MAiEQ: Maya's Thanksgiving Spinoff!

Aug 31st, 2014
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  1. >2017
  2. >Thanskgiving
  3. >The "human" holiday, as it's called
  4. >Well, in Ponyville, anyway
  5. >Well, okay, it's ONLY in Ponyville, so far, but still
  6. >Honestly, you hate this holiday
  7. >Between the two times it's been celebrated in Ponyville, you can faithfully say that it's one of the more bullshit ones
  8. >Backstory is that some human, WHEN FUCKING WHITE DIAMOND WAS ATTACKING, decided to mention to Twilight that they should celebrate a human holiday this year
  9. >Twilight asked what, and the human said "Thanksgiving"
  10. >After the Purple Pony Princess heard what it was all about, and what someone would do during this time, she agreed, and after the whole White Diamond fiasco was put to a stop, finally, it was held at Twilight's Castle
  11. >All of Ponyville was welcome to come, and there, Twilight set a rule for all future Ponyville Thanksgivings
  12. >That a random house would be hosting the Princess of Ponyville, and the rest of the mane six
  13. >...Apparently, during then, Twilight didn't say any of this to any of the other mane six, until then
  14. >Not very smart of the fucker, huh?
  15. >Outrages were had, and many laughs from you and Claire were had, as well
  16. >All and all, it was a good day
  17. >...Sort of
  18. >Before the mane six could outrage, bronies everywhere yelled that they wanted to host it next year
  19. >And guess who hosted it next year?
  20. >Some guy that lived with Fluttershy
  21. >Fitting, to be honest
  22. >The first five years should just be the mane five, since it was already held at Twilight's castle, once
  23. >...Not the case
  24. >This year, YOU were holding it
  25. >...Who are you, you ask?
  26. >Well, you're Maya
  27. >Maya Descant
  28. >DES-CANT
  29. >Not Decasant, like Claire likes to call you
  30. >Piece of shit...
  31. >But, yeah, apparently Twilight thought it'd be a good idea to have Twinkleshine host the mane six, plus two other guests of her choosing
  32. >Not Twilight's choosing
  33. >Twinkleshine's choosing
  34. >Of course, Twinkleshine thought it'd be fair to have you choose which two to bring
  35. >Since she'd be doing everything else
  36. >...Kinda not fair at all, in retrospect
  37. >Eh, whatever the hell gets you to do less
  38. >Anyway, she put you by some guide lines, your room mate
  39. >She said to pick "Two ponies that wouldn't 'cause a scene, if anything were to happen. You know, burnt food, angry guests, a house fire. You know, ponies you know who are calm, collected, and overall someone who won't fuck this up."
  40. >She was overreacting
  41. >You see, Twinkle is Twilight's old friend from Magic School
  42. >...Who followed her here, for some reason
  43. >She wants to make a good second-first impression for her old friend, since they haven't talked since Twilight left for Ponyville
  44. >Also, she has a crush on Applejack
  45. >Don't ask, you don't know, either
  46. >Anyway, two days before the thing, you already knew who you picked
  47. >And you alerted your two... "friends", if you can even call them that, of the Thanksgiving party
  48. >They agreed to go, and you told Twinkleshine that they were coming
  49. >Well, okay, you didn't tell them who they are
  50. >All you said was "Trust me, you'll like 'em, Twinkles," with a devious laughter following your statement
  51. >Subtle, you know
  52. >But, now that all this backstory is done with, and most of the food is cooked, lets actually ge to present time, shall we?
  53. >Like you said, it's Thanksgiving
  54. >Noon, to be exact
  55. >By now, Twinkles already made the.. "Turkey"
  56. >All it is is a salad made to look like a turkey
  57. >...With some actual Turkey bits sprinkled in there
  58. >That's your doing
  59. >Getting that cooked turkey off of the black market was hard, but you're sure it's worth it
  60. >She made string beans, corn, stuffing, corn bread..
  61. >The type of shit you'd expect at Thanksgiving
  62. >With some hay and shit, too
  63. >...Without any meat, as well
  64. >Well, besides your handiwork
  65. >Now, you and Twinkles were waiting
  66. >Waiting for someone to show up
  67. >Who would it be?
  68. >As if one fucking cue, the doorbell chimes, along with a rhythmic knocking
  69. >Now, who could that be?
  70. >You stretch your limbs, and walk towards the door
  71. >Now, who could our first guest be?
  72. >Opening the door, you find...
  73. >Oh look
  74. >Rarity.
  75. >Make way for best pony
  76. >"Hello, darling! I hope I'm not too late."
  77. "Nah. In fact, you're probably too early."
  78. >You direct your hand to the kitchen, as the white horse trots in, as elegant as ever
  79. >She's wearing some snazzy-ass dress, along with... a cute hat
  80. >It's white, while her dress is black
  81. >Why she decided to do that, you'll never know
  82. >You're not even sure you WANT to know
  83. >Speaking of clothing
  84. >You suppose you should at least mention what you're wearing
  85. >Casual wear
  86. >That's what you're wearing
  87. >A skirt, and a shirt
  88. >Red and blue, respectively
  89. >Because you're original
  90. >Passing over that, you close the door, once the fashion thing enters the kitchen
  91. >"Ooh... I see what you mean, May-"
  92. >"Rarity! Welcome, welcome! Please, take..."
  93. >Oh shut up
  94. >You tune her out, and lock the door
  95. >Why this shit is more-so made for humans than horses, you'll never know
  96. >...And why you just fucking locked the door, you'll never know
  97. >Eh
  98. >Whatever
  99. >You'll fix it when the next guest comes in-
  100. >And the door starts a-knocking
  101. >Fuck
  102. >Right when you were walking away
  103. >Turning back around, and opening the door, you see...
  104. >Fluttershy-She brought Jeff
  105. "Hey man. I thought only the host could invite guests."
  106. >"Oh, I couldn't leave Jeff at home! He doesn't know how to take care of the animals, he could get seriously hurt!"
  107. >...Really?
  108. >You're fucking him
  109. >Say that
  110. >Just say you're fucking him
  111. >You're in your fucking gala dress, for Pete's sake
  112. >And he's in a suit
  113. >Just be blunt about it, God
  114. "Well, there was no need to get all fancy for some dinner-"
  115. >"Some dinner?!" Shouts the fashonista pony
  116. >She had no place in this conversation
  117. >And here come the steps
  118. >The clops, actually
  119. >The trots
  120. >Whatever vocabulary that should be used
  121. >And now she's behind you
  122. >Great
  123. >"Maya, I don't think you understand how important this is!"
  124. "Yes I do."
  125. >"I mean, first of all, this is me, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie, all is some random pony's house! It should be an honor, not just some "random dinner"!"
  126. >All you can do is roll your eyes and walk away, back to the kitchen
  127. >"Don't you walk away from me!"
  128. >You can hear the door shut, and clip-clops on the floor, as you go to take your seat at the table
  129. >You can already tell, this dinner is going to be just greaaaaat!
  130. >Purple-mane trots back in, angrily, along with Jeff and his pone friend
  131. >...It's funny
  132. >Fluttershy's a slut, if your think of her fucking Jeff AND Discord
  133. >For some reason, you didn't think she had it in her
  134. >Oh, how wrong you are
  135. >As Rarity takes her seat, and starts talking your god damn ear off, Flutters and Jeff start up a conversation with Twinkleshine
  136. >"Oh, you knew Twilight before she came to Ponyville? How was she?"
  137. >"The same as she is today! Although, she did mature a bit, as she's not as paranoid as she was before."
  138. >Fluttershy and Twinkle share a chuckle, Jeff seemingly taking this all in
  139. >And Rarity keeps droning on about this fucking dinner party
  140. >God fucking DAMN it!
  141. >"Honestly, you HAD to see her when she was in Magic school! She would always wreck our room when she was sure she failed an assignment."
  142. >"Lemme guess," Jeff chimes in, a smirk on his face, "Instead of the A+, she just got an A?"
  143. >"Exactly!" Exclaims Twinkles, smiling wide
  144. >That just shows that Twilight's fucking predictable
  145. >Damn
  146. >Watch, Twilight's gonna knock on the door, and be the next one to join
  147. >And then she's gonna get all embarrassed about these stories, hiding her head under the table, or something
  148. >...
  149. >No knocking
  150. >Shit, what Claire said was true
  151. >Convenience hates all that predict it
  153. >...An hour fucking later, and nothing's happened
  154. >You're honestly getting tired of Rarity's constant bullshitting, trying to school you about what makes a dinner soooo important, and why it should be respected as that important
  155. >You can only pray that someone's gonna-
  156. >Ding dong!
  157. "I'LL GET IT!"
  158. >At the door, you are, quickly opening it up, your smile as wide as a mile
  159. >And who's at the fucking door?
  160. >None other than Ms. Sparkle herself
  161. >...Nah
  162. >It was Claire
  163. >The little shit
  164. >Yeah, if you hadn't guessed already, your first guest pick was Claire
  165. >Your pseudo-best friend
  166. >...What does pseudo mean, again?
  167. >Whatever, you'll look it up late-...Oh
  168. >Two-three years in Equestria, and you forget that there isn't any internet here
  169. >Sad, isn't it?
  170. "Sup, Claire. I see you lookin' snazzy, as well."
  171. >Jesus Christ, she actually looks fucking beautiful in her dress
  172. >It's like a galaxy sort of dress
  173. >How she ever got Rarity to make THAT for her, you'll never know...
  174. >"Why thank you, May."
  175. >Your left eye twitches
  176. >"Also stop it with the ghetto speak. It makes you look like a nigger."
  177. >...
  178. >What
  179. >She walks past you, while you just
  180. >...What
  182. >You're pretty sure if any black people were in Equestria, you'd be dead for saying that
  183. >"...What's a nigger?" Whispers Fluttershy, to Jeff
  184. >Jeff just stays silent
  185. >Oh great
  186. >Now the entire tables gonna be talkin' 'bout niggers, when you get back there
  187. >And Claire's just innocently walking towards the table, holding her dress in her hands
  188. >...Speaking of clothing again
  189. >Why the hell is everyone in some special garment?
  190. >You expected almost everyone to wear some sort of casual shit, not something that you would where if you were going to a ball
  191. >...Whatever
  192. >You sigh, as you make your way towards the table
  193. >And she took your seat
  194. >Little fucking bitch
  195. >Whatever
  196. >You take the seat directly across from her, as Twinkleshine speaks up
  197. >"May, what's a nigger?"
  198. >And so, it be-fucking-gins
  199. "...Uh."
  200. >"Speechless, May~? Why's that?" Claire says, slyly
  201. >You hate her
  202. >For once, she's fucking with you
  203. >Surprising, really
  204. "Well, you're the mother fucker that brought it up! Why don't you tell 'em, Claire?"
  205. >"What? Me? I don't even know what a nigger is! It could be some sort of fruit, for all I know!"
  206. >She says this, with a smirk on her face
  207. >Fuck her so much
  208. >"I think I've seen a nigger, before." Peeps up the shy pone
  209. >Wait... what?
  210. >Yeah, even Jeff and Claire are surprised by this turn of events
  211. >"I-I mean... It could've been a nigger... I'm not sure... But it sure seemed like one!"
  212. >"Well then, don't waste any time, darling!" Rarity speaks up, a innocent smile on her face, "Tell us about the nigger!"
  213. >"W-Well... Okay!"
  214. >This should be interesting
  216. >"It was a month ago, I think...
  217. >"I was walking around in the Everfree, during the day
  218. >"And, I saw this weird fruit...
  219. >"I had no idea what it was, it was unlike anything I've ever seen before!
  220. >"I even took it to Zecora, and she didn't know what it was!"
  222. >Well how about that shit?
  223. >Zecora, the local nigger, didn't know what a nigger was
  224. >Ain't that some shit
  226. >"I took it back to my cottage, after giving Zecora the seeds, and I fed it to some of my animals...
  227. >"And, I think an hour later, they went crazy!
  228. >"I didn't know what to think of the situation, but luckily me, Discord and Jeff kept them from getting to Ponyville
  229. >"While barricaded, however, they kept trying to break and steal things, and they kept trying to hurt me and Jeff.
  230. >"Luckily, Discord was there, so they couldn't lay a paw on me.
  231. >"But, it was really weird, and scary...
  232. >"They went back to normal, later on, though. So it wasn't permanent..."
  234. >...Holy shit
  235. >There's a niggerfruit in Equestria
  236. >You're trying to hold back your laughter, as much as you can
  237. >Everybody else is intrigued, excluding Jeff and Claire
  238. >Claire's more-so shocked, than anything
  239. >And Jeff's in the same boat as yourself
  240. >"On the contrary," Fluttershy's boyfriend speaks up, trying to contain his laughter, "There was a fruit that Flutters found that made the animals calm and hungry."
  241. >"No shit?" Claire questioned, a smile on her face
  242. >Jeff's gotta be bullshitting you, now
  243. >There's no fucking way this is real
  244. >"Mhm," Fluttershy nods, innocence covering her face, "I give it to Angel, sometimes, when he's-"
  245. "Actin' a foo'?"
  246. >And the table looks at you, as trumpets sound before the door
  247. >"Presenting, the Princess Twilight Sparkle!"
  248. >...Is that Spike?
  249. >Since when did he get a trumpet?
  250. >A red carpet rolls along the floor, as a quite regal Twilittle enters the room, her wings spread wide
  251. >Spike enters behind her, goin' all freestyle on that trumpet of his
  252. >Twilight stops at the table, while Spike keeps on goin'
  253. >"Spike..."
  254. >Still playing
  255. >"Spiiike..."
  256. >Non-stop trumpet action
  257. >Mother fucker's playing Trumpet-Hero 2, the return of the trumpet king
  258. >"SPIKE!"
  259. >Twi turned to the dragon, and gave him the stink eye
  260. >This made him stop, a nervous expression on his face
  261. >"Heheh... Sorry."
  262. >"Encore, encore! Why'd you make him stop, Twilight? He was just simply FABULOUS!"
  263. >Twi rolls her eyes, annoyed, as the trumpet player strolls up to Rarity, in confidence
  264. >"Really-Err, I mean... Yeah, I know, baby."
  265. >He leans on her chair-No he didn't
  266. >He falls off of nothing, landing on the floor
  267. >Quickly, he stands up, brushing himself off
  268. >"I'm okay!"
  269. >Rarity chuckles, with a small smile on her face
  270. >"Welcome, welcome, Miss Twilight Sparkle!" Twinkles greets, dashing up to the Princess
  271. >She seats the pony down, in a chair, a nervous smile on-
  272. >"Twinkles! I haven't seen you in forever!"
  273. >...You're not the only one who calls her that?
  274. >...Holy shit, you're not the only one to call her that
  275. >That's amazing
  276. >Twinky blushes, chuckling as if she's at gun point
  277. >"Y-Yeah... Haven't seen you, too..."
  278. >The purple pony smiles bright, as Twinkles rushes back over to the main kitchen
  279. >Spike climbs onto a chair, barely peaking over the table, because of his size
  280. >Taking a quick glance at Claire, you can see that she's going fucking crazy for Spike
  281. >...Funny, this is the first time in two-three years that you've seen Spike, at all
  282. >Shit, you would've thought he was dead, if you cared
  283. >"So," Twilight starts, looking around at the table, "What are we talking about?"
  284. >She seems enthusiastic
  285. >"Niggers."
  286. >...Fucking Claire
  287. >"Oh! I know what those are!"
  288. >...She does?
  289. >"Twilight," Spike chimes in, his eyes turned to the Princess, "What's a nigger?"
  290. >"Well," Twilight starts, a book appearing out of thin-fucking-air, "According to my human dictionary..."
  291. >Where the FUCK did she get that?
  292. >"A nigger is a... a faggot, of the darker skin. A nigger can't be spotted at night, because of how dark he is and can be. Niggers are horrible people, compared to the perfect Aryan master race."
  293. >And you lost it
  294. >You lost it, you lost it, holy fuck you lost it
  295. >You really have to thank whoever the hell did that
  296. >You fell over on your chair, laughing up a storm
  297. >Jesus fucking Christ!
  298. >All you can hear is laughing from yourself and Claire
  299. >And you SWEAR Jeff has to be chuckling lightly
  300. >At least a little bit
  301. >After a four to five minute laugh break, shared by you and Claire, you climb back up to your seat, still chuckling lightly, from Twilight's... "definition."
  302. >Oh god, someone give that fag a medal
  303. >Twilight's just confused, along with the rest of the ponies at the table
  304. >"...Uhm, what's so funny?" She asks, her head tilted to the side
  305. "It's... Heheh... It's a human thing, your majesty."
  306. >"Then how come Jeff wasn't laughing, May?" The timid yellow questions, looking over to her human friend
  307. >"It's cause he's a nigger."
  308. >Fucking Claire!
  309. >Recovering from your laughing fit, you sit up straight-
  310. >Knock knock knock
  311. >...Fucking hell
  312. >Getting up from your chair, you take a quick count of who's here
  313. >Flutters, Twi, Claire, Rarara...
  314. >And then the unwanteds, Spike, and Jeff
  315. >So, AJ, RD, and Ponk are left
  316. >Plus your other guest
  317. >So, you're betting all odds that it's best pone
  318. >Please be best pone
  319. >Walking over to the door and opening it, you find-FUCK
  320. >Universally worst pony, Rainbow Dash is at the door
  321. >Of course, you slam the door in her face, walking back to the table
  322. >"Who was at the door?" Twi asks, looking at you
  323. "Trick-or-treaters."
  324. >"But it's not Nightmare Night, silly!"
  325. >...
  326. >Fuck your life
  327. >Slowly looking up to the ceiling, SOMEHOW Ponk is hanging from the chandelier, her gala dress with a few extra party-ish design choices on it
  328. >Like candy
  329. >Shit's gonna spoil, but whatever
  330. >The pink terror from tomorrow lands on the table
  331. >Luckily, there ain't shit on the shit, so you're fine
  332. >And suddenly, the front door slams open
  333. >Turning your body to face the door, you can't help but smirk at the annoyed Dash
  334. >"Oh, heya, Dashie! You're here, too?"
  335. >"Everybody's here, Pinkie..." A collective sigh is shared between Twilight and Rarity
  336. >"But Applejack isn't here yet? Why isn-"
  338. >Silence...
  339. >Ain't that great?
  340. >All you do is walk back over to your seat, sighing loudly
  341. >The pink pone rolls off the table, and onto Claire, who groans at the sudden weight
  342. >Rainbow Dash-who's the only one wearing nothing-casually enters Twinkle's home abode, kicking the door closed with her hind hoof
  343. >"...Did I miss anything?" The Rainbow questions, walking to the table with uneasiness
  344. >"Yeah, we learned a new thing, today."
  345. >And what would that be, Claire?
  346. >She's thinking about two things
  347. >Niggers and what just happened
  348. >You look, expectantly, at your friend
  349. >Watching
  350. >Waiting
  351. >Listening
  352. >The room is awkwardly silent, as we all wait for Claire to share her opinions
  353. >You bet they're 0/10
  354. >"Maya's a meanie..."
  355. >Sad eyed Pink.jpg
  356. >Also no fucking shit
  357. >You're not about to be all apologetic to some fucking pony you hardly like
  358. "Shouldn't of been on my fuckin' table, Pink."
  359. >Yeah, if you hadn't figured it out, already, Ponk's not really your cup of tea
  360. >Shit, if Pink's a cup a tea, then you'd have soda master race
  361. >And soda master race would be-
  362. >"Excuse you, Maya, but it's actually MY table."
  363. >Twinkles trots to the table, and sets down a few plates, just as the pink Dennis takes her seat
  364. >"And if there isn't any food on the table, then she can lay on it whenever she wants."
  365. >Dash sat next to the pink pony comforting her, as the pinkster broke out a small smile
  366. >"Thanks, Tinkleshine."
  367. >A few immature chuckles broke out
  368. >None of them including you, of course
  369. >You're not immature-Okay, who are you kidding?
  370. >Raise your hand if you actually fell for that
  371. >Yeah, okay, one, two, three... Twenty people, okay
  372. >That's sad
  373. >You all should feel ashamed
  374. >...Moving on
  375. >Surprisingly, Twilight and Rarity were one of the first to chuckle
  376. >And Spike obviously laughed out loud
  377. >The faggot
  378. >"Geez, Pinkie. You think you could've thought of a better nickname than TINKLEshine?"
  379. >Oh Spike
  380. >When will you learn that Pinkie can't do shit for shit?
  381. >The pink pony in question blushes, along with Tink-...Twinkles
  382. >The light pink pony known as Twinkles quickly dashes out of the room
  383. >Rainbow, Twi and Flutters look at their plates, Rainbow's mouth watering
  384. >"Can we eat it, yet?"
  385. >Twilight shakes her head... is her's watering too?
  386. >"We... We have to wait, Dash. Everypo--body hasn't arrived yet, and we're the only ones with a plate. We have to at least wait until everybody has a plate!"
  387. >The fast pony groans, folding her hooves across her chest
  388. >Smirking, you know exactly what to do
  389. "Hey, if you guys want to try something, why not those little squares scattered across the salad?"
  390. >"Little squares...?" Twi questioned, looking for said squares
  391. >She, Rainbow, and Flutterslut all picked up one of the squares, inspecting it
  392. >"...You're sure we can have it?" The purple pony tilted her head slightly, practically begging you to say "yes"
  393. "Go right ahead. Enjoy yourself."
  394. >The three popped it into their mouth, as your smile becomes wider and wider
  395. >They chewed and chewed, until they swallowed
  396. >Their faces were...
  397. >Blank
  398. >Shit
  399. >Until Twilight's lit up
  400. >"That... Was... AMAZING!"
  401. >Before the Purple Pony Princess of alliteration could dig in anymore, she stopped herself, and smiled
  402. >"Claire... Did you do this?"
  403. >WAIT WHAT
  404. >...Actually
  405. >Yes
  406. >Hell fucking yes she did
  407. >Blame her for ponies eating the turkey, and killing an innocent animal
  408. >Perfect
  409. >"...Uhm... Yeah... sure I did." She answers, unenthusiastically
  410. >Is that even a word?
  411. >Fuck it, you'll use it
  412. >"What is this?" Purple questions, attempting not to eat another
  413. >Rainbow and Flutters seem... indifferent
  414. >Huh
  415. >Well, at least they'll sleep well
  416. >"Well... Uh..."
  417. >The room goes silent, as all eyes are on you
  418. >What the hell is she doing?
  419. >"Uh..."
  420. >Just answer the question already
  421. >She has this awkward look on her face, like she's expecting somethin-Oh
  422. >Damn, convenience Gods hate Claire
  423. >She looks down at the floor, as if she were disappointed
  424. >Then, her head peaks up again, expecting something
  425. >Nope
  426. >She's really tryin' to work with them, huh?
  427. >"Claire, can you just tell us what they are, so we can move on?"
  428. >Yeah, Rainbow's right
  429. >...For once
  430. "We're waiting."
  431. >"...Uhm, okay... They're... they're called c-c...Cor.... Corletts! Yeah, yeah... corletts. They're only found in the most... exquisite farms in Equestria! I-In fact, they're not even FROM Equestria! They're from... uh... The Griffon Kingdom! Where Chappy is!"
  432. >...Who?
  433. >She looks like she just did something stupid
  434. >Seemingly enough, she did, yourself looking around the table
  435. >Knock knock
  436. >Oh good
  437. >More guests
  438. >Since everybody's here by now, you'll have to guess it's Applejack
  439. >If it's not, you'll pay Claire five hundred bits by the end of this year
  440. >Getting up and taking a casual stroll to the door, you let it slide open, as you take a good look at the pony
  441. >It's AJ, alright
  442. >Perf
  443. >10/10, would open again
  444. >In fact, you think you WILL open it again!
  445. >You slam the door in Applejack's face, and open it again, your smile greater than before
  446. "Welcome, Applejac-"
  447. >Why did you say her name?
  448. >In a fucking millisecond, she's already at the table, Twinkles catering to her every need, like a tool
  449. >"Wow, and I thought I was obsessed with Rarity..." Comments the small dragon, a claw on his chin
  450. >"Uhm-"
  451. >You close the door, shutting off any sound coming from behind the door
  452. >...Wait, there was sound coming from behind the door?
  453. >...Shit
  454. >Knock knock kn-
  455. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut the fuck up, already."
  456. >You go over to the door, and open up the door, once agai-...
  457. >For some reason, you didn't think she would come
  458. >For some reason, you thought that she wouldn't want to come to some dine and dinner
  459. >Fuck, out of Claire and her, she's your best friend
  460. >She made you... slightly more good
  461. >And the fucker makes you feel good, every time she's near
  462. >You hug her, and she returns the hug, a smile on her face
  463. >And.. you're smiling too
  464. >All because of her
  465. >Day Dream
  466. >Alright, alright, enough of the sentimental bullshit
  467. >You let got of her, and Day Dream looks down at you
  468. >...Yeah, she's taller than you
  469. >Not by much, though
  470. >You think she's... what? Five foot five?
  471. >You're like, five foot... something
  472. >Whatever, you still have to look up at her a bit
  473. >She got dat height game on you, yo
  474. >...
  475. >Okay, Claire was right to a degree
  476. >You DO sound like a nigge-
  477. >"It's nice to see you again, May."
  478. >You smile at the nickname, as she's the only one who you actually LIKE calling you May
  479. >Because you fucking hate that nickname
  480. >Back then, you usually only allowed close friends to call you May
  481. >And Day Dream falls under that category
  482. "Y-Yeah... Y-You too..."
  483. >"Awh, no need to be nervous, May! I mean, we haven't seen each other for a while. It was a surprise to see you today, inviting me, for this."
  484. >Oh
  485. >...For some reason, you actually forgot that you went to Claire two days earlier, while Day Dream was completely last minute
  486. >Or, as Claire likes to say... minote?
  487. >Minitue?
  488. >Mi-Fuck it
  489. >She's a stupid one
  490. >You walk away from the door, and once May was seen...
  491. >"DAY DREAM!"
  492. >And the gal in question got squeezed to death by Corlett
  493. >You only sighed and shouldered your dress wearing rival, knocking her off of your... not-so long-time friend
  494. >Seriously, you knew Day Dream through Claire
  495. >And it was like... what? April Fools, or some shit?
  496. >No, that's when CLAIRE met her
  497. >You met her... shit
  498. >The second meeting
  499. >Yeah, yeah, that's it
  500. >Although, you hardly talked to the fucker, because of...
  501. >Okay, maybe you shouldn't even think about something like that right now
  502. >...Speaking of thinking
  503. >You turned to the doorway, noticing that both Day Dream and Claire were gone
  504. >...Shit
  505. >Stop day dreaming, Maya-...
  506. >That wasn't even a pun, on your part
  507. >You close and finally LOCK the door, the click signifying it's... lock
  508. >Now, as you walk back to the table-Day Dream's sitting with Claire
  509. >...First, she steals your seat
  510. >Now, she steals your friend?
  511. >Cracking your knuckles, you walk over to the girl in the dress, and lay a hand on her shoulder, gripping it as hard as you can
  512. >She winces, and when you go harder, she puts her hand on yours
  513. >"May, what are you doing?"
  514. 'Revenge, my dear Twilight. Revenge.'
  515. >But, of course, you say nothing, and grip it harder
  516. >And harder
  517. >And har-OW!
  518. >FUCK!
  520. >In recoil, you took your hand off of her shoulder, looking at the area where she pinched you
  521. >...That mother fucker just pinched you
  522. >Oh, she's gonna get it now
  523. >But, before you could run towards her, Miss Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle of Canterlot and Ponyville The Third stops you in your tracks, levitating you back to your chai-Nope, Applejack's sitting in it
  524. >She puts you on the floor
  525. >...Great
  526. >"...Uhm, okay. I didn't think we'd run out of chairs." The Princess mumbled to herself, nervously
  527. >"We didn't. Here, May. Sit in between Day Dream and Claire."
  528. >As if on fucking cue, like the rest of this shit, Twinkles comes in, drops a few more plates, and puts a chair in between the aforementioned friends of yours
  529. >Sighing, you take your new seat in between worst and best friends
  530. >The ponies, and human, who got their food this time were Jeff, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinka Poe
  531. >Of course AJ gets her shit first
  532. >Her and the Princess
  533. >God, Twinkles is so biased
  534. >"Don't worry, guys! I'll be back before you can say-"
  535. "Just leave already!"
  536. >With a sigh, Tinkle-TWINKles leaves, once again, only this time, you expect a shorter wait time
  537. >Until then, you might as well trick more ponies into being carnivores
  538. >Heheh
  539. >Jeff starts to take a bite-NO
  540. "JEFF!"
  541. >He turns to you, as you reach your hand out, across the table
  542. >You're in no fucking reach of him, at all, but you had to do something
  543. >...Now you're in this awkward position
  544. >...You're gonna regret this
  545. "AHEM! I uh... secretly... love you...?"
  546. >That instant fucking blush, though
  547. >Fluttershy looks angry
  548. >...Oh, this should be fun
  549. >Getting up out of your seat, and brushing yourself off, you smile at Jeff, as you get closer
  550. "Yes, my dear... Jeff! I love art thou, so, so much. It... hurts my heart to not be without you."
  551. >Did you say that right
  552. >Whatever
  553. >Not like it matters, anyhow
  554. >As you step closer, the yellow pony's anger starts to rise
  555. "And... uhm, wow, aren't thou ever so... good looking... Yeah. Mhm, lemme get a bit of thou's... hair."
  556. >Hair makes sense, right?
  557. "And... what about your... pants? They're... so fancy. I think. Amazing."
  558. >It's working, at least
  559. >As far as you can tell, ponies and people alike are very confused and shocked about this whole mess
  560. "And... what about your bod? Your sick, hod bod. It makes me... er..."
  561. >Yeah, lets not go down that route
  562. >But, before you could even say another word, Buttered Fried drops in front of you, a very tired and angry expression on her face
  563. >You can only smirk by this point, crouching down to get on her eye level
  564. "What's wrong, Fluttershy?" You ask, coyly, putting a hand on her chi-OW!
  565. >SHE BIT YOU!
  567. >You instantly recoiled, your hand returning to it's owner
  568. "Geez, what's your deal, lady?"
  569. >"...Stay, away, from, him."
  570. >...You should fuck with her
  571. >Even more so than you are, now
  572. "From who? I have no idea who you-"
  573. >Her wings points to Jeff, as you look at her, again
  574. "Ooooh. That him. Well, too bad you caught me so late. I already kissed him."
  575. >That shouldn't be so bad
  576. >Kissing doesn't amount to fucki-Okay so apparently it does
  577. >Gasps are heard all around, as the butter pone growls
  578. >"You... didn't! Y-You're... YOU'RE BLUFFING!"
  579. >Damn, she gets really possessive of her boy friends
  580. >And, yes, "boyfriends" is plural because of Discord
  581. >And maybe Big Mac
  582. >But that's another story for another time
  583. >An autistic one, but a story, none the less
  584. "Did I stutter?"
  585. >She looks in terror, it soon turning into anger
  586. >She rushes at you, and you smirk
  587. >You don't want to hurt her
  588. >Probably just...
  589. >Make her pass out?
  590. >But how in the hell would you do that?
  591. >You only know how to hit hard
  592. >That's what mother always taught you
  593. >Hm
  594. >Throw her?
  595. >...Yeah, throw her
  596. >She pounces-FUCK!
  597. >Okay, you didn't think hooves would be that hard
  598. >...Or that she could hit that hard
  599. >You stepped back a bit, holding your left cheek with your hand
  600. >Fuck, that hurt
  601. >...Act cool, May
  602. >Smirk, say something witty, and do something better than her
  603. >That's how OP-as-shit animes do it
  604. >You chuckle, walking up to the pegasu-FUCK!
  605. >OWW...!
  606. >Mother fucker punched you in your stomach
  607. >"...Is she okay?" Questions Twilight
  608. >"Oh, she's fine. This is nothing to her, Twi. Trust me."
  609. >Fuck you so much, Claire
  610. >You stretch your limbs, and chuckle
  611. >...It came out like you were a hyena
  612. "That's it? R-COUGH COUGH COUGH!"
  613. >Almost coughed up a lung, right there...
  614. >Fuck!
  615. "Uh... excuse me."
  616. >You turn around and cough into your arm
  617. >You cough hard
  618. >So, fucking, hard
  619. >It sounds like you just smoked ten thousand packs of cigarettes in one go
  620. >"...You sure, Claire?"
  621. >"Trust me, Twi. She's fine. Shit, you might just have to protect Fluttershy, for this one!"
  622. >For once, you hope she's right
  623. >You turn back around, and don't bother putting in the extra energy to smile
  624. >You stretch your arms, and slowly walk up to the pegasus
  625. >"Yeah, I think I'll stop this in it's tracks."
  626. >Wait, what?!
  627. >You didn't even-GAH!
  628. >...Fucking TWILIGHT!
  629. >She lifts you and Fluttershy up into the air
  630. >"I don't want you two to fight anymore, okay?"
  631. >Fuck off
  632. >Fluttershy only folds her ar-hooves, looking away from you
  633. >You promptly flip her off
  634. >Spike's eyes widen, as he covers his mouth
  635. >Everybody else, besides the humans, are confused
  636. >...Apparently Spike knows what the middle finger is
  637. >Isn't that comical?
  638. >It's actually more so interesting
  639. >Too bad you don't ca-OW!
  640. >Okay, Twilight doesn't like you
  641. >She dropped you straight on your ass
  642. >And that's not a good place to be dropped
  643. >Especially since your ass is a special place for you
  644. >No, it's not because you haven't lost your virginity, yet
  645. >In fact, you're probably as virgin as Virgin Mary
  646. >The whore
  647. >You go to sit in your seat, waiting for Twinkles to come in
  648. >...Wait, why the fuck did you do all of that, again?
  649. >You look towards Jeff, and-Oh
  650. >Right
  651. "Jeff!"
  652. >Flittershoes was the very fucking first one to turn to you, with a glare that could end lives
  653. "Don't you want to start eating when everybody else's food comes? It'd be rude if you ate those little squares I put in just for the ponies!"
  654. >Jeff looks at the turkey square, and shrugs, putting it back on the salad
  655. >...Now why didn't you do this before?
  656. >God damn it
  658. >After what felt like thirty minutes of dead silence, Twinkles FINALLY comes back in, dropping your's, Claire's, Day Dream's, and Spike's plates
  659. >She sits down at the front of the table, with her own plate in her hoof
  660. >...Which is weird, because she just walked on three hooves
  661. >Ew
  662. >It wasn't long, however, as she sat down and put her plate on the table
  663. >"Well, after a couple hours, everyone is here, and the food is cooked! I just finished cooking the Carrot Cakes and the Granny Smith apple pies. I also made some Pound Cake, in case anyone wants any."
  664. >...Now that just sounded weird
  665. >You look around the table, to see if anyone else shared your opinion, solely based on their facial expressions
  666. >Day Dream, Spike... That's it?
  667. >Really?
  668. >...Huh
  669. >Well, whatever
  670. >"As you can notice, I made a salad, Applesauce, string beans, rice, corn and corn bread, with hay inside."
  671. >Wait, what?
  672. >"Don't worry, Maya. I didn't put hay in the human's corn bread."
  673. >Oh
  674. >Phew
  675. >You smile, and notice that the little dragon is climbing up onto the table, in order to eat his food
  676. >"Phew! Man, my feet really hurt from standing for all of that!"
  677. >Sitting his tail on the table, he grabs a fork and a knife, getting ready to dig in
  678. >You grab your knife and fork as well, smiling at the food before you
  679. >"Well, everybody," Twinkleshine starts, grabbing her own utensils with her hand magic
  680. >You didn't come up with "hand magic", Claire did
  681. >"Lets dig in!"
  682. >And everybody takes a bite out of their salad, first
  683. >Oh, this should be glorious
  684. >You wait for their reactions, not even touching your own food, yet
  685. >...Silence passes over the room
  686. >And, Spike's the first one to speak up, surprisingly
  687. >"...This tastes weird."
  688. >"Oh, but I think it tastes just wonderfully divine!"
  689. >"You think everything tastes good, Rarity."
  690. >Oh shut up, Dash
  691. >Nobody cares about your opinion-
  692. >"This is turkey."
  693. >Day Dream and Claire spat out the sentence like they spit out cum
  694. >...You're not sure if they actually spat out cum before
  695. >But still
  696. >"Wh... What?" Twinkleshine asks, in utter disbelief
  697. >Everybody swallows their food, terror on their face
  698. >...Except for Pinkie
  699. >She's still smiling
  700. >"Why did you put Turkey in this, May?"
  701. 'Day Dream I'll fucking murder you.'
  702. >She was genuinely confused
  703. >And you're genuinely busted
  704. "But Claire put this in the food..."
  705. >"Don't try to put the blame on me, you cum faggot."
  706. "But, didn't you admit to it earlier in the day?You said they were called corletts, didn't you?"
  707. >HA!
  708. >You got her!
  709. >"I-...I have to go to the bathroom." Rarity mutters, slowly getting out of her seat and rushing to the restroom
  710. >Spike, after finishing up all the turkey bits in the salad, jumped off the table, and off the chair, just so he can follow Rarity to the bathroom
  711. >If you weren't sure she was going to throw up in there, then you would've called Spike a pervert
  712. >"I dunno 'bout you guys, put I liked it!"
  713. >"Pinkie, do you even know what "turkey" is?"
  714. >"Yeah, you silly filly!"
  715. >Startin' to like Ponk more and more
  716. >"...W-Well... I can assure you that-"
  717. >"This is tha' equivalent of eatin' Winona!"
  718. >Twinkleshine BTFO (Blown the fuck out)
  719. >You know what?
  720. >You haven't even seen yellowquiet's reaction, yet
  721. >Turning your head to the right, you-...She's fuckin' passed out, brah
  722. >That's glorious
  723. >Weird, though...
  724. >She only has chickens, not turkeys, if you recall correctly
  725. >Or IYRC
  726. >But, then again, it is fall
  727. >Turkeys could've came in this time of year
  728. >That'd be interesting
  729. >Then we could finally classify Applebloom as a turkey
  730. >Scoots' a chicken, Apple's a turkey, both of them almost died
  731. >It almost makes too much sense
  732. >Rainbow seems... pretty casual about this, now that she knows what it is
  733. >Twilight hasn't said shit
  734. >...She's still eating
  735. >Holy shit, okay
  736. >Makes sense, you guess
  737. >She loves it so much, she doesn't really care enough to stop eating
  738. >For once, Twilight, Ponk, and Dash are the best three out of the bunch
  739. >Applejack's mad, Rarity's sick, and Fluttershy's dead
  740. >Presumably
  741. >"W-Well..." Twinkleshine speaks up, again, "Letsforgetanyofthishappenedandeatdessert, okay?!"
  742. >Haha, no.
  743. >"You're evil, May." Claire whispers to you, soft laughter coming from yourself
  744. "Thanks, I honestly take pride in that."
  745. >"I thought you quit all of your evil after the whole invasion fiasco...?" Day Dream questions to you, Rarity and Spike walking back in the room
  746. >She has vomit on her hooves
  747. "Nah. I got good...er after the whole White Diamond thing. Doesn't mean I'll ever stop my shenanigans."
  748. >Day Dream just sighs, putting her palm to her face
  749. >"There, there, Rarity," Spike coos, petting her mane, "It's all over now... You don't have to experience that any more. I can eat your food for you."
  750. >Rarity quickly shakes her head
  751. >"O-Or not... I'll throw it away, if you want!"
  752. >"I'll eat it."
  753. >You're such a faggot, Claire
  754. >"Or Claire could eat it! It's all her fault, anyway-"
  755. >"WHAT?!"
  756. >This is gonna be good
  757. "Ya have any popcorn, Day Dream?" You whisper in her ear
  758. >She takes out a bag of chips, popcorn chips, to be exact-Wait
  759. >How is this in Equestria?
  760. >...Whatever
  761. >Opening up the bag, and thanking her, you throw some in your mouth, as the obviously-has-anger-issues gal stands up walks over to the dragon
  762. >"I had NOTHING to do with this! What the hell makes you think that I even did a damn thing to that stupid salad?"
  763. >Don't be a salad, Claire
  764. >Be the best God Damn broccoli you can be
  765. >...You hate Pewdiepie
  766. >"But... Maya said you put them there... Maya doesn't lie!"
  767. >Bull
  768. >"Bull! She lies about EVERYTHING!"
  769. >See? Claire knows her shit
  770. >"Then WHY would she put turkey in a salad?"
  771. >"Because she's an asshole!"
  772. >The little baby dragon sighs, shaking his head
  773. >"I don't believe it. May doesn't seem like an asshole, to me!"
  774. >Your eye twitches
  775. >Good, another mother fucker's gonna start calling you "May"
  776. >"SPIKE! LANGUAGE!"
  777. >...Really?
  778. >Really, Twilight?
  779. >God, you hate her
  780. >"Right." The lizard rolls his eyes, continuing his conversation with Corlett
  781. >It's gonna be hard for Claire to prove her innocence
  782. >Unless she uses logic, of course
  783. >She's a little slow with logic
  784. >"Still. Why would she just straight up lie.."
  785. >That's a nigger word, Spike
  786. >'Straight up'
  787. >Did you learn that from a brony?
  788. >"...about the turkey? Nopony, or body, would ever do something that mean!"
  789. >"Discord."
  790. >"BESIDES Discord!"
  791. >Speaking of Dissy
  792. >You've gotta wonder where he is...
  793. >Probably helping Anon or some shit
  794. >Turned you and him into ponies, and you're sure some other mother fuckers
  795. >...Wait
  796. >Shit
  797. >Were you supposed to say that?
  798. >...FUCK
  799. >The author's gonna have your ass for this one
  800. >Well, she...
  801. >He?
  802. >Whatever
  803. >It can change the story, if it wanted to
  804. >Shit, the mother fucker could just make Anon and... the other one appear right now
  805. >If it wanted to
  806. >The asshole
  807. >Shit, what WAS the other one's name?
  808. >Neppy?
  809. >No, that's a girl's name
  810. >...Well, the other one could've been a gi-Okay
  811. >Enough breaking the... what was it called?
  812. >You're sure Pinkie knows
  813. >...She's here
  814. >You can ask her
  815. "Yo, Ponk!"
  816. >"Hm?"
  817. >You turn to her, as she turns to you
  818. "What's that invisible wall you've talked about?
  819. >"Oh, the fourth one?"
  820. "Yeah, that one!"
  821. >The fourth one
  822. >...The fuck is it called that, anyw-OKAY
  823. >That's enough breaking of that... fourth one
  824. >"Why'd you need to know?"
  825. "Just curious."
  826. >The pink one nods, a-
  827. >"The fuck are you talking about?"
  828. >Oh
  829. >Apparently time doesn't stop when you start talking about shit like this
  830. "...Nothin'."
  831. >"...Whatever."
  832. >She turns back to Spike, as you eat a couple more popcorn pieces
  833. >"Anyway, you obviously haven't met her, then."
  834. >"Does it really matter if I've met her, or not?"
  835. >"...YES! Is that a fucking question, Spike?"
  836. >Obviously
  837. >He just asked it as if it was a question
  838. >Which it is
  839. >Oh
  840. >You just got what she said
  841. >...Okay, so maybe YOU'RE the slow one
  842. >"She seems nice enough! Nobody nice would ever do something evi-"
  843. >"Chrysalis."
  844. >"BESIDES, HER!"
  845. >God, this sounds like Youtube's comment section
  846. >'Here's some evidence refuting your opinion'
  847. >'No, fuck you, I'm gonna ignore that obvious evidence and say the same thing as I did before!'
  848. >'I'm gonna show you even better evidence than I did before!'
  849. >'Well, I'm just gonna ignore that, too!'
  850. >"What about Luna? She was fucking evil for a thousand years, plus!"
  851. >"She was corrupted!"
  852. >Well, okay, you can give that one to him
  853. >She was corrupted by some dark magic bullshit or whatever
  854. >Twinkles comes walking in-Did she ever leave?-with a pie in her hoof, and one held by magic
  855. >"I've got Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie, if anybody want-...What's going on in here?"
  856. >Chaos
  857. >...You know, Dissy would really like this
  858. >He loves Chaos
  859. >And this is chaos incarnate
  860. >...You wonder
  861. "Diiiiscooooord~." You whisper under your breath
  862. >...Nope
  863. >Fucker
  864. >How you ever became friends with him is a mystery...
  865. >"She was still evil." Claire bluntly states, folding her arms
  866. >"Can we just all calm down and SIT down? We can just forget whatever just happened! We can just say it didn't happen! What turkey? I don't even know what turkey is!"
  867. >Try hard
  868. >Also, it's a country, you moron!
  869. >Shit, you wanted to do that all day
  870. >"I don't get why everybody got so upset over it," Twilight FINALLY comments, licking her lips and pushing her empty plate to the side, "It's the circle of life. Timberwolves have to kill little rabbits and small animals in the Everfree, in order to live. It's easy food for them."
  871. >...Timberwolves eat?
  872. >"Twilight, you're forgetting that Timberwolves don't eat small creatures so much, because they're wooden. Eating those animals may strengthen their wood, but their blood could stain the Timberwolves' wood and be prey for another bigger predator!"
  873. >...Pinkie's SMART?
  874. >...What the fuck was that?
  875. >"...Pinkie? You still in there?" Dash questions, gliding over to the pink one's head and tapping on it
  876. >"Yeah, Dashie! Why wouldn't I be?"
  877. >...
  878. 'I think that was Ponka's daily "Shit, I actually need to be smart." moment.'
  879. >She had it in EqG
  880. >...That's not canon though
  881. >...Is it?
  882. >Last you recalled, Flash still lived at the castle
  883. >...Wait, does he?
  884. >...He might
  885. >Him and the other guards
  886. >He could be night dut-Not important
  887. >Not even in the slightest
  888. >"...Okaaaay then." The Rainbow floats back over to her seat, obviously... 'weirded out' by Pink's sudden smart moment
  889. >"Right, Pinkie," Twi starts, acting like that moment didn't happen, "But I'm trying to say that it's the circle of life. For what use do turkeys serve, other than as a pet, or maybe a friend?"
  890. >...That's implying that turkeys can talk
  891. >"...Can turkeys talk?" Whispered Claire, as she returned to her seat
  892. >"Cows make cheese, chickens lay eggs... What do turkeys do?"
  893. >Fuck
  894. >She's right
  895. >What purpose to turkeys have? They're barely sentient, like a cat or a dog or a pony
  896. >Or, now, a human
  897. >Add Griffon and giant fucking spiders to that list
  898. >...They exist!
  899. >They're in the comics...
  900. >"They still have a will to live, just like anything else, Twilight!"
  901. >Oh, looks like yellow quiet's alive
  902. >...Shit, yellow hippie's alive
  903. >"Don't you remember the fruit bats? They had families, children! They had to live!"
  904. >"Yeah, but they were ruinin' mah crops!"
  905. >Nobody asked you to be in this conversation, Applejack
  906. >Spike climbs back up to his chair, peeking his eyes over the table
  907. >"Didn't the bats help the crop, in the end? Aren't your trees better than ever now, AJ?"
  908. >Spike comes to save the day
  909. >"...Well, yeah, but..."
  910. >"But nothing, Applejack! Your trees are even taller, now! You weren't thinking about the long term solution! Just think how the short term would've worked out..."
  911. >"Everything would've probably worked out, Flutters. AJ's trees wouldn't flourish like they do now, but they'd still be there!"
  912. >Damn Pinkie, that's two in one day, now!
  913. >"And some fruitbats would've probably died in the process. They probably would've been eaten by a hawk who preys on fruitbats. Or maybe an Owl, since fruitbats usually devour apples and things at night."
  914. >"Oh! That reminds me, Twilight! How's Owlicious?"
  915. >...
  916. >The room falls silent, as Twilight looks at her plate, sighing
  917. >Oh
  918. >Poor owl
  919. >He was OP as fuck
  920. >Silence still looms over the room, as everybody starts to eat their pies
  921. "So, Dash, what's it like being gay?"
  922. >"COUGH!"
  923. >Dash lets go of her fork, coughing out her pie
  924. >She starts to cough out a storm, possibly chocking on something
  925. >"Congrats, Dashie! I didn't know you were gay!" Pinkie pats Rainbow mane on the back, getting a chunk of pie out of her friend's throat
  926. >"I-I'm not!"
  927. "But you were kissing Fluttershy yesterday, in the back alley? What was that all about?"
  928. >Fluttershy's eyes widen, as her utensil falls on the glass plate
  929. >"Wh-What...?"
  930. >This is too easy
  931. >Jeff seems pretty surprised to, his head turning directly to his marefriend
  932. >You half expect the words "You're cheating on me?!" to pop out of his mouth
  933. >Oh, how the drama would be perfect
  934. >"Th-...That, never, happened! I don't even like girls!"
  935. "Then what DO you like? If you liked boys, you probably would've started hitting on Soarin years ago."
  936. >Dashie's eyes go to plates once again, a blush forming on her face
  937. >"She is right, Rainbow. Usually females show some signs of attraction towards males they like. And we all know how much you like the Wonderbolts. It would be a wonder why you haven't made a move yet."
  938. >Twilight just takes another bite of her pie, as if nothing happened
  939. >Based Twilight
  940. >Startin' to like some of these mother fuckers...
  941. >"This should be interesting." Mentions Claire, taking a bite out of her pie
  942. >"This is the pure definition of "There was a line somewhere, and we've past it long ago, but lets keep going and see what happens."."
  943. >That's a nice way of putting it, Day Dream
  944. >You're actually quite curious of what you've done, too
  945. >Rainbow could actually be gay, and we just don't know it yet
  946. >Yeah, we may have passed a line, but lets keep going and see what happens
  947. >Rainbow finally speaks up, a stutter in her voice
  948. >"I-I just h-haven't found th-the... the right time... is all!"
  949. "What about the time you both were "injured" in the hospital? That was plenty of time, you know."
  950. >"Well-..."
  951. >Rainbow Crash BTFO
  952. >"She's right, you know." Twilight chimes in, pointing to you, a smirk on her face
  953. >Coy mother fucker
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