Statfox vs Saruke (5/3/2021)

May 8th, 2021
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  1. Statfox vs Saruke
  2. (5/3/2021)
  4. R1:
  6. Both fighters walk towards each other.
  7. Statfox assume the za warudo stance and probes with his left hand.
  8. Saruke responds with a right straight that makes contact with Stat's head but skims by.
  9. Statfox jumps into a short right hook that doesn't do much.
  10. They both fly away from each other.
  11. Saruke is the first to rebalance and begin walking back, he jabs Statfox in the face as Statfox is bent over, trying to get up.
  12. Statfox backs up and tries to side kick but misses.
  13. Statfox then takes a step forward to lean over and try a right overhand that phases through the block of Saruke. It gets stuck in Saruke's bicep.
  14. Saruke hits a right hand as he backs away from the position and pulls his arm out.
  15. Statfox and tries a right roundhouse by jumping up into the air to kick; but, loses balance.
  16. Saruke attempts to catch but cannot find a good grip.
  17. They both step off and off-balance to the finish.
  19. 10-9 Saruke
  21. R2:
  22. Both fighters move towards each other.
  23. Saruke jabs Statfox in the face.
  24. Statfox tries to kick but offbalances and falls back a bit.
  25. As saruke tries to come in, Statfox responds with a right hook.
  26. As they both restance from the position, Statfox gets there first and jump in for a wide right overhand.
  27. Saruke steps down and responds with an even harder left overhand.
  28. They both come back in and Saruke almost lands a right hand but Statfox stops it using both his hands.
  29. Saruke decides to slip his head past the extended arms of Statfox to try and grapple off of an arm wrestling type of grip. Saruke fails at some takedown attempts but Statfox gives it to him by jumping for the armbar.
  31. 10-9 Saruke
  33. R3:
  34. Both fighters approach each other, trading shots but missing their intended targets.
  35. Statfox then tries to hammerfist Saruke on the top of the head and follow it up with a kick.
  36. Statfox restances a bit awkwardly and attempts another kick, but misses his intended target.
  37. Statfox uses a side-ways knuckle walk to regain his footing, Saruke pursues.
  38. Both fighters meet and Statfox attempts to dip down for a right uppercut but is caught by Saruke's shifting right hand.
  39. Saruke begins attempting to grapple Statfox, Statfox grabs the cage for a moment to then headbutt Saruke in the face as he loses balance attempting to close in for a grapple.
  40. Statfox transitions beautifully to far side control but messes up on his balance a bit and Saruke is able to turn over to his knees after bridging to then press Statfox into pulling full guard.
  42. 10-9 Saruke
  44. The story of the fight is that Saruke was able to dictate the pace of the fight wherever it went for the most part, getting turned over once by Statfox with a headbutt + cage grab. Both fighters landed meaningful shots but Saruke was able to find the more meaningful shots. Saruke stuck to the basics and kept his guard up for a lot of Statfox's attempted strikes.
  46. 30-27 Saruke
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