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Kriok language

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  1. Planet Names:
  2.         Nyjora
  3.         Sjandra'kei
  4.         Ralainara
  5.         Aniara
  6.         Nabatea
  7.         Kiigara Vas
  8.         Krios
  9.         Nerain
  10.         Gaalsaan Rho
  11.         Kridim
  12.         Majiran'kal
  13.         Sjet
  14.         Mannoch
  15.         Tasivas'kei
  16.         Saju'ka
  18. Timekeeping:
  19.     Pulse : irn : second
  20.     Longpulse : sjirn : minute
  21.     Cycle: kivas : hour
  22.     Longcycle: sjakivas : day
  23.     Arc: raal : month
  24.     Longarc: sjaraal : year
  26. Language:
  27.         Sj- : Prefix for long or far, such as in timekeeping or in distance
  28.         Kri- : Prefix for high
  29.         Nyj- : Prefix for low
  30.         Ner- : Prefix for all
  31.         Tas- : Prefix for none, or not
  32.         Di- : Prefix for part of or together, similarly to ner-
  33.         Nei: No
  34.         Ke: Yes
  35.         Rii: An exclamation, equivalent to a loud interjection, such at yelling 'shit'
  36.         Sjiit: Idiot, useless thing
  37.         Kish'tet: Bastard, curse or insult to be directed towards someone else
  38.         Akri, arae, si: Equivalent to someone else or another, sometimes used to mean friend (tasakri or tasi or tasarae, for example, mean no-one or not-one)
  39.         Sjakri: Outsider, foreigner, lit. "far from another", another similar word would be tasakri
  40.         Sjatas, tasrin, sjrin, sj'tet: Alien, non-nerrin; nerrin had little contact with other species prior to their extinction but had established communications and trade relations with a few distant species, the term used varies depending on how insulting it is meant to be
  41.         Rhirn, tas'ka: An equivalent to an underworld, hell
  42.         Kish: Another insult, used as a shortening of kish'tet
  43.         Kii: An equivalent to a placeworder word, such as "um" or "well", can be used as an exclamation of surprise
  44.         Kii-i-i-i: awful mocking laughter noise that nerrin make
  45.         Arrnhi: An expression of disbelief or incredulousness, used either on its own or in a sentence
  46.         Nerroch: A new term, referring to achieving a sort of enlightened state through technology, lit. "all-thing"
  47.         Nerrin: Shortening of Ner'rin, expression referring to the entire species, lit. "all-people"
  48.         Kriirin: Shortening of Krii'rin, referring to the highlands plateau-based culture (one of the two major culture groups in nerrin history), lit. "high-people"
  49.         Nyjrin: Shortening of Nyj'rin, referring to the lowlands jungle-based culture, lit. "low-people"
  50.         Khel: League or family, used to describe an alliance or confederation rather than a unified unit
  51.         Rho: Family, a small and well-connected group
  52.         Sjandiran: Independent, lit. "far from home"
  53.         Diran: Home
  54.         Krei/Kei/Ka: City, fortress, citadel, place (taskrei would mean no place or nowhere, for example; tas-ka is different in that it means hell or "not-place")
  55.         Ain: State, government, typically with codified or unified connotations in some sense
  56.         Rin: People, a group of individuals unified in some characteristic
  57.         Ran: Wall, fortification, sometimes used in a mental sense such as willpower (kreiran would be used to mean a walled city or fortress)
  58.         Hal: mind, consciousness, similarly to using the term person in reference to someone's mental capacity rather than their physical body
  60. Nerrin names are given in the form [first name] [family or profession or societal group identified with] [clan name]; Kriok's full name would be Kriok Nyj'kiir Searae (Kriok the builder/engineer of the Se clan; other valid translations would be Kriok Nyj'kiir Seakri or Kriok Nyj'kiir Sesi); someone with the last name Tasi, Tasarae, or Tasakri would be considered an exile or outcast
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