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  1. Increasing Output
  4.  Celery - Increases semen quantity considerably, and greatly ups the force at which you ejaculate. You will have to eat 10-15 large stalks for it to have any really noticable effect, though, and that might make your stomach act up a bit. If you ask me, it’s really not worth it, just add a few stalks to your diet alongside the pills and be done with it. Ingest 2-3 hours before sexual activity.
  6. L-Arginine - Increases semen quantity by a metric fuckton after a few weeks, and also gives firmer, longer-lasting erections. Take one capsule (500mg) daily, and another 3-4 capsules (1500mg-2000mg) a few hours before sexual activity. Within two or three weeks you’ll be rolling eyes at Peter North’s pitiful puddles. Gah, I sound like a shitty commercial. (Take no more than 4-5 capsules per day.)
  8. L-Lysine - This works with Zinc to increase the quantity of semen. Take one capsule (500mg) daily, and another a few hours before sexual activity. If you, like me, suck at swallowing pills, be careful. I’ve almost choked on these fuckers a few times because they’re bulky. Also, don’t down them with Coke, you’ll regret it if the tablet decides to clog up your respiratory system and send the contents of your mouth flying at your monitor and/or keyboard. (Take no more than two tablets per day.)
  10. Zinc - This has two purposes. Firstly, it’ll work with L-Lysine to increase the quantity of semen, like I said before. Secondly, and this is the best part, it’ll make your semen thick and Elmer’s Glue white. As a bonus, it will also ensure good prostate health. Take one tablet daily, and another a few hours before sexual activity. Or simply take the two at once. (Take no more than 50mg per day. This is very important. Taking more on a daily basis will render your body unable to absorb certain vital nutrients in regular food.)
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