Big Angery [7/16]

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  1. [17:52] The occultist stops her casual chatting to go completely rigid as a new face enters the square. A new face and a pair of wings with it. With an otherworldly amount of attention she watches them traipse over to the bench and take up a seat, without a care in the world.
  3. The aura around Ardith congeals into something more solid and viscous. Her red eyes narrow and the bovine tail behind her? It lashes back and forth in a frenzy.
  5. Suddenly, for some reason, she is not in a good mood anymore.
  6. (Ardith)
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  9. [17:52] Garrick would scoot to the side as Magdalen took their seat upon the bench, never one to hog too much of a cozy seat if he could help it. The drake's molten eyes would glance curiously behind Magdalen, fiery glance hanging upon her wings for a time before returning his view to Kabu, Ardith, and Tahldrig. The drake would nod in agreement on the raised sentiment.
  11. "Yes, the humidity is quite nice, though my scales end up feeling a bit sticky on the hotter knights. It was bad enough when I was but a fire drake, but taking the magma upon myself has left my heat retention near insufferable. Oft I miss the snowy north just for that."
  12. (Garrick)
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  15. [17:53] A happy giggle comes from Tahl as she hears what Magdalen has to say about her home. It always makes her happy when people speak good of Gehennan territory, to her its by far the most beautiful of all the lands.
  17. She leans over towards Ardith to whisper some words.
  18. (Tahldrig)
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  21. [17:53] Tahldrig whispers: She's okay, that's Sima's aunt Magdalen, the one he learned to hug from. She's nice.
  22. [17:53] Tahldrig whispers: One of the few good ones.
  23. [17:54] Ardith whispers: ...Bullshit. I bet she's one of them.
  24. [17:54] Tahldrig whispers: She is a demi-angel if that's what you're referring to, but I don't think she'd try and hurt you. She's a crafter, not much of a fighter.
  25. [17:54] Tahldrig whispers: Plus if she tries, I'll kick her ass.
  26. [17:54] A smile spreading across the hunter's lips as he nods over at Magdalen's same assertion that Tahldrig had earlier regarding being called "Lady" would set his mood for this visit, hoping she found the constant chatter of the square, and chittering by the animals all around them to be suitable for her readings.
  28. "If anyone considered you old, then they'd obviously be blind, or mad by the time they'd met you, that's certain.
  30. But, honestly, if you want a nicer place to read, I can provide such if the square becomes any bit disruptive to your efforts." he'd remark.
  32. Looking over to Ardith over his shoulder, though he'd notice a definite shift in her aura wondering what went awry, but knowing that if anything she'd tell him on her own terms, and he shouldn't pry into her business.
  34. "Hmn…?"
  35. (Kabu)
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  38. [17:57] It seemed that this 'Magdalen' was doing much better since the last time he saw him but that wasn't really that surprising. After all, the last time he saw Magdalen was a few years ago and she was half-crying half-enraged about some kidnapped children.
  40. Which...he think were her kids? It was a fuzzy memory at best and he wasn't about to go inquiring about that whole mess. Regardless, he did perk up upon hearing something about rare books and focused his attention upon her.
  42. "I forgot to properly introduce myself. I never had the chance those few years ago due to...awkward situations. My name is Lei Jin. What sort of rare books have you found Miss? If you don't mind my curiosity. Reading is a hobby of mine."
  44. A faint look of discomfort as he felt the occultist's aura even from where he sat and yet he decided he would simply ignore it. Honestly, Gehenna had strange laws regarding the occult and they allowed Kaor to roam their city. Yet, despite these things which he considered flaws it was quite the lovely place and he enjoyed the natural spaces.
  46. "Mm...the jungle air is normally lovely, yes."
  47. (Lei Jin)
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  50. [18:00] Ardith evidently doesn't pay a lot of heed to the whispering beside her. Which is a shame because it's probably got some wisdom to it.
  52. But fuck wisdom, and fuck this. The horned occultist rises, still staring at Magdalen for all she's worth. She's blind to the Ultovex's wave from far of.
  54. The leg plates of her armor seem to move and shift, like the flesh below is twisting and bubbling, and as she rises from the bench she advances towards the demi-angel with her jaw set. Her face contorts into a grim rictus.
  55. (Ardith)
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  58. [18:00] Kabu says, "...Bah."
  59. [18:00] Kabu says, "Come now...."
  60. [18:01] Tahldrig sighs
  61. (Tahldrig)
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  64. [18:01] Tahldrig says, "Ardie come on."
  65. [18:01] Garrick says, "I feel as if suddenly this bench is less safe by about a third."
  66. [18:01] Arkgvunde 's interest is vaguely gained by Ardith's little fit. The Demon slowly faded in from the background, bringing their passive magical pressure with it.
  67. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
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  70. [18:02] Lei Jin says, "I think I might throw up..."
  71. [18:02] Tahldrig whispers: She's Sima's favorite auntie. Just.. remember that please Ardie.
  72. [18:06] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  73. [18:06] Tahldrig whispers something.
  74. [18:06] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  75. [18:06] Tahldrig whispers something.
  76. [18:06] Ah well, Magdalens appearance seemed to spark something bad in Ardith. He knew very well she didn't like those form Levengard. Thought it seemed that she was getting a bit carried away. He didn't trust many of those at Levengard, aside from Magdalen really.
  78. They had given him no reason to really trust them. From how he had seen most of them act he didn't want to get super involved with most of the populace there. He had spoken to some how they seemed rather violent, even towards their own.
  80. He wouldn't say much, as he knew that if he did he would probably set her off. But he would walk a bit closer and watch. He would show know real intent to stop her. Others could handle that, like the chieftains. Though if a fight would break out that would cause injury, then he would most likely step in to Defend someone.
  82. That someone would most likely be Ardith.
  83. (Jun Ultovex)
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  86. [18:06] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  87. [18:06] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  88. [18:06] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  89. [18:06] Tahldrig whispers something.
  90. [18:07] Garrick would turn his molten glance about the slowly gathering crowd as he scratched at the scales of his neck with his talons idly. There was Ark in the distance doing Arky things, Kabu had approached with mild concern, and all the while the drake seemed rather clueless as he glanced about in a bit of confusion. Were they all approaching to line up and acquire some of his high quality, artisanally crafted backscratchers?
  92. He'd no idea his fame had spread so far already.
  94. Yet, the fire drake's molten eyes finally found the source of the sudden commotion as Ardith marched forth with an occultic death glare that could spoil milk with its venom. The drakan lightly blanched in spite of his usual cockiness, and the scaled smith would remain silent for a moment before raising his scaly palms in a gesture of pacification.
  96. "Ah, is this a staring contest? I had no idea this city enjoyed games quite so much. Truly a lively town."
  97. (Garrick)
  98. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  100. [18:07] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  101. [18:07] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  102. [18:07] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  103. [18:08] Inari Blake whispers something.
  104. [18:08] Inari Blake whispers something.
  105. [18:08] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  106. [18:09] "Urk…"
  108. The young man's face was a tad pale as Ardith moved closer to them and it seemed like he might vomit at any moment. A few seconds passed as he tried composing himself and yet he couldn't stop breathing heavily as he leaned forward.
  110. "Yup...this isn't fun." finally channeling his holy energy as a golden wind wrapped protectively around his body. He hoped that the woman wouldn't take this as aggressive action and holding out a hand he tried calming things down.
  112. He wasn't certain if the Occultist just had a personal issue with Magdalene or perhaps she just didn't like her for what she was. Regardless, he was really hoping they would back off so that he didn't paint Gehenna's town square a different color.
  114. "Miss, I don't know why you are upset but could you back up a little bit? Please?"
  115. (Lei Jin)
  116. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  118. [18:10] Jun Ultovex says, "Ah, that's not a good choice."
  119. [18:10] Sighing, Kabu would take his staff and tap it lightly on the ground as he looks between Magdalen and Ardith. He thought blondes had more fun, not more issues. Though he would inlay the ground rules of Gehennan conflict so that they'd know for if this escalated past a passing disagreement.
  121. "If you are to have conflict with Magdalen Ardith, you will do so through an honor duel. If she accepts, then I will supervise your match, and this will be looked upon by the spirits above.
  123. However, if she refuses, or no duel is set, then she is an Ally of our tribes, and you will be halted from causing her harm while she doesn't threaten us or our beliefs." his golden hues would pulse and crackle now, growing in intensity.
  125. "I truly recommend considering reason, Ardith. If you break our laws in this outburst, then you not only jeopardize living here, but also the standing of Illaron.
  127. So I ask you... is this worth it?"
  129. His tail gaze would grow stern as he was forced to take on a more authoritative stance here, never thinking that anything of this sort would spawn from the woman, but knowing that there was probably history between them and the Elisheva.
  130. (Kabu)
  131. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133. [18:10] Skye Sugar says, "B-babe..y-you didnt have to buy this for me.."
  134. [18:12] Jun he'd give a motion to Lei, as if to say that it would most likely be a good idea to stop using his magic.
  135. (Jun Ultovex)
  136. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  138. [18:14] The older woman does have wings! White and feathered! She has a comforting, yet a little overbearing aura to her, and can't help but raise an eyebrow at the approach of the Occultist. There's no anger, upset, or any real hatred, just inquisitiveness as she sets her notes - a red bound book - down in her lap.
  140. A quick smile is given to the others present who've spoken to her, before her attention turns oncemore to the Accursed young Lady. Just looking her over quietly, the scholarly Gilded Artificer clad in a cloak traced with subtle runework, stitched into the fabric.
  142. Kabu's words are taken, gold-tainted eyes giving a small, appreciative nod, before looking back at the other. It's somewhat clear that Magdalen doesn't even know who this is.
  143. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  144. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  146. [18:15] Chazlus whispers something.
  147. [18:15] Inari Blake whispers something.
  148. [18:15] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  149. [18:15] Inari Blake whispers something.
  150. [18:16] Inari Blake whispers something.
  151. [18:16] Inari Blake whispers something.
  152. [18:16] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  153. [18:17] Inari Blake whispers something.
  154. [18:18] Inari Blake whispers something.
  155. [18:18] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  156. [18:18] Inari Blake whispers something.
  157. [18:18] Inari Blake whispers something.
  158. [18:18] Akabi didn't know what is going on or what will happen in this scene. The last thing she recalls was simply waking up.
  159. (Akabi Sekemi)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162. [18:19] Ardith knows who this is. By name, reputation, and creed. The history she has with her is tangential at best.
  164. The push of Lei Jin's magic is met with a counter push. The occultism goes stronger, overwhelming, and he earns himself a snarl from the horned magi. Kabu doesn't earn himself much better with the little sparks and the words of admonition. A part of her sees reason. The jeopardize her place her in one of the few locales that wouldn't kill her or change her, and even worse to put her mentor's place in danger.
  166. Another part of her is outrage, even furious. How dare anyone, or anything stand in her way. How dare he try to sway her, threaten her, put a leash on her with such things?
  168. But the bulk, the meat of her focus, is on Magdalen.
  170. "You," she barks out sharply. Ardith closes the distance to a scant few feet.
  172. "What do you gotta' say to all the fucked up shit your people have been doing?"
  173. (Ardith)
  174. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. [18:21] Tahldrig crosses her legs as she turns her attention to Magdalen. Magdalen is one of the very few good eggs within Levengard, where Tahldrig has found dissapointment and depravity in others, she's only found purity within the articifer. She hopes that Ardie will see that maybe.. JUST maybe, not every one of the demi angels likes the lesser qualities of Levengard's actions.
  177. (Tahldrig)
  178. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  180. [18:21] Kabu says, "A dialogue you search for then? Then keep it civil, lest this become a matter of honor. Don't let your wrath at her kin blind you from the individual that stands in front of you. Understand Ardith. As you did for me, and I for you."
  181. [18:22] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  182. [18:24] Oh. Well that just happened.
  184. He had been hoping that he could just prevent himself from throwing up but now she was forcefully pushing her occult energy onto him. The simple fact was that he wasn't that skilled of a mage and it didn't take much till he found his aura outmatched.
  186. All of that faint golden wind dissipated into nothing and slowly the young man rose up from the bench. It seemed like he might be trying to get in the way of Ardith and yet as he stood up he just lurched forward. The man bending over as a horrible sound could be heard coming from the youth.
  188. "URK...why..." everything he had eaten earlier in the morning was now being expelled onto the ground as his body reacted violently to the nearby occult power. It didn't help that it was from someone clearly more skilled than he and that they had directly focused it upon him even if for the briefest of moments.
  190. Today was suffering.
  191. (Lei Jin)
  192. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  194. [18:24] Dan Dogslayer says, "Dear God."
  195. [18:25] Inari Blake whispers something.
  196. [18:25] Kabu says, ". . . ."
  197. [18:25] Jun Ultovex says, "I tried to warn ya."
  198. [18:27] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  199. [18:30] Magdalen's passive exorcism is strong - but it bears no uncomfortable bite. Even for the Occultists here. It's closer to the original powers of light - rather then the weaponized Exorcism Arthur Pendragon taught to the masses.
  201. Her hands fold upon her notes as she sits up, listening to the woman before her. The Angel-blooded is inhuman in her grace, skin like spotless porcelain, and hair like diaphanous, molten gold. With immaculate features and a certain softness to her gaze, she listens to the Accursed.
  203. This isn't her home - so she's not going to bark back at the other. No, she'll take this with patience and grace.
  205. "Dear. I am not my people. They barely listen to me and the leaders of Levengard - Thera and Sera, mostly, keep me at arm's length.
  207. I supply arms and equipment to those who require it to resist Dawn, Ashalle's sycophants and the Fallen Angel,while assisting Lady Ohtli in her endeavors."
  209. Her soft voice is calm, though not entirely relaxed as she takes a few little breaths, the motherly Angel-blooded obviously not having counted on having to prove herself to an angry Occultist just now. Gehenna's always been really peaceful and accommodating for her.
  211. "However, if there's a particular thing you have in mind, dear - something specific you'd like to speak to me about, I'll hear you out."
  213. And so, she leans forward ever-so-subtly, letting her gold-tainted eyes lock to the other's own hues.
  214. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  215. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  217. [18:32] Inari Blake whispers something.
  218. [18:32] Inari Blake whispers something.
  219. [18:36] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  220. [18:37] Kabu gets a glare too. Surely what he says makes sense, but in the moment it irks her. Lei Jin is regarded with clear disgust and revulsion as he loses his lunch adjacent to her. But she'd be lying if she said there was not some deep down desire to attack, to use the little 'backscratcher' to do justice. Pluck out some feathers from that pearly white set of wings.
  222. She looks far too placid, far too serene, and infuriatingly...perfect. Ardith loathes it, just like she loathes the rest of them.
  224. "I got a list. Your people killing kids that set foot in there for no reason except being born with green lines on their skin. For making stupid mistakes and not knowing any better. And for letting awful people be your enforcers. The ones that want to collar and badger little girls just because they got the wrong kind of magic. Trying to change people to something they ain't with that little Sunny bullshit."
  226. The occultist has a lot of pent up fury, and her magic and mutation make merry with all of it as she stares down the demi-angel.
  227. (Ardith)
  228. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  230. [18:40] Garrick would glance between the pair of blond ladies, one vigorously occultic while the other’s holy energies were nearly oppressive, with a sense of slowly growing understanding as the gears began to turn in his head. The distaste between these two wasn’t from some past interaction that the drake lacked context of, but of where the winged woman had come from that had drawn Ardith’s ire. It seemed the holy blonde was from this Levengard he’d heard so much in ways of mixed opinions about.
  232. He liked it better when he just thought it was a city that baked bread.
  234. Seeing the familiar irritation on Ardith’s expression as he turned his molten gaze away from them and off towards distant Kabu, Tahl, and beyond, the scaly smith made a note to himself to be more strategic about his choice in the acquisition of bench real estate in the future, lest even his stubborn, scaly hide be burnt to ash by the fires of a cat fight. It was a dangerous game, of that there was no doubt.
  236. The drake would raise his palms in a deescalating gesture, flashing his sharp toothed grin to the pair with a raise of his reptilian brow.
  238. "Not to butt in, but it sounds like you two would have a far better time sharing your mutual enmity of this “Levengard”’s problems than maiming each other. Not that I’d judge, but it just seems more economic that way. Pure pragmatism."
  240. (Garrick)
  241. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  243. [18:41] Jun Ultovex says, "They seems to just be talking right now."
  244. [18:41] Inari Blake whispers something.
  245. [18:41] Tahl isn't about to make any movements to get up, she knows how her dear friend feels, they've spoken a few times about such things. Perhaps Ardith being able to speak with one of the angel blooded people about it though.. maybe that can bring about some change. Surely miss Magdalen has noticed how unbecoming their home has gotten, Calael certainly has, it's why he hasn't been around. Tahl wants to see change within Levengard, but like Sima and Bubbles, she feels ultimately powerless, her words always falling upon deaf ears or thrown back at her as insults by the likes of the sages like Niklaus.
  247. People leave Levengard day by day, people have noticed, even she's been asked by Sima and her don't come around anymore. It's for the simple reason that 'home'.. just doesn't feel like home anymore. Day by day it feels more like a lost cause and half of the time it's a struggle to even find much good within the town. Surethings have been a little better lately, but the improvements aren't up to snuff with what Tahldrig would like to see, they're moving slower than a glacier. Maybe that's just because too much damage has been done already.
  248. (Tahldrig)
  249. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  251. [18:41] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  252. [18:46] Aforementioned Demi-Angel meets gaze with gaze, not breaking from it as she hears the other's words and complaints. The scholar remains in place, that perfect face looking to the taller girl's own.
  254. "Firstly, dear... I don't doubt they kill Oscuri, but as I remember, Huangzhou similarly kills Oscuri, and has killed a lot more...
  256. Furthermore, the green-lined Oscuri, the child of Freya Vishkar, is allowed to stay in Levengard, from what I understand, alongside one another."
  258. As for the other reference, Magdalen's read the report. A frown is had, followed by a nod.
  260. "I can assure you that particular person is not an enforcer of Levengard. What he did was extremely wrong, and has been punished for multiple infractions.
  262. I have a feeling that he will soon be exiled... Or worse."
  264. Another pause, before she goes back to speak of the other's reference to making mistakes;
  266. "I've distanced myself from my brother, Sera, and Thera long ago. All they care about is punishment and their own personal notions of 'Justice'. Their justice is extremely heavy-handed, and Thera threatened harm upon me recently, for merely speaking out of turn."
  268. The soft-voiced Angel-blooded is nothing if not reasonable, giving a small sigh and holding a little palm-up gesture the way of the other.
  269. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. [18:46] Hearing out Ardith's side of this argument helped him to figure out where she was coming from, but as he'd promised the Accursed before, he'd do what he could to pull her back in from an "episode" so to speak.
  274. Moving over to the woman, he'd go to place a hand down on her shoulder despite the aura she'd elicited. It caused him some severe discomfort being attuned to holy magic, but he'd steel his nerves past his wincing to give what he felt like the remedy to this situation.
  276. "What you speak is only half true, Ardith.
  278. Killing children bares no fruit at all, and those that engage in the act should be ashamed, and looked down on no matter their reasons for doing it.
  280. Perhaps those blessed of the Morning One aren't allowed here, due to being forced into their paradigms of believing inn necromancy, and Azrael's evils... But in grouping Magdalen in with all the others, you apply that same zealotry that you've been forced to deal with upon her as well.
  282. This isn't Levengard, and neither is she." he'd hope what wisdom he'd gathered from the current narrative would suffice to break through to Ardith. He was trying here, and truly felt these aggressions were better spent elsewhere.
  283. (Kabu)
  284. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  286. [18:46] Lei Jin says, "I'd appreciate you not dragging Huangzhou into this..."
  287. [18:47] Magdalen Elisheva says, "I apologize, dear, I'm merely stating an example, rather then pointing fingers."
  288. [18:47] Dan Dogslayer asks, "Who's this "particular person"?"
  289. [18:47] Dan Dogslayer says, "I'm curious."
  290. [18:47] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Mhmm."
  291. [18:47] Dan Dogslayer asks, "And this may be a bit off-topic, Magdalen, but did Ilui give you the letter from your daughter?"
  292. [18:53] Inari Blake whispers something.
  293. [18:53] The young man used some of the water from the fountain to wash his mouth out before laying down on the nearby bench. He wasn't really in the mood for getting involved with this but he did feel he needed to clarify the bit about Huangzhou.
  295. "Pretty sure we don't kill them but rather just convert them. Got a few black-lined Oscuri that hang around Huangzhou as evidence of that one..." whining in discomfort a bit as he curled up in the fetal position upon the bench and just waited for all of this to be over with.
  297. Granted, if he wasn't dealing with his sickness from being near a powerful occultist he would probably say a few more things. Honestly, he agreed that Levengard didn't have the best image and he wasn't a big fan of them himself. Truly he felt like they were working to induct Huangzhou under their rule as well and that just didn't sit well with him.
  299. Plus after hearing allthe screwed up shit their people did and yet they still claimed righteousness? It was disconcerting.
  300. (Lei Jin)
  301. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  303. [18:53] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  304. [18:53] Akabi Sekemi says, "Levengard wants 'Emily' dead."
  305. [18:53] Akabi Sekemi says, "Evil, evil."
  306. [18:54] Chazlus Gives the flying one a rare treat
  307. (Chazlus)
  308. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  310. [18:54] Lei Jin asks, "Who is Emily?"
  311. [18:54] Akabi Sekemi says, "Black Line."
  312. [18:54] Dan Dogslayer asks, "What for?"
  313. [18:54] Inari Blake whispers something.
  314. [18:54] There was something that he was curious about among Ardiths words. She had mentioned their forced removal of those that bear occult magic. For whatever reason he was unsure of really. But frankly, she did have a lot of points that he agreed with.
  316. "I am curious about some of that. What is the purpose of Sunyata? If that is what it's called, as I've heard it being called such. If it truly does force a change on people, that doesn't much sit well with me honestly."
  318. He was not sure of a lot of the other things. He saw Oscuri there himself. As well as things Magdalen spoke of happening. He was there for some. He didn't get why she dealt with their treatment by her own family.
  320. "I don't see why you take such treatment from your own Family though Magdalen. I've seen how they make threats and are just in my eyes, inherently hostile towards anyone. Even their own people, their own family."
  322. People like that, shouldn't be leaders in his eyes
  323. (Jun Ultovex)
  324. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  326. [18:54] Akabi Sekemi says, "No clue."
  327. [18:54] Skye stuffs the Cocoa pudding into the pockets.
  328. (Skye Sugar)
  329. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  331. [18:54] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  332. [18:55] Pyrefyn says, "And here I just wanted to relax in the square..."
  333. [18:55] Inari Blake whispers something.
  334. [18:55] Tahldrig says, "Because she's supposedly a spy, but Isaac said she took a truth potion and has always been nothing more than a hand maiden."
  335. [18:55] Dan Dogslayer exclaims, "Well said, Jun!"
  336. [18:55] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  337. [18:56] Dan Dogslayer says, "Frankly, I think Levengard's gotten a little too stern for most people's liking."
  338. [18:56] Akabi Sekemi says, "Make own settlement."
  339. [18:56] Inari Blake whispers something.
  340. [18:56] Inari Blake whispers something.
  341. [18:57] Pyrefyn says, "It's kinda sad I don't know really anyone here except the Archon..."
  342. [18:57] "Too little, too late," she snorts, stamping one of her feet and tightly clenching the dagger.
  344. "And so you get to be selective about what green-lined kids you don't kill? How's that make it better? Just because they got a fancy name at the end of their first one, they're in the clear? It's all about who you know?"
  346. Her fury isn't so easily sated. She's got a lot of outrage pent up and all the unrestrained backing of that poorly reigned in occult.
  348. "You can 'distance' yourself from it all you like. It ain't fixing anything. If someone like me set foot in there? I'd be dead or worse too. Wouldn't I? Just because I use the wrong magic, because I look funny, I'd get the axe. Or, if they're feeling real merciful, I'd just be 'cleansed'. Right?"
  350. They all saw it. They all knew it was wrong, what was going on. Why was it still the same? They accept their leashes, their yokes, and wither under them.
  352. What Kabu says makes sense. It's rational. But this isn't just about rational. It's about impulsive indignance, unsatisfied fury. She continues to positively seethe with bitter, unsatisfied anger.
  354. But no one gets stabbed. Just yet.
  355. (Ardith)
  356. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  358. [18:57] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  359. [18:57] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "That it is."
  360. [18:57] Inari Blake whispers something.
  361. [18:58] Lei Jin says, "If I wasn't...urk. If I wasn't currently ill from your mere presence, i'd agree with you on a fair bit of that. I'm just...I'm going to sleep now."
  362. [18:58] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  363. [18:58] Jun Ultovex says, "You're ill because your magic is usually meant to be a driving force against hers."
  364. [18:58] Illaron says, "Come to me, little floating ball of blame."
  365. [18:58] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  366. [18:59] Lei Jin says, "I...Know. "
  367. [18:59] Illaron says, "Flame. I said flame."
  368. [18:59] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "..."
  369. [19:02] Inari Blake whispers something.
  370. [19:02] Pyrefyn rotated to examine the Archon of Creation for a few brief moments. Given that the flame fae had resigned himself from assuming the intentions of Demons long ago after he had met Sanctuary, the Kaor Demon who was ant-Arcane, he'd give Illaron the benefit of the doubt and throw caution to the wind for this instance. The stylized metal wings of the fairy did not beat, instead remaining partially folded as he darted over to levitate near the evolved Demon.
  371. (Pyrefyn)
  372. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  374. [19:02] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  375. [19:03] Holds onto Skye tightly.
  376. (Inari Blake)
  377. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  379. [19:03] Skye pats down the nagual's back.
  380. (Skye Sugar)
  381. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  383. [19:04] Skye Sugar whispers something.
  384. [19:04] Illaron says, "Yes, good."
  385. [19:04] Illaron says, "Float right there."
  386. [19:04] Illaron says, "You will be my replacement Nyphadora."
  387. [19:04] Inari Blake whispers something.
  388. [19:04] Pyrefyn says, "Only in appearance. Me and Nyphadora kinda don't see eye-to-eye."
  389. [19:04] Illaron says, "That doesn't matter."
  390. [19:04] Arkgvunde floated on over to the northwestern corner of the square, mostly unphased.
  391. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  392. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  394. [19:04] Pyrefyn asks, "Hey, Illaron. Are you the last of Gaiar Aetherius?"
  395. [19:05] Relief befalls the square as the Kabu hears Ardith's tone take a bit less hostility.
  397. The Nagual could agree with a few of Ardith's points, honestly. Between the selective Oscuri slaying, the length of time it took for them to aid Gehenna if at all in the past but, he'd moved past it, and now just wanted to allow an ally to have some peace as she visited their land. This political upheaval was definitely noted, but it was something to bring up to Calael, and Thera, not Magdalen.
  399. "Levengard does things oddly, and sporadically at times. I dislike much about it, and yet it's nothing to pin on just one angel...….Ghn.
  401. But, I implore any of you with questions to ask Thera, or Calael of their plans. Perhaps hearing it from the source's mouth, will lead to less tangles in this web connecting us all.
  403. Magdalen, if you would? Maybe some distance and a slight shift of scenery would bemore choice..." he'd offer a relocation if they wanted it, patting Ardith softly as his tone eased once he moved away from her, less strained by their clashing natures and much more relaxed as usual.
  404. (Kabu)
  405. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  407. [19:05] Illaron says, "Not the last, but very few remain."
  408. [19:06] Pyrefyn says, "That was a long time ago. Most humans from that era are dead."
  409. [19:07] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "I remember Gaiar."
  410. [19:07] Illaron says, "Indeed."
  411. [19:08] Pyrefyn exclaims, "I gotta find more people to teach me about mundane and magical healing of all kinds, though. I still need to get Sugarboy to teach me about his methods, too!"
  412. [19:10] Illaron says, "Good luck with that."
  413. [19:10] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Putting living things back together takes a lot of effort."
  414. [19:10] Ardith is far from content.
  416. This has solved nothing. People reluctant to act, a settlement that would still tear her apart or change her given half a chance. And while Kabu speaks sense, in his own grand way, she squints at him as he pats her again.
  418. It felt belittling. Diminishing. Irksome.
  420. She is made, somehow, to still be the villain here, it feels like. The one at fault as Kabu offers to lead the perfect, porcelain demi-angel away.
  422. And that's how it works. Maybe better for everyone, herself included, if she finds somewhere to fester in peace.
  423. (Ardith)
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