Normal Norman - Normal Norman and the Mystery Mansion(unf)

Jun 14th, 2013
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  1. >Day mystery in Equestria High.
  2. >You are Norman.
  3. >Things are getting pretty boring in this school.
  4. >All you do is wake up, learn, stare at the Aryan Beauty, and go home.
  5. >Today you're sitting through Dr.Hands new presentation on history.
  6. >Boring as usual, but surprisingly accurate.
  7. >Kinda makes you wonder why he isn't working at a collage for more money.
  8. >Eh, his choice.
  9. >The lecture ends after about an hour.
  10. >You start walking through the halls while listening in on a few people saying 'racist' behind your back.
  11. >Suddenly a finger taps you on your back.
  12. >You recognize that tap anywhere.
  13. >The dainty finger, the gentle touch, the soft weight of the gentle digit.
  14. >It's the Aryan Beauty, white goddess of this school.
  15. >You turn around to be greeted by her heart warming smile.
  16. >"Hey Norman! What's up?" - asked the apple of your eye.
  17. >"Oh, hey, I'm fine and you?" - you so eagerly answered.
  18. >"I'm fine, thank you darling~. I just have one thing I want to ask you."
  19. >"Sure thing."
  20. >"I'm going to my aunt's house for a little vacation and I want you to come with me."
  21. >"I'd love to."
  22. >"Wonderful darling. Brad and Twilight will be coming to. We'll leave tomorrow." - said the Beautiful Diamond as she walk away.
  23. >What did you just agree to? You where to enraptured by her beauty.
  24. >Oh yeah, you agreed to go to her aunt's place tomorrow. Good thing you did, you need every opportunity to get close to her.
  25. >This has got to be good a nice day away from school to be with her. Despite the fact that Brad and Purple are coming, it’s still sounds better than just putting up with this school shit. Even if it is only for a little while.
  26. >
  27. >Brad’s perspective.
  28. >Boy, a day hanging out with my bro Norman and the girls?
  29. >That sounds like a deal to me!
  30. >Rarity was kind of vague when it came to what it would be like.
  31. >But she wasn’t vague about why.
  33. >She said she needed someone with a van to drive her. It’s a good thing she asked me, she’d probably be walking if you didn’t help.
  34. >Hopefully her aunt is a cool chick to, then the day would be totally brodacious!
  35. >Twilights gonna be there, hopefully she doesn’t fill my van with books, that would so not be bradical
  36. >
  37. >Twilight’s perspective.
  38. >Hmm, a day away from school.
  39. >Rarity wanted me to come because of there being a private library at her house.
  40. >But what about school! Human schools are so interesting!
  41. >Still, private library sounds pretty good...
  42. >Spike still needed someone to look after him. When I asked Rarity about him, she said that her aunt would love to see a dog come along.
  43. >Spike sure was excited to hear he was gonna get a break.
  44. >
  45. >Normal Norman’s perspective.
  46. >Despite Rarity’s interesting proposal to go with her, school was very uneventful.
  47. >Time to do what you do every weekday night.
  48. >Play X-box and pass out!
  49. >You do just that with the ease of someone who has repeated this process for years.
  51. >Dawn of the next day.
  52. >You’re awoken with surprisingly little light coming from your morning window.
  53. >After fighting sleep you look outside to see a gray overcast of clouds that stretch as far as the horizon.
  54. >Looks like a real big storm is coming along.
  55. >Hopefully the Symbol of Beauty has a plan in her genius mind.
  56. >You really aren’t worthy of her kindness.
  57. >Your walk to school was constantly threatened by the looming clouds over head.
  58. >Rarity said meet at school, we’d leave before any teachers could ask if we’re playing hooky.
  59. >Sure enough, there they are, waiting by Brad’s van.
  60. >Purple notices you and waves.
  61. >”Hey Norman! You’re here!” - said Purple when she saw you.
  62. >”Yo bro, let’s get in the Bradmobile for a ride!”
  63. >Once you get close enough you start talking to the Aryan Beauty.
  64. >”I’m not late am I?” - you asked the Center of the Universe.
  65. >”Oh of course not darling! You’re just in time.” - she responded with a voice that can challenge angels.
  66. >You hop in the back of the “Bradmobile” which happens to be a wicked green van.
  67. >Purple’s equally purple dog is there to. What’s his name again? Spike right?
  68. >After you’re all in Brad drives off.
  69. >Aryan Beauty is passenger seat, Purple is in the middle front, and you’re in the back, with a fucking dog.
  70. >You could’ve sworn you heard that fucker talk.
  71. >”So, where to?” - asked Brad.
  72. >”My aunt lives in seventeen Peachtree Street.” - answered the Symbol of Perfection.
  73. >”Peachtree? That place has had a pretty bad rap with all those weird things going on brodette.” - answered Brad.
  74. >”Yes, so that’s why we need to visit her.”
  75. >The rest of the ride is pretty quiet.
  76. >Later in the ride your suspicions of rain came true when a rapid down poor came down and turns the road ahead pitch black.
  78. >Brad struggles to see the dirt path he’s on with the mud coating over it.
  79. >There were many times when you had to triple check the map to make sure you weren't lost. >The signs tell you you’re on the right path, so no worries about not finding the right place.
  80. >Brad makes a final left turn into a paved path to a house.
  81. >The automatic lights to the garage turn on and light up the front of the wall.
  82. >You’ve never seen any bigger wall to a house before in your life!
  83. >From the lamp’s glow, all you can see is an elegant wall as far as the light reaches!
  84. >Luckily the door is in the light’s range, so getting inside won’t be a problem.
  85. >You and the dog both get out after telling the others to stay in the van for a bit.
  86. >As you step out the car, you use your jacket as an umbrella.
  87. >Before you begin to walk to the passenger seat, something seems off.
  88. >It’s an unnerving feeling that you can’t shake.
  89. >Like you’re being... watched?
  90. >The dog seems to understand this feeling to. He begins barking wildly into the dark.
  91. >Eventually, after surveying the yard, you shrug it off as just a feeling.
  92. >You and the dog walk to the passenger side.
  93. >In the rainy weather, you still care about the Aryan Beauty.
  94. >You open the door for her and share your jacket as an umbrella.
  95. >”Thank you Norman.” said the White Wonder.
  96. >Like a true gentlemen, you lead her inside.
  97. >Brad follows with his jacket over Purple.
  98. >After you’re both at the door you give the rest of your jacket to Rarity as you open the door for her.
  99. >It was unlocked, as expected of a secluded area such as this.
  100. >The inner hall was dark and the lights were all off.
  101. >You give Rarity a ‘ladies first’ gesture.
  102. >As she walks in you follow close behind to protect her.
  104. >The dog scurries inside and shakes himself dry. Oddly enough, he made sure to avoid splashing the White Heat with his mud. What a smart dog.
  105. >All three of you are inside the dark foyer.
  106. >It’s sort of weird, you’d kinda expect someone to be here to greet you.
  107. >The White Gem seems the most confused about this. Her aunt probably promised to be here or something.
  108. >Brad finally closes the door behind him and shuts on the light.
  109. >The room glows and glistens with look of regality in every corner.
  110. >It’s like you’re in the fanciest place in the world!
  111. >You haven’t seen this much gold before in your life!
  112. >Brad and Purple give a ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ as they stare at the trinkets that must be a thousand apiece.
  113. >The Aryan Beauty seems least affected by this, probably because she’s the prettiest gem of them all.
  115. >”Where is she?” - asked Brad.
  116. >”I don’t know.... She said she would be right here for us.” - said the Snow Maiden.
  117. >”Should we start looking?”
  118. >”Brad, this house is huge, and full of rooms that not even I have seen! We could be searching for all night trying to find a person who may or may not be here!”
  119. >”Why don’t we call her?”- you interject.
  120. >”Oh, that... seems like a good idea. Thank you Norman.”
  121. >Score.
  122. >The Aryan Beauty proceeds to pick out her phone from her pocket and searches its contacts.
  123. >It only takes about a few seconds before she has the device pressed against her ear.
  124. >She waits....
  125. >A tiny ring resonates from the hall to everyone’s left.
  126. >The Aryan Beauty continues the call as you walk down the ornate hall to the origin of the noise.
  127. >You and Brad reach a mahogany door with the sounds of Payphone from Maroon5 playing from inside.
  128. >Brad opens the door to find a phone playing inside of a bedroom.
  129. >But no aunt....
  130. >The phone is still ringing with that god awful tune.
  131. >”Rarity? Can you stop calling?” asked Purple.
  132. >”I... stopped calling a long time ago...”
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