12-29-2018 The Toilet Cleaning Mother

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  9. The Toilet Cleaning Mother
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  11. Suzanne grew tired of being a housewife ever since she married and slaved away for the kids, so she accepted the custodian position at her children’s local public school. Earning her own money and getting out of the house, she is having the best time of her life. Her husband now has no excuse for not doing his fair share of the house work. Suzanne can do that, pack the kids for school, help them with their homework, and work her full-time job as well. She could not have asked for an easier or more fulfilling job. Suzanne has been at it for years now. She gets to listen to her mp3 player for nearly the entire work day listening to her favorite radio shows talking about investing money and music playing her old school tunes. She invests heavily into the famous public-school teacher retirement fund. The woman is determined not to be relying on her husband’s dumb and careless spending habits to provide for herself or her children. Suzanne’s shift begins right as the school day ends.
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  13. She waits at the front of the school to kiss her children goodbye before they walk home. A few of them try their best to avoid the embarrassment, but she manages to chase them down every time and smothers them even more as punishment. The entire school knows the family. The other children call her auntie and tattle to her about her boys and girls. Suzanne gathers her equipment from the custodian closet and plugs in her earbuds to pass another easy day away. *WHEW* The girls restroom took a little longer than usual. She wonders what got into them this week to make it almost as bad as the boys. She wipes away the sweat from her forehead with her sleeve to see a chunky black boy rushing in her direction. It’s DeAngelo. He’s in the same grade as one of her boys. He’s wearing the school’s basketball team jersey which would explain why he is here so late. Suzanne locks the girls restroom door to head for the next one. “WAIT!!” She heard the boy through her earbuds. She takes them off. *HUFF HUFF* “PLEASE, auntie, let me go in there!!” He cups his crotch with both hands as he twists and turns his chubby legs. The boy reeks of sweat and a hint of pee. “Are you kidding?? I just cleaned!! Why didn’t you go in the other one??” The boy’s eyes begin to water, he must be about to lose it. “I HAVE to go number two!! The boys will make fun of me, PLEASE auntie!!” It’s very common for the boys to crawl under the stalls and fool around. Her own sons tell her they avoid going number two until they can get a pass from class time. The poor thing must already be the prime bullying target for the rest of the basketball team, being so much heavier than the rest. “Gosh dang it!” She hurries to open it, but it seems too late!
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  15. “Auntieeee!!” Suzanne immediately notices DeAngelo’s shorts darkening. “NO!” She throws the door open, but the boy does not move. Out of all her years working, this is the worst day she has ever had. Suzanne runs behind him and hugs him by the waist. She has barely enough strength to lift the chubby boy a few inches off the ground. The woman is going to be sore tomorrow. She is immune to his odors now, but she feels his pee seeping through his clothes and onto hers. The woman heaves him into a stall, but the boy still will not move on his own. “COME ON!!” Suzanne squats down and yanks him around to face her. She pulls down his shorts and underwear, nearly tearing them apart. Finally, she pushes him onto the toilet seat. “HEY!!” His little boy penis was somehow angled upward, or his foreskin caused it. A long, dark and thick stream of urine drenches her breasts on her work shirt. Despite his auntie’s cry, DeAngelo did not stop himself and let the fountain flow until it emptied. Suzanne tripped herself staggering backward to try to avoid it. The stream only continued to hit her, leaving a dark trail of pee from her breasts to her crotch.
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  17. *HOOOUGH* The young boy whelps, releasing his insides. DeAngelo has never seen his school auntie so furious. Suzanne gets up and storms out of the view from the stall. The boy feels the water splashing back onto him, much of it spilling out of the toilet. He suddenly sees his auntie rush back into the stall with her shirt off in a purple bra. “FLUSH IT WHILE YOU GO!!” Suzanne’s big, white freckled breasts suffocate his face as she reaches behind him to flush. The woman heads back out. DeAngelo looks down to see what the sensation he feels in his crotch is. He flushes as his school auntie told him to. He’s finished, but the splashing covered his lower body. He can feel it in the creases of his chunky skin. DeAngelo stays seated on the toilet hoping his auntie would tell him what to do. Suzanne returns wearing nothing but her purple bra and matching panties, fully displaying her thick motherly figure. *SIGH* “Dang it, Dee, what are you doing??” Everyone at school calls him Dee. The nude woman opens the toilet paper dispenser to grab a full roll. She takes his sweaty jersey off, revealing his chubby torso. His mind is completely on her jiggling big breasts and flabby stomach in front of him.
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  19. Again, Suzanne smothers the little boy’s face with her large white breasts as she reaches behind to wipe him clean and dry. The little black boy is embarrassed of what he feels engorging down below. He covers himself with both hands. Finished behind him, the white woman takes a step back and squats down at eye level to the boy. The woman’s breasts and chubby stomach jiggle as she takes off his wet shoes and clothes while he sits. The little chunky black boy is completely naked in the stall with his school auntie in her underwear. “Come on.” She grabs his arms and pulls him toward her to get off the seat. Suzanne’s tug was too strong, she dislodged the boy’s hands and exposed his excitement. The woman gasps and quickly turns him around so she faces his back. The little black boy is frozen like a doll, keeping his arms loose at his sides. He does not know what to think or what to do. He has never felt this way before. He never saw his real aunties or their friends like he does her.  
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  21. *GULP* Suzanne continues wiping him down thoroughly from waist to toe until she has only two areas left. She spreads his chubby little black boy butt cheeks apart to get whatever is in there. This is wrong. Why is she getting aroused? She is flattered her mature and curvy body made such a young man lust for her. Her own boys do everything they can to avoid her embrace and go so far as to smack bruises onto her poor old body. Even her old man has stopped touching her ever since she began working, as if it was his form of protesting her independence. Suzanne reaches into her panties with a hand. She covers her index finger in paper with the other and almost digs into his hole wiping him dry. *EEP* The boy squeaks, but he feels himself growing every second. “oouuhhh oouuhhh” She pants heavily. She rolls just a bit more paper and reaches to his front. The woman gently pats his little boy sack clean and works her way around his excited member. Finished at last, she can no longer contain her animal urges.
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  23. Suzanne tosses the paper into the toilet and immediately grabs hold of the little black boy’s semi-erect penis. He really likes the feeling of her big soft hand, but it was her hot naked body suddenly pressing against his back that made him yelp. *GASP* “Shh…” She silences him. Her head lurches over his shoulder for a look below. His smooth little black member is well within the palm of her snow-white hand. If it weren’t for his foreskin, she would not be able to pump him. Has she lost her magic? Her husband would be spurting by now. Suzanne feels herself coming to a climax, but this young boy’s head remains half sheathed in its sleeve. This despicable encounter would brand her as the worst and most perverted mother in the world. “Ahhhhh!” The mature white woman loses control and gets on her trembling knees. She moves her two hands to spread the little boy’s chubby black butt open. Suzanne shuts her eyes and shoves her face deep into his crevice. She quickly claws him by the hips to forcefully pull him toward her, so she may easily penetrate his butthole with her tongue. This same mouth had just kissed her children goodbye a few hours earlier and shouts them into submission when they misbehave. This is the same mouth that her husband kissed in a crowded church on her wedding day to signify their lifelong devotion to one another. “OH!” The boy screamed feeling her tongue deep inside him. This did the trick.
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  25. “OOF!” The little black boy finally melts into the toilet. *HHMMMMPPHH* Suzanne muffles in his butt as she drenches her panties. Both quiver like animals out of control. The boy grabs hold of her hands to steady himself. The woman will not let go of his hips or withdraw her tongue from the hole that just evacuated the biggest load of its life.”Auntieeeee!” The boy finishes, leaving a sticky line of juice from the toilet water to his tip. He reaches behind him to grab the woman by the face and pry her away. She relents and backs off. “Ahhh ahhh ahhh” The boy turns around to see her breasts and stomach pounding to her breathing. The woman’s attention is down on her hairy crotch. She pulled her panties down revealing her own sticky mess streaming from her hole to her clothes. Her fingers pinch herself open to see if any more will come out. Suzanne looks up to find the boy staring down at her in awe. “Hey…” The boy looks up to her. “…You liked that?” He nervously nods his head yes. The big white mother pulls her panties back and  grabs the young black boy by the shoulders. “DO. NOT. TELL. ANYBODY.” Her unwavering eyes send him the message. If he does not remember her words, he will remember her eyes. He shyly nods yes again.
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  27. Suzanne picks up the boy’s clothes and gets up, towering above him. “Come on.” The boy follows her out of the stall and toward the sinks. He stands there completely nude as he watches his school auntie washing what she can from his clothes in nothing but her purple underwear. Her work shirt and pants are hung over the stall next to the sinks. His auntie sees him admiring her figure in the mirror. “I mean it, Dee, don’t tell anybody. I’ll get in trouble.” The boy looks into the mirror and meets her eyes. He silently nods yes again. “Since when did you join the team, anyway?” She vigorously dabs his clothes with wet and dry towels. The boy cannot take his eyes off her big white ass. Suzanne notices him getting excited again. “Uh… my mom wanted me to lose weight this year…” He responds embarrassingly. She intentionally shakes herself for him. “Oh yeah? That’s good.” She stops abruptly for a moment. “You wanna grab my butt? Go ahead.” He looks into the mirror again to confirm what he thought he just heard. The woman places his clothes on the counter top and slaps her big white ass red, inviting him to do what he wants. The little black boy moves in and gets a big whiff of his school auntie’s big white butt he’s been craving for the past few minutes. Suzanne finishes cleaning his clothes while he plays with her bottom. “Okay, let’s get you out of here.” She turns and squats to meet him eye to eye. The young black boy now has her big white breasts in front of him at arm’s reach, but she has not given him permission to touch them. He gets a little harder, but the woman has had her fill. Suzanne helps dress the boy. “You still reek, kid, but not as bad as before.” The boy looks down to the floor. “…Sorry…” The woman’s hand lifts his chin up and looks him in the eyes. “Hey, Dee, if you wanna do it again, meet me here next time. Do your parents pick you up? - …No, I walk home…- Perfect, now ‘git!” She turns him by his shoulders and smacks his butt out the restroom.
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