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  1. - Add more blood keys, different chests around the wildy different colors with more reward for certain
  2. colors. Using these keys gives you points towards a bigger reward when you get to a certain number for each color.
  3. - occult needs to be added to drop table @thermo
  4. -spawn pots and food automaticly after u win match on tournaments
  5. -add ancestral set to the battlemages drop table
  6. -Make pets give 5% droprate
  7. -Make Jad give Tokkul as well
  8. -Sell imbued capes but make em lost on death
  9. -rebuff arma pkp
  10. -add inferno boss
  11. -add bring, seers and archers to pkp shop
  12. -More World Events. Maybe something PvM related such as x2 rare drop chance from GWD or Zulrah etc. Something outside the Wilderness as some players won't go out there literally ever lol.
  13. -Fix Cerberus ghosts. Mage ghost hits range damage and Range ghost hits Magic damage
  14. -go through raids and fix safespots and stuff so we can do this suggestion below,
  15. -Give chances at drops from Raids instead of having to buy with PKP ive heard a few complaints about the system in place atm and i agree its nice to see that sexy purple light
  16. -you can not pick up pkp whilst doing slayer
  17. -adding anglerfish fishing spots to donator zone or have it so only a certain donators can fish them
  18. -
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