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  1. alias d='docker $*'
  2. alias d-c='docker-compose $*'
  3. alias k='kubectl'
  5. alias ka='kubectl apply --recursive -f'
  6. alias kex='kubectl exec -i -t'
  7. alias klo='kubectl logs -f'
  8. alias klop='kubectl logs -f -p'
  9. alias kp='kubectl proxy'
  10. alias kg='kubectl get'
  11. alias kd='kubectl describe'
  12. alias krm='kubectl delete'
  13. alias krun='kubectl run --rm --restart=Never --image-pull-policy=IfNotPresent -i -t'
  14. alias kgpo='kubectl get pods'
  15. alias kdpo='kubectl describe pods'
  16. alias krmpo='kubectl delete pods'
  17. alias kgdep='kubectl get deployment'
  18. alias kddep='kubectl describe deployment'
  19. alias krmdep='kubectl delete deployment'
  20. alias kgsvc='kubectl get service'
  21. alias kdsvc='kubectl describe service'
  22. alias krmsvc='kubectl delete service'
  23. alias kging='kubectl get ingress'
  24. alias kding='kubectl describe ingress'
  25. alias krming='kubectl delete ingress'
  26. alias kgcm='kubectl get configmap'
  27. alias kdcm='kubectl describe configmap'
  28. alias krmcm='kubectl delete configmap'
  29. alias kgsec='kubectl get secret'
  30. alias kdsec='kubectl describe secret'
  31. alias krmsec='kubectl delete secret'
  32. alias kgno='kubectl get nodes'
  33. alias kdno='kubectl describe nodes'
  34. alias kgns='kubectl get namespaces'
  35. alias kdns='kubectl describe namespaces'
  36. alias krmns='kubectl delete namespaces'
  37. alias kgsl='kubectl get --show-labels'
  38. alias kgposl='kubectl get pods --show-labels'
  39. alias kgdepsl='kubectl get deployment --show-labels'
  40. alias krmall='kubectl delete --all'
  41. alias krmpoall='kubectl delete pods --all'
  42. alias krmdepall='kubectl delete deployment --all'
  43. alias krmsvcall='kubectl delete service --all'
  44. alias krmingall='kubectl delete ingress --all'
  45. alias krmcmall='kubectl delete configmap --all'
  46. alias krmsecall='kubectl delete secret --all'
  47. alias krmnsall='kubectl delete namespaces --all'
  48. alias kgw='kubectl get --watch'
  49. alias kgpow='kubectl get pods --watch'
  50. alias kgdepw='kubectl get deployment --watch'
  51. alias kgsvcw='kubectl get service --watch'
  52. alias kgingw='kubectl get ingress --watch'
  53. alias kgcmw='kubectl get configmap --watch'
  54. alias kgsecw='kubectl get secret --watch'
  55. alias kgnow='kubectl get nodes --watch'
  56. alias kgnsw='kubectl get namespaces --watch'
  57. alias kgslw='kubectl get --show-labels --watch'
  58. alias kgposlw='kubectl get pods --show-labels --watch'
  59. alias kgdepslw='kubectl get deployment --show-labels --watch'
  60. alias kgwsl='kubectl get --watch --show-labels'
  61. alias kgpowsl='kubectl get pods --watch --show-labels'
  62. alias kgdepwsl='kubectl get deployment --watch --show-labels'
  63. alias kgf='kubectl get --recursive -f'
  64. alias kdf='kubectl describe --recursive -f'
  65. alias krmf='kubectl delete --recursive -f'
  66. alias kgslf='kubectl get --show-labels --recursive -f'
  67. alias kgwf='kubectl get --watch --recursive -f'
  68. alias kgslwf='kubectl get --show-labels --watch --recursive -f'
  69. alias kgwslf='kubectl get --watch --show-labels --recursive -f'
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