MagiReco Main Story 7.14

May 16th, 2018
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  1. The Magius Who Protect Paradise
  3. 7.14.1
  4. [right at the base of the Ferris wheel]
  5. Iroha: "The rumor should be around here..."
  6. [she senses something]
  7. Iroha: "I feel a response..."
  8. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  9. [Yachiyo notices something]
  10. Yachiyo: "But that's not all..."
  11. Iroha: "It's Touka-chan..."
  12. Yachiyo: "Yeah, right under our noses."
  13. ???: "Rather than right under your noses, how about above your heads!"
  14. Yachiyo: "Kuh... these attacks..."
  15. Felicia: "It's the scary one!"
  16. Sana: "Alina..."
  17. Alina: "Really, it's that annoying blonde and the invisible person..."
  18. "And I was going to forgive you for destroying my art by being brainwashed..."
  19. "The fact that you escaped is really bad."
  20. Touka: "And here I was thinking that this would all end quietly..."
  21. "The Strongest is almost done with her work too."
  22. Mifuyu: "It was my responsibility... I apologize..."
  23. Felicia: "It's the white nee-chan!"
  24. Mifuyu: (Shh!)
  25. Felicia: "!?"
  26. Touka: "I don't know how they got away..."
  27. "But it was left to you, so you need to reflect on your failure, Mifuyu."
  28. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  29. Alina: "Well, unlike the tooty flutey sisters, this was the first time."
  30. "Judging you as guilty for just that would be a bit too harsh."
  31. Touka: "Yeah, we can forgive this once."
  32. "And also, for having us consider the nearly infinitesimal possibility that they'd find this place..."
  33. "She saved us from having wasted our use of the Strongest."
  34. "ehe"
  35. Momoko: "I see now..."
  36. "That was so it would be harder for us to interfere..."
  37. Touka: "Welllll, what do you think?"
  38. Iroha: "Stop it, Touka-chan..."
  39. "Don't make Tsuruno-chan do anything bad, please."
  40. Touka: "Mmmm..."
  41. "Nope!"
  42. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  43. Touka: "We've gotta make everyone happy at the amusement park..."
  44. "So happy that they don't want to go back home."
  45. "But there are many people waiting to enter, we've gotta forcibly make them leave."
  46. "Leave this world!"
  47. "The ups and downs of their emotions at that time will be amazing, right!?"
  48. "We'll be able to get soooo much energy!"
  49. "ehehe"
  50. Iroha: "You're just going to be killing everyone!"
  51. Touka: "If we don't, then there won't be enough energy..."
  52. Iroha: "What energy? There's something wrong with this..."
  53. "Getting people involved, brainwashing, threatening people..."
  54. "Even now you've involved Tsuruno in a rumor."
  55. "People like you won't be able to make magical girls happy! Or anybody else!"
  56. Touka: "Then, what would you do to make everyone happy, Tamaki Iroha?"
  57. Iroha: "I don't have an answer to that..."
  58. "But I'm certain that what you're doing is wrong, Touka-chan."
  59. Alina: "Yes yes, your viewpoints will never meet. That's enough."
  60. "Now you're going to try to defeat us, right?"
  61. Touka: "Come on, I was trying to stall for time here!"
  62. [in battle]
  63. Alina: "I'll take the blonde and the invisible person."
  64. Felicia: "What, I'm not scared of you anymore!"
  65. Sana: "I've... remembered..."
  66. "My promise with Ai-chan... and my promise with Iroha-san..."
  67. "I will stop the Wings of Magius..."
  68. Alina: "Hmmm?"
  69. "Well, maybe I'll just take all of your hair."
  70. Felicia: "Huh? What are you talking about?"
  71. Alina: "Even when reduced to bones, your hair is an eternal symbol of you."
  72. "You could even say it's the soul of a person, representing the fact that they were alive."
  73. "I'll cut all of it off and burn it."
  74. Felicia: "Huh? Wha?"
  75. Alina: "I said I'd be deleting you for all eternity."
  76. "Ahaha!"
  77. Felicia: "S-Sana! She's scary after all!"
  78. Sana: "I-I'm also... scared!"
  79. [after battle]
  80. Alina: "You can go wild like normal, you know?"
  81. "If you're getting cold feet, then you're not much of a mercenary, are you?"
  82. Felicia: "S-shut up!"
  83. Alina: "Hmf..."
  84. [Alina attacks]
  85. Felicia: "Waah!"
  86. [Sana blocks]
  87. Sana: "Are you alright?"
  88. Felicia: "S-sorry..."
  89. Sana: "Stay strong, Felicia-san!"
  90. Felicia: "..."
  91. "Yeah, it's no good..."
  92. "I've gotta save her... I've gotta save Tsuruno!"
  93. Sana: "Yes!"
  94. Felicia: "Uuuuoooh let's go! I'm not afraid anymore!"
  95. Sana: "Yeah!"
  96. Alina: "Finally serious now?"
  97. "In that case, I'll also get excited."
  98. "After all, it's pointless if your life doesn't get burnt."
  99. Felicia: "Tsuruno saved me before, but..."
  100. "This time, I'll... I'll be the one to save Tsuruno!"
  101. "Just like when Myoutou saved Master Kuushinsai!"
  102. Alina: "The heck? Some manga story?"
  103. "What a fool."
  104. "Please don't make me laugh."
  106. 7.14.2
  107. [still at the base of the Ferris wheel]
  108. Touka: "Oh come on!"
  109. "Go home and stop getting in our way already!"
  110. Iroha: "Fuah!"
  111. "I won't! I can't let this slide!"
  112. "You're trying to save all magical girls, right, Touka-chan!?"
  113. "If that's the case, then you shouldn't be involving Tsuruno in this!"
  114. "And if the black feathers knew what you're trying to do..."
  115. "Do you think they'd accept it!?"
  116. Touka: "You realize, this plan to release magical girls..."
  117. "We can't do it except for right now, with all three Magius?"
  118. "The lives of all magical girls... and our own remaining lifespans..."
  119. "And the world we live in... Aren't these all precious?"
  120. "But isn't a happy future far, far more important?"
  121. "That's what we're aiming to save here."
  122. "Even thousands of lives wouldn't budge the scales even a single millimeter."
  123. "It's simple, just accept it!"
  124. Iroha: "I can't!"
  125. Touka: "You obstinate fool!"
  126. [she attacks, and Momoko parries]
  127. Momoko: "Iroha-chan!"
  128. "kuh... Are you okay?"
  129. Iroha: "Thanks, Momoko-san..."
  130. Momoko: "But she's using magic so recklessly... Does it ever run out?"
  131. [screen wipe]
  132. Yachiyo: "..."
  133. Mifuyu: "Yacchan, please do not look aside."
  134. "Right now, I am your opponent."
  135. [in battle]
  136. Yachiyo: "Get out of my way, Mifuyu!"
  137. "I'm thankful that you saved Felicia and Futaba-san..."
  138. "But this is another story. I'm going to take this seriously."
  139. Mifuyu: "And I intend to do the same."
  140. Yachiyo: "I see..."
  141. "I never imagined that we would once cross blades like this..."
  142. Mifuyu: "Our senses of value differ, so we can't do anything else...'
  143. Yachiyo: "But we can!"
  144. [after battle]
  145. [Yachiyo attacks]
  146. Yachiyo: "SeaaAAH!"
  147. [Mifuyu attacks]
  148. Mifuyu: "HaAH!"
  149. "kuh... ugh..."
  150. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu... even considering the decline in your magic..."
  151. "You're not serious... are you..."
  152. Mifuyu: "Yacchan... please..."
  153. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu?"
  154. Mifuyu: "If you defeat the main rumor... as it is... Tsuruno-san will perish with it..."
  155. Yachiyo: "Wha!?"
  156. Mifuyu: "Please... remove the rumor that is possessing Tsuruno-san..."
  157. "If you manage... to get through to Tsuruno's heart... you should be able to erase just the rumor..."
  158. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu... you..."
  159. Mifuyu: "Just... as strong as the rumor has made her..."
  160. "It'll take at least two..."
  161. "Go, get in the gondola!"
  162. Yachiyo: "Thank you..."
  163. [inhales]
  164. "Yaah!!"
  165. Mifuyu: "AA!"
  166. [they attack each other]
  167. Mifuyu: "..."
  168. "Please, Ya...cchan..."
  169. [Mifuyu collapses]
  170. Yachiyo: "Sorry... Mifuyu..."
  171. "..."
  172. "Iroha, over here!"
  173. [screen wipe]
  174. Iroha: "Y-yes!"
  175. Touka: "Ah, wait, don't go over there!"
  176. "Mmnrg!"
  177. Kanagi: "Woah there, could you allow her to go?"
  178. Touka: "You're getting in our way again!"
  179. Momoko: "Kanagi-san, what happened!?"
  180. Kanagi: "I've dealt with what I needed to."
  181. "However, I'm not such an optimist that I would relax."
  182. Touka: "Argh!"
  183. Kanagi: "Well then, allow me to be your opponent, young brat."
  184. Touka: "I'm not a brat!"
  185. "Come on..."
  186. "Ehe, oh well."
  187. "In the end, they'll mess up defeating it and end up killing their friend."
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