Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Part 4)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. What were you going to do? There was no way in hell you’d let yourself be fucked by a stallion, and refusing to do something sexual in this body would make you go insane, and sanity is certainly something you needed these days. You could only think of one other thing.
  3. “Octavia?” you call out, signaling her to come from the living room, “Octavia, I have encountered some problems with this body and did some reading up”
  5. “Oh, and did you find out how to solve it?” she asked.
  7. “Well sorta. I know what the problem is now.”
  9. “And that is?”
  11. “Well, uh, Octavia, know how us dudes got frustrated when chicks were on their period?”
  13. Octavia frowns, “Yes...”
  15. “Well these bodies don’t menstruate. Instead, they go into a timespan of incredible lust...”
  17. Octavia raises an eyebrow, “You mean going into the heat?”
  19. “Yeah...” you stammer.
  21. “Let me guess, you are going into the heat and need something to solve your urges?” Octavia asked.
  23. “Yeah... but I don’t want to get banged by a guy. Would you be okay if...?”
  25. Octavia looks right into your eyes. “I suppose it isn’t gay, we are both guys being attracted to female bodies, right?”
  27. “Yeah.” you answer.
  29. “Well let’s get to it.”
  31. Octavia trots over to you and places her hooves on your shoulders. It feels awkward, but at this point you really don’t want to be horny for at least five minutes, so you’d do anything. Octavia moves in and places her muzzle in front of yours. You both open your mouths, feeling each other’s breath. You slide your tongue in her mouth, and she does the same with you. Your tongues dance over each other’s flat, herbivore teeth.
  33. You hug her tighter, your tail flicking at a speed that would make a Ferrari jealous. Eventually, you both find your way to the floor, still kissing. You wrap your hind legs around her, and she does too, allowing you both to cuddle in each other’s warm, soft fur. Your intertwined legs make the experience all the more intense. Octavia stops, and then turns around, making you face her rear. She lifts her tail, and so do you.
  35. Octavia moves in for the kill. An electric shock runs up your spine when her warm tongue rubs over a nipple. Female nipples are much more sensitive, and the feeling of pleasure only grew when she began to switch from teat to teat. You began to do the same, but quickly got bored. You took your tongue and drove it into her folds, causing her to release a yelp. You work around, feeling the inside of her vagina. It’s just like being a guy again. Your tongue moves over the smooth insides.
  37. Your pleasure is briefly interrupted when Octavia begins licking your folds. It feels like you are being playfully tickled, and you dared to even consider it feeling better than a blowjob. Soon, your loins began to feel warm. They twitched, and you could feel warm liquid inside your wet pussy. Octavia lets out a giggle, then shifts so her head is next to yours. She nuzzles you, rubbing you with Vinyl Scratch’s vaginal fluids.
  39. You roll on your back, then separate your legs, rear hooves in the air. She turns around and does the same. At first you are confused, but get the idea when she scots her body towards you, until your pussies are touching. The two of you grind into each other, your folds fitting together like puzzle pieces. You and Octavia almost cum simultaneously. Your entire crotch and hers are slippery. The two of you rub against each other more, until you both fall asleep, smelling of sex.
  41. You wake up and look at a clock on the wall. You’ve been asleep for about two and a half hours. You got to bring yourself to your hooves, but realize you and Octavia are still tangled together. Your stirring wakes her, and she looks over. Her eyes widen and she gets up, blushing through even her fur.
  43. “Well that was... nice,” she said. Octavia walks towards her room, and you walk to yours. You could smell yourself. You really needed a shower. The house seemed to have one, so you went in and stepped in the tub. There was some kind of old-style pull chain. Clutching it in your teeth, you pulled down. Water sprayed from the faucet and ran over your fur. It was cold at first, but quickly heated up. You looked for soap. You had no idea how to hold it with hooves.
  45. “Hehe, don’t drop the soap,” you say, inadvertently picturing a big muscular stallion taking advantage as you struggle to comedically pick up the soap. Wait, you were still thinking of sex? Oh crap, you must still be in the heat.
  47. There wasn’t any soap, just shampoo. You feel like an idiot. Of course there’s no soap, you are covered in fur. You bite the cap of a shampoo bottle, opening it. You wrap your mouth around the bottle and dump a generous amount on your back, using a hoof to rub it in as best you can.
  49. Suddenly, you feel a pressure in your bowels. After running around all day using this body, you completely forgot to take time to piss. How the hell were you going to work a toilet? Well, you were in the shower. You go to sit on your hind legs, but keep them slightly off the floor. The floodgates open. After years of being male, it feels incredibly strange. It’s like having a second asshole, and you are peeing out of that asshole. As awkward as it is, you can’t help but feel relieved as your bowels empty. Damn it! You realize you need to shampoo your tail again, you forgot to lift it.
  51. After the shower, you trot downstairs. Octavia is pouring a box of hay into a bowl.
  53. “A shower?” she says, “that’s what I need. Try the hay, Vinyl, it’s delicious.”
  55. You wait as she makes her way upstairs, then you go over to the bowl of hay. It smells musty, but theres something about it that makes you hungry. Presumably your digestive system can handle it. You dip your muzzle in the bowl and open it, grabbing a few strands of hay.
  57. It has a sweet taste to it, but still bland enough so it doesn’t seem like a desert. You greedily gobble down the remaining hay, a rustling sound filling your ears with each dip of your head into the bowl.
  59. Unfortunately, the bliss of your delicious hay does nothing to distract you from thinking of stallions. What did you, or rather, your body see in them? Jesus, being in the heat was really getting to you. Was it their even muscular structure, their masculine scent? Their deep voice? Their dicks? No, it couldn’t be any of those. You weren’t attracted to them before, why would you be now?
  61. Your thoughts are interrupted as an envelope flutters in through the door’s mail slot. You trot over to it and use your teeth to pick it up and rip it open. You place the letter on the coffee table, sit on your haunches, and begin to read.
  63. Dear DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch,
  64. I have a job for you. On Saturday, I am hosting a massive party at 4677 Brookmare Road. I would appreciate it if you could provide music and DJ at the party. Help would be greatly appreciated. Stop by ASAP so we can discuss details.
  66. -Skyline
  68. Oh shit, you have to DJ?! You have no prior experience with music, and you only have a week to learn about it! What kind of music did the writer want? You suppose you should go and ask her.
  70. “Octavia!” you yell upstairs, “I’m going out for a while!” She confirms she heard you, and you walk outside.
  72. After several dead ends, asking for directions, and wrong streets, you find the address. The house is pretty large, not to mention intimidating. You nervously trot up to the door and tap it with your hoof. After a few moments, the door opens, revealing a stallion with a brown coat and tan mane.
  74. “Hey DJ Pon-3,” he says.
  76. “Hi,” you respond. You see slight movement from the point of fur covering his dick. Oh god, was he turned on by you? Were you attractive by horse standards? He certainly was...
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