Aim to improve the round with your presence.
  19.  -With no obligations you are free to be the silent helping hand of the station. People appreciate a chipper crewmate who will brighten their day just a little bit. So aim to make your shifts as mime as productively friendly as possible! Even as traitor or ling, aim for interesting or fun over that sweet green text.
  21. Communication Priority List. (This list indicates the ideal way to attempt communication as a Mime.)
  23. 1. Emotes Only
  24. 2. Emotes using held and/or adjacent items.
  25. 3. Written notes.
  26. 4. PDA (PDA should be used if absolutely necessary, otherwise try and find the person yourself!)
  28. Tips and Advice.
  29. -Shift middle click to point quickly. Basic but helpful for mimes.
  30. -With access to the autodrobe, you can easily snag jackboots for extra handy storage. A squirreled away survival medipen you ask for or trade from for a miner can be life or death for you or a crew member!
  31. -Music is nice and there are plenty of resources for jams, make use of starting near instruments and add some tunes to your station.
  32. -If you aren't being rude, you'd be surprised how responive people are when you just ask them for things or for help doing something.
  33. -Your suspenders can hold your emergency oxygen tank so with your mask and that in place you're ready for sudden o2 loss at any moment.
  34. -The arcade machines are not only enjoyable to play but offer tons of neat little toys you can gift to just about anyone!
  35. -Outfits are nice, make the most of the autodrobe!
  36. -If you are going to write a note, like for the HoPline as an example, try writing it in advance so you don't need to write at the location.
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