Project M SD v4 Credits

Nov 28th, 2017
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  1. © 2008 Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.
  2. Characters: © Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Pokemon. / Creatures Inc. /
  3. GAME FREAK Inc. / SHIGESATO ITOI / APE Inc. / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS / Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. / SEGA
  5. Project M Concept & Design by the Project M Development Team.
  7. Project M Netplay v4 was organized and developed by SOJ and E2xD. This is the official build to be used on Smash Ladder.
  8. Visit for more details.
  10. Project M Netplay v4 uses the Ishiiruka branch of Dolphin. Credits for this project can be found in the following thread:
  13. This version of Dolphin is shared with the Faster Melee community. You can find out more about Faster Melee by joining their Discord:
  14. (Note: This server is not for Project M discussion)
  16. Project M Netplay v4 is based off a build that combines Smash Bros. Legacy TE and the BrawlEX engine. Special thanks to the Legacy TE Dev Team for providing support and assistance in making this build.
  17. Special thanks to David V. Kimball, WorseDoughnut, Yohan1044, PyotrLuzhin, and chasemcdizzle
  18. The full credits for Legacy TE can be found here:
  19. Visit for more details.
  21. This build is based off Project M EX, a mod of Project M with the BrawlEX engine built into Legacy TE. Special thanks to ALM5252 for the base build.
  24. Netplay's Custom Tracklist code was made by DukeItOut based on information by Wiiztec and ChaseMcDizzle.
  25. List of songs in the build:
  27. The Replay feature present in Brawl was fixed by Fracture to work in this version. Additionally, you can hold A to speed up your replay and B to slow it down.
  29. Fracture also provided a code in conjunction with chasemcdizzle to offer Quality of Life enhancements for inputting tags in the Character Select Screen. Before accepting your tag, you can hold L to while pressing OK to bring up the Custom Controls menu. While hovering over a tag, you can press the Y button to bring up the custom controls directly in the Character Select Screen menu. Pressing X while scrolling through tags will enable and disable rumble. Highlighted blue tags have rumble while black tags do not have rumble enabled.
  31. Enhanced Training Mode was made by PyotrLuzhin. While in training mode, you can select any of the items in the Help menu for additional advanced options.
  33. The Character Select Screen was redesigned and modified by Motobug. Custom Textures were provided by the Legacy TE Dev Team and Motobug.
  35. Additional Ganondorf costumes made by Corshmell. Additional stages worked on by Theytah, Jetfantastic, SOJ, and the Legacy TE team.
  37. Thanks to KingJigglypuff for his help working with BrawlEX. Thanks to ds22 for providing the memory leak fixes.
  39. Thanks to the playtesters who heled provide feedback and tested for bugs.
  41. Special thanks to the Project M community for music suggestions and being an overall great community! This build would not exist without everyone's help and support. Thanks for playing!
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