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  1. Tier: Unknown | 2-C, possibly higher | 2-A | 10-B | 4-B | 3-A - 2-A | 1-C with Dalek and Time Lord technology, 1-B with the Eye Of Time | 10-C | 2-A with the Cosmic Cube |
  3. Name: Ryoko Asakura | Unknown | Ryoko Achakura
  5. Origin: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
  7. Gender: Female
  9. Age: 3-4 in Melancholy, unknown, though much older now. 18, physically.
  11. Classification: Student (grade 11), Data Integration Thought Entity Interface, Backup Unit, Leader Of The Data Integration Thought Entity, Dalek Empress
  13. Powers And Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, Invulnerability, Non-Corporeal (The Entity has no physical body), Regeneration, Invulnerability Negation (Was able to harm Nagato/Kuyou), Data Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Universal Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Time Stop, Pain Manipulation, Enhanced Senses (Can accurately gauge subatomic particles), Precognition, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can convert areas into her own pocket realities where she controls the flow of data), Weather Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Summoning, (Can summon Celestials as well as other Interfaces via Haruhi’s power and the Entity), True Flight, Energy Projection, Probability Manipulation, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 [As long as the Data Integration Thought Entity exists, she cannot die]) 10 [The Data Integration Thought Entity transcends space and time], Space-Time Manipulation, Ice Manipulation (Stated to create icicles in the light novel), Light Manipulation, Technology Manipulation, Absorption (Scaled from Nagato, as she stole the powers of Haruhi Suzumiya and in non-canon, absorbed the Data Integration Thought Entity itself), Self-Duplication via Possession, Telekinesis, Omniscience (Via the Entity), Madness Manipulation/Death Manipulation (Nagato states that “Human intellectual capacity is insufficient for interfacing with the Data Overmind. I projected that eventually he would suffer adverse effects.” Said adverse effects are insanity and eventual death), Information Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Time-Loop (Was able to create a time-loop that lasted for a few tens of thousands of years, where even Nagato was unable to break out of it.), Laser Manipulation, Reflection (Nagato was able to do this with Ryoko’s projectiles), Aura Manipulation (Is able to create spears of light with her own aura), Memory Manipulation (The Time-Loop erased the memories of all inside (except Nagato’s), and Nagato was able to rewrite Asakura’s history so that everyone believed she had transferred out of the school, and later, that she had never existed in the first place), Dimensional Travel (Can travel through multiple timelines), Transformation (Data Organisms are able to take any form, including a teenage girl, or the grandfather of one of their victims), Transmutation, Statistics Amplification/Reduction (Can increase her attack power, as well as defensive power during a battle), Body Control (Can force her body into a two-dimensional state and extend her fingernails to grow as large as claws), BFR (Can transport others into Closed Space and her pocket realities. Lower Data Organisms also have the ability to transport whoever looked at them into an alternate dimension), Photon Manipulation, Speed Manipulation (Increased her own speed such that it created after-images), Paralysis Inducement/Body Puppetry/Petrification (Did this to Kyon while in data jurisdiction to keep him from moving while she stabbed him), Information Analysis, Power Nullification/Absorption (Able to "steal” power from godlike entities, and "delete” the power of others), Metal Manipulation (Could bend metal poles), Gravity Manipulation (Can alter her own gravity such that she becomes weightless), Illusion Creation (Able to create illusions that can make physical contact with people), Invisibility/Sound Manipulation (Created a field that renders herself inaudible and invisible), Forcefield Creation, Reality Overwrite (Haruhi’s ability), Resurrection (The Overmind was able to resurrect Asakura from the dead to stop Kuyou, and in The Melancholy Of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya, revived herself), Fourth-Wall Awareness (In COOL EDITION, she states that she knows that her name wasn’t even in the end credits), Self-Sustenance (Doesn’t require oxygen), Weapons Mastery (With her machete), Casualty Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Nonexistent Physiology (In Two-Dimensional Form), Non-Physical Interaction (Able to damage Kuyou and Nagato), Sealing (Able to seal away people and gods like Haruhi into Closed Space or her pocket dimensions), Reactive Evolution, Resistance Negation (Scaled from Nagato and Kuyou), Cosmic Awareness (Via the Thought Entity), Empowerment (Able to boost her own strength through managing her own attack data.), Hacking (Scaled from Nagato, who was able to crash the godly energy-laced SOS Brigade website and the coding of a video game in seconds), Possession (Data Organisms are able to possess other lifeforms, like parasites), Disease Manipulation (Data Organisms are able to make ill the lifeforms they possess, as well as other interfaces. The Overmind was also able to make Nagato 'sick’.), Power Bestowal (With Haruhi’s power, Ryoko is able to bestow power onto anything, defying natural law, and in addition, as the Entity, she is able to turn other people or animals into interfaces as well), Creation (With Haruhi’s power, Ryoko is able to create entire universes as well as aliens, Espers, and time travelers. She is able to create nigh anything she desires), Acasaulity (Not affected by the Universal Reset and the time loop), Mathematics Manipulation (A form of Ryoko’s Data/Information Manipulation/Reality Warping), Reactive Evolution (With Haruhi’s power, the Entity can auto-evolve itself to grow beyond it’s limits),
  15. - With Dalek Technology
  17. Telepathy, Corruption, Energy Projection, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation,  Adaptation, Nanotechnology, FTL Travel, Spaceflight, Portal Creation, Acasuality, Time Travel, Mind Manipulation, Reality Warping via Continuity Bombs, Disease Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Quantum Manipulation, Black Hole Creation, Durability Negation, Explosion Manipulation, Duplication
  19. - With Cosmic Cube
  21. Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation,  Casuality Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Able to imprison foes with the slightest thought.), Cosmic Awareness, Nigh-Omniscience, Fire Manipulation, Age Manipulation
  23. - With Time Lord technology
  25. Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Law Manipulation (The Time Lords were responsible for the establishment of the physical laws that maintain the universe, having solidified an otherwise malleable and structureless space of infinite possibility with no set history or rationality, and completely removing almost all forms of magic from it), Quantum Manipulation (Parallel Cannons can fire waves of focused neutrinos which break down matter on a quantum level), Matter Manipulation (Could remove an entire group of particles, huons, from the face of the universe), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Capable of interfering with, and manipulating higher-dimensions to fit their needs, even distorting Gallifrey's worldline through 11 dimensions to protect and hide it from enemy attacks), Existence Erasure (The De-mat gun is described as an omnicalculator linked to the causal nexus of Gallifrey, which once fired, rewrites all of creation and history itself so the target's physical form never existed, leaving them as a naked, incorporeal soul, cut off from causality itself), Shapeshifting, Stealth Mastery and Invisibility (The defense casts employed by the Time Lords are capable of absorbing radiation from nearby space-time events and lower their own dimensionality, allowing them to become effectively invisible by manifesting in two, one or even zero-dimensional forms), Mathematics Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (Capable of rewriting history and make so entire planets never existed in the first place. Gallifrey's defenses are described as being sculpted from the timeline itself, being said to be "walls of causality"), Sealing (Can consign entire timelines to the Axis, as well as quantum lock unstable moments of history so they only have a single outcome), Energy Manipulation, Time Travel, BFR (Can detach entire planets from the Web of Time, as well as move them throughout the space-time continuum all the way to its end), Clairvoyance (The Web of Time was created as an extension of the mind and will of the Time Lords, and acts as their noosphere which they can use to observe and interfere with different points of the timeline), Conceptual Manipulation (Capable of manufacturing weapons which target and damage one's Identity, rather than their physical self. The Transduction Barrier has been described as a barrier of ideas.), Fate Manipulation (The Heavenly Paradigm is a machine which scans the entire timeline and ensures one always makes the best possible choices, being capable of affecting whole races and civilizations), Gravity Manipulation (According to the Doctor, the Time Lords were responsible for the existence of Black Holes), Soul Manipulation (Time Lords were capable of literally cutting off the irrational part of their own souls), Acausality (Type 4, Time Lords are stated to exist outside “the normal chain of causal events”. Due to the Transduction Barriers, Gallifrey is isolated from N-Space, being a space-time on its own disconnected from the continuum, whilst simultaneously existing in the center of the Web of Time, being more akin to a focal point in causality, rather than a "place". In order to escape the destruction of all existence caused by the Ultimate Sanction, the Time Lords would shed off their physical forms, becoming entities of pure consciousness freed from time and causality), Highly Resistant to Mind Manipulation (Should be comparable to the Doctor, who was able to close and seal his mind from the Eternals)
  30. Resistance to: Reality Warping (Scaled from Nagato, who wasn’t affected by data jurisdiction and Kuyou who wasn’t affected by the Universal Reset), Law Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Empathetic Manipulation (Ryoko’s emotions are to an extent, fake, and can be manipulated by herself remotely), Madness Manipulation (Is able to look upon the Data Overmind without going insane), Fear Manipulation, Telepathy (Scaled from Nagato, who was able to do this with Koizumi), Mind Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Time Manipulation (Scaled from Nagato who could move in a space where Ryoko controlled the flow of time, and can break out of time-loops if she desires.), Pain Manipulation (Unable to feel pain), Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Teleportation (Haruhi’s time-quake rendered all in that certain space in time to be unable to move from it), Memory Manipulation (Able to retain memories after supposedly being erased by the time-loop), Perception Manipulation, Mind Reading, Soul Manipulation (Does not have a soul), Radiation Manipulation, Magnetic Manipulation, Information Analysis, Life Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Existence Erasure (Came back as if nothing happened after Nagato attempted this), Power Nullification, Illusion Creation, Spatial Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Immortality/Resurrection (Implied to have been able to kill Nagato even if she was still connected to the Thought Entity and Kyon even if Haruhi tried to bring him back)
  32. Attack Potency: Unknown | Low Multiverse Level (Is able to rewrite the entirety of the universe in a matter of seconds, overwhelm Nagato and keep up with Kuyou) | Multiverse Level+ (Absorbed the Data Integration Thought Entity, a complex bodiless being that governs the universe, made up of thousands of other data organisms) | Human Level (Was able to stab Kyon) | Solar System Level (Dalek ships are able to obliterate millions of stars, disintegrate planets to atoms, fight Battle TARDISes and bypassed all 400 of Arcadia’s sky trenches. | Universe Level (A fully prepared Reality Bomb could destroy all matter in the known universe), Multiverse Level+ (When channeled through the Medusa Cascade, all universes and parallel worlds would have been disintegrated in an instant by the Reality Bomb.) | High Complex Multiverse Level (Fought on par with the Time Lords), Hyperverse Level with the Eye Of Time (When harvesting the Eye Of Time, they are vastly superior to the Time Lords and bypass conventional durability.) | Below Average Human Level (Vastly inferior to her other counterparts, and is mostly powerless, though is capable of physically harming Chibi!Nagato to a low extent.)
  34. Speed: FTL | Massively FTL+ | Omnipresent | Average Human | Massively FTL+ | Below Average Human
  36. Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown
  38. Striking Strength: Street Class | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown
  40. Durability: Street Level | Low Multiverse Level (Tanked blows from Kuyou and Nagato. Capable of resisting the effects of Haruhi’s power.) | Multiverse Level+, possibly higher (Far more durable than before with the absorption of the Thought Entity, which also cannot be destroyed through conventional means. Even if her current body is destroyed, she is able to possess another interface or recreate her old one with the Entity’s power) | Human Level (Was shown to have been easily hindered by Kyon from the future) | Solar System Level, possibly higher (Dalek Warships could tank blows from Battle TARDISes, and created an unbreachable forcefield around the Dalek Asylum, even by the full power of the Daleks) | High Complex Multiversal Level (With Transduction Barriers)
  42. Stamina: High, possibly Infinite.
  44. Range: Extended Melee Range | Universal | Multiversal+ | Average | Universal | Multiversal+ | High Complex Multiversal, Hyperversal | Below Average
  46. Standard Equipment: Machete, Dalek Battle Tank, Gunsticks, Life Extraction, Information Extraction, Emergency Temporal Rift, War Computer, Planet-Splitter, Neuron Strikes, Planetary Movement, Photon Impellers, Dark Matter Bombs, Void Ships, Dalek Puppets, Oblivion Continuum, 5 Reality Bombs, Parallel Cannons, Time Torpedoes, Chronon Mines, Chronic Tripwires, The Hush, Clockwork Bacteria, Now Devourers, Amaranth, Astron Cannons And Klyptostromic Warheads, Eye Of Harmony, Eye Of Time, Cosmic Cube
  48. Military Prowess: Possessed a fleet 10 million saucers during the final day of the Time War; an average fleet contains 12 thousand ships. Their war with the Time Lords shattered dimensions, and burned histories, converting time itself into a weapon. The Dalek Pathweb, a hive-mind that not even The Doctor can hack, eclipses the Matrix in its sheer quantity of information and was candidate for the Quantum mood Archangel, who required a super computer powerful enough to "realise" the thoughts of 7 billion people and create a new dimension for each one, can mass-delete sections of information from the minds of all Dalek drones. The Daleks are excellent strategists, fronting their own resistance to draw out opposition, blockading areas of subspace to prevent humans from traveling outside the solar system, and bombarding planets with viruses to systematically eliminate entire populations.
  50. Weaknesses: Her data link to the Entity can be terminated by another interface or the Overmind itself. | None Notable | None Notable | As a normal human, she can be easily overpowered by others. | Daleks formerly required static electricity to move, were vulnerable to strong magnetic fields, could not move up stairs due to their inability to fly, and were helpless when their vision was obscured. Concentrated fire on a Dalek's eyestalk can bypass their forcefield and impair their vision, lack shielding on their underside. The Daleks, with notable exceptions, lack creativity and rely entirely on logic, which often works as a disadvantage against foes like The Doctor. If the Dalek's pathweb were to be hacked, an enemy could delete or alter information across the Dalek race. | Achakura has the body and mind of an infant. She is fairly easy to destroy, even by normal human standards. | None applicable.
  52. Intelligence: High | Supergenius | Omniscient | Average | Supergenius | Idiotic | Omniscient
  54. Key: Base | With Haruhi’s Power | Overmind Ryoko | Alternate Ryoko | With Dalek Empire | With Reality Bombs | With Fully Prepared Dalek Empire | Achakura
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